Actually, only one parallel – a quick observation.

Did anyone besides me note in the Biden-Palin debate that he looked pretty old, haggard and run-down, and she looked young, energetic, vibrant and beautiful?

You know, the media said that is why Nixon lost his debate against Kennedy back in 60 (one year before your’s truly was born).

It is amazing, really, that nothing at all was focused on this nefarious beast called “substance”, which it seems mattered little then  (and, I believe, it still does not, unfortunately).

For example, people hailed Obama as rock star early on, glamorous and attractive compared to poor, old, tired and haggard John McCain (before Palin came along, anyway – back when the acid-freak, cool aide set were all the rage).

Nobody seems to care about Obama’s ties to terrorists like William Ayers, or to his dirty deals with ACORN, and, along with Barney Frank and Charles Rangel, in the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac scandals.

No, everyone is more interested in a beauty contest.

Well, let me paint a real pretty picture for you, before all you judges go to the polls to pick “America’s Next Big President” in this reality show, gone horribly awry.

Here you have a guy lacking anything that looks even remotely “American” (again, whatever that means, today; He and his wife are only now, proud of our great Nation).

He is tied, up to his hips, with Oprah Winfrey and the Hollyweird set, who you will remember loves to brag to her Mother about having white people attending to her every want and need, and telling everyone in the world that poverty is good as it will cause our over-weight society to lose weight because they cannot afford to eat (and this coming from a beheamoth of a woman who seems to be on a roller-coaster ride with the raging monster of fat).

Well, excuse me, Ms. Antoinette.  Say, did you see your head lying around anywhere, cause I think you are in the process of losing it, along with all the others from the “let them eat cake” crowd.

We have a reporter with an arab-sounding name who threatens us all and tells us that if Obama does not win,  his constituency will form an uprising – (which they claim encompasses 93% of the black population, I suppose along with the million men who marched on Washington and those nasty white supremecists who they claimed a few years back were burning black  churches in the South – which, by the way, the FBI and news agencys proved was only the case in a select few of an overwhelming number of fires in both black and white chuches with no common thread running between them – this is the power of propaganda, first-hand.  Thank you, Bubba Clinton. You got everybody stirred up thinking it was the KKK, and it was really just insurance scam artists, drunks and arsonists.

Somehow, deep down, I can’t help but wonder if this banking situation is somehow tied up in the same kinds of lies, cheating and propaganda.  Possibly not, but it does nag at you, doesn’t it? Espeically with the Rangel, Frank, Obama ACORN and FM&FM scandals that are a-brewing like a witche’s caldroun.

I feel, somehow, knowing how everyone considers it dire, that it is most definitely real…and I know both sides shoulder the burden and the blame…but I have to ask, who is more culpable?

I believe that Washington needs to be cleaned up completely throughout the entire house and Senate (or, at least, some of it, anyway), but I do not believe that a questionable character from the city that brought us the Rat Pack and Al Capone, is the man to do it.

We all know about the Daley’s and we know about rigged elections.  We know that it was Chicago election officials who “regulated” the Florida elections (I can think of a few “chads” who need to be hung by some good, old fashioned Texas Regulators)…anyway; sometimes, methinks, I carry the jest too far.

Regulation should be like a governor on a motor…just enough to keep the motor from running at too high an RPM and ripping itself apart, but not enough to limit the capacity the motor was designed to handle. 

I believe a lot of this talk of regulation today is being spread by people who were up to their eyeballs in no-good deals with Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac (and ACORN).

This guy has too, too many black marks against him, and his backers seem like street thugs (threatening uprisings – indeed.  Imagine if you will the uprising that will ensue if he wins and proves to be just as corrupt and morally bankrupt as we all believe he probably is – oh, and by the way, I still have not forgotten, Mr. Biden, that you are esentially a plagiarist (twice) which makes you a thief and running in seemingly excellent company).

So, that’s my two-cents worth. 

The real substance is not all that pretty when you get right down to it.  It ain’t popular, and there is no beauty in it to contest.  It is just plain ugly, down to the rotten core.

What a different world it would today be had Nixon only won a year before my birth.

Let’s hope we win one for that poor, haggard old Nixon who got kicked around by this video age that has turned us all into a bunch of freaks with no class, no culture, and definitely no taste (I reference Jerry Springer, the mind-numbing cable televsion how-to shows and those god-foresaken reality soap operas that illustrate, first-hand, just how base and disgusting we have all become)!

Gee, and it all started with that dog-gone John F. Kennedy and his oh-so pretty face.

I’ll take ugly and honest, any day of the week.