The Blathering Facade


Engineers would call it “gold plating”.

A thin Veneer.

A translucent skin that covers nothing substantial, or rather, perhaps, covers a substantial amount of dirt, decay…fraud even.

It is a facelift that covers wrinkles, but does not reduce age.  It is makeup that enhances beauty (or masks ugly). It is a girdle that holds in an obese mindset.

It is publicity, it is salesmanship, it is spin.

So here we go again – it looks like it is shaping up to be the Clinton years all-over-again (1, 2, 3, 4)

Do you remember how it seemed with his administration that there was always smoke, but somehow the fires were always kept hidden?

There were the allegations from the ladies from his past (and blue dresses in his present); there were suicides, suspicious deaths and murkey financial deals.  There were lawyers.  Lots and lots of lawyers.  Parsing of words (the meaning of the word “is”).

Always this cloud hanging over them.

And what have we now?

A possible replacement for Mrs. Senator Clinton who refuses tranparency.

A top Administration-elect official who is caught on tape saying who knows what to a Governor who we know has placed the United States government up on the auction block.

Yet another cloud exists in the background of the President-elect.  I for one am not satisfied with his past affiliations and his lack of doing anything credible to address those affiliations (Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Khalid al-Mansour and I’m certain there will be a calvacade of others on the future horizon).

So let’s move the history clock forward to the present.

We have Rahm Emanuel.  Wow.

Here’s a guy with dubious connections in his past as well (read the article).  It’s amazing.

I once heard that you should not so much judge a man by the company he keeps, but rather, by the company he avoids.

I could only conclude that when one’s company is so often now either in prison or tied to alleged or known enemies of the state, or “up on charges” that the very last people you’d wish to “hang” with are law-abiding citizens, friends of the state and those esteemed individuals in whose charge lies the task of upholding the laws and chasing the lawless.

I suppose that like a veneer it is all in perspective.

God knows that lead covered in gold foil would probably stack up well against a solid-gold ingot.  Of course, when you scratch the surface (as any should do before buying) you find what lies underneath.

I find it so unfortunate that the surface was being scratched before the election, but no one wanted to acknowledge that there may be some “taint” lying there, underneath the facade.

Taint, like a hanging chad, or a rigged election in Florida (by none other than Chicago officials), or a currently-contested race in Minnesota. (see examples of a contested ballots here).

At what point does this Nation truly leave its “innocence” behind?

The hippies of the 60’s intimated that America had been living with blinders on, and that we needed to awaken to the dark “truths” that existed in the world.

That our leaders were corrupt; that the war was a “Bright, Shining Lie”; that no one over 30 could be trusted.

Well guess what?  It looks as if no one on the left can be trusted.

These guys are a lot “trickier” than “Dickey” ever hoped to be.

My priests and moral confidants tell me that there should be no modern-day prophets, so rather than prophesy, I will simply proffer my opinion on what to seems to be unfolding before our eyes – it is the revelation of a party that has incessantly pointed it’s finger and accused – from Churchill to Ike to Goldwater to Nixon to Bush to Quayle to North to Reagan to Cheney to Bush…to you, and to me – accused us all of being devils and Nazis, of playing dirty pool and selling out all that is honorable and all that is holy.

I believe that we are witnessing the realization that of all the things we have been so unjustly accused; we are witnessing first-hand that in fact it was they who had always practiced the skulduggery.

Now, what does that say about what “lies” behind the thin veil ?

I believe it is of a form so ugly that no amount of spin, make-up, girdles or cosmetic surgery will ever hide any shred of truth that may somehow still exist underneath.

As the saying goes, beauty is skin-deep, but ugly is to the bone.