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One-Sixteenth, of an inch

I am a proud, Freemason.

I am the Master of my Lodge, for this year, Year of Our Lord, 2010.

Each and every time I attend our stated meetings, since my induction into our humble Lodge (Prudentia, No. 719 – fifteen LONG years ago), I have pledged allegiance to our Nation (One, Under God).

And each time I recite my pledge, I take special note (and privilege) of one, one very special, sixteenth-of-an-inch.

Freemasonry (and its perfection, it is said) can only be attained through degrees.

I have always taken special note, and pride, of a singular, sixteenth-of-an-inch.

The flag to which we pledge, the stars and stripes of our humble Nation, hangs opposite the Christian flag in our Lodge. It hangs singular against a pole, and is “furled” straight to ward the ground below.

Its seven, red- and six, white- stripes, and fifty-white stars in constellation set upon a blue (not the dark of night, nor the light of day, but the dawn of day-break or the dusk, of evening-tide) background all hold special, historic and  dear significance to each of us who know its history (and more-especially, have not forgotten).

It is mounted to a pole, and hangs -regally straight- a full, one sixteenth of an inch from Mother Earth at the tip of her terminal corner.

Each and ever time I recite my pledge to my Nation (at least once per month), I take special note of that one, singular, sixteenth-of-an-inch.

I have been a Freemason for going on, some odd, fifteen years (or there-about).

I have pledged to that flag, once-per-month at each and every of our stated meetings (save for a couple of Presidential elections that have taken precedence for me over our stated, Tuesday-night meetings).

I have been regular in my attendance, and regular in my pledge to my Nation.

I have also taken regular note of that sixteenth-of-an-inch.

I would stop the world of Freemasonry were that flag ever to contact Mother Earth.

She hangs there, for some fifteen years that I have observed, and none (not one) of her fibers have ever loosened so as to allow her grace to commingle with the earthen filth.

Each time I take upon myself my pledge, I take note of that scant distance between her grace, and the filth of the ground.

I am reminded of that which separates both heaven, and earth.

It is a small chasm that separates her; but it is an eternal distance for the vigilant who in heart know of that which awaits the steadfast !

Our Nation, today, stands in that crux…that scant distance that separates grace, from ruin.

I believe, with all my heart, that with this same concept of equal regularity, that this distance does not have to “change”.

You know, change can have negative connotation (especially in context of our flag’s proximity to the ground, and the profundity this entails for a metaphor for the whole).

I believe that this is borne out in current event.

It is up to us, as stalwarts of our precepts, our guiding principles, and our mortal (and immortal) integrity, to stand guard against her grace being dragged through this pit of mire, and of mud.

It is my prayer that November will make all the difference in world, for all the World.

Grace, is a funny thing.

You will find it in the most, odd, of places.

China has shown us grace today.

They have shown us that they still have confidence in us, in spite of a lack of confidence that we have in ourselves (and most-especially, our current “leadership”).

The Union of Soviet Socialists have offered a gift of olive leaf in the form of a spy “exchange” (still not certain that the offer is full of salty savor, but it is a nice gesture, none-the-less, even when Bill Clinton’s arse hangs in that delicate balance).

From these two “world powers”, I believe there is immense significance for today’s events.

Perhaps only one-sixteenth-of-an-inch in worth, but oh what that meager distance can mean.

The world wishes to survive this massive and horrendous financial failure that has taken place due to what I believe is a lack of diligence in keeping a steadfast eye on that meager sixteenth.

It is only that sixteenth that separates us from the dyed-in-the-wool socialist.

It is “high” time for us to work together with this world to unite against a common enemy – that of world-wide financial depression.

The knee-jerk reaction to the onslaught of financial depression is far-too-often today that of continued strife and horrendously burdensome taxation, and of bloodshed, and of War (turn an eye to Europe for reference).

We can avert that fate!

It is time to come to terms with this world-wide depression, and face it with the economic  precepts that have brought down a wall, and turned China into a financial power-house.

It is time to embrace the concept of capital., yet again.

We must abandon the radical hippie and His mind-set.

We must deal with the world through sound financial concepts (capitalist concepts) that have not only made our Nation great (in the not-so-recent past (Reagan, Bush and Bush), and in a 200-year track record preceding them), but has also born first fruit to the formerly, socialist world (that of China, and in part, the Soviets).

