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At What Point Treachery?

As an American, who has always loved his country (so much so, that like a Father or Mother with their children, sometimes being critical of it…we expect so much from our children, and to me, my country is something that as citizens, we are all sort of parental to) – I’ve always tried to see my country through the spectacles of our forefathers (specifically Ben Franklin).

I’ve always tried to say, “what would they think”, “what would they do?”.

Now I know that is not popular today, ’cause as everybody knows, they were a bunch of gender-biased bigots.

Old dead white guys.

Well, this white guy is very much alive, and still loves the country they forged (and we have helped sustain).

I have to ask what they would think, as post-renaissance, renaissance men, of a new Nation that would sell out its own allies.

There can be no question in my mind that they would view what is taking place at this very moment (Egypt, Russia)  as the most vile form of treachery.

Mother Country?

Mother Country? Who is Obama working for?

Obama appears as that horrific “l’enfant terrible” that the French so aptly defined.

Like little Lord Faunterloy, he seems to me to be practicing a sort of “slash and burn” mentality…he senses that he is on his way out, so is inflicting as much damage as possible before his exit.

I pray to God in heaven that our allies will forgive us, and will realize that a new power base and leadership and mindset is on the rise in our country.

I would not blame them if they never trust us again…putting myself in their shoes (England, Egypt) – I know that I would never trust us again…but I come from the mountains and we learn to respect rattle snakes, cotton mouths and other vipers…once bitten, twice shy is our phrase.

But I would caution the world that things can “turn on a dime” in America.

We can pay off our debt to China, and we will.

We can rise to prominence again, and we will.

We also can make pledges, and we can live by those pledges (and we will).

A good one to start with is “never again”.

Never again will we allow a cretin to rise to power and inflict the kind of damage that this childish, impudent, boor of a man has inflicted not only on his own Nation, but on the world-at-large.

Harken back to the time that Obama was running for President…conjure up from the depths of your mind the angry speech that was hurled at a congregation by his minister (the right (ahem) Reverend Wright).

I believe I remember his exact words were “God DAMNED America”.

Well, I can assure you that it is NOT the God of Israel, or that same God of Christ who is having this damning effect on our Nation.

In fact, it is not a god at all.

It is a bunch of hate-filled men and women.

Hate filled, and dedicated to the prospect of tearing our Nation assunder.

This is not mere treachery; it is treason.

The collusion that Obama is taking with not only this “brotherhood” that is supposedly rising to power in Egypt (could not tell by all the fighting and killing that they are taking “by the will of the people”, now can you?)…but also with the Soviets…it is beyond apalling.

It is time for his own party to do something about him, and while they are at it, re-examine the Reids and Pelosis of the party as well (I know for damned sure that this Republican is taking a much, much more critical look at McCain).

This is beyond insanity, and beyond treason, and it is time democracy does something to right this listing ship.

The new Republican leadership needs to take a forecful, and vocal stand on the unfolding world events.

They need to be even more critical of Obama, and someone needs to reign the SOB in…quickly.

If his party can not do it, the courts (or someone) need to.

He is a rogue, and he causing damage beyond belief.

He simply needs to be stopped before it is too late (if if is not already too late).

One-Sixteenth, of an inch

I am a proud, Freemason.

I am the Master of my Lodge, for this year, Year of Our Lord, 2010.

Each and every time I attend our stated meetings, since my induction into our humble Lodge (Prudentia, No. 719 – fifteen LONG years ago), I have pledged allegiance to our Nation (One, Under God).

And each time I recite my pledge, I take special note (and privilege) of one, one very special, sixteenth-of-an-inch.

Freemasonry (and its perfection, it is said) can only be attained through degrees.

I have always taken special note, and pride, of a singular, sixteenth-of-an-inch.

The flag to which we pledge, the stars and stripes of our humble Nation, hangs opposite the Christian flag in our Lodge. It hangs singular against a pole, and is “furled” straight to ward the ground below.

Its seven, red- and six, white- stripes, and fifty-white stars in constellation set upon a blue (not the dark of night, nor the light of day, but the dawn of day-break or the dusk, of evening-tide) background all hold special, historic and  dear significance to each of us who know its history (and more-especially, have not forgotten).

It is mounted to a pole, and hangs -regally straight- a full, one sixteenth of an inch from Mother Earth at the tip of her terminal corner.

Each and ever time I recite my pledge to my Nation (at least once per month), I take special note of that one, singular, sixteenth-of-an-inch.

I have been a Freemason for going on, some odd, fifteen years (or there-about).

I have pledged to that flag, once-per-month at each and every of our stated meetings (save for a couple of Presidential elections that have taken precedence for me over our stated, Tuesday-night meetings).

I have been regular in my attendance, and regular in my pledge to my Nation.

I have also taken regular note of that sixteenth-of-an-inch.

I would stop the world of Freemasonry were that flag ever to contact Mother Earth.

She hangs there, for some fifteen years that I have observed, and none (not one) of her fibers have ever loosened so as to allow her grace to commingle with the earthen filth.

Each time I take upon myself my pledge, I take note of that scant distance between her grace, and the filth of the ground.

I am reminded of that which separates both heaven, and earth.

It is a small chasm that separates her; but it is an eternal distance for the vigilant who in heart know of that which awaits the steadfast !

Our Nation, today, stands in that crux…that scant distance that separates grace, from ruin.

