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“Big, Fat Zero”…Hero

(or why I gave up socialist ‘bombs’ and learned to love a realistic account of history)


So you heard it here first.

Superman is really one of the “President’s of the United States“.

But, understand something PLEASE !

The first article was not about Obama, really.  It was about team Obama.

It was about the love-fest that led (and leads) to mega-maniacal, ego-bloated, ego-mania.

It is zeitgeist on cocaine.

But here is the problem with this “form” of zeitgeist – it is NOT representative of the national “mood”, but rather, it only represents the mood of his Kook-aide drinking minions.

So they say it (this foray into America’s classroom) is nothing more than hero worship by a bunch of “Lord of the Flies” zeros.

Well even zeros can cause a great deal of damage.

Look at Columbine.


Michael Moore.

What are you gonna do with him?

Here he comes, out of the woodwork again, to lead a pep rally for his blue-collar buds.

“Capitalism is baaaad”, they shout.

You ever heard of the dog that bights the hand that feeds it?

It was the “Summer of Love“, 1968.

A bunch of dumb-assed kids, fat and bloated on their momma’s and daddy’s seeming endless supply of monies, got together for a “love feast” now infamously known only as “Woodstock”.

It defined (and defied) a generation, really.

They were hopped up on their weed, and their cocaine, and they defied conventional wisdom, their parents, their Nation, and I would argue, even their God.

They thumbed their noses at responsibility, at tradition, at their own homes – they basically made it so that home was no longer a hospitable place at all.

Like their love feast, it was a muddy, disease-infested mess of muck, mixed with excessive sin and of course, the mire that results.

And now ladies and gentlemen we have Michael Moore, entering, stage left and trying his damnedest (with a bunch of other hard-luck hippies who wish to re-kindle a past best left Manson dead) waltzing on the scene and resurrecting what was really a hate-fest in disguise and all aimed at the heart of America, of God and of capitalism.

Thank you Michael Moore.

Here’s hoping (literally) that you trip on your bong, fall face-first in the mire and are forever choked beyond speech by the very mess you and yours so happily created.


On Propaganda (yet again)

I re-visited some of my prior articles and noted Hitler’s views on “big lies and little truths” from Mein Kempf.

It causes me to earnestly re-think this in light of this propaganda move by the President and by the White House.

I know they’ve been endlessly compared to the little Furor, but…common guys, this bit with the school children is truly below the belt, even for a bunch of Nazi’s.

And the propaganda wheel turns ’round, and ’round.


A Revolting Situation

They say that nothing stinks like old money, and apparently B.O. is completely immersed in the stench (no pun intended).

Today, the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown visits Hollywood-on-the-Potomac to discuss a “New Deal for the World”.

I find it most ironic that the very nation from which we broke during our forefather’s revolution is now the country Obama turns to in order to unite in his socialist undertakings.

Back during the campaign I got a call from a fellow I knew in school.  He intimated to me that this country was in need of revolution. He always was one of those stylized, hippie-types – no need to detail it; I’m sure you get the picture.

Well, looks like he got his wish.

Welcome to the revolution.

Here we are, completely abandoning all that is reasonable in capitalism and in favor of socialist collusion with Great Britain.

You know, with no economic stability, the world will begin to look more-and-more like Haite-Ashbury, or worse, the Manson family farm, or “Wavy Gravy’s” – take your pic of collectivist utopia (I wonder what the clothed guy in the drawing is trying to explain to the nude dewd?  From the look on the naked lady’s face, he could just be explaining that his “advertising” may not be doing the product any justice – just like Obama’s great socialist promises, sounds great until you uncover the facts).

It is akin to displaying socialism as the answer to world’s ills.  What kind of sales pitch is it to use the woefully inadequate as a sales pitch for our own approach to economics?

Well, let’s think about a few facts about the situation in this model Obama seems intent on following (Europe’s model).

Their (Britania’s) banks are in worse shape than our own.

