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Clear River of Truth, Muddied by the Message

What is the message of the DNC?

Think about this now.

What are they REALLY all about ?

At the moment, they are burned by loss and stuck in the whole “anger, denial, aggression” phase of recovery.

But what will “recovery” look like for them.

Trump has not yet taken office and all around things are looking up.  Businesses are talking re-starts and re-hires.

People are more positive than ever.  So, how is it, exactly, the DNC counters this?

Why would they want to?

It would seem to me they’d do better explaining how we got in this shape, and how their “new” leadership will ensure we never get in it again.

Right now, they have a serious problem with brand, brand loyalty, and even more so, with quality control.

Just look at the leaders they have fielded.

Need more?

Look at the way their base is behaving.

It’s undignified.

Makes the bumbling look mean, tired and really pathetic.

So, their message doesn’t work.

In fact, this “fake” news is more likely their response to this, to the fact their message has not struck a chord with the general populace.

In fact, it seems only to hit home with what now looks like a small smattering of individuals who still desire to support the old guard.

Well, make way for the new guard.

Liberalism needs a facelift !

In fact, in requires someone with an addiction to cosmetic surgery.

But band-aids will not fix this party.

What they need to do is go all the way back to the skeletal structure.

Break bones.

Take the Steve Austin approach – we can re-build it, make it stronger, better, faster…it would become the 6-milllion-dollar party (which would be a vast improvement over the existing 6-TRILLION-dollar party).

Yup.  Facelift…and a diet!

This might go far to getting noticed at the prom again.

But you know, undress it, and it is still the same underneath.

Mind, body and soul.  They all need re-vamping.

And who knows, the old grey mule just might make someone an attractive prospect.

Perhaps a kind soul willing to over-look much.

But it definitely can’t get a real date the way it is.

No amount of makeup will cover this one up.

No sir.

Time for real change for old gal.

And good luck with that!

Sociopathy…it’s a _ _ _ _ _



One Ringy…


To my loyal fans…

emmit_kelly_jrDo you remember a time when clowns were not scary?

I had the distinct privilege of meeting Mr. Kelly.

My college room-mate was a tremendous fan, and we went to Gatlinburgh to see him.

Very nice man.  Didn’t talk much.  Guess that’s why he was so nice.

But he sat there at a table all day signing figurines, books, photos – you name it.

He was like the Babe Ruth of clowns.

Well, I do a lot of clowning here on my site.  And I have enjoyed it.

And it is not coming “to an end”.

It’s just slowing down.

Mr. Kelly was up in years when we met him, but there he was, in his element, still going strong.

Clowns will always be with us, if nothing more, in our hearts.

Morons, trying to break down everything about this society, will continue doing their bit too.

Everywhere you turn they are tearing up the streets, burning, raping and looting.


These morons give clowns a bad name.

But I digress (should be my theme-phrase).

When I started this “rag”, I was dedicated to making it something like (nowhere near) National Lampoon.

I’ve always tried to keep in mind that while biting, it is only a commentary on what I see.

Well, enough of the long-winded goodbye.

Actually, it is not even farewell.

More like adieu* (only without the finality).

I have a tremendous amount of “stuff” going on in my life right now.  My career is somewhat precarious (sound, but not like money in the bank), personal life is nonexistent (and, I’m happier than when I quit watching football), and I have a new project in the fiction arena (for more, see this).

So, only look for updates here perhaps ever two or three weeks (as the mood “hits” me – I’m sure I will not be able to stay away as we ramp up to election day – GO TRUMP !!!).

Until next time, thank you for being here for me, and I wish (deep down) I could give every one of you a big ol’, sloppy wet puppy dog kiss (only, vicariously, through my puppy dog).


Sláinte !


*Late Middle English: from Old French, from à to + Dieu God; compare with adios. – Oxford English Dictionary

Send in the Clowns

Perfect example of why George Washington did not want to be "King" (er, Presidente) - Dynastic Rule at its most profane

Perfect example of why George Washington did not want to be “King” (er, Presidente) – Dynastic Rule at its most obvious

There is a rule often stated in fictional novels about spycraft.

“Nothing is ever as it seems”.