I believe, with all my heart, that with this same concept of equal regularity, that this distance does not have to “change”.

You know, change can have negative connotation (especially in context of our flag’s proximity to the ground, and the profundity this entails for a metaphor for the whole).

I believe that this is borne out in current event.

It is up to us, as stalwarts of our precepts, our guiding principles, and our mortal (and immortal) integrity, to stand guard against her grace being dragged through this pit of mire, and of mud.

It is my prayer that November will make all the difference in world, for all the World.

Grace, is a funny thing.

You will find it in the most, odd, of places.

China has shown us grace today.

They have shown us that they still have confidence in us, in spite of a lack of confidence that we have in ourselves (and most-especially, our current “leadership”).

The Union of Soviet Socialists have offered a gift of olive leaf in the form of a spy “exchange” (still not certain that the offer is full of salty savor, but it is a nice gesture, none-the-less, even when Bill Clinton’s arse hangs in that delicate balance).

From these two “world powers”, I believe there is immense significance for today’s events.

Perhaps only one-sixteenth-of-an-inch in worth, but oh what that meager distance can mean.

The world wishes to survive this massive and horrendous financial failure that has taken place due to what I believe is a lack of diligence in keeping a steadfast eye on that meager sixteenth.

It is only that sixteenth that separates us from the dyed-in-the-wool socialist.

It is “high” time for us to work together with this world to unite against a common enemy – that of world-wide financial depression.

The knee-jerk reaction to the onslaught of financial depression is far-too-often today that of continued strife and horrendously burdensome taxation, and of bloodshed, and of War (turn an eye to Europe for reference).

We can avert that fate!

It is time to come to terms with this world-wide depression, and face it with the economic  precepts that have brought down a wall, and turned China into a financial power-house.

It is time to embrace the concept of capital., yet again.

We must abandon the radical hippie and His mind-set.

We must deal with the world through sound financial concepts (capitalist concepts) that have not only made our Nation great (in the not-so-recent past (Reagan, Bush and Bush), and in a 200-year track record preceding them), but has also born first fruit to the formerly, socialist world (that of China, and in part, the Soviets).

We must demonstrate to the world our confidence not only in our own tried-and-true capitalist philosophy, but also to those that have been borne out in both Russia and in China are maintained.

We must embrace that sixteenth-of-an-inch. We must be vigilant in maintaining it with exacting regularity, and we must demonstrate that we are “in” for the long haul.

We must also make one helluva severe “change” come this November.

The Preicipii calls upon this Nation to commit to a change that will bring us “back to the future”; we must abandon our recent divergence from our tried, and true principles, and re-embrace those to which China now expects us to maintain proper deference, both for their livelihood, and for that of the World-at-large.

It is incumbent, imperative really, that we maintain our vigilance in keeping those fibers of Red, White and Blue from ever reaching that chasm of muck and mire that our Mother Earth represents, along with the Utopian, Socialist lovers of the earthly realm .

Come November, we must see POSITIVE change (for a change).

May the Republican party, in a glory that is manifest in our great symbol of Freedom, in our Nation’s flag…may it once again place that flag in its position of both authority, and of sound, ethical and solid, capitalist ideology, and maintained ever-vigilant in that razor’s edge, one-sixteenth-of-an-inch.

I believe that the World must stop and ensure that this meager, singular, one-sixteenth-of-an-inch be forever and a day, maintained.

And I believe that We the People will only achieve that through the grace of our Lord, and through our incipient knack for eternally maintaining that one-sixteenth that separates us from utter chaos, annihilation, and ruin – in short, Obamanation.

Come November, vote Republican, and VOTE OFTEN !

Hyper-Inflation, Bloat and Stagnation…

…and that’s just describing their egos

What is it about a society, and I speak of the “sub-societies” within our over-all culture, that causes its members to develop such an incredibly daft sense of self (and that there is nothing beyond the tip of said-self’s proboscis?).

I mean, I do get that the media has a tendency to make certain people feel important or self-important.

Take for instance sports stars, news commentators, rock musicians or some high-falootin’ Hollywood actors.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=James+Carville&iid=5828792″ src=”2/b/b/2/Sean_P_Diddy_1be6.jpg?adImageId=10581700&imageId=5828792″ width=”380″ height=”570″ /]

I understand from wince their egos emanate, but do they not have even an inkling that the whole “facade” that is built by agents, PR specialists and the tinsel-town rumor mills and fluff machines only create an alternate reality that exists only on silver screens, radios and inside their self-important noggins?


Take a look at yourselves.

In the time of Kings and Queens, you’d be jokers.  You would be there only for their amusement.

In this day and age, it is the people who have become the King and Queens – governments “of, by and for”; you have become the fop to the disillusioned amusement of the general public.

The awful thing, from my perspective, is that it is not really the actors on the stage who are to blame for playing fiddles while Rome burns, but rather, it is we who are to blame.

In our plastic society, our expectations are that everything is “replaceable” and “renewable”; reality, unfortunately, has a tendency not to work that way.

Think of it like an e-mail for which you have hit the “go” button, and now wish like hell you could re-call it as you really did not mean everything you said, or it somehow makes you look like an idiot (not an altogether difficult task for some).

