A Demonratic Roster of Radical Revolutionaries

Ain’t alliteration just the alligator’s attache?

Whew! Don’t want to get bit by that one again.

Where to begin…guess I’ll just tic this off like a football roster…here goes-

The Militant – (read the FBI files on the Weathermen located here)

The Citizen –  (insightful, revealing) and also thief (a gun-grabber at heart)

The Mentor and the Front man (alarming, alarming, alarming)

The Songbird (Tokyo Rose Schwartzen-Goebels)

The Director (Kiss of death, Uncle Perv)

Warbucks El Mullah of Moullah

The Doublecrossers (fem, dem, fem (sex on the brain – well, they are dems), fem, radfem, fem, fem, fem) Convenient Principals – uphold them only when it is convenient to your true cause


The Screamin’ Meanie (e e e eeeeks reeeks)

Do you see the common threads here?  These are all viscious, mean, harsh, cruel, angry, militant radicals.

Based solely on their methods, attitudes and approach, they look more and more like terrorists, just missing the turbins, WMD’s and AK-47’s (or are they?).

It is an extreme position, and perhaps it is all surface, but think about those “anarchists” at the RNC. Or the strong-arm tactics of the following writer (words that incite riot?)…diving a little deeper in the water reveals only more menace.

I believe that there can be no question that the left has become completely radicalized and now has lost all semblance of rational thought.

What’s next? (1, 2, 3) – perhaps as attack dog? Gotta pay for that campaign against Obama somehow, eh Hill?

Arf, Arf!

Well, I remember when we used to raise dogs that would sometimes get out of control – a nice, firm “snap” on their collar would sometimes rein them in – of course, there is always the case for those mad dogs that just will not be reined in…God help those poor, mad beasts.