In the United States we are “running in the band” of between 15% and 25% of our Gross Domestic Product (thank you, Mr. Perot)  In other words, we are taxing and spending at a full one quarter of what we make (remember, the church only asks for 10%).  Now these statistics, you will please note, are based on data between 1980 and 2007; they do not account for the recent wanton love fest in spending of President Obama and his merry band of “revolutionaries”.

But consider the rest of the world and the financial situation they are in (trust me, we are talking about degrees of stench here – there is a saying in the hills that once it gets below 20 degrees Farenheit that it doesn’t get any colder – it is just damned cold.  The same rule can be applied to financial stench.  Socialism, even in a mild and benign form, stinks, and stinks even on ice).

It doesn’t get worse, it is the pent ultimate in revulsion; it is the absolute zero of maloderous and rotting decay.

Great Britain, in some estimates, has a ratio of 45% of its Domestic Product. Some quadrants estimate France at 2/3 of its product, and Norway is estimated at 159% of its Gross Domestic Product.

Back during the early stages of the “financial meltdown”, as it is called, I even heard one pundit describe the Royal Bank of Scotland’s toxic debt at THREE times GB’s Domestic Product (and you thought 150% was bad, Norway).

So I guess this leaves me scratching my head.  After our forefather’s had the good sense to break with all that “old” European money in order to “form a more perfect union” – why then is Obama chasing after their failed economic policies?

I suppose one could conclude that it is the Nature of the Obaman’s (after all, it would seem none of them know how to use a calculator when it comes to their own, personal taxes).

Isn’t this rich?

They keep up the same mantra of “the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer”, and yet they do not even pay their own taxes.

With the wealthiest in this Nation already footing the bill for 80% of the taxes raised, I wonder how much longer we can tolerate an individual who screams for revolution and yet does nothing to contribute to our Nation’s tax burden.  He increases our debt, and yet all around him, he is surrounded by people who cheat on their own taxes.

“Do as I say, and not as I do” ?

Well, I for one am not interested in teaming up with the world under a socialist banner.  We all know that this financial crisis is world-wide dilemma.  We must all face it together, but I would suggest that the best approach is to whittle away one’s financial burdens to a fraction of your income, and not approaching it as a multiplier of what you take in (one could think of GDP in relative terms as one’s own income).

Is it a wise man who borrows at a rate three times what he earns?

Big Louey probably loves such a guy (or does he).

How does a man ever re-pay his debt with broken legs?

Well, I tell ya, socialism is breaking our backs.  If you think it is difficult with gimp legs, it is overwhelming with a broken back.

Our forefathers set up a model of capitalism for us to follow.  Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations”, John Locke’s “Social Contract” and in modern terms even Dr. Milton Friedman (1, 2) – all espoused ideas consistent with the invisible hand of a free market, capitalist economy regulated only by the social contract (my rights end where your nose begins).  The Reagan revolution was based on such principles.

Why then abandon them for a failed economic principle (look no further than the debt ratios of Europe).

In no uncertain terms, the stench associated with Obama’s economic ideology just continues to get more odoriferous.

The only disinfectant for this odor-most-foul is a return to the principles espoused by not only our forefathers, but by other proven approaches such as Milton Friedman (1, 2), or Ronald Reagan (1, 2).

What part of this equation is not obvious? I guess the stench of socialism has overtaken any rational thought.

Thanks, B.O.

So maybe I should back off a little…

Someone I really respect indirectly made me think about the content here on “The Precipice”.

He talked about how the politics of personal destruction needs to end in Washington.

I can agree with him, in principle, but you know, we conservatives have been taking it on the chin for a long time.

First it was Churchill (over the pond) when the whole country was against him (twice – once when young, and once when PM AFTER the war).

Then it was Barry Goldwater, followed by Nixon, Reagan, Quayle and now Bush.

