Threats and more threats

Been an active couple of days.

Riots at the RNC – where anarchists (read “liberals”) had to be gassed to restore order.

They were there protesting the war (so they say).

You know, on top of this, we have some columnist telling us that if Obama does not get elected, then we will have a race war on our hands.  Her name was interestingly very much sounding like it is of middle-east origin.

But then, that really doesn’t mean anything anymore.  She might just be from El Segundo.

Fact is, it just doesn’t matter.

What we have on our hands here is violence, threats and intimidation.

Sound familiar?

I can remember some Osama bin Laden guy doing very much the same thing.  He too acted on his riotous words with an act of violence.

But wait.

What about that Bill Ayers guy?  Was he not also linked to Obama?  Yeah, the guy who bombed the Pentagon.

Seems these liberals are all just acting out like a bunch of spoiled brats.

You remember that episode of Andy Griffith…the one where the kid talks Opie into throwing temper tantrums in order to get his way with Andy.

Andy kind of ignored Opie.  Then Opie held his breath and turned blue…and again, Andy let him.

The big difference is, these are not kids, and their tantrums are resulting in people getting hurt – even killed (3,000 of them in the Twin Towers).

I don’t know about you, but I’m just not too comfortable with threats and violence.

Way too close to terrorism for me.

Of course, if you’ll think back to the end of the Mayberry episode, I seem to remember that Opie’s “buddy” got a nice trip to an old fashioned wood shed.

Now how are we going to take a bunch of violent protesters, radical anarchists and assorted other liberals to the wood shed?

What would be an “adult-appropriate” wood shed?

Well how ’bout hitting them where it really, really hurts.

The environment seems to be one of the most precious things in the world to them…almost a form of worship, really.


Maybe we could ball them all up into a big bundle and set them adrift on a giant glacier with a bunch of warm, fuzzy polar bears.


Or here’s one…let’s lash a bunch of the protesters to an oil rig and let a gusher rain down on them like a black monsoon. Grease them up real good…then give them some Dawn dishwashing soap and place bets on which one will be the first to come clean.

Wait a minute, they are probably Demonrats – everybody knows, they will never come clean!

One of those bets you just can’t win.

Yeah, it is kinda crude, but you know what…somehow, some day and some way, they are simply gonna have to find that wood shed.

I for one am sick and tired of their boisterous, loud and ridiculous tantrums.

How ’bout you, heartland?  Any of you tired of this bull, out there in “fly-over” country?  You did hear that Pelosi wants to “drill into your heads” didn’t you?  Yeah.  Yeah.  Well…yeah.


Too bad we have not figured out how to build refineries for Demonrats.

That’s a bunch that could really, really use some refinement.