It is most unfortunate that we can not re-call the ballot switches we pulled back in November (what was it now, an “eternity” ago – back before Capitalism had died and neo-fascism had taken the rein) like an errant e-mail that we “might” be able to catch and re-call within 15 minutes of sending (depending on how your friendly IT guy has set the polling “send” times on the server).

Oh my!

Speaking of capitalism, it ain’t quite completely dead yet, is it?

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=Toyoda&iid=5369385″ src=”9/6/b/7/Toyota_Launch_New_dc71.jpg?adImageId=10581858&imageId=5369385″ width=”234″ height=”321″ /]

I mean, when Congress (in its infinite wisdom) (1) has “requested the presence” of the heap, big dog at Toyota, I suppose the fascists in Congress are still working on trying their damndest to prove that taking over American companies in the name of their socialist agenda is a good thing, and independent companies like Toyota are “bad, bad, bad” (does it seem like they are trying to somehow make an apology here too – for re-buidling Japan or something maybe – in our “Western” arrogance?).

Anyhow, if they have to call Toyoda before their witch-hunt tribunal to try and prop up Government Motors, then you know, capitalism’s heart is still beating in the world.

Couple that with the fact that Japan is buying up all our debt from China, and you know for certain who they are placing their money on (GO CONSERVATIVES!!!).

I’ve written endless columns about the pomp, circumstance and arrogance of both this Presidential cabinet, as well as the numb-skulls in charge of this Congress…at what point will any of it get through to them?

The answer – NEVER.

They will never see past their egos, past their over-inflated, monkey-handled imagery, or the fluff created by their “mouthpieces”.

Dear Lord, when the foreign press has begun describing them as the “Chicago Mafia”, you know for certain that we live in times much, much worse than Tamany Hall.

Here is my hope – I hope we see REAL radical change, and we see it damned quick.

It’s not really about the future generations, it is about the here and the now.

On the Death of an Icon

Before ending this piece, I’d like to take one opportunity to extend deepest and most-sincere sympathy to the family of Alexander Haig (1, 2, 3).

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=Alexander+Haig&iid=2976267″ src=”1/8/c/e/Number_Ten_Meeting_45f3.jpg?adImageId=10581980&imageId=2976267″ width=”234″ height=”154″ /]

I was traveling a while back with my very “soon-to-be” betrothed’s Father, a man for whom I immediately had infinite respect, and great admiration.

It is amazing how there are some people in this world you will come across and instantly be taken aback by the very real respect these individuals carry with them in day-to-day living.

Her Father is just such a man.

He had the extreme good fortune of having worked very closely with Mr. Haig, and in our conversations he kept referring to “Alex”, and at one point I had to exclaim “are you talking about Alexander Haig?”.

He was.

This man, who I infinitely respect related to me that Mr. Haig (at the time) “is” one of the bravest men he had ever met (I met her Father at Thanksgiving last year).

This coming from a man who I know, absolutely, to be very, very brave.

Say what you will about Mr. Haig’s political background.  I remember, vividly, that phrase that got him into so very much hot water “I am in control”.

I tell you, from where I was sitting, as s young, college student, I was most happy to know that someone had stepped up to the plate and was in control.

There seemed to be much, much confusion at the time and (like now) it seemed no one was “at-the-helm”.

I was very happy to know that I had good reason to have confidence in Mr. Haig (unlike our Congress, and, I suppose, the “enumerated” chain of command layed out by our Constitution (it is unfortunate the Constitution cannot provide any reasonable expectation that any of the men in the line to the throne are actually “competent”).

But I digress (as usual).

Mr. Haig, men of your caliber are sorely missed, and we all mourn your passing.

Here’s hoping that beyond your family, there are those like me who appreciate a brave man always willing to give his all for God and Country.

May you rest in peace, and to borrow from a well-known (to some) passage “and may the God of peace delight to dwell with and bless” you and yours, eternally.


The Duality of Contention

Its Sin, and its Virtue

It is both contemptible, and it is praiseworthy.

On the one hand, contention is the hallmark of the loyal opposition.

On the other, it is the bane of the ruling class.

So what is the fine, divining line for what represents “good” contention?

One must first analyze the concepts of both good, and evil.

The rational mind can easily make such determinations.

For example, when a duck is roasting above an open campfire, “fire is good”; however, put yourself in the place of the duck in the form of a house fire, and “fire is bad”.

The rationalist would say that it is futile to measure, or to try and measure, good and evil.

They would say that it is all based on perspective.

I suppose they’d have somewhat the conundrum on their hands were it to be their cousin, Eddie the duck, who transpires in his house due to fire…but the rationalist would probably say “ah, just go ahead and chow down on old Eddie – never was worth much anyway – oughtta do somebody some good in death, since he didn’t in life”.

I would argue that there is evil in this rationale.

What are you willing to sacrifice so that there can be an improvement in your own condition?  Moreso, what are you willing to see others sacrifice for your own hide?

Being in the minority party now, contention takes on somewhat a “new” light for me.  Now I am forced to defend all, and I am forced to do so by a party that basically falls into the category of the cold rationalist.

They will do whatever it takes to hold on and survive.

I am reminded of spoiled brats I grew up with who would do most anything to “get their way”.

Well, I’m afraid that my contention is a bit different.

I am not willing to sacrifice others for my own sake.

I am, however, most willing to put them in harm’s way for something that is beneficial to us all.

For example, I will not sacrifice one company to save another, when through tried and true principles (free market enterprise), they could both be salvaged.

