Fits, and Starts

Well, stretching the creative wing of vitriolic editorializing is tough.

That last article on Mythology was a bit “stupid”; don’t worry, just takes this old Eagle a little longer to gain altitude (it is an attitudinal thing).

So, fits and starts.

Let’s see.  Where do we go with that?

Well, let’s talk about “jumping the gun”; about “diving in, head first”; about “still waters…”, oh, you get the picture.


Such triteness in an old man.

So there is something to it.  Diving in.

One has to jump on the horse, get back on the bicycle and pick one’s self up, dust off, and get back in the running.

Wow!  Just full of trite and worn out aphorism this “mawnin’ “.

Too many biscuits and not enough coffee I guess.

Say is anyone else getting this damned cold.  Feels like the flu, but also like I can run a marathon (if I have enough tissue paper).


So, fits and starts.

It happens because you have to shock the system to get the behemoth rolling.

An aircraft carrier does not start off at full speed, and a train does not get a load moving quickly, nor does it stop on a dime.

Abrupt change, like stopping a fully laden locomotive too quickly, or turning an aircraft carrier too sharply results in — well, chaos.  Lots of dishes thrown around.

More so than in a Clinton White House.

Dirty dishes too (yucky poo poo).


Screenshot from 2019-10-05 09-55-55
Baby-killers and Lotus-eaters.  Every.  Stinkin’.  ONE.



Speaking of Democrats and “jumping in too quickly” – do you think they realized just how deep this water runs?

I mean.  Joe Biden. Take him, please!

Seriously.  The DNC did not know about those skeletons.


This business about his son is old news.  It happened long ago, and the only reason nothing was done about it was that there was a patently corrupt power structure in our Justice System .

Or should I say Clinton-Obama’s justice system.

Appears it goes much, much deeper than DOJ and the Postal Service (as we had previously thought).

No, even the state department (CIA) has remnants of this old-world, good-ol-boy thinking that somehow being devious and corrupt is somehow better than being honorable and straight-up.

And apparently, so does Congress.

Who knew that Pelosi could be bought.  Or maybe.  Just maybe.  Perhaps.

Perhaps she was not “bought”.  Perhaps she believes this “bovine scatology” as General Norman Schwarzkopf once put it (and ever-so aptly, in the moment).

Just maybe, she actually believes her own puffery.

In a doctoral PhD study in embellished scatological rhetoric, Dr. Gord Pennycook, a [then† PhD candidate in psychology at the University of Waterloo in Canada, states

“…acceptance of bullshit statements appears to be related to personal traits such as lower intelligence, belief in the paranormal, and the likelihood of believing in conspiracies”.

-Vox, Dr. Gord Pennycook

Well, certainly the DemonRATz have woven a conspiracy of late.  Not the first time either.  Intellectual investigation aside (I do believe they are at the very least, high functioning – but the decisions they have made???) – what are they really up to?  Do they know?  Does anyone?  It looks like a bunch of 1950’s radio listeners jumping off cliffs after the “War of the Worlds” broadcast.

Think you might want to look for the little green men first, BEFORE leaping to your communal demise?

Remember the Steele Dossier?  Nine-Eleven?  The Alamo (that masonic lodge still has lingering effects today)?


No short-term memory?  Too many drugs?  Yeah.

Well, let this old eagle jolt ya.

You’ve been in slumber too long, and you cannot pretend that what the DemonRATz are doing is above board.  It is anything but.

Never in the history of man have so many whiney-butts assembled in a group to complain about sour grapes.

Eat them, for god sakes.  They are good for you.  If you can’t eat them, turn them into wine (not WHINE).

Give me a stinking break.

What a bunch of losers.

Screenshot from 2019-10-05 09-53-13
What, is he above questioning now?


They are willing to put the health of the entire nation at risk because, what?  They did not get their way?

You know the only thing worse than a sore stinking loser is a sore stinking loser who also happens to be a bully who believes they are somehow right and righteous in their endeavor.

What we have here are a bunch of people who believe their authority comes down from on high.

Am I worried about our President? No. Emphatically, no.

He will come out smelling like a rose.

What I am worried about is the health of our nation with numb-skulls like team Pelosi at the helm.

These people are out of control. Like a train wreck, or an oil tanker piloted by a drunken DemonRat.