I don’t know. Do you think if I back off on all the personal comments here on the Precipice that those lousy, yellow heel-hound Dems would then remove their nasty, little teeth from our ankles?

I doubt it.

Oh, I know it is the high road. I’d probably be a better man if I did not stoop to such levels.

Personally, I just wish a man would step up to the plate and give the Dems the “what for”.

I mean, this is the way they fight. They are the street fighters of political discourse. There is no finesse fighting them – no holds barred, and they set the low bar for this.

So what does anyone expect? For us to simply lay down and take it?

Perhaps this fellow of which I speak is correct. He says that we should fight based on policy issues, no personal destruction.

I can’t argue with that. It is wise.

But I have to tell ya, when the policies are affecting me on such a very personal level, I feel like getting personal with those policy makers.

When their policies stink, I think the stench emanates from a putrefied set of values and that those values emanate from within the man himself – therefore, both policy, and man, stink.

So, because I respect this individual so, I will make a concerted effort to no longer make this so very, very personal. I will try and stay above-board, and stay away from any dirty tricks.

Now, like a drunk or a sex fiend, I will probably have some difficulties staying on the wagon (not that I know anything about what it must be like to be either – merely speculating here); but from what I’ve seen in the movies, heroin addicts have a tough time staying off the junk.

I have a feeling that I will have a hard time keeping my comments about Pelosi, Reed, Obama, Clinton and all the rest of the DC equivalent of the Crips and Bloods on a high plane, but I will try.

So no more comparing B.O.’s admin to the scum that lies at the bottom of a cess pool; no more jibes at Pelosi and that “hammer” she likes to weild; and no more comparing Schumer to the anus of a gnat (with brains to match).

Gonna stay away from it.

“Not gunna do it”.

No sir, I’m turning over a new leaf in the new year. A big leaf. A big leaf that had formerly been hiding what lies underneath – a big **** .

No more acting like one of those, no sir.  Gonna get on the straight and narrow, yes sir.


♣ ♣ ♣ ♣

In keeping with the new policy of no more “personal destruction”, I will simply say this – boy, that Obama, he’s really all about “change” isn’t he?  Dollars to donuts says he will constantly change like a chameleon trying to find the combination that will work for him, and never achieve the results he’s looking for.

This is what happens when you buy a Presidency (or sell a Senate seat); you wind up with a dog that has “caught” the car, and is now trying to figure out just where to bight it.

For America’s sake, I am praying for a GOP-controlled Congress, and just as soon as we can get it there!  We need some leadership that is not going to be in a constant “scramble” mode, but rather, one that focuses on solutions that actually “solve” our problems.


Obamageddon IS ObamaNATION


Countdown To ObamaNATION

The Powerful stench of “O”






What a week (ho, hum, howdy)

You know, I’m not going to come here and talk about the same old things, column after column.

Obama, what are you gonna say about this…broken record?  King of the flip flop?  Mr. Rope-a-dope?

Now that he realizes 75% of the country is serious about drilling, he’s reversing his stance.

Like a rock star who hides behind his body guards, Senator Obama has made it clear that he will not come out and debate Senator McCain.

McCain, literally, has Obama on the ropes, and Obama just keeps rolling on the them.

He’s rolled on the war (now suddenly he is no longer a pacifist).

He’s rolled on the economy (oh, we won’t tax you to death and beyond).

He’s rolled on offshore drilling.

The way this guy keeps rolling, America will wind up rolling right along with him…rolling right down the tubes.

His whorlwind world tour was designed to show a bunch of socialist foreigners that he cares what they think.

Now he is over here trying to reassure the conservative thought process (drill, stop the taxes, limit the government) – now he is trying to show that he is one of us.

He can’t have it both ways.  Sometimes you have to get off your fence and show your true colors.

The problem with Obama, I think, is that he himself does not even know his true colors.  Nobody knows what he is for, and no one is really sure what he has been for in the past.

Of one thing we can be certain…his history as a Senator demonstrates that he votes consistent with liberal philosophy.