Consider all the clowns, if you will.  Everywhere, of late, huh?  I think they are some sort of clown jihad.  Terrorists, of some kind.


Like the Committee to Re-Elect the President.

I think this true in this election cycle. People are “in it” for the sport.  Some sort of perverted American Monarchy.

One could jump to endless speculation about why President Bush (Senior) has come out (maybe) for Hillary, or (maybe) ambivalent, or maybe just a damned spoiler, stirring the pot.

Who knows.

But of one thing, you may be absolutely certain – just as in spy-craft, nothing is ever as it seems in politics either.

Allegiances form.  Dynasties fall.

These guys have always cracked me up...wish they would come back!!!

These guys have always cracked me up…wish they would come back!!!

Bedfellows, well, jump in (and out of) bed.

It is the nature of the beast.  The motives may be multiplicitous.

Grandparents, long, long-in-the-tooth, may listen to bright and perky grandchildren.Capture1

Fear mongering, such as that aimed at the elderly with this whole “you will need a strong government to take care of you and ensure you get your social security”, or that ever-popular “we stand against racism and are putting down the haters who hate” sort of malarkey.  Yeah, right.

To hear them tell it, they are Mother Teresa made over again on a crusade to start something, and or end something.

Yet another form of blasphemy perpetrated on mankind; social crusader as alpha and omega.

Not even a pale comparison.  In fact, one wonders where God exists at all in this form of nonsense.

And they are no saints.  Again, nothing as it seems.

Weak-minded people, yield.

They yield to pressure.  Yield to bullies.  Yield to what they perceive as the stronger force.

Take, for example the recent story about what our good friends over the mountain at Duke University, are doing.

snapshot29The “Women’s Center” is offering a nine-week series of seminars and calling it the “Men’s Project”.

We all can conclude that it is simply yet another opportunity to bash men.

They say they want to ““… deconstruct toxic masculinities to reconstruct healthier, more inclusive notions of masculinity.”

They say they want masculinity to be “inclusive”.  Are you shitting me?  REALLY.

Another attempt at gender nullification.  What, you want that I should begin calling girls, boys?  What the hell? Is that inclusive enough for you?  They still will not rank to climb on my battle horse, or carry even, my water.  THEY ARE NOT MEN.

Posers, maybe.  Something other than quite feminine or inherently masculine, but definitely not men.

Nor do they live up to the higher and nobler qualities that have embodied what it means to be a Gent.  If they did, they would certainly not be all “in your face” about everything.

And these morons who say “why quibble over definitions” ?

I am reminded of the French saying (yet again) Vive La Difference!

“Long Live the Difference!”

It is what they are good at, these radicals, you know – twisting the truth.

highwaysongI would never fall in love with a female were she not different from me.  What others do, I can live with.  But get the hell outta my sandbox, you profane, controlling, hate-mongering low-lifes.

They want evebenedictarnoldbitternessrything to be their damned way.  It is how they operate.  Tear down this world, and build a new one in their image.

Are there problems, hell yes.  Rape made the news at Duke University.  But to offer something like this that seems to intimate (scream, really) that rape is somehow a product of male-ness?  Give me a break.

They think if they break down all barriers, if they tear down all the walls that is a civilized society, where men are men, and women are women, that they somehow build a brave, new world. They even state they wish to break down “patriarchal” society.

Well, get used to it.  We are both patriarchal, and matriarchal.  And guess what?  Having both in our respective psyches does not make chicks any less chick, or dudes any less dude (although, I’ve always equated dudes with dandies, and I am no dandy or fan of dandies).

They discount the age-old concept of chivalry, and of men being protective of the house and home – of the women, and of the children – in fact they define even label this as being chauvinistic.

They are only re-hashing the old world from the 60’s. Demonizing Daddy (and their concept of “the man”).

How many times do you hear the terms “misogynistic” or “hegemonic”  ?   Chauvinistic? Always, right.  Common in our vernacular.

But tell me, when is the last time you heard the term for man-hating?


You won’t either.  Not as long as this bunch of thin-skinned morons have the eye and ear of the American media.

damned61700They are on crusades, these people – and crusades worse than the middle ages, and worse than the jihad that is now practiced by our enemy

It is ridiculous.