I was twenty hours from receiving a minor in business, and I remember vividly the mantra of our professors, from econ to business management they railed “Profit is King”.

From the standpoint of business operating in a capitalist system, there is absolute truth in this statement.

The unfortunate thing is, we are no longer a capitalist system (some say never to be again, but I disagree – all things are possible with God, and I believe, free men).

Henry Ford once said “they can have any car they want as long as it is black and a Model T”.

General Motors introduced the concept of a paint line.

People could have a choice.

And boy, did they ever choose.

So much so, that the concept of diversification took on new life.

From the concept sprang not only paint lines, but different car lines.

What was once one, became many.

Cadillac, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, GMC (and I’m sure I’m leaving some out) – the concept grew into the titan.

I learned, also in business school (and probably before through friends and other classes) that the Japanese have a saying that “on a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji” (the island chain, I understand, is more extensive than meets the eye in Japan and I’m sure it is akin to my seeing my smoky mountains from far reaches – reminding me of home).

A book came out once entitled “On a Clear day, you can see GM”.

General Motors is one of the flagship corporations that made this nation strong.

It is in part what has stood as a rampart of sorts.  It is one tier in a lined fortress.

ALCOA, IBM, US Steel, Unisys, Microsoft…the list can go on, and on ad infinitum.  Each one represents a rampart in our fortress.

And now we have the voice of “change”.

“Mr. Obama, tear down those walls!”.


It is one thing to tear down a wall that is oppressive and designed to keep people in.

But let’s consider, these are multi-national corporations.   They employ people all over the world.

They are not designed to either keep people in, or keep people out.

Theirs, is but one mission.


They are not prejudiced.

I once worked for a heavy metals company.  I remember fondly how they would say, “we know how to do one thing, and we know how to do it well.  We make that metal.  That metal is our pay.  We do it right because we know there is a reward in the end in the form of our paychecks that we get from making the stuff. It is what we do”.

Now we have Obama and his merry band telling us that they have it all wrong.  That somehow, this needs to be changed.

It is not “fair” that they should make a profit through their hard work when others do not.



You want fair?

Fair is seeing the feather-bedding sons-a-bitches getting off their assess and help the rest of the world turn a profit.  That is fair.

Fair is having a system where everyone is expected to pull their weight.

Fair is a world free from muzzles of the kind Congress and BO’s stinking plans want to place on blogs and talk radio through the “fairness” doctrine.


There is no fairness in their regulation (UNLESS your lazy ass is laying in a feather bed).

He is single-handed tearing down what this nation has built from dust.

He is taking a thriving, positive system and turning it into one that “plays favorites”.

He is essentially reducing it to the lowest common denominator, the sluggish, apathetic sorry piece of shit laying in a feather bed while others accept risk and build civilization.

I am no rationalist when it comes to good and evil.

I believe that any can see the difference between the two.

There can be no good in dismantling through regulation.

The bible states that evil will twist the truth and use it to its own devices.

I believe we are witnessing this first-hand.

There is no good in the policies that are being forced down the throat of this nation today.

What we have is an evil Pygmalion one with an intent not to improve the lot of some lowly individual (what was lowly about American capitalism – once the envy of the world?).

What we have is someone with their own concept of what is righteous and good, and yet from what I see, there is no good in any of his policies.

To destroy what was once something others held in high esteem – where is the good in that?

I remember when Russians (before the wall came down) – when common Russians desired to wear Levi jeans.

We took them for granted.  They were “knocking around” clothes.

They were prized behind the iron curtain.

What is evil in that?

Rampant greed?

Sure, if the object is greed.  But what if it is simply to have a quality pair of durable britches that happen also to be (in some individual estimation)…stylish?  Is that evil?

I always detested that teacher from school who would say “if you bring bubble gum into the class, you have to bring one for everybody”.

Like hell.

It was my ass that was out on the weekends picking up bottles to turn them in for coins with which to buy the bubble gum.

Let the other bastards get out in the hot sun and pick up bottles so that they too can enjoy and nice, juicy chew in school.

What is unfair is for you to expect me to work double-time for the damned lazy slugs who would not get up off their fat assess to change their minds, much less earn a piece of bubble gum.


Your damned right.

But I believe that mine is a form of contention that stands for what is true, and what is right, and therefore, what is righteous.

No more mister nice-guy.

It is time to take off the gloves, and fight for my damned piece of bubble gum.

The Measure of Audacity

They say that one method of tackling a problem is to start with a definition (and, of course, an assumption that there IS a problem).

So, let’s proceed, with audacity –


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Syllables: au-dac-i-ty
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aw dae sih ti

Inflected Forms audacities
Definition 1. courage or boldness, esp. when somewhat overconfident, reckless, or arrogant; daring.
Synonyms daring , courage , bravery (1) , fearlessness {fearless} , boldness {bold (4)}
Crossref. Syn. presumption
Similar Words mettle , recklessness {reckless} , hardihood , balls , spunk , grit , valor , ballsiness {ballsy} , overconfidence {overconfident} , resoluteness {resolute}
Definition 2. bold or shameless impudence; brashness; insolence; effrontery.
Synonyms impudence (1) , gall1 (4) , brashness {brash (1,2)} , presumption (4) , impertinence (1) , insolence (1,2) , effrontery (1,2)
Crossref. Syn. nerve
Similar Words arrogance , hardihood , sauciness {saucy} , assertiveness {assertive} , cheek , brassiness {brassy1} , brass , brazenness {brazen (adj)} , forwardness , lip
Definition 3. a statement, action, or the like, that exhibits such courage or impudence.
Synonyms derring-do , impertinence (3)
Crossref. Syn. effrontery
Similar Words arrogance , hotheadedness {hotheaded} , rudeness {rude} , lip
Related Words courage , temerity

©2002 Wordsmyth


I woke this morning with the thought concerning the measure of audacity.