Well hello Michael Moore and Madonna!  When you are down and troubled, you got a friend in Obama.

As a staunch conservative, I was a bit disappointed that “my boys” lost to McCain; now that I see McCain (I would say illuminated by Obama, but in Obama I can only see darkness) – but now that I see him in comparison to Obama – man, he looks like John Wayne.

So here is the deal…I’m not compromising in my vote for McCain…not picking the lesser of two evils.

What I am doing is seeing the true conservative in McCain, in some of McCain’s policies.  It is not rationalizing, but rather, picking my battles.

I know he is not the perfect conservative, but I ask you, where is Churchill in America today?  Where is Goldwater?

They are not found in Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity or even Rush Limbaugh.  These guys are not in the arena, they are on the sidelines.  Good commentators, but they are only ringside.

The men in the ring, the men in the arena…the gladiators – there I see very little of what resembles Conservative’s core.

So you see, it comes down to some degree of acceptance…with a commitment to never give up on your core beliefs.  You take what ground you can gain.

There is in no doubt a pall that rises and shadows when one considers the potential ramifications of a victory for either candidate.  There will be a lot of hurt feelings, either way.

But one thing is clear; we know for certain what we are getting with John McCain.

With Obama, we are only getting a dope on a rope.

Welcome back, HO

Well, got a new acronym for the presumptive piece of PR pocket “fluff” – HO, for Hussein Obama.  And why the heck not?

He’s been running around Europe like an Amsterdam prostitute, showing off too much leg to too many customers.

I don’t know about you, but I think the whole affair is looking just a little too much “two bit”, as in “two bit HO”.

Lookit, alls I’m sayin’ is, give Capitalist Democracy a chance, eh Obama.  Old bean.  Old fella.

I see it like this…

America is still, for all intents and purposes, a CAPITALIST democracy (and of course, we can not forget, it is ALSO (and perhaps equally) a REPUBLIC).

Using democratic principles, we elect officials to make decisions on our behalf.  We elect them with the assurance that they will represent our best interests.

Well elect them through democratic means (everyone having an equal vote).  We expect from them that they look after our affairs, and we also expect them not to sit on a high throne and moralize from above (excuse me, but wasn’t that what old King George was doing when George Washington and his merry men “broke” from the crown?).

So I’m saying, “hey Barrack.  We’re over here, pal.  You know, America, that nation in which that bright, shining “second” city exists…I believe you call it Chicago, Chicago, my kind of town?  It’s in America, not Barcelona, the US of A, not Berlin.  How ’bout a little respect over here in the homeland, Mr. Jet-setter…Mr. Intercontinental Playboy and man about Nations”.

And what’s more, how ’bout you, Nancy Pelosi.  Seventy-five percent of the country is screaming for you to begin drilling for the oil we are sitting on, and what do you do?  You moralize from on high with your “no drill, no spill” mantra.

Who do you think you are?  King George?

This represents hypocrisy at its very worst.  You were elected to represent us, Mr. Senator, and Madame Speaker.  You were not elected to be rock stars.  You were not elected to be soothe-sayers, chanting the latest philosophical mantra from your mountain-top perch.

Hey y’all, we are down here in the fly-over country.  We exist.  We matter.  And guess what else?

We are each sovereign, just like the French, the Soviets, the Germans and the Spaniards.  We count.  Our votes count.  Our businesses count, our money counts (and you count our taxes).

Why don’t you try for a change (and this goes for all our elected leaders) – why don’t you try and count us in for a change, instead of counting us out.

We matter.  We are the Democracy.  We are the Republic.  We are the people, and guess what…WE ordained (read up on it.  It’s called the Constitution…”in order to establish, a more perfect union”.

It is about us Madams and Messeur Congresspeople.  We elected you.

Now, do your damn jobs.

Not for the environment.  Not for the Russians.  Not for the Iranians.  Not for the Syrians, and not for the Europeans.  For us.

