What leadership looks like…

Congress, in all its glory, will debate what to do about a burning building all the while lulling itself into a sense of accomplishment from all the wind they generate from their blatherings, never realizing that the air from their vocal chords are only fanning the flames.

Real leadership comes from making the tough decisions.  Real leadership means that you stand your ground, and stand up for what you believe in.

Nero was just as enamoured by the subtle tones of his fiddle as are the “leaders” in Congress by the tones of their speech.  Unfortunately, Madam Speaker, you’ve done little to accomplish anything other than soothe your own soul.

Real leadership comes from decisive action.

While it may not be popular, it is most likely necessary.

I am in sincere hopes that there will be some union boys who will step up the plate and acknowledge what has taken place today.  This is a serious effort to help not only them and the mess that their industry is in, but also a decision that will affect the Nation-at-large.

At the very least I hope they will ask themselves this simple question – those guys and gals you keep electing who are “for the working man” – what have THEY done for you lately?