Most everything can be measured, right?

If I am apprehensive, for example, there may be degrees of apprehension.  For example, the trepidation I feel about going to a haunted house on halloween is probably a whole lot less than that of going into surgery to have my spleen removed.

I know I may be frightened in the haunted house, but rationally I know that it is all in fun.

Not so with the surgery.

So, there are degrees of apprehension.

I suppose it would follow that there can be degrees of audacity.

Notice the synonym list in the definition from Wordsmyth (above) ?


Now that has some connotation in the present “focus” on the word.

I believe there is a great deal of presumption going on in B.O.’s “Audacity of Hope”.  I think there is a presumption of hope going on here, and the presumptuousness is creating some rather hopeless-looking situations.

There is a presumption that the hope placed in socialist ideology is going to make what was once a great nation into an even bigger and better nation.  The numbers do not seem to bear that out.

I was educated at the knee of management by results (proof, being in the “taste and texture” of the pudding).

Let’s look at some numbers.  Maybe we can glean some form of measurement from some data (don’t all statisticians and scientists love data?).

These number are taken post-audacity of hope:

  • Unemployment – 8%
  • Stock Market (closing bell, Friday March, 6, 2009)


NASDAQ over time

NASDAQ over time

  • Consumer Confidence:



Here’s one we haven’t heard much about of late –

  • Housing Starts (duh) –


Did you by any chance take a gander at those “similar” words in the definition above?  Let’s look at a few, shall we?

mettle , recklessness {reckless} , hardihood , balls , spunk , grit , valor , ballsiness {ballsy} , overconfidence {overconfident} , resoluteness {resolute}

Now, what can we deduce when we look at the pudding, tasting the pudding, and then measuring those results against what we set out to achieve prior to the application of audacious cooking prowess in what we had at that earlier date then expected of the pudding?

Audacity begins to look reckless when the pudding tastes like sawmill grit.

It begins to look like overconfidence.  It begins to take on the qualities of those not-so-nice meanings.

Shakespeare asked the question “What’s in a word.”†

It is his contention that it is the characteristics of the item named that lends its name true meaning.  Like the smell of the rose (or the taste of the pudding).

Now it seems patently obvious to me that there must be a sliding scale here.

Teddy Roosevelt’s audacity simply worked for him.  Charging San Juan hill, taking on powerful bankers and power brokers of his day.

He brings about the meanings “grit”, “spunk”, “valor” and “resoluteness” that have a more positive nature.

He charged, and he won, and for it, he is celebrated.

The rose smelled sweet, and the pudding was delectable.  It smelled and tasted like success.

It was a “hit”.

It is most unfortunate that today’s audaciousness does not carry the same effect.

I like the quote from the Bible “Salt, where is thy savor”.

When it loses its saltiness, it is no longer of use as a flavoring.  It becomes only grit (and apparently one that can never regain its flavor – I have the real audacity to hope such is not the case for America).

This is where I think the road diverges.  Teddy had both the savor, and the grit.

The modern meaning is one of grit without any flavor – and it is simply rubbing everybody, raw and leaving a terrible, terrible after-taste.

To be precise:

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

Luke 13:34 King James Bible
“Salt is good: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be seasoned?”

On Solidarity and Salesmanship

Watching John McCain debate on the Senate floor this morning (countering the Demonrat “spend-feast” with a proposal right at half of their boondoggle) reminds one of a time long ago and a man who brought a nation together to stand firm.

This analogy is not meant to compare Senator McCain to anyone specifically, but rather the whole of the GOP to Poland.

When a moderate like McCain stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the rest of the GOP we are seeing the birthing pangs of something akin to Solidarność, that uprising against communism in the Lenin Shipyards of Poland.

It is imperative that this line not be broken, that this chain of men devoted to the precept that all citizens are truly equalized in a free-market society, that together they must stand solid, with no link weakened, frayed or broken.

It is a true test of the mettle of men as to what they do when force is applied in such fashion.  Like the chain, the must never buckle under the stress.

What the left is now doing is akin to the salesman on the car lot who says to you that you “must buy now – this deal may not be on the table tomorrow, and think of the consequences”.

As a lesson in sales (and anyone who has worked in it knows this), a smart consumer never buckles under such pressure.

When the President tells Congress that they must adopt his bill today or face dire consequences tomorrow, the taint of salesmanship just begs for notice.

Everyone is complaining about the ridiculous wastefulness that is in the Democrat’s package.

Who can forget when Gingrich and the rest of those boys “shut Washington down”; perhaps it is time to take note of such brave acts.

The Precipice today calls on all of our GOP sisters and brothers in Congress to stand firm in the Senate.

Do not waffle.

Do not “cave”.

