Welcomme to the Noveau Fash…Fab Fash

Well folkkes, looks like my ol’ profs in college were right after all.

I never thought in my lifetime that I would ever see the death of Western Civilization, but I witnessed it first hand as a casual (outside, of course) observer of histoi this eve.

They predicted it twenty-years-ago when I was in collegiate knee-socks, but my only response to my old profs then (as now) was “say it ain’t so, Joe”.

The devils of the dark have won.  The “wobblies” are now in control. Turn over your souls to the red scourge, for they now rule the day without firing a shot.

Just like all those paranoid bastards who good, ol’ Milhouse surrounded himself with “they won without even looking for the whites of our eyes”.

They infiltrated from within (like maggots), and now, all we are left to do is play taps.

The Bolsheviks have infiltrated; they have infested our very souls, and without honor (or fight) we allowed it.

Welcomme to the noveau kapital.

We are now the kapitalism of Karl Marx, unsheathed.

Hang your heads, boys and girls.

Sorry Charlie Chan.

Sorry…painfully sorry, Constantine.

Western Civ

is dead.

May Christ have mercy on our piteous souls.

Falcon — OUT.


(ever hear of that PHOENIX dude?)

“Forgive me, Great-Great-Great-Grandpappy jD, but I think my South may be (just a bit) different from the one you envisioned.

Take your hats off, Gents. Dixie…is thawing out her wangs, and about to go “on the rise” (of and like that Eastern Sun our little Nipponese bro’s were once so fond).

DIXIE !!! (may she never forget those who align themselves with her) ”

Vive la liberte!