Def. Obamageddon – “Oh-BAMA-geddon”

Obamageddon – phoenetic pronounciation guide: “Oh-bæmÂ-gεddon”, or, in Chicago – “Oh-BOMB-Â-gεddon” (use “street” style for effect).

def: 1 a: To completely destroy one society and way of life in favor of another that has proven a complete failure in other nations b: to “play the fiddle as Rome burns”, but more, as so fiddling, to then pour gasoline on the fire 2 a: to consider oneself a messiah or god, and then play god with people’s lives  b: to use every dirty trick in the book to swallow up more power, such as economic warfare, class envy/warfare and psych-ops designed to mis-characterize capitalism as evil, when in fact it is people who manipulate capital through organizations such as ACORN who are evil c: to have a psychological state closely associated with delusions of grandeur or megalomania d: think “Lord of the Flies” (1234 (not to blow my own horn, but check the date on No. 4 – I’ve had B.O.’s # for a LONG time; no fringe fruitcake* here), or “The Bacchae” (123)  3 a:  to completely isolate and subjugate one group of people in favor of another group of people; sometimes associated with “reverse discrimination” b: discrimination.


I don’t have to remind any of you drinkers out there who “Baccus” was (and here’s to him).

Bottom line…take Ann Coulter’s advice – get drunk and vote McCain (I already did) – but here is Precipii’s corollary – if BO does win the Presidency, STAY DRUNK (it will be the only way you’ll be able to handle the stench, and should it make you sick-to-your-stomach, at least you’ll have some alcohol on your gut to make the experience all semi-worthwhile).

A list of Fringe Fruitcakes (compare these to The Precipii).