And even more ridiculous (and perhaps, obvious) is the timing.

During an election cycle when Hillary Clinton is cozying up to yet another set of crusaders, those people who choose to burn down our cities in the name of social justice.

“Justice” and “social” do not begin to describe the aberrant behaviors being practiced here.

"GONZO" journalism, in the age of Obama, has transitioned to GONZO-leadership. Drunken fools.

“GONZO” journalism, in the age of Demonrats, has transitioned to GONZO-leadership. Drunken fools.

And here is Madame Hillary as chief instigator.

This is her support group.

The misandrists at Duke, the urban terrorists in Charlotte – in a state that is largely supporting Trump.

Go figure!

They certainly would not pull this stunt in Chicago and draw yet more attention to murder capitol, U.S.A., now would they?

And so it is.  Send in the clowns – those who are never what they seem.  But I challenge you to do one thing this day, and every day.

Challenge yourself and others to always, always, always be EXACTLY what you seem.



Biting Sound

Seems to be all that happens any more.

Never news when man bites sound, but always news when sound bites man.

“Deplorables”, for example.

“Did I say thaaaat?”.

Yeah, well.

The thing about off-cuff comments is, they (like liquor) belie what lies underneath.

Or does it?

Of course, inhibitions are removed with inebriation, but then, so is good sense.

And candidates seem too often to be drunk with something.

Perhaps it is the spirit of the moment.

Who knows.

But barb-trading is getting tedious.

I’m ready for substance.

When will they debate?

Why do the Demonrats control that?

Because they are running and hiding behind the skirts of popular culture. Skirting the truth with lies that are “reality” T.V. (the equivalent of professional wrestling).

Because they are gutless (like a lot of NFL football players, coaches and owners), they opt for some escapist fantasy.


Nastiness abounds.

It’s all-pervasive.

And why.

We’ve become a class-less society thanks to those trying so desperately to eliminate class.

This is what you get with rank socialism.

The base, and the banal.

We will be stuck with this eternally unless good people (that would be people with class) stand in unison and declare “enough, is enough”.

And it is.

We are bombarded with the classless.

From female backsides plastered to our newspaper pages, to couples doing what couples should only do behind closed doors on the idiot box (and just look what the people behind that box have managed to accomplish).


Idiots breeding idiots.

So, try something refreshing today, huh?

Reject an idiot.

Put an idiot who wants to talk popular culture in their place.

Start with me.

(if you wish).

Fact is, it is time to have intelligent debate, but with one caveat – only if intelligence enters the arena.

Else, just ignore them.

There is nothing but malcontent and malfeasance among them.  It abounds in their souls, and by their action it is manifest.

They will be their own un-doing.

It is imperative that we help them in that process.

Civility, and civilization, depend on it.

So come on folks, kick a liberal for Goldwater!



Trolling the News

Screenshot_2016-09-03_10-26-09So, last week some irate Ted Cruz supporter calls me a “troll” and tells me that I am no conservative.


Makes me wonder if perhaps the Hillary supporters have invaded this “Never Trump” Cruz bunch.

But it set me to thinking…presuming this paragon of intellect was actually a conservative, does it signify that conservatives are turning on conservatives?

Certainly, with our mutual (I believe) disgust in the manner in which a majority house and senate seem to be in collusion with Obama, it is of course a natural observation.

But what if it was a Hillary plant, masquerading as a Cruz supporter to show this “trumped-up” discontent that supposedly exists in the GOP in the Demon-erratic dream that never seems to have gelled as a campaign strategy (too much time with your head in the bong, perhaps?).Screenshot_2016-09-03_09-53-59

Now, can there be victory in this?

Che_Gueverra_PressThe above photo demonstrates just how the media plays both sides of the fence.  They tell their markets what their markets want to hear in order to sell papers and advertising.

Age, old.  Nothing new under the sun.

But then there is that question of ethics and veracity.

One may purport “when did that ever matter”, but it does matter to some.

It matters to me, and I believe to every self-respecting American.

So what do we believe. Who do we believe.

Well there is one, indisputable fact: Hillary Clinton is nowhere to be found.  Not just personae non-grata, she is personae non-existii.

