Gun Control, Hate Groups, and War Strategy

Amendment II

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The United States Bill of Rights, offered in response to criticisms that the US Constitution alone would allow for a strong, centralized government like the one they had just won independence from in England (a King).

It would seem that the big topics of conversation today are gun control, hate groups, and from my own perspective (what should be discussed) – war strategy (for in light of all this “static” on domestic issues, we are still at war as evidenced by the extraction of the good Captain over the Easter weekend).

The interesting thing about gun control is who actually benefits from it in our country?

Now, I am a HUGE supporter of gun rights.

I believe that the constitution has been perverted by a bunch of weak-sister ninnies who see a problem, but do recognize the obvious solution.

Consider a one, Judge Roy Bean.

He dispensed justice with a firm hand in a wild, and otherwise, law-less, West.

Did he take away guns.  Hell no.  Did he prosecute to the fullest extent of the law those using their guns in an unlawful fashion.  You betcha!

Do we do that in D.C. today.  Ahem.  Well…do we?

The answer is obvious.

Our courts favor criminals.

So on C-SPAN this morning they are debating this article concerning a claim that 90% of the guns in Mexico are of American (U.S.) origin.

Well, that’s not exactly true.  The study ONLY focused on those guns in Mexico (thank you, C-SPAN) that came from the U.S. (and completely ignored the FULLY-AUTOMATIC weaponry that came from say, Russia, or from Daniel Ortega).

Basically, it was nothing more than propaganda “brandished” by the left to try and institute stronger gun control laws in the U.S.

At what point do we begin to ask ourselves “why believe ANYTHING that the left states” ?  It would seem that all they know how to do is mischaracterize and blatantly, out-and-out, lie.

Case in point.

An article this morning in the Washington Times illustrates this assertion by pointing out that our department of Homeland Security is now more interested in “right-wing hate groups” than the Al Quaida sleeper cells, the home-grown jihadist terrorists that are making and distributing videos slamming us, or the damned pirates that are holding somewhere between 268 and 600 hostages (the reports are all over the place).

So let’s consider our own, domestic “right-wing” hate groups.

Since the first gulf war…ah, to hell with that…since we first began seeing American flags burning on our T.V. sets…and this is EXTREMELY important here…how many people of Muslim extraction have we seen targeted and persecuted in America by this tremendous threat of “right-wing hate groups”?


Maybe you can’t remember that far back.

How many Somali-Americans have been dragged behind a vehicle since the whole piracy business has cropped up?  How many since the good Captain, Richard Phillips was taken hostage (now that’s as recent as this past Sunday)?

How many?

And we are going to focus hard-earned tax dollars on eradicating this tremendous problem of right-wing hate groups?

Give me a break.

Rather than hearing what are our policies toward (seemingly) benign groups, why do we not focus more money and attention on, I don’t know, let’s say the damned pirates holding all those hostages.

Or here’s one.  How about Iran’s nukes?

Or even better, how about the war we are currently fighting in Afghanistan?

Let’s look at what happens when we spend so much time debating gun control in the U.S.

M-13, that RABID terrorist outfit (I define the gangs that roam the streets of America as terrorists – anyone who instills terror in the hearts of law-abiding Americans, is a terrorist) are smuggling drugs (and fully-automatic weapons from the Sandinistas, Cubans, Russians and Chinese) across our borders to do harm to average Americans.

We are debating taking away guns, or restricting their use (in complete contradiction to our Constitution) and they are winning the war.

In essence, everything in this matter works together.

A stong, centralized Federal government begins to control the individual American by stripping him (or her) of their rights.

They take away the guns, and we can’t defend our homes.

They let the gangs come in, and the gangs get our children hooked on drugs.

They take over the banks and issue loans to the very people who are running the whores, guns and drugs and they buy multi-million-dollar homes (that they never pay mortgages on) and listen to rap music all day.

Evil is in collusion across the board.

There is a strategy that is taking place, but the strategy is doing nothing…NOTHING to curb terror.  It is providing a petri dish that will allow the virus to flourish.

It is the worst form of biological weapon.  Growing the terrorist while REGULATING the U.S. populus.

They take away our rights, our guns and our money and (try) and leave us penniless and powerless.

Oh yes.  There is a strategy, but it just ain’t helping you and me.

So what could be their thinking?

Goats on a stake

Could it be that what they are really after is sacrificing we law-abiding Americans?

After all, we do not seem to be as “worthy” as all those Europeans that B.O. is now kowtowing to.

God knows any number of them do not have gun control laws, as they’ve all confiscated all the guns.  No need for the laws.  Problem solved.  (And their people all march in lock-step bowing to Kings and dictators).

Do the men who forged the American West, (the men who Judge Bean sometimes had to “regulate” through an application of order (note “order” rather than law – sometimes we focus far too much on the law rather than the intended result – order); do they, those free men who forged the West, do they bow to Kings and Sheiks?

I think not.

They were tough, and they were independent.

They sometimes forgot how important order can be (wholly left to their own devices, total anarchy reigns – shooting up saloons and whores and all) – but with a gentle application of the law (such as Judge Bean’s), they became more choir boys (choirboys with pistolis).

At any rate, I believe that all these issues converge on this day.

We control the guns, we control freedom.

We control freedom, and we are totalitarian statists.

Is it any wonder B.O. is so cozey with Fidel, Ortega and Chavez or that Putin and Medvedev are now calling him “comrade”.

Shall we break into chorus of “Bye, bye Miss American Pie”?  We may have lost our innocence during Viet Nam, but we now are in danger of losing our soul.