We must demonstrate to the world our confidence not only in our own tried-and-true capitalist philosophy, but also to those that have been borne out in both Russia and in China are maintained.

We must embrace that sixteenth-of-an-inch. We must be vigilant in maintaining it with exacting regularity, and we must demonstrate that we are “in” for the long haul.

We must also make one helluva severe “change” come this November.

The Preicipii calls upon this Nation to commit to a change that will bring us “back to the future”; we must abandon our recent divergence from our tried, and true principles, and re-embrace those to which China now expects us to maintain proper deference, both for their livelihood, and for that of the World-at-large.

It is incumbent, imperative really, that we maintain our vigilance in keeping those fibers of Red, White and Blue from ever reaching that chasm of muck and mire that our Mother Earth represents, along with the Utopian, Socialist lovers of the earthly realm .

Come November, we must see POSITIVE change (for a change).

May the Republican party, in a glory that is manifest in our great symbol of Freedom, in our Nation’s flag…may it once again place that flag in its position of both authority, and of sound, ethical and solid, capitalist ideology, and maintained ever-vigilant in that razor’s edge, one-sixteenth-of-an-inch.

I believe that the World must stop and ensure that this meager, singular, one-sixteenth-of-an-inch be forever and a day, maintained.

And I believe that We the People will only achieve that through the grace of our Lord, and through our incipient knack for eternally maintaining that one-sixteenth that separates us from utter chaos, annihilation, and ruin – in short, Obamanation.

Come November, vote Republican, and VOTE OFTEN !

The Psychology of the Politic: A Short Treatise

When one thinks of the human psyche, the same, trite concepts will penultimately boil to the surface.

But as the chess player, one must (to advance) think beyond the next move.

Certainly, it would be fallacy to then discount all prior moves on the board; for they directly led to the position the player now holds.

So, without forgetting the concepts of sex, food, greed, self-aggrandization, lust, pain, fear, sorrow, love, and the like as primary motivators (for they, among many other motives, truly did bring each of us to the place on the world’s chessboard where we now stand) – what would be he next move?

If we are the product of compendium of past, then what would be a motivator that rises above the frey?  Above those trite (and so obvious) motivators to all of human nature?

Consider the plight America finds itself in today.

We are promised the moon, yet all about we are seeing basic human rights eroding and yielding to a power that plays on all the basic instincts of this, “naked ape” (1, 2, 3, 4).

So what would be the “anti-motive” ?

In other words, what would, literally, be the ticket to waking everyone up and having them say in resounding chorus “I’ve been down this before, I know what you are doing, and I want something more?”.

What is the “something” more?

Think about this, seriously.

The unions have been promised power (and they are clutching at it with their last breaths – they are almost as strong as the gay-psoriatic-lemurs who suffer from a combination of mad-cow disease and syphillis voting block – sorry, but it is the best I could come up with for an extreme minority).


Enough about the unions.

However, let us focus on their motivation.

Obama has promised them the moon, and he is delivering.

Like the mad cry of Samuel Gompers “More, More, More”…like voracious hatchlings in a tangled and twisted bird’s nest, they will never be satiated.

They will literally take the food from one another’s belly.

They are this corrupt.

But is it mere survival that motivates them?  Is it an irrepressive slant toward laziness and having someone else serve their every whim, their every need?

They will not get a biscuit from me, and I would counter that, just perhaps, they crave more than what meets the eye.

They do want self-esteem (and that kind not garnered from blade, bullet or baton) – they wish they could be what others have become through hard work.

They really do desire what all men and women desire – to “better” themselves (they just seem to always seek it through cloak-room, dirty dealing).

To get it as the result of some contract with the devil – there is no esteem in this.

Man’s final motivation, I would argue, is to live up to that which he was created for.

To make his Master happy.

In order to move to the next, best strategic position on this chessboard politic, it is not the usual suspects to which we consevatives need to appeal…it is the suspect to which we far often never (or at best, rarely) appeal.

Our leaders in the Republican-Tea Party should unite under one banner, one mantra, one platform.

“ONE PARTY, UNDER GOD” – Let us all unite and do, what the really, really BIG guy would have us to do.