For America.

What else is “new” ?

So, now that a bonafide astronaut sais that aliens are here, and they are proud, and they are not going awya, what is next?

Maybe we will find out that B.O. is their leader (then we won’t have so far to take them when they utter that immortal line – our leader will be their leader).

With BO at the presumptive “world helm” it will be nothing for the aliens to take over without firing a single shot…like illegal Mexicans in America, or Muslims in France.

I can see it now…Ed Mitchell will be Barrack’s chief science officer and key liaison to the little grey men with big eyes.

Together they will rule under the banner “One World, One Universe”.

They will turn the skies to marmelade, and everyone will be entitled to a hit of heroine from the Afghan poppy fields.

Did you catch citizen Obama’s “rally” in Germany?  Those jumbo-trons with his image pasted everywhere was a little frightening – truly reminded one of “Citizen Kane” or even worse, the hay-day of communism when every totalitarian had his image pasted across town square.

I think the world is smarter than this.

For instance, if these little grey men are so much more advanced than we ants living here on earth, why then have they not made some sort of effort to communicate with us?

I mean, at our backwards state of technology, even we are making strides in communicating with apes and dolphin…on that scale, are we really that much more technologically depressed?  We’ve harnessed nuclear energy, and we try and communicate with a baboon, yet they are so much more tremendously advanced that on the same scale it makes humans to be more like amoeba than silver-back gorrillas?

I don’t know.

If they do exist, and they are so much more advanced, perhaps we should take a clue (are you listening BO) and begin spending less money on researching communication with animals and more on trying to advance to the point where the wallflowers can finally get noticed by these aliens and begin forging an alliance.

Of course, BO will be far too busy as Supreme Commander in Chief of the World to bother with a few, pesky men from outter space.  Although…


Welcome to the United Soviet Socialist Republic of America

Read this about the United States version of Pravda (Правда) .

Folks, take it from someone who holds a degree in Public Relations (if you can believe there is such a thing)…this is pure and unadulterated propaganda.  It is not even thinly veiled.

The US media is absolutely nothing more than a shill for B.O. (and they are stinking up the place worse by the minute).

Get a soul.

Talk about Odoriferous

I caught this Congressman, Joe Sestak (D, PA.) (1,2,3), on the Tele this morning and he says (cheering Obama) that we “need a President we can reach out and touch” (to paraphrase; specifically, it was something to the effect that he needs to be approachable, warm and fuzzy, like a peach cobbler, maybe?)…

Yeah, that’s what I want, a President who I can hug and is as harmless as peach fuzz.

You know what I really, really want?  I want a Commander-in-Chief who will reach out and touch our enemies, that’s what.

I want George S. Patton, not Mr. Bill, Kaptain Kangaroo or Mr. Rogers.

I want a tough Son of a Bitch.

What I don’t want is some guy who panders to the cameras.

I don’t want a guy who will spend my hard-earned tax dollars on over-seas junkets that are nothing more than PR campaigns to get his narrow ass elected President.

I want a guy who will hold people’s feet to the fire, not a guy who will light fires for the cameras, puffing out his chest and acting like a tall and skinny version of Napoleon.

As long as we are on this subject, have you considered just who it is that Obama is pandering to?

He’s turned from peace-loving beatnik and counter-culture hippie protester to this guy who’s gonna use geo-strategy to play chess with our troops and somehow “win” in Afghanistan (whatever that constitutes – Poppy Fields Forever, maybe?) and then apparently march on Pakistan to find Bin Laden.  Give me a break.

What’s the deal here, does he really think Conservatives are that stupid?  I mean, come on.  Our enemy does not boil down simply to Bin Laden.  Our enemy is much, much bigger than one man (as is testimony by the surge, which by the way, belongs to we conservatives, and it is WORKING).

Further, if we marched on Pakistan, what would this do in their ongoing turmoil with India?  It should not be our business to start wars between countries, or further, to throw accelerant on the fires of discontent.

