Lies, Damn Lies and Journalists

The Politico reports today that “John McCain ‘scolds’ the RNC on Blagojevich” – that McCain was “siding with Obama” against the RNC chairman, Mr. Duncan.

When I read the article, I don’t get a sense of that at all (especially in McCain’s words from the Sunday morning talk show).

He was saying that he believes all the truth of Obama’s associations with Blago will come out.  I don’t think he was calling for the RNC to back off at all. He was simply trying, as is true to his form, to be the “unpartisan” leader that he’s worked so very hard in building a reputation for.

Now, I know, you’re probably thinking the Precipice has gotten a little soft around the middle.  Well, maybe; I never saw myself in the role of McCain supporter before this election, and when I commit to endorsing someone, I will work tirelessly on their behalf.  So there may be some residual and fence-leaning “kinks” I still have to get worked out.

But the real reason for this article is not to point out McCain’s intent – it is more to demonstrate (yet again – AS if we need more data to prove the point) that even respected journals look more like PR fact sheets than journals, and it destroys any form of trust that we’d like to have in at least one of them.

When you dig into the meat of the article, McCain’s comments could go either way, and they don’t look like (to me, anyway) that he’s taking the RNC to task; I think he’s demonstrating a confidence in the system – our process for dealing with matters such as this.

I for one think that if McCain made such assertions, then he would in effect capitulate and essentially sell himself out of ever hoping to be active in the role of “bipartisan”.

On the other hand, I am quite suspicious of “The Politico’s” motives in spinning the story in such fashion.

The fact is, “The Precipice” believes the RNC should keep up the heat.  It is impossible for me to believe that as powerful a Chicago politician as B.O. was (and truly “IS”), I have a very difficult time believing that he was somehow immune from any of this – especially given that all the data is not yet in on the whole Rezco “thing” (and I’ve been hearing grumblings about how this Blago and his wife were up to their neck in Chicago real estate, and more especially, that THEY have ties to Rezco).

Sounds like White-Watergate all over again to me.

Bottom line: for McCain to assert that Republicans need to back off is ludicrous.  We are still a two-party system, and checks and balances are still important; I would have to think a fence-sitter like McCain would wholely appreciate balance (how else would he teeter and yet remain on that fence of sanctimony between our two worlds?).

I thought more of you “Politico” – but like Newsweek and Time, I’ll be keeping my Falcon eye trained on you.  Ain’t never had a rat get away from me yet.