Hyper-Inflation, Bloat and Stagnation…

…and that’s just describing their egos

What is it about a society, and I speak of the “sub-societies” within our over-all culture, that causes its members to develop such an incredibly daft sense of self (and that there is nothing beyond the tip of said-self’s proboscis?).

I mean, I do get that the media has a tendency to make certain people feel important or self-important.

Take for instance sports stars, news commentators, rock musicians or some high-falootin’ Hollywood actors.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=James+Carville&iid=5828792″ src=”2/b/b/2/Sean_P_Diddy_1be6.jpg?adImageId=10581700&imageId=5828792″ width=”380″ height=”570″ /]

I understand from wince their egos emanate, but do they not have even an inkling that the whole “facade” that is built by agents, PR specialists and the tinsel-town rumor mills and fluff machines only create an alternate reality that exists only on silver screens, radios and inside their self-important noggins?


Take a look at yourselves.

In the time of Kings and Queens, you’d be jokers.  You would be there only for their amusement.

In this day and age, it is the people who have become the King and Queens – governments “of, by and for”; you have become the fop to the disillusioned amusement of the general public.

The awful thing, from my perspective, is that it is not really the actors on the stage who are to blame for playing fiddles while Rome burns, but rather, it is we who are to blame.

In our plastic society, our expectations are that everything is “replaceable” and “renewable”; reality, unfortunately, has a tendency not to work that way.

Think of it like an e-mail for which you have hit the “go” button, and now wish like hell you could re-call it as you really did not mean everything you said, or it somehow makes you look like an idiot (not an altogether difficult task for some).

It is most unfortunate that we can not re-call the ballot switches we pulled back in November (what was it now, an “eternity” ago – back before Capitalism had died and neo-fascism had taken the rein) like an errant e-mail that we “might” be able to catch and re-call within 15 minutes of sending (depending on how your friendly IT guy has set the polling “send” times on the server).

Oh my!

Speaking of capitalism, it ain’t quite completely dead yet, is it?

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=Toyoda&iid=5369385″ src=”9/6/b/7/Toyota_Launch_New_dc71.jpg?adImageId=10581858&imageId=5369385″ width=”234″ height=”321″ /]

I mean, when Congress (in its infinite wisdom) (1) has “requested the presence” of the heap, big dog at Toyota, I suppose the fascists in Congress are still working on trying their damndest to prove that taking over American companies in the name of their socialist agenda is a good thing, and independent companies like Toyota are “bad, bad, bad” (does it seem like they are trying to somehow make an apology here too – for re-buidling Japan or something maybe – in our “Western” arrogance?).

Anyhow, if they have to call Toyoda before their witch-hunt tribunal to try and prop up Government Motors, then you know, capitalism’s heart is still beating in the world.

Couple that with the fact that Japan is buying up all our debt from China, and you know for certain who they are placing their money on (GO CONSERVATIVES!!!).

I’ve written endless columns about the pomp, circumstance and arrogance of both this Presidential cabinet, as well as the numb-skulls in charge of this Congress…at what point will any of it get through to them?

The answer – NEVER.

They will never see past their egos, past their over-inflated, monkey-handled imagery, or the fluff created by their “mouthpieces”.

Dear Lord, when the foreign press has begun describing them as the “Chicago Mafia”, you know for certain that we live in times much, much worse than Tamany Hall.

Here is my hope – I hope we see REAL radical change, and we see it damned quick.

It’s not really about the future generations, it is about the here and the now.

On the Death of an Icon

Before ending this piece, I’d like to take one opportunity to extend deepest and most-sincere sympathy to the family of Alexander Haig (1, 2, 3).

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=Alexander+Haig&iid=2976267″ src=”1/8/c/e/Number_Ten_Meeting_45f3.jpg?adImageId=10581980&imageId=2976267″ width=”234″ height=”154″ /]

I was traveling a while back with my very “soon-to-be” betrothed’s Father, a man for whom I immediately had infinite respect, and great admiration.

It is amazing how there are some people in this world you will come across and instantly be taken aback by the very real respect these individuals carry with them in day-to-day living.

Her Father is just such a man.

He had the extreme good fortune of having worked very closely with Mr. Haig, and in our conversations he kept referring to “Alex”, and at one point I had to exclaim “are you talking about Alexander Haig?”.