Together, with resolve, we will bring this Nation back from the recesses of the abyss, back to her eagle’s perch, cliff-side, talon’s dug in to the precipice, and an eye fixed on the rats lurking below; rats responsible for this financial crisis we are now in.


On Piety

Because religion and politics seem forever joined, perhaps it is a good excercise to consider the political arena from inside the world of religion.

Everyone seems to have an opinion in both, and when governing becomes wholly legalistic, some begin making comparisons to religion.  For example, in business one might see an outfit begin to call a manual for assembling a machine “the bible”.  The “world” which this religion oversees is completely within the confines of the piece of equipment and the factory that takes it from materials and parts to a working final product, the experts who make it happen, and the scribes who describe, define and revise its page through “epiphany”.

Now this is where the distinction should diverge from religion (for there should be no revision in the bible of a true religion – the word of God should be steadfast).  Unfortunately the secular world, so hell-bent on change, must apply the rules of politics that it sees in daily life.  There must be this self-reflection and the subsequent changes to fit an improved model in keeping with a world that must constantly improve.

Of course, even “improvement” becomes definitional.

Then there are these contrarians who point out this system’s flaws.  They become the nay-sayers and truly act as impediment to any advances in the system.

At essence, they become the anti-religion, and a religion unto themselves.

Think of friends who do not attend church.  They are on the outside, looking in.

“Oh, they are so pious, so “holier-than-thou” – who wants to be a part of that”, they might querry.

From the perspective of the anti-religious, their only meaning in life is mere existence. It becomes fashionable to criticize those who desire to worship.  “They think they are better than me.  They’re not better than me.  Look at all that I’ve accomplished”.

It is the equivalent of one inside a factory who really does nothing more than point out short-comings and how nothing is working like it could and how someone else has a much better mouse-trap and it is only a matter of time before they build it and through competition run us completely out of business.

The anti-religious base their own concepts of “good” living solely on the perception of a world they create around them.  If they withdraw into their homes and start a cottage industry making shoes, shoes and the sustenance provided by their production become the “cargo cult” of the group.  Their religion becomes their work (the sale of shoes becoming the “great provider”).

I like to think of these contrarians as the one guy on a life raft who has all the ideas on how to be rescued, but never does anything but talk.  He’s usually also the one who tries to steal the last morsel of food, or horde a candy bar in his pocket rather than try and contribute to the survival of the group.

It is easy to sit on the outside and critique, but it is the depth of chicanery to be the one who does nothing but point out flaws.

In essence, the contrarian becomes the definition of what he critiques.  “They are so pious, so holier-than-thou”.  Well, what are you?

It doesn’t help matters any, though, when you have peacocks running around on the plant floor.  “There is no system better than ours.  We produce the perfect widget.  Why no one would dare compete with our widget”.

Think of the loyal church-goer who becomes so

Now, consider this.

In spite of all of the above, somehow, every day, widgets get manufactured, the faithful stay on board the life-raft, and, of course, the nay-sayers “nay” (please, please do not miss this reference to a donkey).

How does that happen?

There are those on the life raft who decide to stop talking, stop agonizing, stop trying to define, and simply “do”.

What do they do?

They find ever scrap of fabric on board and they fashion a sail using knots, safety pins, fishbones and whatever other resources they may drum up to produce something other than a useless wind that emanates from the vocal chords of a mule-headed dullard.

They fashion a mast from an oar, and while yesterday they were hapless, hopeless victims – they are today sailors.  They now do something other than just talk to deal with their plight.

This survival mechanism that leads to industry, it is based on the concept that “I was created, therefore, I will create”.  I will do something.  I will become something that before I was not.

This is the essence of religion, and there can be no better reason for worship.  To  transcend the surly bondage of earthly existence and draw upon that spirit within, that “self” not envisioned by an earthly reflection pondered by ethereal eye, but rather one encountered by an understanding of a spirit greater than self – this becomes change as ordinary as changing one’s mind, or one’s clothing.

You will operate clad in a new armor, not extracted of self, but forged in a furnace beyond your realm, beyond you.

You become this religion, and this religion is becoming unto you.

Alternately, one can just choose to exist in that preening world of puffed and feathered breastplate, while away the days and spread a colorful peacock fan and point out to all incessantly what a better job someone else could do.

With any luck for the rest of society, while completely absorbed in that narcissistic self-orgy of yours,  you will somehow find yourself floating in a sea of angst just moments before the life raft makes landfall.

Believe it or not, there are probably multitudes within the “religion” would love to give you that “little push” you so richly deserve.

As the saying goes (and this, in this moment in political history is an absolute) “it is sink, or swim”.

Here’s hoping that all that preening lent you some buoyancy.  I have a feeling you are quite soon-to-be in desperate, desparate need !

The Importance of Being B.O.

You ever get one of those shuddering feelings that run up your spine when someone you do not know very well places their hands on you?

We Americans like our personal space.  It is indicative of our personal values. We like the fact that we are free and unencumbered, and we do not like people with whom we do not know on a personal and perhaps more so, on an intimate basis, to “lay hands” upon us.

It goes right along with practicing good hygiene and with being respectful toward others.

There are those politicians who like the laying on of hands.  They want to reach out and touch us.  Thing is, some of us would prefer to choose who it is that touches us, and further who it is we decide to touch.

When someone, especially someone from a position of leadership, decides to, say, put their hands on your shoulders, it is a sign that they somehow feel superior to you.

