Speaking from the Wilderness

Of late I have noted that everybody has some “advice” for the Republican party.  Everyone wants to talk about why we “failed”.

I’ve wrestled with writing a column about this for some time, but with the recent interview CNN did with Colon Powell, I felt it is definitely time to act.

What the HELL are you doing lecturing the rest of us?

You still call yourself a Republican, and you are in a pulpit, chastising us from the enemy camp.

Sorry, but from my perspective on the precipice edge Mr. Secretary, you got no right to tell us where we went wrong.

As to your observations that today’s “minority” will be tomorrow’s majority, I have to say to you that time will have to bear that out, and I’m not so certain things will shake out as you might prophesy.

For instance, the CIA has a projection that eventually the Muslims will be in majority throughout the world.

Of course if driven out of the country (our country) they would not have a majority (here, anyway).

I can think of another scenario where they would not have a majority…if everyone seceded and formed their own, perfect, unions (although, based on the perfection of the union you serve, I’m not so certain that is a good idea).

You also lecture us from behind enemy lines about maintaining this whole “big tent” strategy.  Sorry Sir, but I counter that it is that very “Big Tent” philosophy that has led to this debacle.

We need, simply, to stand on our principles.  It is our principles that delineate us from the thuggish horde that are the Demonrats.

It is more than just patently obvious to me that everything they (your current “team”) represent is 180° from anything we represent.  We need to stay true to our brand.

For instance, I say you guys played dirty pool in winning this election.  I think you stole it from McCain the day you decided to reverse the earlier gent’s agreement and not stick to public funding in the campaign.  You hoo-dooed Senator McCain.

Just as everyone is now saying that no one should be surprised by what is happening in Chicago, I guess I should not be surprised that Obama’s campaign would resort to dirty tricks either (look at where he comes from – this is standard operating procedure for these “ganstas”).

I’m more than just a bit disappointed in you, Secretary Powell.  I had kind of held you in a somewhat lofty esteem (although, even though supporting the first President Bush, I thought it “telling” when you were working for Clinton and made the comment “Hello Boss” to the former and first President Bush; something turned my stomach when you said that – professionalism dictates you serve well the Master for whom you are working – sorry, bad metaphor for a black man, I know, but then, in the biblical sense, we all do serve Masters, now don’t we?).

It seems to point to a flaw in your loyalties.  I think you are willing to serve anyone who best serves your personal interests.

You should fit right in where you are (I think this entire admin is made up of exactly such people).

The bottom line is, I don’t think your advice is any count.

I listen to Limbaugh today and found the experience most enjoyable.  I still think his commentary is “right” on the money, and I agree with him more than disagree with him.

I think that we can still win elections by maintaining our position on the world, and more important, on America.

I think our beliefs are universal, and for us to pander to any groups under this big tent, it would be wrong.  We would be selling out in the same way that the Demonrats are willing to sell Senate seats.

Anyone can “take the waters” of conservative philosophy.  Anyone.

Doesn’t matter your color.  Doesn’t matter your faith.  I don’t really see what sex and gender have to do with it, but I don’t think it really matters about that either (we are not talking about religion here; we are talking politics).

Now, I don’t see how a communist would fit into our mindset.

I don’t see how a socialist would either (so you see, this “tent” really begins to diminish when you begin to define yourself by philosophy, rather than by the makeup of its members).

Liberal Democrats are most likely off the list as well.

This is why we need to rip the tent down completely.

If you believe as we believe (and you know how we believe), then the Grand Old Party is for you.

If you do not, the liberal party of socialist demonrats and their radical band of molotov cocktail-throwing hippie revolutionaries is calling your damned name.  Get the hell out of our “tent” and go join your hippie-horde.

Obviously, Secretary Powell, you find yourself more ideologically aligned with the thugs you have joined.

Stop lecturing us.  You have abandoned these principles in favor of those you now represent.

Get comfortable in your new skin.  You are no conservative (I’m not sure you ever have been).

As to your threats that current minorities are going to soon be majorities…I ask you “how” ?

You mention blacks, asians, gays, and spaniard-haling Americans – so what will you do in this majority, band them all together against we whites?  Doesn’t this sound like the 1950’s to you (whitey, take the back seat).

I’m not so certain they will hold together, especially when they see what you and Obamageddon philosophies are about to do to the country right now, today.

So here’s my lecture to you, Republican Party – stick to your guns…stick to your values, and ignore the turn coats.

They obviously like to call themselves conservative, but practice something than can be no more further removed.