He was.

This man, who I infinitely respect related to me that Mr. Haig (at the time) “is” one of the bravest men he had ever met (I met her Father at Thanksgiving last year).

This coming from a man who I know, absolutely, to be very, very brave.

Say what you will about Mr. Haig’s political background.  I remember, vividly, that phrase that got him into so very much hot water “I am in control”.

I tell you, from where I was sitting, as s young, college student, I was most happy to know that someone had stepped up to the plate and was in control.

There seemed to be much, much confusion at the time and (like now) it seemed no one was “at-the-helm”.

I was very happy to know that I had good reason to have confidence in Mr. Haig (unlike our Congress, and, I suppose, the “enumerated” chain of command layed out by our Constitution (it is unfortunate the Constitution cannot provide any reasonable expectation that any of the men in the line to the throne are actually “competent”).

But I digress (as usual).

Mr. Haig, men of your caliber are sorely missed, and we all mourn your passing.

Here’s hoping that beyond your family, there are those like me who appreciate a brave man always willing to give his all for God and Country.

May you rest in peace, and to borrow from a well-known (to some) passage “and may the God of peace delight to dwell with and bless” you and yours, eternally.


The Patriot

As a writer I was taught by a lady who I believe, deep down, was one of the best.

Her favorite line was “write from the gut”; the one time I actually got an A+ was when I described this cute, strawberry blonde from our class.  To my (and I’m sure her) great consternation, I wrote what I felt (at the moment, anyway).

So, I’ve decided to get back to my roots.

All night I’ve been thinking about why I am proud, and happy, to be a Tennessean.

As many of you know, I am a Freemason.  I just attended a lodge meeting in a small town South of where I live.  I looked around at the faces.  I listened to the stories, and I thought about why I have such an affinity for this place.

The same professor tried to get me to go to New York or D.C. and write, but I was compelled to stay here.

Oh the people “up there” probably refer to us as “flyover, podunck” or some such something, but I really don’t care what they think.

To take it a step further…I really don’t care what the Europeans think either.

It’s not that I dislike either Yankees or the Europeans.

I don’t like it when they call my home “podunck”, or “flyover country”; but I’d bet they don’t like it when I call them “Loyalists to the crown”,  “Imperialists”, or “blue bellies” either.

So, enough with the name-calling.

When I look in the faces of the people with whom I share this home of ours in the mountains of East Tennessee, it brings back these memories of cabins, way back in the hills (and even further in the recess of the memories of my youth).

Cold nights when we would have to go traipsing across rounded, river-rock stepping stones to use the “outhouse”; I can still feel the cramps in my bare feet, and what a true relief it was to get back under the covers as quick as possible.

You know, I’m glad I didn’t go to New York.  I’m glad I didn’t hook up with some politician and write speeches for him as part of his five-hundred man entourage that follows him around the globe.

I’m glad that I’m still from “here”.

It’s like knowing that I’m still “from” planet earth.

Knowing that I am a “hillbilly” (and damned proud of it), ’cause, you know what being a hillbilly makes me?   It makes me a Tennessean.

And being a Tennessean, that means that I am an American too.

But not one of those seeking old-world aristocracy.  No sir!

Now, granted, I do love my Scot’s ancestry, and I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t care about that just as much as being a hillbilly (I really do) – but it doesn’t make me any less an American.

My Kings and Queens are these mountains, and the royal court are my hillbilly friends.

I’m glad I’m still grounded here in my own nation, glad that I have not forgotten who I am, and glad that I still know what it is that I stand for.

The question that jackhammers in by heart and soul right now, is “what, exactly, is it that I will NOT stand for?”.

Well, in light of North Korean missiles flying over Japan, of American-born Taliban threatening my nation, cussing me and mine like a dog, of the brothers of these scoundrels now in Gitmo (and soon, apparently, to be walking the streets here in the US of A amongst us and their “sleeper cell” brethren), and even in light of some in the world who wish to try and paint the global economic catastrophe as “all on us” – in light of all this (or perhaps in spite of) – I know who I am, where I come from, and the difference between right and wrong.

Too many talk of grey areas, but there is no grey area in my Mountains.

You wish to survive a cold night up there, you do it by becoming a part of those hills.

