And thus begins the biting…

The wolves, it seems, are at bay.

When you break down administrations such as Josef Stalin, Adolph Hitler or Il Duci you see the common thread of paranoia that begins to rise when they turn on their own.

Like Cronus and Michael J. Fox who eat their own children for both their sustenance and to ensure no one knocks them off their throne, so too do the other despots of the world.

It is unfolding before our very eyes in D.C. right now.

Obama opens the door to it by trying his damndest to rationalize his own (as defined by his ego and that of his propagandist newspapers which he is in the process of taking over through bailout like everything else in the country) – he is trying his utmost damndest to rationalize what he sees as a superior position by comparing and contrasting it to George W. Bush.

He is living in Bush’s shadow.

So, he tries to belittle and persecute (as with the gun-toting Christians clinging to their bibles and their weapons), but in so-doing, he uncovers the ineptitude of his puppet-masters (Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid).

Just like a gutless hippie Pontius Pilate to try and wash his hands of blood and guilt.

But like wolves, the back biting now begins.  They will nip at one another’s heels, ripping away hide and exposing what “lies” underneath (which after years of lying now constitutes very little, if anything – the dummy-crats have built their house of cards on lies and pure propaganda).

The more he pushes against Bush and his administration, the more he displays his (and his party’s) total ineptitude.

Butter up some popcorn, grab a handle from your favorite six-pack, kick back, and watch the dog fight unfold.

This is where it gets fun.

They will try their dead-level best to explain how all they are doing is somehow helping the nation, yet all about the world is barking up their asses.

And how will they respond?  By biting and tearing at one another.

The problem with their party is simply that they have no alpha male.

They are too caught up in sensitivity and over-inflated, misbegotten ego.

It appears to me that there is a warming armageddon of sorts taking place in the esteemed halls of the Jackass party.  They are having, simply put, an environmental meltdown.

Hell, they are beginning to look just like that disgusting Jackass show on MTV – let’s watch what antics they pull next.

I can picture it now – Nancy Pelosi will take her big gavel and crack Harry Reid right across his (inadequate) Kahonas.

Perhaps a better term would be “Kahonees”…or “Kahaw-weenees”.

At any rate, she’ll ting his tiny tinklers.

All the while Teddy K. will drink to massive excess and projectile spew his venim across the floors of Congress.

Some Dummocrat Senator will no doubt have hijacked some Page’s papercart (Page included) and decided to spin donuts across the Congress floor.

You just can not leave Bill Clinton off this Jackass show…he’ll be the one running round buck naked trying to convince the country he’s actually wearing clothes (like the King with no clothes) and he’s definitely not out for sex, and in spite of all the smoke around his head, he’s never inhaled even a puff.

What a cast of character on this show of shows.

James Carville will have dropped so much acid that he will have transformed himself into what he believes is a tortoise that somehow beats the Republican hair to the finish line.

Unfortunately for Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, it turns out that his “shell” is actually only her checkered green skirt.  He does resemble a turtle (even without the shell skirt), and Napolitano seems quite happy that his antics have taken some of the critical heat off her paranoid report that a bunch of civilized Republican, tea-party protestors are somehow about to become crazed bombers or domestic terrorists.

When they realize the entire scheme is imploding around their ears, in drunken stupor they will turn on one another like wolves fighting over the dead carcass of a jackass.

Nothing more than wolves…drunken, wussie-wolves, displaying their spineless, gutless, belly-crawling, beta ways.

Will we ever have guts in Washington again?

Will we ever have real leadership again.

I certainly hope that another Reagan will rise from the ranks of the Republican party.

Personally, I think even a close approximation could do better than these clowns.