It is degrading.  Like body odor in a confined space, say on an airplane or an elevator, it just “creeps you out”.

I’ve seen a couple of articles this morning that discuss pornography.  Now there is a real violation of personal space if I’ve ever seen one.  Esepcially since the study defines the primary user of the stuff as being between the ages of 11 and 18.

I guess those guys who practice this violation of personal space want to get the young people indoctrinated to those violations at an early age.

Anytime you are compelled to run and take a shower, I would say that the cause of such feelings represents a true violation of personal space (in this case, it is an affront to the eyes and to the soul – how more personal can one get?).

There are some violations that you simply can not wash off.

Already the left is flexing its muscle and demonstrating to all its insidious nature.  It is proving that its main purpose is to drill its way into our lives, and even into our souls.

Putting their hands on us, digging into our space, trying their damndest to convince us that they are our friends and deserving of sharing our personal space is somehow going to benefit us in some way.

Well, you’d better be careful about laying your hands on some of us; some of us have few aversions to responding to such trespasses on our personal sovereignty with some “touchy-feeliness” of our own.

It is time you “leaders” on the left begin showing some respect for others, particularly where personal space is concerned, but more, where our personal lives and values are concerned.

What business is it of yours to take our hard-earned tax dollars and spend it overseas to lay your filthy hands on pure and innocent, unborn children?

What right do you have to lay your hands on the minds of youth by inundating them with your vile pornography and worse, pornographic mindset?

What right have you to lead us?

I remember from the movie “Braveheart” how an English King decided to “lay hands” on the wives of those magnificent Scotsmen.

There was, of course, a reaction.

It is time in this nation that people who claim to be “in charge” begin demonstrating that they in fact have some respect for others.

As the saying goes up in the hills, “you take to petting wolves and you may draw back a stump”.

Respect is such an important thing.  If you wish to earn the respect of others, then you must first demonstrate respect especially where our personage is concerned.

It is only good, common sense to be mindful of respect in the utmost degree and especially so if you take to petting those wolves my mountain brethren speak of.  About the only thing they respect is their God-ordained ability to run wild, free and unenslaved by the “regulation” of man.

But isn’t this really what it all boils down to?  The left is most interested in controlling every aspect of our lives.  They want us on a leash, to domesticate us, to subjugate us to their thinking.  A part of me believes that they are just naive enough to believe that there can be some good that will come of putting leashes on wolves.

No good will come of that.

So a piece of advice to all those now ascending to their perceived “thrones of power” – keep your hands to youself and most especially off our children.

An Observation on the Waning Days of “W”

I found it of great interest in today’s news that the Israeli’s have described themselves of late as somehow being “released”.

You get the feeling that the policies of President Bush have been keeping them boxed in.

Our promises to protect them with our missile shields (something the left still describes as hooplah) seem to have not been enough for them.

I can understand how they must feel.

I feel the same way under the looming shadow of Obamanation.

The prospect of subjugation is daunting.

Feels like the prospect of dodging falling missiles; or diving jet-liners.

For the two individuals killed in Israeli territory (for both were not Israelis), hundreds have lost their lives. I’m not placing judgement on this; I feel the same about the twin towers.  I’m also comfortable with Old Testament wrath, but wholly uncomfortable with where it ends.

Call it the Truman doctrine.  Kill thousands to save millions.


You know, I can not live with the prospect of a bunch of towel heads bombing my movie theaters and shopping malls.

I don’t really expect the Israelis to do that either.

But you know, for a missile shield that the left describes as somehow neutered, it sure did raise the dander of the Ruskies when we were trying our damndest to protect the Ukrainians, Poles and other sattlite nations from the Kremlin.  Some kind of a useless shield, huh?

You know, that missile shield could be likened in some small way as (at the very least) leaning into our “New Testament” doctrine; with it, we may turn the other cheek, yet still “as strong men” we will “arm ourselves to protect our homes” (also words of that wandering Jew we choose to follow).

Again, another example of the audacity of the left. Even things that work, they will describe as useless, and things that really exist, like weapons of mass destruction (read the third largest army in the world, jets buried in Syria, on-and-on, ad naseum) – this they describe as some sort of fantasy that did not really exist.

I guess there were never really any twin towers in New York in the first place.

I suppose the missiles that were lobbed into Israel were just figures of their now dismembered imaginations as well.

I wonder if the left would percieve a bullet if it passed right between their very eyes?  Well, perhaps they would, but only for a instant.

Then they would be relegated to some cloud in their marmalade skies, I suppose, playing a fiddle like Nero the Negro.

It is somehow very telling to me that some Israelis would feel that they are now unleashed.

The left would have you believe that President Bush’s policies were useless.

Now, it appears, it is only the left who is truly useless.

The world waits, Madam Secretary.  It awaits for you as well, Commandant Reid.

Perhaps you are too busy policing your own party.  Must be difficult, having to turn out Senators raised by the city that brought you your saviour.

Some power base.  Some leadership. Some saviour.

From my perspective, one needs to look at what is happening all around to see the contrast between real leadership, and leadership that is contrived.

The Israelis who were quoted have it right; they have been unleashed.

From my perspective, there is nothing and no one now who will put a lid back on the cauldron that is the mid-east.

You thugs on the left are true “pieces of work”.  Try and explain this one away.