You toughen up.  You remember the lessons you learned in school, or better, in church (and pay a sharp mind to those you learned out in the woods as well).

You remember the people “up ‘ere in ’em hills” who taught you how to get by the tough times.

And most of all, you remember your own.

Mine are not the people who caused an economic meltdown.

If you listen to people “in the know” – the Europeans were as much to blame for this as are we (and I’d bet, even China – they were new to the investment game and they might have been just a little too “free” with their investments – but then, who wasn’t?).

It’s not about placing blame at this point.  It’s about getting back to the roots.

I applaud all nations for being proud of who they are, and all their people proud for the places from which they hail.

My soul literally aches to be back in my hills.  I was supposed to go on a hike today.  Should’ve taken my dog up there.  Oh yeah, and think I can even carry my gun up there now (thank you, gun-toting conservatives who made this possible).

Well, I’ve got an appointment with a pal.  I think I just might go with him in a couple of weeks.

Lord, I thank you for planting me in these “deep, dark hills”, (1) and if should “never leave them alive”, just plant my carcass right here in these hills and have mercy on my ever-lovin’ soul.

mons montis antiquusum semper liberalis*” (old-time, mountain people are always free).

*liberalis -e [of freedom; worthy of a free man , gentlemanlike, courteous, generous]; adv. liberaliter.

It’s Good to be The King

King Nut-n-Common, Lord of Libs, Sultan of Socialism, the Potentate of Pain

King Nut-n-Common, Lord of Libs, Sultan of Socialism, the Potentate of Pain

This morning I decided to do a “run-down” of the similarities and dis-similarities of B.O.’s approach to governing, and an unknown quantity (a “stylized” Republican counterpart – a composite based on past Republican administrations).

So here goes:


Humanity Wants to abort life, both domestic and abroad (pre-emptive genocide).  
Foreign Policy Wants to cozy up to all dictators, nations and hate groups who desire
to bring an end to Western civilization (Fidel Castro, Chavez, Hamas,
Taliban, Al Qaeda…Gordon Brown); uses regulation to stifle free trade
and inhibit global business enterprise; offers family planning and
abortion as an answer to the global financial meltdown; chases
windmills (alternative energy) and tells the world to follow our
Domestic Policy Tells his subjects to “buck up”; builds condom factories to cut down
on the population (giving foreign dictators an ‘edge’ should they
decide to invade); turns DC into one, bohunkin’ house party and in the
spirit of biparisanship “spits a loogey” at the GOP.Gets drunk, throws another house party and invites business leaders
to “come, take of my herb”.

Sets up “bad” banks to deal with toxic debt manufactured by a
poisonous ACORN.

Security Ensconces himself in a palatial pyramid (Washington, DC – THE place
to P*A*R*T*Y); tells the rest of the nation to “buck up”.
Leadership style Dictatorial; “I won, you lost, get used to it”.  
Energy Policy Chases windmills (golf carts, organic (horse and buggy), emission
controls, ending off-shore drilling, shutting down coal-fired plants,
dealing in carbon credits, turns nuclear plants into billion-dollar
“shroom” factories). Tells everyone to “buck up”.
Unemployment “Take a load off Joe”.  
The Economy “Gotta buck up”.  
War Retreats from one that is practically won and throws seasoned troops
into a vast and unknown situation (Afghanistan) offering no real sense
of objective, time frame, or plan for victory.
Agriculture “Herbs” and “Shrooms”  