What the hey?

But you know what…her “campaign” is now only kept “in the spotlight” by a media acting as her personal mouthpiece.  Hell, they can even make up their own stories now.  Imagine how she will fare in the debates.


The hard-core religious would tell you that it is all in God’s hands, but you’ve heard my opinion on that before.

God gives us free will.

He allows us to choose.

Choosing wisely seems almost passe today.

Most seem to opt for the easy path.

With this election coming up, there is much contention as to what the proper course should be.

The one thing I know for certain is that corruption, and more especially a corruption of the spirit of our core principles – this must be eradicated.

In this election we must return to the values that are important.

We have seen over the course of the last eight years what a value system that is bereft of positive principles yields. Look at the streets on fire.  Look at the people, at each other’s throats.

This is what total administrative B.S. yields.Screenshot_2016-01-16_10-10-41

We have increased crime in the streets, increased strife among all (not just the races) and a heightening of nerves and stress and worries.

People are even turning against professional football (and why not? Brigand pirates!  Check out the rates for a ticket to the stadiumSheesh!).


It does not take a genius to see this is not real leadership.

In fact, it is a degradation of anything approaching leading.

The papers are full of contradiction, and they are incessantly spinning stories to the point the feathery spider web has become almost solid, and stories are coming full circle on themselves.

In this state of chaos, people turn to their own devices.

The Missouri Confederate Battle Flag

The Missouri Confederate Battle Flag

Religion has it right in that we all need to turn to something bigger than us.  We need God’s guidance, but we also need to realize that it would be just great if we at least tried to live up to something that would be pleasing in God’s eyes, rather than always looking for Him to play an enabling role in rescuing us.

I believe we can do it.  We need to find it in our own souls, this desire to take on things bigger than us and believe in the wits and will that God ordained us.

I also believe we can turn this around in just such fashion.

But the nonsense that is taking place with lies and propaganda must end, and end now.

We must also not forget what those Republicans we elected to represent us have done. Who they are serving, I have no idea (but it does not seem to be us).


We must be responsible, and as always – always, always, always do the right thing.

It begins with rejecting corruption and lies in favor of ethics, morals and sound principles.

I believe the only hope for that is in the conservative right (the real conservative right).

On Strength, and Pathetic Weakness

How can the character of an entire nation be defined as one, or the other.

As an example, let’s take a hard and cold look at a snapshot in time, and then ask how we got here.


The year is 2016.  It is August, and it is H.O.T., hot.

CapturePhoenixStinking hot.

Tempers are at an all-time high.

France, as many of you already well-know, is likely one of the most liberal of the liberal nations.

They can still smoke in their restaurants, and express themselves with whatever crazy art and poetry they feel like emoting against the canvas that is the universe like Jackson Pollack spewing paint on a canvas representing this crazy aspect of human nature.

Reckless abandon.

They are elevated in some way, at least artistically – perhaps spiritually.  One can in no way argue their freedom, or their free-thought concept of it.

And they believe in the dignity of every individual (even their conservatives).

They are a cultured, and free nation.

Vive la liberté,. Vive la France!

They have also begun to close Mosques.

They are debating whether to ban the Ha-jib and the Burka.

We all know what that is all about.

Our soldiers bring back stories from the field of battle of our enemy, dressing as feeble, old women, to escape confrontation with a superior force.


The fair. The lazy. The damned liberal. God help us all !

But is it too little, too late?

Where are these honored Muslims who will stand and say “we don’t blame you.  We’ve given you no reason to treat us otherwise.  We blow up your discos, and raise our children to hate you.  We accept responsibility for this outcome, and we hope we may one day once again gain the confidence of France to live side-by-side in peace with all its fellow citizenry”.

The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus - can we find common ground on which to stand?

The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus – can we find common ground on which to stand?

Where are those who hold in reverence the virtues we both claim to regard?

Cast to nothing-ness against a world that feins “Nationalism” as an evil word.

Vive la France !

Where are these good Muslims every liberal and his junkie-infested sister so defend in America?

Is America in the shape that so very many European nations are in in this regard?


If you look at the density of population of which I’ve heard, we have miles to go before we are in the same shape as Germany and France.


