On Solidarity and Salesmanship

Watching John McCain debate on the Senate floor this morning (countering the Demonrat “spend-feast” with a proposal right at half of their boondoggle) reminds one of a time long ago and a man who brought a nation together to stand firm.

This analogy is not meant to compare Senator McCain to anyone specifically, but rather the whole of the GOP to Poland.

When a moderate like McCain stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the rest of the GOP we are seeing the birthing pangs of something akin to Solidarność, that uprising against communism in the Lenin Shipyards of Poland.

It is imperative that this line not be broken, that this chain of men devoted to the precept that all citizens are truly equalized in a free-market society, that together they must stand solid, with no link weakened, frayed or broken.

It is a true test of the mettle of men as to what they do when force is applied in such fashion.  Like the chain, the must never buckle under the stress.

What the left is now doing is akin to the salesman on the car lot who says to you that you “must buy now – this deal may not be on the table tomorrow, and think of the consequences”.

As a lesson in sales (and anyone who has worked in it knows this), a smart consumer never buckles under such pressure.

When the President tells Congress that they must adopt his bill today or face dire consequences tomorrow, the taint of salesmanship just begs for notice.

Everyone is complaining about the ridiculous wastefulness that is in the Democrat’s package.

Who can forget when Gingrich and the rest of those boys “shut Washington down”; perhaps it is time to take note of such brave acts.

The Precipice today calls on all of our GOP sisters and brothers in Congress to stand firm in the Senate.

Do not waffle.

Do not “cave”.

Together, with resolve, we will bring this Nation back from the recesses of the abyss, back to her eagle’s perch, cliff-side, talon’s dug in to the precipice, and an eye fixed on the rats lurking below; rats responsible for this financial crisis we are now in.