Humanity   Wishes nothing more than for life to prosper, both American, and all
foreign Nations and foreign individuals; business models do not
discriminate to moderates or liberals, communists or socialists.
Foreign Policy   Looks to foster positive international business relations based on
ethics and sound, CAPITALIST philosopy (China, the Ukraine, the Soviet
Union, Britania, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Italy (the EU)).
“Opens the door” to China; tears down walls that separate humanity and
works to unite the world in its common economic interests; works with
the Soviets to build improved drilling infrastructure; forms trade
alliances with a multitude of nations.
Domestic Policy   Builds economies whereby all Americans are afforded an OPPORTUNITY to
excel and prosper; encourages states and cities to set up situations
conducive to attract businesses and provide jobs – such as tax
incentives and improved infrastructure aimed at enhancing the
conditions for those businesses to thrive.
Security   Works incessently to ferret out potential threats to all humanity,
but especially those aimed at the United States of America.
Leadership style   Friendly, available, open to ideas and willing to work with all sides
(Nixon with a split Congress; Reagan achieving economic prosperity in
deals he struck with the Dems, Nixon with Brezhnev; Eisenhower’s
moderation toward all; GW Bush compassionate conservatism and thousand
points of light.
Energy Policy   Explores ALL avenues; promises & builds additional nuclear plants
(which also provides jobs); explores every avenue of energy production,
from carbon-based, to geothermal, from wind and hydro to solar and fuel
cells; sets the stage for infrastructure changes such as rapid mass
transit; pushes to lift the “regulation” set up by the
to inhibit the domestic production of oil.
Unemployment   Against it. When in power, ENJOYS the lowest unemployment rates in
The Economy   Eisenhower and the 1950’s were the most prosperous time in our
Nation’s history; during the age of Nixon our nation saw unpresedented
growth in international business and trade; the Bush/Reagan/Bush years
brought technological breakthroughs that set our country on a course to
keep up with and even eclipse Moore’s Law and provide the conditions
necessary for exponential growth (geometric and not
“sequentially linear” – in other words, growth that expands outward
like the crystal formations of ice in the atmosphere – it grows,
exponentially, in all directions and dimensions similar to the birth of
a galaxy).
War   Eisenhower (Supreme Commander of Allied Forces); Nixon (got us out of
Viet Nam); Bush (Gulf War I; drove Iraq out of Kuwait); Reagan (freed
our hostages; “tear down that wall”); Bush (Achieved 90% victory in
Agriculture   A host of “rancher” Presidents, cowboy!

The Importance of Being B.O.

You ever get one of those shuddering feelings that run up your spine when someone you do not know very well places their hands on you?

We Americans like our personal space.  It is indicative of our personal values. We like the fact that we are free and unencumbered, and we do not like people with whom we do not know on a personal and perhaps more so, on an intimate basis, to “lay hands” upon us.

It goes right along with practicing good hygiene and with being respectful toward others.

There are those politicians who like the laying on of hands.  They want to reach out and touch us.  Thing is, some of us would prefer to choose who it is that touches us, and further who it is we decide to touch.

When someone, especially someone from a position of leadership, decides to, say, put their hands on your shoulders, it is a sign that they somehow feel superior to you.

It is degrading.  Like body odor in a confined space, say on an airplane or an elevator, it just “creeps you out”.

I’ve seen a couple of articles this morning that discuss pornography.  Now there is a real violation of personal space if I’ve ever seen one.  Esepcially since the study defines the primary user of the stuff as being between the ages of 11 and 18.

I guess those guys who practice this violation of personal space want to get the young people indoctrinated to those violations at an early age.

Anytime you are compelled to run and take a shower, I would say that the cause of such feelings represents a true violation of personal space (in this case, it is an affront to the eyes and to the soul – how more personal can one get?).

There are some violations that you simply can not wash off.

Already the left is flexing its muscle and demonstrating to all its insidious nature.  It is proving that its main purpose is to drill its way into our lives, and even into our souls.

Putting their hands on us, digging into our space, trying their damndest to convince us that they are our friends and deserving of sharing our personal space is somehow going to benefit us in some way.

Well, you’d better be careful about laying your hands on some of us; some of us have few aversions to responding to such trespasses on our personal sovereignty with some “touchy-feeliness” of our own.

It is time you “leaders” on the left begin showing some respect for others, particularly where personal space is concerned, but more, where our personal lives and values are concerned.

What business is it of yours to take our hard-earned tax dollars and spend it overseas to lay your filthy hands on pure and innocent, unborn children?

What right do you have to lay your hands on the minds of youth by inundating them with your vile pornography and worse, pornographic mindset?

What right have you to lead us?

I remember from the movie “Braveheart” how an English King decided to “lay hands” on the wives of those magnificent Scotsmen.

There was, of course, a reaction.

It is time in this nation that people who claim to be “in charge” begin demonstrating that they in fact have some respect for others.

As the saying goes up in the hills, “you take to petting wolves and you may draw back a stump”.

