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That’s it. Blame, Play Politics and Yuk It Up While the World Knocks

As if you weren’t “cozy” enough with all this bright rhetoric coming out of Obama’s Washington concerning the “worst economy since the depression”, I’ve taken serious note of the fact that everyone seems to be just ignoring these stories in favor of “gloom-mongering” or escapades on late-night television. Sorry Mr. President, but I don’t see you joking your way out of all this mess.

“US Destroyers to Escort Ships in South China Sea”

“US Warships Head for South China Sea After Standoff”

and, this from “Politics.ie”

“Barack Obama approves sending armed destroyers to protect US ships in South China Sea”

Oh, but you just think you are finished with global, catastrophic worries…check out these articles…

“Russian Bombers Based in Cuba?”

(yeah, so why the hell are we “lifting” the restrictions placed on Cuba by the Bush admin. – can you say “BO-Polar” (a unique condition whereby sociopathic behavior is exhibited by someone who is the President, but is acting as if he is not much of one, as opposed to those with the unfortunate delusion of grandeur that they are Abe Lincoln when in fact they are nothing more than a doped-up, bowery bum).

“Cuba Could Host Russian Bombers, Air Force Chief Says”

“Cuba, Venzuela Might Host Russian Bombers”

“Venzuela Offers Bases for Bombers: Russian General”

“Cuba, Venzuela May Host Russian Bombers”

“Chavez: Russian Bombers Welcome in Venzuela, but…”

“Russian Bombers Based in Cuba?”

So, what the hell is B.O. doing?  Stinking up the place even more with Havana Stogeys?  Or wait a minute !  Maybe he is rolling  a bunch of “blunts” using Cuban Sensimillion.  He sure acts like somebody who is stoned (first he’s a savior, then superhero, then he is Abe Lincoln, then LBJ, then Kennedy, then Samuel Gompers – who the hell could he possibly be compared to next?  Richard Nixon?  No.  NO!  You AIN’T no Dick Nixon – you couldn’t carry his water).

How ’bout “Sly and the Family Stoners” ?

Oh, but it doesn’t stop here…

“Planned North Korean Satellite Launch Arouses Suspicion”

“South Korea Warns North Korea of U.N. Action on Missile”


“North Korea’s Taepodong-2 Long Range Missile”

You nervous yet?

All that seems to come from BO and his band of merry, merry men is “Bush Lied, People Died”.  You know what?  I’m sick and tired of your out-and-out lies.  First, this RECESSION is NOT a depression!

Supposedly, Mr. President B.O., you are a graduate from a prestigious law school.  I’ve had experience with law school, and I know that as undergraduates, we do study economics.  Did you miss that semester?  A recession is not a depression, and some funky weather patterns do NOT constitute the end of the world as we know it.

The above situations MAY !

Oh, but we are STILL not done.

“Mr. Iran Envisions Major War in Coming Months”

“China in 4.9b Deal to Develop Iran Gas Field”

“Allies Clocks Tick Differently On Iran” (yeah, well one of these “Allies” needs his clocked cleaned – and it ain’t a Hebrew clock, I can tell ya).

“US and Israel Differ on Urgency of Iranian Threat”

How can these numbskulls get any DUMBER?

It is very simple math.  Nobody is impressed with BO’s taking a war-time economy and turning it into a legitimate NOSE-dive and then blaming Bush and Cheney and the oil companies and the people who Al Gore says brought us global warming (when in fact it was Al Gore who brought us global warming, and supposedly the internet – notice the “delusion of grandeur” similarities when comparing Gore to B.O.) ?

Further, not only is no-one impressed with your “making nice” with Cuba when all about there are enemies trampling at our gates no one, and I do mean NO one, is happy with the current events shaping up globally.

Just last week I found myself in the “unusual” position of being out very late (helping a friend celebrate his birthday – I went “clubbing” with him three nights in a row as his designated driver).

On my way home one night (Thursday last week,  I think it was) I caught this Catholic Priest on late-night radio on my drive home.  He said he’s been getting reports from Priests in Russia that the Russians have put their military on high alert in case some sort of a breakdown happens in the U.S.A.

One could jump to the conclusion that they are preparing for an invasion (and it doesn’t seem that far-fetched given their attempts to establish bases in Cuba and S. America) – or one could assume they are like wolves waiting for states to begin seceding, or one could just say they are being pragmatic given the state of the entire world and how much it seems it is tied into our own situation.  I’d say that all are fair assessments.

The main question to ask here is “what are we doing about it?”.

Are you listening Madame Clinton?

You can’t blame Bush for this one.

You also won’t be able to use all the printed greenback dollars you are issuing to somehow “unpaint” yourself from this corner you are locked into.  You need to lay off the green – you are printing too much, and you are about to paint all the rest of us in there with you.

You make all these claims that the Republicans have not offered you any plans.  Just yesterday I watched a Congressman (Eric Cantor, the Republican Whip from Richmond, Virginia) state emphatically that he personally handed you a viable plan.

You blatantly ignored it, Mr. President.

Ignorance, President Obama, will not make the world go away.  Sticking you head in the sand will not make the GOP go away, it will not make the Russians go away, or the Chinese, or the N. Koreans, or the Iranians.

You know, I did not notice all this activity from our enemies when Bush was in office.  What the hell is your excuse?

You can’t blame Dan Quayle or Reagan either.  Or George H.W.

This is “all on you”.

Since they’ve got the global warming “crisis” locked in, and now they are making a depression mountain out of a recession mole-hill – what is next for the BO magic act?  Is he going to  make Armageddon fly out of his ass?

There most assuredly needs to be some change.  Positive change, and in the “right” direction.

Oh, and by the way…we need it pretty damned quick.

Too bad we don’t have a “do-over” in Presidential politics.