We are a vast nation, and we are not so easily intimidated.

But we need to take a hard and long look at the French.

140910.Ayn.RandHere we live in a Nation where spineless politicians seek to rob from the Presidential election to fund Senate and Congressional races that should never have been in a weakened state to begin with.

Had these men of honor and leadership been doing their jobs, those elections would be a cinch.

Instead they blame Trump.

Sound familiar.

You know, it is not just the Muslim who is to blame for France’s dilemma.

Do you remember the Vichy French?

They sided with a dark enemy as well, and they did so because they chose to kiss up to a bully, rather than confront him.

The French are good at practicing the laissez-faire.

We have a name for the concept in America too.  Milquetoast.

Ever seen what an awful mess toast soaked in milk becomes.

Soggy, falling apart at the seams.  Pardon me, while I wretch.

These guys have always cracked me up...wish they would come back!!!

These guys have always cracked me up…wish they would come back!!!

In the immortal words of Opus, “Blecht”. (or “Thpt” or what the heck ever).

But this is what happens when too much laissez-faire is applied.

I am certainly a hands-off sort of guy, when the machine is running as smoothly as it should.

Frankly, with the proper maintenance, there is no reason it should not run smoothly and practically perpetually.

I was recently in the market for a chain saw, and some fellas told me “Buy a Stihl.  You can pick up a 1950’s model right now for peanuts and it will run as good as a new one”.


But I’m not a Lamborghini kinda guy (probably would be if I were not constrained by a budget).

But you get the point.

A typical Swede prison cell - crumpets anyone?

A typical Swede prison cell – crumpets anyone?

We have to be practical.

People raise immortal hell over the Japanese internment camps.

You know what I see when I see images coming out of those camps?  I see people who are very sad, but they are not bruised, they are not beaten, emaciated or deprived of their clothing, their humanity, nor their dignity.

Well, maybe just a smidge of their dignity.

But go back in the same era and contrast those photos with Auschwitz, Buchenwald, and Dachau.

They will not long be captive, but will there really be virgins awaiting them?

They will not long be captive, but will there really be virgins awaiting them?

No Spandau ballet here.

And the point is obvious.

To the doggedly literal, captivity is captivity.

To the prisoner, the differences here are as stark as Iranian prisons today, compared to those in Sweden.

And how do you get in this shape?

By taking a hands off approach to a serious situation that DEMANDS a serious response.

France is now having to face that reality.

How long will we be held captive by our own milquetoast leaders solely interested in nothing other than their own pathetic hides?

When will they wake up and smell the coffee?

Screenshot_2016-08-13_07-55-02It will likely happen the day the liberal figures out the technology they hold in their misbegotten and inadequate hands.

Right now, they resemble cargo cults in the jungle worshiping their hand-held devices as if they were cast to the earth by a pantheon of Greek gods.

Devices that now let them down (and this is the outcome when you do not comprehend the technology at your disposal; your ignorance will cause them to become an implement of self-destruction, rather than a tool for your perseverance).

What we Americans can not allow to happen is to allow ourselves to fall into the shape Europe is in.

They have accomplished this by trusting too much in what they have always taken for granted.

Several years back I had a note hanging on the wall of my office.

Can not find it, (used technology to search out facts all I am going to) – but the gist was this: “In the future, there will be two types of people; those who understand technology, and those who are its slaves”.

You may sit and solder a circuit board all day.  It does not mean that you understand the logic that makes the computer tick.

You may recognize every circuit board out there, and its intended use; but you may not be able to use the final product.

You see, we segmented and specialized to a point where, essentially, nobody knows nothin.

You like to believe that there is a guiding force behind where we are today, but I don’t think anyone can track technology to a single entity.

It is simply science, and like the computers it produces, (and in spite of what futurists will tell you, and those base Europeans who are debating the extension of “rights” to computers) – they are still just a stupid machine (and sometimes even, built by clucks).

Do you really believe that so many nations were on the verge of cracking Atomic energy because spies were stealing from all those nation’s respective, leading scientists?

There was a race on, and each nation had brilliant scientists chasing the same dream.  I believe they also compared notes.

This is the nature of technology and humanity.


