We must rise!

What a roller-coaster this has been, huh?

We now face some of the most difficult times we as a generation of Americans have perhaps ever faced.

Some are so delusional and slap-happy that they believe we can weather this without a care in the world. Really, without even trying.

Imagine a place, if you will, where men turn head and eye from a reality they refuse to believe.

Unlike the world of television and movies, this is a world where hunger may very well prevail.

Can your dog hunt?  He had better.  Hunt, or starve.

In recent days I’ve heard how certain factions will riot if a certain candidate does not win.  Riot.

From my perspective, this sounds like a coerced election.  I feel as if I have a gun to my head.

You hold a gun to my head and tell me your candidate MUST win?

This doesn’t sound like America.

This sounds like Russia.  Venzuela maybe, but America?

My question becomes, would anyone riot if a Condi Rice lost a bid for the Presidency on the GOP ticket?  What about Colin Powell?

Here is another – did anyone riot when Alan Keyes was not elected?

My simple question is…why not?

Of course, Powell and Rice are hypothetical, but what about Keyes?   What about Jesse Jackson?

Depending on the vote in Congress tonight, we may very well all be completely “equalized” in a strict, economic sense of the word.  We may each and every one tomorrow be grovelling in the woods for rabbits and berries…and I ask, is riot really something any of us would really care to face?

This is not a battle for Marie Antoinette’s neck.

This is your livlihood, and my own.

I am not at all comfortable thinking that my fate rests in the hands of men and women who I am not certain I can trust.

It is a sick feeling, really.

This is my country, here.  My land.

To see her broken, it is something I thought I would never witness in all my born days.

You made a half-hearted attempt, Congress, to open the off-shore oil wells (has anyone noted the restrictions placed on the drilling – or the fact that the REGULATIONS will ensure that it will be ten years before the oil hits the markets)?  The “free” market does not ensure this…it is REGULATION that ensures it.

If capitalism were left alone to its devices, the oil companies, I believe, would invest their profits in the rigs and refineries.  I think they would work triple-time if need be to get that oil  and get it to us.  The profit motive is there.  The economic machine must be fed.

And yet again, Madam Pelosi ties their hands.

Now with her brilliant, bridge-building speeches, she locks up Congress and any hope for a deal with Congressional Republicans on this bailout.

Certainly, there are no heros in this situation.  All look pretty bad.

But tonight is your chance to do what the American people actually want.

You must make us proud by saving this sinking ship.  You must now act like captains, rather than like mad power brokers hungry to prove an ideological point (who wins if we all lose, I ask?).

Tonight, you must do – not for youselves…but you must DO for your country.

Do us proud!!!

No shenanigans…no dirty deals, or dirty pool.  Take politics off the table.  Forget your necks, and even the fact that they MAY deserve to be ringed.

Tonight you must each act with honor…you must bring this country up from its knees (and I pray, remind us that it is a place we could each benefit from visiting when serving the correct Master, rather than the wrong one).

There are many to blame for this horrid circumstance, and in a very real way, not one American is immune from this blame.

Just as we each shoulder some of it, we must each shoulder some of the responsibility as well.

It is the Western way to build a nation from dust, and tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow to come, we must build from this ash, and remember this bleak time and those immortal words “NEVER AGAIN” !!!


“God go with the leadership of this great nation.  May Your guiding hand be her hand.  May she not quiver, clench or childishly point, but rather, may her hand be one of leadership real.  May our leaders be given Your divine will, on this occasion, and may it be Your divine Will that guides her.  God I implore, speed these hands of leadership so that we as a Nation may move on…past these dirty deeds, and evil days.  May we find triumph in this, the blackend ash of such decadence.  May it be Your Will that lifts us from this utter decay. This I pray, oh God of Israel.  This, I pray”.