It’s the waterboard for Governor Palin

You know, it is funny how all those radicals on the left are so much against any form of torture, and yet they think nothing at all about torturing Governor Palin.

They say the waterboard is cruel and unusual, and yet, look what they are doing to her.

I guess it just depends on who is operating the board.

You see, they are on such morally superior ground, what with their Madonnas, their Matt Damons and Alec Baldwins (lest we forget you, Barbara Streisand, Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon).

Where’s Bob Hope today?

You know, the hollywood guy who visited the troops all the time.  The good guy.

Where is John Wayne?

It is obvious to me that Hollyweird and the left have one set of standards they live by, and another they expect everyone else to live by.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t think waterboarding is good enough for hypocrites.  I think they should be exposed to the harsh and cruel light of truth.

Just like water to the wicked witch of the west, they will not be able to endure it’s harsh rays.

It is so cruel, you know. Tortuous, really.

But it is my opinion that the Saturday Night Live set (thank you Tina Fey) and all the rest of the low-lifes of the left (and that goes doubly for your Senator Pelosi) should each and every one have to endure this thing called the truth.

The whole country will be the better for it.