Team Obama Strikes (out) again…

Well, well, well.

It would seem that bastion of liberal literary types in the New Yorker have taken a “tongue-in-cheek” swipe at what (while I have NOT read the article) is probably a very apropos parody of the conflict Obama’s campaign is up against where his “affiliation” to Islam is concerned.

Look, it is the very real elephant in the room, and I found it humorous, and to the point.  It is a very real issue that his campaign faces.

And the Obama response?  (ho, hum) “Nanny-nanny-poo-poo – you can’t do that. It is “objectionable” and “tasteless” “.


You are in the arena, son.  You are fighting the fight.

It’s about the sixth or seventh round (probably)…you ain’t even laid leather on McCain’s chinny-chin-chin.

So you are going to now make your war (ala “Bubba” stylin) against those mean ol’ nasties in the media?

Common, pal.

This is what the media does.  They are nothing more than a caricature at the carnival.  They are on the sidelines egging on the fighters.

They are fat Romans, sitting in the bleachers eating grapes and giving thumbs up and down (and all depending on their mood-at-the-moment).

The fight is not with them.

The fight is with we conservatives.

Now, when ya gonna come out and play, arena boy?