Respect is such an important thing.  If you wish to earn the respect of others, then you must first demonstrate respect especially where our personage is concerned.

It is only good, common sense to be mindful of respect in the utmost degree and especially so if you take to petting those wolves my mountain brethren speak of.  About the only thing they respect is their God-ordained ability to run wild, free and unenslaved by the “regulation” of man.

But isn’t this really what it all boils down to?  The left is most interested in controlling every aspect of our lives.  They want us on a leash, to domesticate us, to subjugate us to their thinking.  A part of me believes that they are just naive enough to believe that there can be some good that will come of putting leashes on wolves.

No good will come of that.

So a piece of advice to all those now ascending to their perceived “thrones of power” – keep your hands to youself and most especially off our children.

Is this the tool he will use to make us “buck up” ?

Looks like the proper implement for the job, considering Al Gore’s 1.6 gallon “flush-o-matics”.

I just hope he doesn’t “plunge” the whole economy down the pipes.

So maybe I should back off a little…

Someone I really respect indirectly made me think about the content here on “The Precipice”.

He talked about how the politics of personal destruction needs to end in Washington.

I can agree with him, in principle, but you know, we conservatives have been taking it on the chin for a long time.

First it was Churchill (over the pond) when the whole country was against him (twice – once when young, and once when PM AFTER the war).

Then it was Barry Goldwater, followed by Nixon, Reagan, Quayle and now Bush.

I don’t know. Do you think if I back off on all the personal comments here on the Precipice that those lousy, yellow heel-hound Dems would then remove their nasty, little teeth from our ankles?

I doubt it.

Oh, I know it is the high road. I’d probably be a better man if I did not stoop to such levels.

Personally, I just wish a man would step up to the plate and give the Dems the “what for”.

I mean, this is the way they fight. They are the street fighters of political discourse. There is no finesse fighting them – no holds barred, and they set the low bar for this.

So what does anyone expect? For us to simply lay down and take it?

Perhaps this fellow of which I speak is correct. He says that we should fight based on policy issues, no personal destruction.

I can’t argue with that. It is wise.

But I have to tell ya, when the policies are affecting me on such a very personal level, I feel like getting personal with those policy makers.

When their policies stink, I think the stench emanates from a putrefied set of values and that those values emanate from within the man himself – therefore, both policy, and man, stink.

So, because I respect this individual so, I will make a concerted effort to no longer make this so very, very personal. I will try and stay above-board, and stay away from any dirty tricks.

Now, like a drunk or a sex fiend, I will probably have some difficulties staying on the wagon (not that I know anything about what it must be like to be either – merely speculating here); but from what I’ve seen in the movies, heroin addicts have a tough time staying off the junk.

I have a feeling that I will have a hard time keeping my comments about Pelosi, Reed, Obama, Clinton and all the rest of the DC equivalent of the Crips and Bloods on a high plane, but I will try.

So no more comparing B.O.’s admin to the scum that lies at the bottom of a cess pool; no more jibes at Pelosi and that “hammer” she likes to weild; and no more comparing Schumer to the anus of a gnat (with brains to match).

Gonna stay away from it.

“Not gunna do it”.

No sir, I’m turning over a new leaf in the new year. A big leaf. A big leaf that had formerly been hiding what lies underneath – a big **** .

No more acting like one of those, no sir.  Gonna get on the straight and narrow, yes sir.


♣ ♣ ♣ ♣

In keeping with the new policy of no more “personal destruction”, I will simply say this – boy, that Obama, he’s really all about “change” isn’t he?  Dollars to donuts says he will constantly change like a chameleon trying to find the combination that will work for him, and never achieve the results he’s looking for.

This is what happens when you buy a Presidency (or sell a Senate seat); you wind up with a dog that has “caught” the car, and is now trying to figure out just where to bight it.

For America’s sake, I am praying for a GOP-controlled Congress, and just as soon as we can get it there!  We need some leadership that is not going to be in a constant “scramble” mode, but rather, one that focuses on solutions that actually “solve” our problems.


It’s the waterboard for Governor Palin

You know, it is funny how all those radicals on the left are so much against any form of torture, and yet they think nothing at all about torturing Governor Palin.

They say the waterboard is cruel and unusual, and yet, look what they are doing to her.

I guess it just depends on who is operating the board.

