On ‘Perceiving’ Good and Evil

Seemingly everything of late is based almost solely on the concept of perception.

OJ Simpson perceived that certain properties, because they bore his image or signature, I suppose, were still “his” properties and there for the taking.

Just yesterday I heard the Governor of Illinois make a statement to the press (something to the effect) that “I would never do or say anything illegal”.

Of course, I suppose, the FBI’s ‘perception’ of what constitutes illegal and his own are vastly different animals.  Like “OJ’s” trading cards.

You’ve seen here on the Precipice that we have a “slight” (self-perceived) tendency to write pieces that are not, altogether, what one might perceive as favorable to Mr. President-elect Obama.

Let me dispel any doubt: the pieces are NOT favorable.  All you trained in public schools can rest easy. You won’t have to smell this scent here anymore and wonder if it is a grizzly.  It is.  We are.

And this whole concept of being awakened in the middle of hibernation, it just ain’t setting too well with us.

This much I can tell you – you will still smell the bear and perceive his presence right up until the time he begins ripping at you with his claws, or worse, mistakenly “perceiving” you to be his very own personal “chew toy”.

Well, let me tell you what I perceive from here on my lofty perch looking down on bear and fella who is still trying to figure out if that scent he “perceives” is actually a bear, and further, what the heck is going on with what he used to perceive to be a leg.

I perceive that there are things in this world that simply do not have to be “sensed” to be real.  There are just tons and tons of sensations in this life.

The sensation that a bear is chewing your leg off, I perceive,  just can not be a good one.

For example, woodsman that I am, I do not need an affirmation by someone that a bear is about to attack.  Further, I am not the sort who stands around and waits for it; I believe in circumventing it.  As soon as I feel the hairs bristle on my neck, as soon as I sense that familiar “scent” in the woods, I’m taking evasive action.

I could be dead wrong – but dead wrong beats the hell out of ‘dead’ each and every time.

You’ll never find this fella being like the poor hapless and witless schmuck who perceives an itch but can not find a leg to scratch.

Bear done took the leg, but left the itch.  Ain’t it funny how perceptions work?

People will call it paranoia, but I’ve come across more than one bear in the woods.  I’ve even tracked them and learned their habits; followed a fella who liked to photograph them (I was more into simply studying them – learning about how they operate…how they think, and smell).

Another story.

Here’s another example:  if you get hit square in the face with a ball-peen hammer, you may tell people later that you “perceived” its coming.  You heard a “swish” or something, or you figured she’d finally get up the nerve one of these days (or worse, nights) to hit ya, but even after lambasting her yesterday afternoon, you  just did not figure it would be in your sleep (but still, you probably thought it might).

Personally I can tell you that by the knot on your forehead the entire world will have perceived that you have been hit by something, and the fine, fine folks at that perceived world that is Hollywood, CSI will tell you beyond any doubt that the fella was hit by something with blunt force, and that  the wound sure as hell resembles the small side of a ball-peen.

From this perspective, high above the fray, it is the sincere belief of this author that there are tell-tale signs of both good and evil all about –  but why concern yourself with your “perception” of them?

Do you think that what you perceive really matters to either good, or evil?

Why not simply deal with the reality of good, and the reality of evil?  Don’t wait for the after-effects (like a lost leg) – act now, and for God sakes, act GOOD.

The Precipice has not forgotten bearing witness to a bunch of Chicago politicians in Florida who played games with our system of elections and governance by contesting those, perceived, hanging chads.

I believe I perceive a similar scent wafting about right now from that lumbering he-bear, Al Franken; but moreover, from the entire party he “represents”.

Well, I’m here to tell ya, I perceive a real stank here – worse than any he-, or she- “bar”.  Anyone who knows anything about bears know how horribly sickening they smell.

The day must come, and come very soon, when we move beyond our perceptions and begin to deal with our realities.  There is a very real scent about the bear in the woods.  He just stinks, and that’s that.  His bathroom habits are deplorable, and like Dinosaur of old, flesh rots in his teeth.

Graphic, indeed – and smelly.  Leaves one hell of a perception on the olfactory (the one sense that burns a deep impression in the memory).

It is very real that this great nation-state of our is in VERY  bad shape. It does not take a refined olfactory to bear witness to the rotting infection that is liberality in spending.

Much of it we brought on ourselves by perceiving that the credit-party economy we have been living in would just last and last.   Well, the sun has come up on the party, and with it brings one hell of a hangover – and what do we do?  Stand in line for more credit.

In order to get this train-wreck destined for hell back on an upward incline,  we are are going to have to “swing” through that set of low curves (like a roller-coaster).  I believe that we can “perceive” the bottom now,  and we must brace our selves for some up and downs before it stabilizes completely and we can then begin a tortuous, uphill climb.

Like a roller coaster, there will be some “mini-hills” that are now in the dissipation phase (like a sine wave, “petering” out), then we can begin the arduous climb (and then also, begin asking some serious questions).

I honestly perceive that we will; but I also perceive that when we begin that climb, have time on our hands and can relax our white-knuckle grip, it is then that we must begin asking our engineers some very probing questions about our “perception” of his (or rather that group of decision-making engineers) ability to keep the train OFF the coaster tracks, rolling at a safe speed, and basically just chugging along.

We have some unbelievably serious issues of leadership in this Nation today (and I am NOT referring to George Bush).

I do not believe that the Precipice is on the wrong scent (or track) here; the Governor of Illinois is most likely telling the absolute truth – he honestly, like OJ, “perceives” that he’s done nothing wrong (I take solace in the fact that the courts are not totally stacked by the new power base just yet) – but I may still be proven wrong, IF he ever comes to trial (and if his appeals tie things up long enough FOR the courts to get stacked).

So what is the point of this rambling mess of an article today?

Let’s move past the perceptions and deal with the realities that our olfactory has impressed on our feeble and collective brains.

I’ve never been eaten by a bear, yet; I’ve been accused of perceiving things that may or may not be “there”,  but I can tell ya, I’ve never lost a minute of sleep worrying that someone thinks I’m crazy because I sense something in the woods.  For I well know “they” are out there (I’ve tracked them).

When I get the sense, it is a real sense for me…it is a reality (like the fact that I still have legs that serve me well in carrying me through the woods).

This nation and its leaders have got to come back to their (our) senses. We must pay heed to the sensory inputs and realize, completely, that the sensations are not mere and mistaken perceptions – they are VERY real.

When it seems that there is something going on that stinks worse than a bear’s ass, it  is.

Good is absolutely in this world, and as long as there are people who will keep that in mind, perceptions will not matter anymore.  They will always have the reality of what is good living inside, and in recognizing it (like the scent of a bear being opposite, and equal in its “badness”) –  they will always “realize” and  be borne by sturdy, true, and well-protected legs (even IF the scent was only where the bear had slept, or crapped (one in the same) the night before).

Legs will still be there, either way.  REAL legs that carry you through REAL woods where REAL bears sleep, forage, hunt and sometimes even kill –  and leave a very REAL scent behind.

Now, let’s get this train rolling up the side of this steep ridge; there are some engineers on the lead engine who are already on the uphill climb and about to ascend the pinnacle (the incoming-President and Congress).  Once we are stabilized along the top of the ridge, I want to ensure they don’t waffle over the Precipice edge (and NEVER put us on this rotten set of tracks again).

Let us never forget who “actually” engineered this mess (their scent is as plain as the nose on your face, or as true as a cast conservative vote in the hills of East Tennessee).