The Radicals Return

Oh this nature, of this god-forsaken beast.

What is his nature, I ask you?  What is the essence of this chaotic, this quixotic, this, quintessentially chimeric change?

Here it is for you.   Exhibit A+.

In my last column, I put forth that B.O.’s first 100 days would be equally lackadaisical to madam “iron hammer” Pelosi’s first cendiem.

I recant my former article, formally.

I was wrong, and to my loyal reader, I most humbly apologize.

He’ll make Pelosi’s 1st hundred days look like a fourth of July celebration!

So far (as I’ve heard from the pundits tonight) – he has basically managed to “recreate” (not ’68) but the entire Clinton legacy.

By current count, he has picked 68% of the Clinton staffers.

Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I read that the Democrat party had largely “snubbed” the Clintons during the campaign (the one against, that fella from the middle…what was his name…oh yes…McCain).

They had completely abandoned their “blue dress” past and opted for this (and I use this term “loosely”) – “Great ‘White’ Hope of change” – candidate, ergo, “B.O.” (plane-smellin’ “STAINCH”) Bay-RACK OBAMAnation.

Well, that’s it, folks.  Zarathustra speaks!

Change is here.  Welcomme to the new change, same as the old change.

We can now pin our hopes, our dreams, our aspirations to the one, the only, the great (and almost “late”) Billy-Boy Clinton.

The first black President.

68% of the staffers BO has picked came straight from Clintononian days of wonder.

These fellas are gonna make stealing “W” keys from the Executive keyboards look like Sunday School Shennanigans.

This is beyond rediculous.


Oh really.

This looks actually (if you can believe this) WORSE than Jimmy Carter.

I was being optimistic when I compared the coming onslaught to old Jimmy.

This is simply HillBilliness x 1000.

We are in SUCH deep shit.

No one can realize, conceptualize or idealize just what kind of crap is on our horizon!

The g.d. Russians are down South cohabitatin’ with what is left of the damned NAZI’s in S. America.  Nations are falling like bricks down there, and everybody up here in “Camel-loot” is just having a party down yonder at the five-finger discount!

My God, man.

This ain’t about donning a thong and heading to the beach to catch a buzz!

This is politic real (you do know how to pronounce that last word, don’t you, old boy?  It is “REE-AL” (like “Al Bundy”).

Look guys, this ain’t change.  You’ve changed nuthin.

Didn’t you learn during the campaign that the Dem’s have abandoned good-ol boy cronisim of the Billy-boy days for “true” intellectualism (of the kind that abandons GOD in favor of this “man-genius” that is so “superior” to God)?

Yes, it is the Ayn Rand sort of god.  A god of money.  A god of technology.  A god, of utter, and indespensible, defeat.

Any god made of man is a god doomed for the same, detestable fate, of said man.

What a lowly state it is to consider that a god made by a creature who is so firmly rooted in his own waste that from said waste, there is no escape; what other god can there be but a god of utter waste and absolute, complete, refuse.

“Hail to the god of the trash heap!”.

It was not enough that we had to endure four years of this “cad” who passes himself off as a Southern Gent, but now, we have a Chicago “Gangsta” aligning himself so firmly with such malarky!

I guess I should have seen it coming, given Chicago’s history with my “boys from the hills”.  That’s right, America…Old Al Capone only feared one bunch of people (and you can look this up, he said it him self) “them hillbilly’s is crazy”).

We bury people up here who do us wrong.  We don’t play around.

And one more thing.

Like Buford Pusser…we don’t back down.

Bill Clinton ain’t no hillbilly.

I have no idea where he came from, but he ain’t no hillbilly.

Surrounding yourself with a bunch of “predisposed” ‘good ol’ boys’ – it ain’t helpin you none, B.O.

You oughtta stick with your own kind.

Them people that elected ya!


Now, to my own party, and the REAL meaning of this message.

There is only ONE tent.  It is a big one (and represents one half of this great nation’s opinions).

It is a tent founded in these concepts:

  • Pro-life;
  • Pro-gun (to preserve the living);
  • Pro-liberty (to make the life of the living, well, worth living);
  • Pro-militia (so’s we don’t have to use our own guns to preserve life-worth-living);
  • Pro-peace (so’s we don’t have to put “our” boys in harms way to help our lousy carcasses);
  • and, Peace-through-strength (so’s our boys always have a job);
  • Pro-invisible hand (thanks, Adam Smith, and, damn you, Jefferson);
  • Pro-little man (and that means “little man” the world over, union boys; I’d encourage you to take your gol-darned secret ballot to the Phillipines and parts “EAST” to teach them boys what it means in a liberated society to stand up for your “RIGHTS” (and I mean this, sincerely – you’ve been lookin to absorb office workers and geeks here in America when you SHOULD have been organizing internationally to stem the “collusive” influences of out-of-control capitalism in the so-called “emerging” nations – this is the real “base” of your influence, and you should “capitalize” on this virgin territory.
  • Pro-Profits – (for, how can you have a working man without the almighty profit?).

Espouse this philosophy throughout the land.

Our big tent is not based in pandering to groups (like the Clintonians) – our forte, our strength, our reason for being – it is not to pander to groups…it is not to play politics.

It is simply this…

If YOU are a person who believes in the freedom to choose what you believe…

If YOU are a person who believes it is wrong to slaughter innocent little creatures…

If YOU are a person who believes that “innocent little creatures” includes butterflies and zygotes…

If YOU are a person who believes that “even a strong man arms himself to protect his house”…

If YOU believe in a stong military…

If YOU believe in a STRONGER economy (and that the militia is ONLY backed by a stronger economy)…

If YOU believe like Churchill and TR….

If you think Al Quada and the Taliban both SUCK….

What the hell more do you need?

You don’t need a damned PR concept of some damned “BIG TENT”…YOU are the big tent!

It don’t matter what your color is in our house!

It don’t matter what your sexual preference is (WE DON’T CARE)…out platform is outlined above.

Now, granted, we don’t want you preaching to us…but, hell, if you want to go get married and can find a church to do it in, go for it !

Just don’t tell us it has to be OUR church who marries you, or OUR God who recognizes your union.

We don’t care about your private matters.

We ain’t paying for your baby killing.

You really should not ask us to.  We did not do the crime, you did.  It is our opinion that you will only do more crime in killing the baby, but hey, it’s your soul.

You can still support the right to own guns.

You can still support limited government.

Hell, you can still support freedom of religion.

And guess what else?

We ain’t gonna pander to one “corner” fo the tent (you listening, B.O.?).

Everyone says we are against the little man, and yet our globalist policies have supported the little man in the Phillipines, in Darfur, in IndoChina, and hell, even in GITMO (did you see how many prisoners were RELEASED under Bush?  Quite alarming, really.  Why were they ever captured?).

So, here’s the deal in the eye of the Precipice.

Why the hell have a big tent philosophy.

Why not stick to what we believe in and tell everyone that if even 80% of what we belive jibes with what you believe, there is room enough under the roof of the Grand Old Girl?

You can come in out of the cold here.  When we tell you this is what we believe and this is what we practice, you can belive it!

We are not about phony-baloney change…we are sticking to our core values.


I am certain beyond doubt that there will be no change in the first hundred days.  What we are seeing is a vain attempt on the part of Bill Clinton to restore his dignity.

Sorry, Bill.  It died on that blue dress that day.

We had a hillbilly white house before.  Add to it a B.O. stench, and now we are only left with a refuse heap of hollow political shenanigans.

How quick can four years pass, I ask?