So maybe I should back off a little…

Someone I really respect indirectly made me think about the content here on “The Precipice”.

He talked about how the politics of personal destruction needs to end in Washington.

I can agree with him, in principle, but you know, we conservatives have been taking it on the chin for a long time.

First it was Churchill (over the pond) when the whole country was against him (twice – once when young, and once when PM AFTER the war).

Then it was Barry Goldwater, followed by Nixon, Reagan, Quayle and now Bush.

I don’t know. Do you think if I back off on all the personal comments here on the Precipice that those lousy, yellow heel-hound Dems would then remove their nasty, little teeth from our ankles?

I doubt it.

Oh, I know it is the high road. I’d probably be a better man if I did not stoop to such levels.

Personally, I just wish a man would step up to the plate and give the Dems the “what for”.

I mean, this is the way they fight. They are the street fighters of political discourse. There is no finesse fighting them – no holds barred, and they set the low bar for this.

So what does anyone expect? For us to simply lay down and take it?

Perhaps this fellow of which I speak is correct. He says that we should fight based on policy issues, no personal destruction.

I can’t argue with that. It is wise.

But I have to tell ya, when the policies are affecting me on such a very personal level, I feel like getting personal with those policy makers.

When their policies stink, I think the stench emanates from a putrefied set of values and that those values emanate from within the man himself – therefore, both policy, and man, stink.

So, because I respect this individual so, I will make a concerted effort to no longer make this so very, very personal. I will try and stay above-board, and stay away from any dirty tricks.

Now, like a drunk or a sex fiend, I will probably have some difficulties staying on the wagon (not that I know anything about what it must be like to be either – merely speculating here); but from what I’ve seen in the movies, heroin addicts have a tough time staying off the junk.

I have a feeling that I will have a hard time keeping my comments about Pelosi, Reed, Obama, Clinton and all the rest of the DC equivalent of the Crips and Bloods on a high plane, but I will try.

So no more comparing B.O.’s admin to the scum that lies at the bottom of a cess pool; no more jibes at Pelosi and that “hammer” she likes to weild; and no more comparing Schumer to the anus of a gnat (with brains to match).

Gonna stay away from it.

“Not gunna do it”.

No sir, I’m turning over a new leaf in the new year. A big leaf. A big leaf that had formerly been hiding what lies underneath – a big **** .

No more acting like one of those, no sir.  Gonna get on the straight and narrow, yes sir.


♣ ♣ ♣ ♣

In keeping with the new policy of no more “personal destruction”, I will simply say this – boy, that Obama, he’s really all about “change” isn’t he?  Dollars to donuts says he will constantly change like a chameleon trying to find the combination that will work for him, and never achieve the results he’s looking for.

This is what happens when you buy a Presidency (or sell a Senate seat); you wind up with a dog that has “caught” the car, and is now trying to figure out just where to bight it.

For America’s sake, I am praying for a GOP-controlled Congress, and just as soon as we can get it there!  We need some leadership that is not going to be in a constant “scramble” mode, but rather, one that focuses on solutions that actually “solve” our problems.