And when machines produce machines…will the ghost cease? The fulfillment of a liberal dream…total control of man by a “creation” that is solely their very own demonic device, and a gun and implement of self-demise held to their own temple. Viktor Frankenstein, are ya watchin’ baby?

It is also the nature of peace and those who chase it (rather than demonic lies and propaganda of an entrenched enemy within).

But what we must never forget – technology is OUR brainchild, not the other way around.

We are God’s brainchild, and rank technology will never rival that.

So it is time we begin using our God-given talents.

It is time we begin being smart about things.

“The machine” is not running as it should.  It is broken, and woefully inadequate for today’s challenges.

The washing machine is out of kilter, and the load needs to be shifted by both the shifty, and the shift-less.

Rather than importing war into our own nations, we need to declare unholy war on the nations that are causing everyone else problems.

Instead of inviting trouble into our homes, we need to export trouble to their homes (I saw where Germany is on the verge of DEMANDING that its citizens take in refugees into their own homes – this has been widely predicted).

Technology is not going to save our ass on this one, as neither will a lazy approach to a very present and very real problem.

What do we want?


When do we want it.

Right by-God NOW (before it is too late and we wind up like the French, or the slaves to some cold and God-less machine like some rank and poisoned political party who have relegated themselves slaves to their own technology, philosophy or religious fanatic).

Cheater, cheater, you ol’ wife beater

As the story goes, the “man” is in the spotlight.

The journalist asks “so often do you beat your wife ? ” .


Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad (R) shakes hands with U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in Damascus April 4, 2007. REUTERS/SANA (SYRIA)

In P.R. one OH one, we would advise the orator to move past this one.

To dismiss him.

Judas3But what do you do when no journalist present will give a break on the subject.

When every one wishes to turn a blind eye to their own failures of logic, and stick to helping their candidates cheat their way through.

In baseball there is a saying “if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying”, but I find this rather myopic and pedestrian.

il_340x270.381983541_ckiaI played every position on the field, with the exception of pitcher.  I never once cheated (at least not knowingly or willfully – make I broke a rule and did not realize it).

Point is, that saying, in baseball — it was said during a time when pitchers were using every edge they had to through the perfect pitch.

Grease on their ball caps, sand paper super-glued to their thumbs (to rough up the ball), or spit on the ball to throw a “greaser” – you name it, they did it.

benedictarnoldbitternessOh, I’d heard of batter “corking” bats (and even some who “plugged” it with lead, and others who used Willow as stock for the bat (provides “spring”)) – but usually, it was the pitcher.

And just look who’s doing the pitching in this election.

The snake oil is being sold by every paper in the nation.  In the meantime, global news stories and their relevance to their chosen CaptureCarpet3candidates are largely ignored.

Mosques are being shut down in France; Germany is seeing a steep increase in the purchase of personal protection weaponry by its citizens (more proof that liberal collectivists are incapable of protecting their own “citizens” (captives); and in the “more blatantly obvious than Iran-Contra” category, our elected officials are yielding to bribing bullies in an effort to win favor at home – all which is largely ignored by the media.

It is the seduction of the sales pitch; the crux of the magician’s trick; ignore the man behind the curtain; pay no attention to what the right hand is doing.

gulag_churchillThis bias of the mainstream, is blatant.  It is obvious (to anyone with eyes), and it is beneath contempt.  To sell out one’s own government is the moral equivalent of cheating to such an extent in baseball that it damages not only the individual player who cheats, but destroys the game itself.

Like boxing.

They tell me it was clean before the 1960’s.

Not so sure now.

And look how it has affected the sport.

Screenshot_2016-03-26_09-24-23You have candidates here today who lie so blatantly that they completely ignore factual history.

First American female to be nominated, eh?

You go, girl. Looks like you won’t be the first gal to work the system, and she actually had experience (apparently) – as a “working girl”, that is.

Of coScreenshot_2016-05-22_07-28-34urse, prostitution takes all manner of form.

One can, for example, prostitute one’s own principles.

And that’s fine (as a personal choice – like abortion, or knifing your own best friend in the back) – but is it really what we need as a nation?

Other nations realize they have a problem.

They are debating, hot and heavy, immigration in Europe.

