Projections by the Prejudice-Free

Oh how lovely it must be, to be so prejudice-free?  One must ask what it is like to have so few predilections.

Why have a preference of Havarti over Roquefort? Or Zinfandel over Riesling?

No, would be wrong for certain to take a stand (and then someone who does not like what you like might not like you – oh no!).

Take for instance, B.O.

I’m against it !

Really, really stinks.

I’ll tell you what else stinks. It stinks to high heaven when you have a party whose minions will write articles that portray Southerners as backward Lollard-dullards ensconced so firmly in their religion that any intellect outside that religion is anathema.

You know, it really slays me.  Everyone is prejudice in some way, shape or form.  Maybe it is against people, maybe it is for someone who likes NY Sharp Cheddar with their Pinot Grigio.

I don’t know.

What I do know is that the “least” prejudiced people on earth when asked about Republicans compare them (and this has been going on for some time) to Hitler’s Storm Troopers.  Now they start in on Moderate Southerns who voted for McCain (they could be no other reason they voted for the moderate candidate – like maybe he was all they had left).

Freud would call this a form of projection, where an individual uses as a defense mechanism one of several forms of what I believe are neurosis and therefore, even, weakness.  Others include transference, regression, and reaction formation, to name but a few (but I digress).

Projection takes place when one says “oh no, I’m not backwards and ignorant, and so firmly ensconced in my hidden agendas (read religion) that I can not see the spite that resides at the end of my own nose.  It’s those Southerners who are such dumb-asses!”.

Well, I’ve got some projections of my own to make here.  See what you think.

I think that if the “pre-game” is any indication of what we have to see in the first 100 days of ObamaNATION, then basically what we are in for is a lot of “flash” and no substance.

There will be expensive sunglasses and incredibly fancy and expensive limos.  There will be an armed entourage at all times.  I suspect we may see some of those spinning rims on the President’s limo. And it may be a stretch here, but I’m figuring a White House with some purple trim.

Sound prejudicial?

What have we got to go on with this “Citizen Kanye” ?

We know nothing, other than the fact that he is going to solve all our problems.

I actually think, believe it or not, that the pick of Ms. Clinton as Sec. of State might in fact be a positive thing for the nation.  While she has real issues where any conservative is concerned, she is still politically ambitious.  It will be in her best interests to have a world that stabilized.

It will be interesting to see how she deals with the Russians.

That said, I admit my prejudice where she is concerned.  She was once a Goldwater-Girl, you will remember!  We conservatives never forget out own, even when the black sheep stray far from home.

Here are some more of my backwards, Southern prejudices, revealed.

I have a sneaking suspicion that world economic indicators are the real thing to watch in this first 100 days.

You can feel the tension between capitalists and socialists in the world, waiting to see which way this guy is going to fall.  Everyone, of course, is praying that America does not fall with him…but, just like the bailout, nobody really knows what the hell is going to happen.

This much I’m going to project as certainty.  This will be no Camelot.

Obamageddon’s moods, his hurts, his pains, his disposition (very much unlike Arthur) will not affect the nation at large.  I say this, with certainty, as half the nation has not backed him (we have all fallen in with those backward Southerners).

So, you see Mr. Obamageddon – my prejudice is not against your sunglasses.  It’s not against the flip-flops you wear with your Sunday-go-to-meeting slacks whilst visiting Hawaii…it’s not even against your over-inflated ego.

My prejudice, Mr. “presumptive” President Obamageddon – is against what it is you are going to do with my nation.

I’m afraid any further speculation would be based on a vacuous situation not unlike the one that seems to lie behind your Ray Bans.

I wish you good luck.  I really do.  Our Nation depends on it.

But I really wish to hell you’d give us something more to go on than a flashy smile and a set of cheap sunglasses.

Well, anyway.   This Southern boy ain’t really all that worried about it.

Like ol’ Hank Jr. says “a country boy can survive” (and…that “ain’t” stupid).