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Thank you Mr. Funk*o*sly-elect, yo sly…

Well, well well.

It is most difficult for me to put myself in the shoes of someone else.  Writing is a real chore, and to do it well, you really have to contemplate the character of others.

To write a story about a killer, you have to “become” a killer (not literally, but more, drawing upon the act, for instance, of hunting (whereby we kill critters), or farming where we have to at times “do the dirty deed” of taking down livestock)…now, I suppose, you Peta-ites would consider this equitable to murder (and, hell, you may be right).  Fact is, the act is violent, and a very close second to that (I would imagine) of killing a human.

But the bottom line, you have to draw upon what you can in your experience in order to do a creditable job of, in effect, “becoming” that character.

I can not, literally “become” a Hebrew.  I’ve studied one nearly all my life (the carpenter), and I think I’ve come to know Him pretty darned well; but I still do not know what it is like to be a Jew.  Can I write about one?  I think so.

Let’s consider this; the one thing most anathema to me is any sick SOB who would hurt or destroy the innocents.  How can you harm creatures who are not as strong as you and feel good about yourself?

I am reminded of this given the current events (finding that poor, little girl in the woods yesterday – the big news story – very sordid situation, and just horrid).

Now that is something that I’ll never have any personal resources upon which to draw.  BUT, I can still “put myself” in the person’s head.  What would motivate someone to hurt a child?  Perhaps, as a child, they were hurt themselves.  Perhaps they are “dissociative”, whereby they truly HAVE never been loved and have only known violence in their own lives (perhaps constantly and consistently threatened with bodily harm and even death. They disconnect with the act, and consider it as trivial as shooting a bird for dinner).

Sick, sick, sick.

So, anyway, I woke up and began pondering this whole concept of the “Missile Shield”.

Our peerless leader-elect has now “reassured”Israel that “if Iran attacks them” then “we will lob a bunch of missiles at Iran” (to paraphrase).

Well, putting myself in the shoes of an Israeli, I can only say “Gee…thanks.”…

After the fact, you are going to bomb my enemy.  You have always been such a great friend.  Thanks for the sacrifice, pal.  Did you have to think long and hard to choke that one up?  Say, how is it you treat your friends back in Chicago?  Baseball bat to the back of the head like Al Capone?

Hmmmm.  You know, in management school, one of the concepts they really stressed was that of proaction.  Let’s do what we have to in order to circumvent an act, or more appropriately, a catastrophic failure.

Do you really think that a Nation who preaches bevies of Virgins as reward to their martyrs…do you really think they are going to care about a nuclear missile coming down their pipe AFTER they have accomplished their goal of destroying their enemy?

In my country, you will do all you can to take the guns out of our hands.  You will beg, borrow and steal; connive and manipulate; legislate and mandate; and yet to our ‘real’ enemies, you only capitulate.

You say we “cling” to our guns and bibles, and look at you; your “fortress”, your strength is protest, and civil disobedience and “civil” unrest…pure upheaval – not unlike the Iranian approach.

You argue that to make America’s streets safer, you want to melt all the handguns and assault weapons into manhole covers, and yet you will not make a pre-emptive strike on Iran, who we know IS building a nuclear missile, and who we know from track record (PROVEN – like the WMD’s) that are willing to use it without reservation, and with bold determination (like the 500 hostages – remember them, President Carter?).

I say proven WMD’s.  Do any remember the jet fighter that was dug from the sands on the Iraq border with Syria?  Do any of you know of the destructive capability of a single jet fighter when launched against a city, say, of the population density of  a Chicago, or a New York (you listening, Nashville)?

One volley (about five seconds on the trigger) lobbed against, say the Sears Towers…how many people do you think those 50 caliber rounds would wipe out?  A hundred?  Five hundred?

What about a single hell-fire missle launch (one of ours)?  How many then? The whole building?

Is that “mass” enough for you, Mr. President-elect?

What about the third largest army in the entire world?  Do they have (would have), have, destructive capability that would earn them the monniker of “mass”?

Maybe it is like your concept of the “rich” where your economic warfare is concerned.  Or the super-rich.  (Say, where does Oprah fall in these delineations?).

One nuclear strike against Israel by the Iranians could wreak utter devastation.

And what your plan?  “Oh, rest assured, we’ll take care of business after-the-fact”.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t feel so self-assured when a child of the Chicago-7 tells me “all will be right with the world”.

Kinda leaves my soul all a quiver, like a solitary hanging chad shimmering in the breeze, hanging by less paper than represents the integrity of a Demonrat politician (and worse, a Demonrat from Chicago).

It is the call of the Precipice that we absolutely must, as a Nation, support our allies.  We will have no allies left if we turn our backs and opt for a sit-in or love-in somewhere in El Segundo.

The Israelis have already made it clear that they will “go it alone” (what a sorry state of affairs)…and our only consilation in this is that we will do honorable thing and “vindicate” their deaths.

Frankly, I think Capone showed more leadership skills; he would not wait for a hammer to fall, he’d swing a baseball bat against his enemies, were he to “perceive” them as such.