Break Out the Tar…

…but don’t bother with the feathers.

Looks like the chickens are already wearing them (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).

Here we are in the midst of multiple wars on multiple fronts, and it is looking very much like the war on the homefront may perk up to be the most heated.

Here we are on this “tea day” (every day for me…I’m having a cup every morning to go along with my extreme penchant for right-leaning stripes on my conservative neckties, pro-right bumper stickers on my pick-em-up truck, cartridges that are loaded in the “right” manner in all my guns, and proceeding with great caution in making the “right” interpretations of my bible studies).

On that last one, I figure anyone who is trying to sway my thinking on what I read in the good book, is probably all wrong (for why else would they have a position to defend when the good book already tells the whole truth, and nothing but the truth)?  I can read, and I do not need any convincing, so stow the persuasions to follow YOUR interpretations (I have my own, and they are based solely in my faith).

Same holds for my constitution, and I am righteously indignant over any who try and convince me that my interpretations are all wrong.  I have the right to keep, AND BEAR, arms, for example, and that right should be un-infringed along with my right to free speech here on my blog.

My prayer on this day is that the tea parties proceed with positive results, and I truly hope no one gets hurt.

But I can tell you, in no uncertain terms, I am deeply offended by a Federal government that would time such communiques as the one’s that hit the papers yesterday concerning right-wing extremism.

First the left branded us as Nazis (a total and complete fabrication on their parts as I have stated before, ‘Nazi” translates to “National Socialist”, something the jack-booted thugs on the left more closely resemble than we Republicans).

Next they try and call us cheats, as with Ollie North and Reagan.  Then their mantra is “Bush lied, people died”.

Of course, they are squeaky clean as evidenced by all the tax frauds and real estate scandals that define the Obama administration.

In truth, we are seeing as pure evidence in the newspapers who the “thugs” really are.

They are the people brandishing the labels, calling us names and all the while, persecuting.

What kinds of idiots do they think we are?  They brand us the enemy, when all about them, the world is barking at their door.

Pirates in Somalia, who knows what in Afghanistan, and then with the Iranians, N. Koreans and even, yes, the Iraqi’s (there have been grumbles that things may not be so, so rosey there as Obama and his gang of thugs would like for us to believe).

And what is the response of our “leadership” ?

They begin to get all paranoid and turn their attention internally.

It is their policies of thuggery that are leading to this.

And this is what they deem as intelligent leadership?

My Lord, next they will begin pointing fingers and persecuting their own ranks.

What a pathetic lot.

To tar and feather them would be nothing more than making characiture of what is already a parody of something that might otherwise pass for real leadership.

In truth, the chickens are preparing a roost while all the roosters are out there strutting their stuff.  After all, when the game is up, they will have to have some place to hide.  Maybe in Superman’s cape (how’s the song go about pulling masks and spittin’ in the wind?).

Yeah, well, he don’t look like no “Jim” to me, but on review of the song, look what happened to poor, old Jimmy.  Yikes! Now there is a real reminder about over-blown chest puffing if I’ve ever heard one.

After all, these proud peacocks will have to have some place to lay their heads once everyone remembers that in spite of all the posturing, they are really nothing more than chickens.