And why shouldn’t they?  Acts of terror abound.

th2One cat is warning that prisons over there are a breeding ground for ISIS.

Sound familiar?

This is not new stuff.

It is radicalization in its prime.

Radicals breeding radicals.

And who is the biggest and badest of them all?

Why Saul Alinsky, of course.

So, what to do?

Of course there is the crowd who says to fight fire with fire.  But literally, that takes you down to their level.

Now, in thinking, you definitely want to be on their level; in deed, no where near it.

Saul-AlinskyTo rise above this fray, one must learn how to think like the enemy, but remind oneself always that you will NOT become that enemy.

As Christ put it, “shake the dust off your feet as testimony against them”.

Here is an example I use often.

The kid you grew up with who perpetually would not follow the accepted, standard rules of a board game and through interpretation or fantastic innovation created his or her own rules based in interpretation or flat-out connivance.

Any way you cut it, connivance is a con.

And other kids would buy in.  Figured it gave them an edge.

Plus, they didn’t really hbrat1ave to try so hard, when they were cheating.

Trouble is, it spoiled the game for everyone.

So like a casino in Vegas, card counters and cheats must be vigilantly dealt with.

Else it ruins the fun for everyone.

There is a reckoning coming for all the dirty dealing that has gone on in this election cycle.


Just as in the parable Christ uses, His example rings true – ““Truly I tell you, it will be more bearable fo

r Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than for that town” (Mark 6:verse 15).

Banishment a

nd shunning will not be enough.

As you well remember, Sodom and Gomorrah suffered a similar fate to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

And lest we forget, Pearl Harbor.

So do cheaters prosper?  Initially, yes.

But the ultimate fate is always the same.

There is nothing but utter destruction in the wake of such a people.

This is your real hope.

I remember a quote from the bible where it states that the righteous will dance like new-born sheep; the way they leap and bound in the joy of their new life.

There will be a cleansing, and in those waters that wash away the muck of this election, we will all rejoice.

Hope ends in fruition.

Pulling the Same Rope

You’re on a boat, heading up the river.Screenshot_2016-04-09_10-48-29

New captain, old captain, distracted captain (drunk captain) – whatever; the result is, you wind up on a sand bar.

Stuck in the mud.

What to do?

Everyone on board the boat wishes to have the trip continue.

They have a destination.  They each have their individual motivation for reaching said destination.  Not all are the same.

Some are going to see family; others, are on business.

Narcissists provoke people.A few are traveling for the sake of pleasure – the boat trip, and the destination are all part of their vacation.

Not all aboard the ship are alike.

Some are refugees, seeking…”refuge”.  A couple may even have dubious reasons for being on the journey.  One may be a spy.

gulag_churchillPoint is, they each share one thing – a desire for the trip to continue (save for the vacationers, who may see this as simply an adventurous portion of the experience (not a bad way to think).

There may even be a couple more bohemian on board who would see this event as an opportunity to swim the river, and just kick back and wait for a higher tide to wash them off the sand pile.

But for the most part, from the captain down to the fourth-class passenger, they are solidly in agreement that they all wish for the trip to somehow, someday continue.

Now if they take the bohemian approach, they may be stuck there for who knows how long.

TRGo with the more ambitious on board, say the businessman or the captain who have extreme motivation for seeing a successful trip, and, well, you get the picture.


What to do ?

Well, I know from hearing tales from my people around here (probably related to a ferry somewhere around my home)…somebody’s gotta get out of the boat, and either push, or pull.

So, you tie off ropes, and the able jump in the water and swim ashore (or take a lifeboat).

They will of course pull the ropes with them, and once on the shore, they will all pull on the ropes to get the ship off the bar and floating once again.

Nobody asks if those on the shore are rich, or poor.

No one asks if they are from a certain part of town, or who their momma atug-of-war rope pullnd daddies are.

And wScreenshot_2016-02-20_10-46-25hen they are pulling on that rope, nobody asks about who among them is more important than the other.

The captain and the first-mate both pull together.

Now, what about those who are unable, and stay on the vessel ?

I’m picturing wheel chairs, those who can’t swim, elderly, perhaps the very young…toddlers and babies – new mothers (perhaps fathers too).