Was it not the Demonrats who constantly criticize Conservatives as being involved in clandestine activities with the CIA (all stemming from the so-called “Air America” campaign, yet again, during Viet Nam – Lord, would you hippies please wake up from your drug-induced comas and realize that Viet Nam was almost fifty years ago (CIA was on the ground in ’59).

Gentle readers, we are not in the business of group hugs.  I do not want a commander I can hug (or worse, one that wants to hug me).  You are only going to get a fight out of me if you try your rascal hugging crap on me.

I want a guy who will punch me in the arm, not hug me.

I figure, a guy who punches me in the arm, will probably black a bullie’s eye real good.

This Sestak guy is apparently a real piece of work.  One article states that he has made it clear publicly that he does not care about our brave Iraqi veterans.  It also paints him as a member of the so-called “Wahhabi-lobby” (ouch!).

Another goes further and links ties between Sestak and a group (CAIR) with apparent ties to radical Islam (perhaps confirming the “Wahhabi-lobby” statement from the above piece?).

I searched around a lot on this Sestak guy (1, 2); looked at a number of different sources, with varying degrees of visibilty, and peer review (some high degree, some not-so-high)…the one thing I note is that he is too close to controversy to suit my red, white and blue pedigree.

I’m beginning to ask myself some serious questions about all these Obama supporters who are bubbling up to the surface.  They all appear to have this radical “taint” associated with them.

It is one thing to take a tongue-in-cheek style when discussing these reactionary hippies; it becomes deadly serious when the humor begins to look all-too-real.

I was first dubious about Obama early on; now, I’m downright afraid.

I believe that he and his ilk are in fact a danger to America, and worse, Western culture and ideology.

For B.O. (which is how I’m thinking of referring to Obama since his politics so patently stink on ice), but for B.O. to run in this election as a Hawk is like a viscious lioness running as the white dove of peace.  Sure, she looks gentle on the surface, but would you really want to floss her teeth?

What is most offensive (much smellier indeed) is that he is pandering to the Right.  What is the thinking of this strategy?  Is he that confident in his own base?  Does he really believe they will forgive him for trying to get some of us to cross over?

When it is all said and done, B.O. is gonna cross right back over to his hippie, radical friends and their hippie, radical ways.

So who is he fooling?

The French maybe?

I don’t think so.  They are having their hands full with peaceful Islmacists moving in and taking over their country by poisoning their Democracy.

They are awake now.  They understand the costs.  The question is, will we listen to them, now that they are in such a pickel?

I doubt it.

We are more apt to buddy up to B.O. and his lousy, stinkin’ shenanigans.


Here’s an idea for you Sleestack – go hug yourself !


Team Obama Strikes (out) again…

Well, well, well.

It would seem that bastion of liberal literary types in the New Yorker have taken a “tongue-in-cheek” swipe at what (while I have NOT read the article) is probably a very apropos parody of the conflict Obama’s campaign is up against where his “affiliation” to Islam is concerned.

Look, it is the very real elephant in the room, and I found it humorous, and to the point.  It is a very real issue that his campaign faces.

And the Obama response?  (ho, hum) “Nanny-nanny-poo-poo – you can’t do that. It is “objectionable” and “tasteless” “.


You are in the arena, son.  You are fighting the fight.

It’s about the sixth or seventh round (probably)…you ain’t even laid leather on McCain’s chinny-chin-chin.

So you are going to now make your war (ala “Bubba” stylin) against those mean ol’ nasties in the media?

Common, pal.

This is what the media does.  They are nothing more than a caricature at the carnival.  They are on the sidelines egging on the fighters.

They are fat Romans, sitting in the bleachers eating grapes and giving thumbs up and down (and all depending on their mood-at-the-moment).

The fight is not with them.

The fight is with we conservatives.

Now, when ya gonna come out and play, arena boy?