What a week (ho, hum, howdy)

You know, I’m not going to come here and talk about the same old things, column after column.

Obama, what are you gonna say about this…broken record?  King of the flip flop?  Mr. Rope-a-dope?

Now that he realizes 75% of the country is serious about drilling, he’s reversing his stance.

Like a rock star who hides behind his body guards, Senator Obama has made it clear that he will not come out and debate Senator McCain.

McCain, literally, has Obama on the ropes, and Obama just keeps rolling on the them.

He’s rolled on the war (now suddenly he is no longer a pacifist).

He’s rolled on the economy (oh, we won’t tax you to death and beyond).

He’s rolled on offshore drilling.

The way this guy keeps rolling, America will wind up rolling right along with him…rolling right down the tubes.

His whorlwind world tour was designed to show a bunch of socialist foreigners that he cares what they think.

Now he is over here trying to reassure the conservative thought process (drill, stop the taxes, limit the government) – now he is trying to show that he is one of us.

He can’t have it both ways.  Sometimes you have to get off your fence and show your true colors.

The problem with Obama, I think, is that he himself does not even know his true colors.  Nobody knows what he is for, and no one is really sure what he has been for in the past.

Of one thing we can be certain…his history as a Senator demonstrates that he votes consistent with liberal philosophy.

Well hello Michael Moore and Madonna!  When you are down and troubled, you got a friend in Obama.

As a staunch conservative, I was a bit disappointed that “my boys” lost to McCain; now that I see McCain (I would say illuminated by Obama, but in Obama I can only see darkness) – but now that I see him in comparison to Obama – man, he looks like John Wayne.

So here is the deal…I’m not compromising in my vote for McCain…not picking the lesser of two evils.

What I am doing is seeing the true conservative in McCain, in some of McCain’s policies.  It is not rationalizing, but rather, picking my battles.

I know he is not the perfect conservative, but I ask you, where is Churchill in America today?  Where is Goldwater?

They are not found in Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity or even Rush Limbaugh.  These guys are not in the arena, they are on the sidelines.  Good commentators, but they are only ringside.

The men in the ring, the men in the arena…the gladiators – there I see very little of what resembles Conservative’s core.

So you see, it comes down to some degree of acceptance…with a commitment to never give up on your core beliefs.  You take what ground you can gain.

There is in no doubt a pall that rises and shadows when one considers the potential ramifications of a victory for either candidate.  There will be a lot of hurt feelings, either way.

But one thing is clear; we know for certain what we are getting with John McCain.

With Obama, we are only getting a dope on a rope.