They don’t go ashore.  They are not expected to.


But those who are able, do.

Now, I know from experience that my major gripe in such situations is not really related to where somebody comes from.

My major gripe has always been “when is the last time they showered”.


Lousy, stinkin’ hippies – always opposed, never helping the team.

Of course there are those who are opposed to good hygiene (or at best, indifferent to it); but me, personally, when I’m up close and personal with someone’s armpits whilst pulling on a rope, I prefer that they at least start out with a clean after-glow.


Now depending on how long this process takes, we are all likely to stink of sweat and toil in time – but that is different.  We get acclimated to one another slowly.

I’m a good swimmer, so I’m always the one praying there are no lifeboats so we can each at least get a proper rinsing in the river before being up to each other’s armpits.

Always diverging, huh?

So anyway, here we are in this predicament.

A moronic captain has us stuck in the mud, but at least this captain has gone ashore next to us to try and make right the mistake.

He too is pulling on the rScreenshot_2016-07-24_07-35-02ope.

And guess what ?  No matter the individual motivation for the success of the operation, we are all doing the same thing and essentially for the same reason – to get the ship un-stuck, and the trip once again under way.

Would it not be just peachy if the same could be said of this great ship that is America.

What we have now are those who have argues that we should be pulling from the right bank versus the left, or forward from the keel, or aft from the stern.

Ropes are stretched in every direction, and the only thing we are doing is pulling tre-education-camphe ship apart.

This is what Franklin warned of when he warned of factionalism.

Incoming White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel gestures prior to inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama as President of the United States in Washington

Rham Emmanual: intellectual heavyweight and architect of the modern left’s radical platform.

There are those who will try and promote this factional division.


Let’s face it, a nation within a nation is simply a nation divided against itself.

For years we have heard of the ramblings of Farrakhan and his “Nation of Islam”.

We know who they are.

We also can see through this agenda.

It started with this concept that the Demonrats could stack the deck by importing votes from Mexico.brutus

See a theme developing here?

Now the Nation of Islam can do the same by importing votes from the Mid-East.

And our Congressmen do not see this?

What is it that they know that we do not?

That they can use this faction as a club to beat the rest of us into submission.

That sure is how it feels.


How a liberal “teaches”

It is as if we finally got everyone to agree that the best way to get the boat unstuck is to bull the “V” of the hull through the sand to the deep spot in the river which lies downstream.

Don’t pull against the current.  Don’t pull in a direction where there is the most sand.  Pull in the most logical fashion to get the ship underway, everyone back on board, and along on their merry ways.

But instead, there is a break-away faction pulling against us from the back of the boat.

They are not interested in the well being of all.  They are only interested in their own agenda.

So much so, they will even scuttle the efforts.people-are-so-conditioned-to-take-sides-that-a-balanced-analysis-looks-to-them-like-hatred-quote-1

They are not their to help build progress, but rather, to detain all.

To hold everybody back.

This is the precise nature of the radical.

They are the infants who say, “if I ain’t happy, ain’t nobody gonna be happy”.

And so it goes.

But there is always an alternative.

One can cut the ropes they are using, those in the back of the ship, and leave them behind on the shore to face the wild and its uncivilized inhabitants.

giving_up_is_no_option_poster-raf171abd2cd448ae97eb7f4e3a0cc400_37f_8byvr_512Usually, this is precisely what happens from the standpoint of human nature.

Those causing a bunch of trouble will get left behind.

No one wants them on board the ship, jeopardizing the safety and pursuits the rest are under.

Why board the ship in the first place, if you care not about seeing it complete its journey.  To make a statement.

How preposterous.

The only thing you achieve is to drive divisiveness and hatred even deeper.

344You are not a force that helps the whole.  You are a selfish breed, only there for your own satisfaction.

I guarantee you, you will lose in this endeavor.

It is a sort of force that goes against the flow of the river.

You are not there to “fit in”; you are only there to get your own way (and at great cost to the rest of your fellow passengers).

So, there is only one simple message here.  Get on board, and help the rest of us achieve our goals.

The alternative is to be left on the bank of the river, facing the ravages of the wild and completely on your own.