You will be as neutered and useless as the Republicans who are now calling Bush a socialist for delving into funds he’d already appropriated to bail out the economy to now bail out the automotive industry.

I’m truly anxious to see how you magnificent excuses for bastards are goint to deal with a world in utter turmoil.

For me, I’m holding onto my money and my cards until another George Bush comes along.

Thank you Mr. Funk*o*sly-elect, yo sly…

Well, well well.

It is most difficult for me to put myself in the shoes of someone else.  Writing is a real chore, and to do it well, you really have to contemplate the character of others.

To write a story about a killer, you have to “become” a killer (not literally, but more, drawing upon the act, for instance, of hunting (whereby we kill critters), or farming where we have to at times “do the dirty deed” of taking down livestock)…now, I suppose, you Peta-ites would consider this equitable to murder (and, hell, you may be right).  Fact is, the act is violent, and a very close second to that (I would imagine) of killing a human.

But the bottom line, you have to draw upon what you can in your experience in order to do a creditable job of, in effect, “becoming” that character.

I can not, literally “become” a Hebrew.  I’ve studied one nearly all my life (the carpenter), and I think I’ve come to know Him pretty darned well; but I still do not know what it is like to be a Jew.  Can I write about one?  I think so.

Let’s consider this; the one thing most anathema to me is any sick SOB who would hurt or destroy the innocents.  How can you harm creatures who are not as strong as you and feel good about yourself?

I am reminded of this given the current events (finding that poor, little girl in the woods yesterday – the big news story – very sordid situation, and just horrid).

Now that is something that I’ll never have any personal resources upon which to draw.  BUT, I can still “put myself” in the person’s head.  What would motivate someone to hurt a child?  Perhaps, as a child, they were hurt themselves.  Perhaps they are “dissociative”, whereby they truly HAVE never been loved and have only known violence in their own lives (perhaps constantly and consistently threatened with bodily harm and even death. They disconnect with the act, and consider it as trivial as shooting a bird for dinner).

Sick, sick, sick.

So, anyway, I woke up and began pondering this whole concept of the “Missile Shield”.

Our peerless leader-elect has now “reassured”Israel that “if Iran attacks them” then “we will lob a bunch of missiles at Iran” (to paraphrase).

Well, putting myself in the shoes of an Israeli, I can only say “Gee…thanks.”…

After the fact, you are going to bomb my enemy.  You have always been such a great friend.  Thanks for the sacrifice, pal.  Did you have to think long and hard to choke that one up?  Say, how is it you treat your friends back in Chicago?  Baseball bat to the back of the head like Al Capone?

Hmmmm.  You know, in management school, one of the concepts they really stressed was that of proaction.  Let’s do what we have to in order to circumvent an act, or more appropriately, a catastrophic failure.

Do you really think that a Nation who preaches bevies of Virgins as reward to their martyrs…do you really think they are going to care about a nuclear missile coming down their pipe AFTER they have accomplished their goal of destroying their enemy?

In my country, you will do all you can to take the guns out of our hands.  You will beg, borrow and steal; connive and manipulate; legislate and mandate; and yet to our ‘real’ enemies, you only capitulate.

You say we “cling” to our guns and bibles, and look at you; your “fortress”, your strength is protest, and civil disobedience and “civil” unrest…pure upheaval – not unlike the Iranian approach.

You argue that to make America’s streets safer, you want to melt all the handguns and assault weapons into manhole covers, and yet you will not make a pre-emptive strike on Iran, who we know IS building a nuclear missile, and who we know from track record (PROVEN – like the WMD’s) that are willing to use it without reservation, and with bold determination (like the 500 hostages – remember them, President Carter?).

I say proven WMD’s.  Do any remember the jet fighter that was dug from the sands on the Iraq border with Syria?  Do any of you know of the destructive capability of a single jet fighter when launched against a city, say, of the population density of  a Chicago, or a New York (you listening, Nashville)?

One volley (about five seconds on the trigger) lobbed against, say the Sears Towers…how many people do you think those 50 caliber rounds would wipe out?  A hundred?  Five hundred?

What about a single hell-fire missle launch (one of ours)?  How many then? The whole building?

Is that “mass” enough for you, Mr. President-elect?

What about the third largest army in the entire world?  Do they have (would have), have, destructive capability that would earn them the monniker of “mass”?

Maybe it is like your concept of the “rich” where your economic warfare is concerned.  Or the super-rich.  (Say, where does Oprah fall in these delineations?).

One nuclear strike against Israel by the Iranians could wreak utter devastation.

And what your plan?  “Oh, rest assured, we’ll take care of business after-the-fact”.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t feel so self-assured when a child of the Chicago-7 tells me “all will be right with the world”.

Kinda leaves my soul all a quiver, like a solitary hanging chad shimmering in the breeze, hanging by less paper than represents the integrity of a Demonrat politician (and worse, a Demonrat from Chicago).

It is the call of the Precipice that we absolutely must, as a Nation, support our allies.  We will have no allies left if we turn our backs and opt for a sit-in or love-in somewhere in El Segundo.

The Israelis have already made it clear that they will “go it alone” (what a sorry state of affairs)…and our only consilation in this is that we will do honorable thing and “vindicate” their deaths.

Frankly, I think Capone showed more leadership skills; he would not wait for a hammer to fall, he’d swing a baseball bat against his enemies, were he to “perceive” them as such.