Gunfight at the Denver Coral


So, I’m watching a movie.

What else?

Doc Holiday, Wyatt Earp, the rest of the Earp boys.

And I’m thinking to myself “if this whole political process were a Western movie, who’d have the white hats, and who would be those mean, ol’ Clanton boys (Ike and the rest)”?

Well.  Bad guys in movies (Westerns anyway) were the guys against the long arm of the law (often, but there were bad Sherriff’s too, after the 1960’s).

But I’m thinking about “Recreate ’68” and how they have armed police everywhere, expecting riots and all.  And I’m wondering – who looks more like the Ike Clanton gang?

Then I start to think about how all these “gangsta” movies and cop shows…they really are just extensions of the classic Western.  Bad guy, good guy…gang banger, riot police.

So then I think about John McCain riding up on old Bullet, or Trigger, or Silver.

The good guys, with the white hats.

Sure, it is silly.  But is it really any more silly than declaring Obama a Savior figure, or Superman?

Apparently, Hollywood and everyone on the left thinks we are all just stupid.  Like all that we know, we know because they (and their movies) tell us.

You know the themes.

The evils of warfare.

That evil really masquarades as good, and that all politicians are on the make, and at heart…bad guys.  That nuclear energy is an accident waiting to happen at any moment (gee, and how long have we been running our plants now)?

I don’t know “Hollywood”…you are really beginning to look like a bunch of actors to me.  Been living in your movies too long, methinks.

Let’s wait this whole convention thing out and see if you all become a bunch of “reactors” and reach critical mass or something.  Maybe have a giant meltdown.

To be honest, I’d come nearer to thinking that Denver is a disaster waiting to happen than any real, live nuclear reactor.

Better have plenty of graphite on hand, just in case they blow.