In Defense of Thuggery

Friends, yet another re-print I found worthy, from my good friend “Falconi” o’er at the Precipice.  I know it is political, and the Sterq is above such things, but hell, it was too good not to share…

-Standifer, Evasto Visum

(from “The Precipice” – a poli-blog, not at all unlike a polliwog, something Benny “F” would have found of some import.)

Onward, revolutionaries…onward, onward, onward HO !


Consider if you will…my argument, presented, thus.

What is a thug?

tonight I was watching Edward G. Robinson and Bogey in a B&W
flick.  In it, I first saw Edward G. (a fave of both myself, and my old
man…he could play the bad guys, so well), and he was playing what
seemed to be a “good” guy..

Anyhow, I got to thinking, “what constitutes a thug”?  What are his characteristics?  What makes him a “mean, evil dude” ?

Well, let’s break it down.

If you listen to the anarchists and the radical fems, dead white guys pretty much define the lower-end of the spectrum.

So that makes men like Jefferson, Lincoln and FDR God’s own version of His own antithesis.

It includes ruffians like Ben Franklin, Alex Hamilton, and that brigand, Patrick Henry.

Included in those ranks is the liberator of Europe, ol’ Dwight D.

us not forget JFK and RFK (for they both fit the bill – dead,
white…and, oh yes, they most likely had those “dangely” bits as well,
making them (in a strict definition), men; although?  Hmmm…those
darned definitions…always mucking it up for everyone, eh “Brucey-boy”?

Well, not to compare any dems to any “weak sisters”, or fellas who do not wish to reconnoiter their own “dangly bits”.

So, anyway, back to the “punch”.

What is it that constitutes a “thug”?

Perhaps we should first consider the man of honor.  What is honor?

Well, truth comes to mind.

And what constitutes truth?

I personally know a fella who had the raw nerve and utter audacity to call Himself “the truth”.

But, what is it, this thing, called truth?

There is a message that we all must consider.  A dictum by which I have always tried to use to keep myself “in line”.

Simply put (and re-phrased) – do I define the Truth, or does the Truth…define me?

I am a God-fearing man (in the sense that fear means respect).

I respect that which created me. 

I exist, therefore, I am.

Since “I am”, I also know that “I am” subordinate to the One who defines me.

The Great “I am, that I am”.

His existence is all that really matters to me.

So, you might ask, what is the purpose of all this.

I think that I am trying my best to give you a comparison and contrast.

What represents good, and what represents evil?

What is “thuggery” ?

My definition is anyone who tries to subjugate another.  To inflict
his own will against another, to hold him down. Like a fella who
threatens anarchy, riot and degradation of all things civil, should he
“loose” the election.

I do not believe that my God does that to me.  He does not require
that my will be beaten out of me in order that I might recognize His
authority over me…I do it as a function of my respect for Him.

He gives me choice.  I am able to fail through my choices, and through His grace, I am forgiven.

For this soul, this defines utter good.

And utter evil?

who would belittle this…those who would put it down (in the same way
that my dead, white brethren are “put down” (and not even here to
defend themselves)).

So, let me, the upright, living and breathing, defend them, for them, and for “my liege”.

They were willing to stake it all for what they believed.  They risked life and limb to forge a new nation.

great experiment that is only little more than 200 years old…this
experiment is no more dead than the spark that still exists in the
flicker of its now fragile existence.

We ARE still the greatest
nation on the planet.  We DO still offer freedom, even to our old (and
thank God former) nemesis, the Soviets.

Our little experiment has not died, it is simply under the most severe challenge it has faced since San Joaquin.

Ours is not to subjugate others…ours, is to liberate ALL.

And how?

me tell you…by fighting like a son-of-a-bitch to provide the
opportunity for the same kind of freedom for all (and more especially,
without having to gain that liberty at the end of a sword, or worse, a

We are, I am certain, about to face our greatest challenge in our subtle, short, and few (comparatively) years of existence.

must face these challenges, not with fear, not with anger, and not with
malice; but with the same clear-headed, rational and reasonable
expectations that our “dead-white” forefathers had at this nation’s

Ours is not to die at the hand of the collective…our is to rise at the hand of the Almighty Truth!

we will face this future challenge to our livelihood, our liberty, and
our individual and mutually-exclusive definitions of what constitutes

It must be our ever-present commitment to forever
stand, as one, and for One, committed to the cause of the Supreme
Individual, that great “I am”.

For it is in He that we find our “one”.

let us stand united, singular, yet united, against that collective thug
who would rob us not only of our souls, but alas, of even our very

Unite as one, and for One, America…for the only One!

The anti-thesis of thuggery!

undersigned, the great winged one, the falcon of the talon-gripped, razor-sharp, precipii edge…

“for it is in release that we find our utter existence…to let go, so that we may fly, or strike; in either case, to move, is to live, and sitting idle is…stagnant and repressive, absolute and utter, death, death, death”.