You see, they are on such morally superior ground, what with their Madonnas, their Matt Damons and Alec Baldwins (lest we forget you, Barbara Streisand, Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon).

Where’s Bob Hope today?

You know, the hollywood guy who visited the troops all the time.  The good guy.

Where is John Wayne?

It is obvious to me that Hollyweird and the left have one set of standards they live by, and another they expect everyone else to live by.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t think waterboarding is good enough for hypocrites.  I think they should be exposed to the harsh and cruel light of truth.

Just like water to the wicked witch of the west, they will not be able to endure it’s harsh rays.

It is so cruel, you know. Tortuous, really.

But it is my opinion that the Saturday Night Live set (thank you Tina Fey) and all the rest of the low-lifes of the left (and that goes doubly for your Senator Pelosi) should each and every one have to endure this thing called the truth.

The whole country will be the better for it.

The Incredible, Invisible, Man

Well, could there be any doubt?  Brilliant scientists are on the verge of perfecting the technology to make objects (including men) invisible.

I had first heard about the work that was being conducted in this technology when I worked up in Oak Ridge (and no, I was NOT a scientist).

At that time, work with Nano tech was really just heating up, and there will be many, many great advances that will result in the future.

As a side note, I had also read about advanced optics that would/could be used to achieve this “invisibility” (it is not real invisibility as you could not stick your hand through somebody, or see Koolaide pouring down their gulletts like in the movies – it only gives the appearance of true invisibility, which in my definition is being there, but not being there).

They work on a similar principle, but instead of bending light, they will actually have cameras on your back that take video of what is behind you, and then display that video on tiny LCD screens that hang down in front of you like a sniper’s Ghillie Suit.  If you are unfamiliar with that, it looks kinda like “Swamp Thing”, or a fellow who has been swimming through seaweed and got it all over him.  It is used to make the sniper blend in to his surroundings, which is essentially what is desired with the invisibility technology.

Now what does all this have to do with politics?

Well, I’m beginning to see a need to become invisible once the fascio-socialist sociopaths take office.

Now that they are overseas kissing up to all their “forward-thinking” friends in Europe (1, 2, 3, 4), I can see the writing on the wall.

Just like the storm-troopers who invaded Europe with Hitler’s vision of what a wonderful world it would be under Aryan (not Arian) domination, I sense that the actors and actresses, the libertines and terrorists (and, lest we forget, terrorist sympathizers [1, 2, 3] ) on the left are most assuredly rising in their power, and their influence (and as citizens of the world [1, 2, 3]).

So, you see, invisibility becomes a very important tool from this perspective.

Think Anne Frank here.

Imagine further what a useful tool it would have been to those Russians who “disappeared in the night”; like the new technology, they did not “really” disappear either. But given a little time for decay, you could stick your hand right through their rib cage.

Think about it, though.  Had they had this technology, they could have “virtually” disappeared and perhaps avoided their skeletal fate.

I know.

It does seem extreme.

I mean, come on, it is America after all.  Land of the free, and home of the brave.

Stuff like this couldn’t happen here.

I would imagine there were Germans who said the same thing when General Eisenhower gave them the grand tour of the death camps as our soldiers worked to clean them up. “Surely, this did not happen here“.


It is disturbing to the utmost degree when I witness images of Citizen Obama overseas kissing up to the Europeans.

Honestly, tell me the difference between the following sets of imagery?


Other Cults of Personality (1, 2 (kudos to Ms. Malkin on this one! Go get ’em, Gal), 3, 4).

He is supposed to be representing us.

I suppose it is part and parcel of this attitude we have in our country today…it is elitist to the nth degree, and all too close to the same sort of intellectual and moral superiority that I believe was a tell-tale sign of the thought processes of the Nazi as he (it) was coming into its own.

We live in a nation now that is sharply divided.  It is divided not along political lines as the media would like to portray, but rather, it is divided between those who believe they live in some pristine place from which they “flyover” the rest of us.

They are in an ivory tower, and they while away their hours hob-nobbing with actors and foreigners, and they really don’t give a damn about all of us down here in “flyover country”.

So, I say to the scientist, “bring on the invisibility”…from what I can tell through my looking glass, we are all going to need it (depending on who gets elected, anyway).