“Green” makes me so blue…

Let’s see.  What is associated with the color green?

Envy (none of that in a class-less society); the Grinch (in a society that is not accustomed to being without class (in every sense of the phrase), everybody is a Grinch or soon destined to be); puke (something I usually feel inclined to do when I smell something that stinks, like nasty green grinches, Chicago politicians and (go figure)  B.O.’s airplane); and, apparently, B.O.’s new administration.

Wow.  We should all feel so very, very privileged now.

We have someone looking out for our best interests.

Did you hear OPEC is going up on the price of oil?  Anybody hear anything about drilling for our own oil lately?  Guess that’s died right along with the Botox virus in Nancy Pelosi’s sour “puss” *.

Well, well, well.  Feeling “green” with envy yet, knowing that those OPEC bastards will continue to get richer and richer while we try to find a way to run an automotive industry on bovine flattulence.

The whole idea of abandoning our guts makes me want to purge the green out of mine.

With an administration lost in the era of John Lennon and freak-show hippie fests, how are we ever going to maintain our position as a Nation the world looks to?

Is this the kind of planning that comes from our world of academia?  From my perspective, I think Kindergartners could run things better.

It’s time to back away from this concept of “greening” our world, and begin thinking again about how we can make the greenback dollar once again the most powerful currency on the face of the planet.

Let’s get away from this malarky about green, and get back to talking about pulling good old American BLACK crude up from the depths.

Oh wait, I forgot one of the most obvious – pond scum is green, isn’t it?

Well, before you know it, this good earth of ours is going to be covered in a nasty green-slime cocktail engineered by what I feel certain will prove to be one of the most corrupt and inept administrations in the history of governance.

They want to force feed “green-ness” down our throats.

Do they actually think we will simply stand by blithely and take this?

We need to form a protest, march on Washington and pour our used motor oil all over the Capitol and the White House.  You think that would send a clear message? We’ll print placards that read “Dig this, Hippie”, or “Here’s looking at you ‘slick’ “, or “Pure, crude, Chicago sludge”.

These guys had better get a clue.

Half of this nation is not willing to simply watch them flush us down the tubes.  Of course with Al Gore’s “green” commode, the inept, classless  bastards are not likely to be able to even carry this one off.

They couldn’t flush even a green tadpole down one of his toilets.

What they should really do is kick back with a cup of nice green tea and a lid of acid and contemplate all those pretty green images they have floating around in minds infested with green “goodness” (I call it “brain mold”) and leave governance to people who know how to run two wars and maintain a gangbuster (how appropriate) economy that rivals that of Ron Reagan.

Stop dragging the rest of us into your psychedelic scum, greenheads.


*”puss.” Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. 2008.

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