Taken to Task

Yet again.  I need to go take a class or something and read up on all that is deemed “offensive” so I can try and avoid it.

Apparently I owe an apology for the phrase “narrow ass” (all this time I thought it meant “skinny”).

At any rate, should I say anything at all that is offensive, I apologize for both past infractions and future possibilities.

The thing is, thanks to the NY Times, no conservative can feel good about having an opinion, and thanks to B.O.’s temper tantrums each time someone criticizes him, no one can say anything about him.

Looks like he’s got the perfect setup.  Only good things can be said about Kid Terrible.

You know, I’m reminded of a child who is raised in such an insular environment who one day grows up and realizes the rest of the world is simply not on his schedule. It is quite a culture shock when accustomed to being told you can do no wrong.

To borrow from Britney, “Oops, I did it again”…guess it is not PC to compare B.O. to “l’enfant terrible” (however, he and his campaign, and from what I can tell, the entire Demonratic party, are acting like a bunch of ninnies…whining, spewing, writhing brats “I’m rubber and you are glue…anything you say bounces off of me and sticks to you).

So, I’m sorry.  So sorry. (Really, I’m so sorry I’m quoting Britney and Brenda Lee).

So, uh, yeah, Barrack…er, uh…B.O…I’m so sorry.

Yeah.  What-EVER.