The case for big oil

Just an after-thought.

Next time you hear somebody running down big oil and all the huge profits and all…let me translate this for you…

They are the same people who are looking for $1000.00 handouts from the oil companies.

The same people who run down everything capitalist.

From my perspective, they appear jealous, greedy and covetess.

What is it in the nature of man that he must constantly be involved in what everyone else is doing?

I say to all those who are against everything, and everybody…”why don’t you find a job?  Get an avocation at least.  Mind your business, and you won’t be minding everyone else’s so much”.

No drill, no spill, indeed.

You are spilling our tax money like it is water.

You are spilling our confidence by talking like you know something about running a large corporation, or worse, a large country like the U.S.A.

Get over yourselves.  Realize that this world is bigger than your petty causes, and your petty, slothful and selfish “concerns”.

This nation is ill, and it is wounded.  The terrorists are simply waiting for a giant to develop a cold that will turn into something much more dire.  It was the purpose behind the attack on NY – they thought it would cripple our financial infrastructure.

They miscalculated our resolve, and our ability to always find a way.

Congress, you must take action now, before it is too late.

You go on and on about Global Warming, and all around us we see clear skies and clean air.

You fret constantly and consistently and cry for social justice, all they while tearing down the very things America has built that has made us strong in the past.

Your chicken-little ways just do not cut it.  Had we pressed forward with development of Nuclear energy in the 1970’s, we would be in far, far better shape today.  But again, it was your chicken-little ways that prevented movement. Thank you Jimmy Carter, you nuclear genius.  Now, how ’bout keeping your electron-sized brain on hold for a bit?

Had you not let our refineries go to seed, they would still be producing oil today.  Had you not put shackels on our oil industry, our infrastructure would be strong.

YOU are directly responsible for this mess (not the terrorist, not the oil company, not President Bush – YOU, Nancy Pelosi.  YOU, John Kerry.  YOU…Teddy Kennedy, YOU…James Earl Carter).

Obama is right about one thing…it is time for change.  It is time for common sense. It is HIGH time to get serious about our future and where this country is going to be 10 years from now, and 100 years from now.

It is time to give the boot to people more interested in agendas and being heros and hero worshippers than they are in policies that actually help our Nation.

Your laid-back, hippie ways just do not cut with people who understand what we are up against.  You can’t take another hit off your communal bongs and expect the mean, old tigers to just turn into cartoon characters.

They won’t become Tigger, and they will resort to their nature.  They will do what comes naturally to visious beasts.

This war has to be fought on every front; economic is just one battlefield, but an extremely important one.

While you spin, out of control, your negative publicity about how terrible things are, and how evil is George Bush, Oil Companies, Capitalism and basically America in general, the country founders.

Get your head’s out of your backsides and lead – or get the hell out of the way while those who are capable do so.