Screenshot from 2019-10-05 09-57-22
Well, if anyone should know about sociopathy, leave it to a DemonRAT.



That is what we have here.

Our Nation is being steered by idiots with the emotional IQ of Bevis and Butthead.

Bart Simpson (little pedophile puke) to the rescue.

When is the Democrat party going to grow up?

Too much cocaine? Crack? Or just too full of selfies?

Whatever the problem, these bullies need to have their faces rearranged.

And I believe, and truly believe, the American public has had enough of their bovine scatology.

It is time to begin socking them right in their self-righteous noses.


Screenshot from 2019-10-05 09-50-04

For their own good (and the good of the Nation).


† Resnick, Bryan “Why people fall for bullshit, according to a scientist”, Vox Media Inc., 1201 Connecticut Ave. NW, 11th Floor, Washington, DC 20036 Email:

Seperating Realities

We live in an age where the lines are no longer simply blurred, they hardly exist.

Woe unto the man or woman with mental disorders when it comes to keeping the two in their respective corners.

I am speaking, of course, of fact and of fiction.

In an age when authors blend the two in a genre known as “faction”, it becomes even more obscured when journalists practice a similar concept (the “composite” character made up of several individuals, or worse, the elusive “sources close to the White House”).

It is with cautious aforethought that The Precipice has waited this long to comment on the Arizona shooting.

We listened as the spin-meisters from the left tried to pin the whole incident on radio talk shows, or the “vitriolic” nature of we bloggers.

I think that intelligent speech is meant to be consumed by intelligent people.   I think that intelligent people can “read between the lines” as my high school history teacher used to say.

Of course, you can make too much of reading between the lines, but by the same token, one has to have a built-in malarkey protector as well.

I would say that this whole even was the orchestration of a delusional mind, but also one that has been fed without the ability to use a clarity of focus to separate the facts from the spin.

The Bible speaks of “lies becoming the truth, and the truth becoming the lies”.

This young man definitely has his issues, no doubt; and I believe that his mental state is largely to blame; but also his volition.

Everything in life is a matter of choices; choosing wisely is aided by clear thinking.

Numerous articles have been published concerning the mental state of Loughner (1, 2), and I think it wholly unjust to try and make a conclusion that this all results from political discourse.

It would be just like the liberal to make such an assertion when the truth has them “up against the ropes”.

For me, I believe we should press forward with our dialogue; press forward with pushing, hard, with facts and our take on the issues.

It is what makes America strong, our free voice.

Stifling it, as the Arizona Sheriff would like to do stinks of Stalin and Mao’s “little red book”.

As for the Precipice, we will continue to sing out the truth.

A Talley of Current Events

Well, just to make certain no one has missed any of the recent news – here’s a re-cap (of course, WITH commentary) –

North Korea-

The Missiles of July

N.Korean missiles fly.  I believe I remember there were 30 launches on July 4 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).  Did you hear about it on CBS?  Where is Dan Rather and that “most trusted man in America” Cronkite when you need them most?

Probably at a cricket match patting one another on the back about the brilliant manchurian they helped elect.  Ho hum.


More Missiles of July

And…what about our Vice President’s remarks about Israel?

Turn them loose on the Iranians?

You decide.

But here’s a piece you’d better place into your heart before you base your decisions on all the spectacular reporting that takes place with ABC, CBS and NBC – yes, Beaver, the Israelis do have nuclear submarines (1, 2, 3, 4).

The “Missed” Missiles of July

Another Country, Heard From

And so, what is America’s response?

Let’s lay down our swords and surrender (1, 2, 3, 4).

I’m not too certain I am altogether comfortable with this whole, “good cop, bad cop” routine that the headline, political “rat pack” of Biden, Obama, Emmanuel and Gibbs are putting forth on the world-wide political stage (or is this stage more meant for comedy, or perhaps comedy-relief in the face of such all-pervasive tragedy?).

Again, you must be the judge of what is happening, but from this country boy’s perspective, it just don’t seem all that grand.

I’m very concerned when I see an ally such as Israel caught up in this sort of rank and sophmoric brand of manipulation.

Where I come from, a man is not respected unless he fights his own fights.  He doesn’t put it off on another of his buddies, doesn’t call in the calvary, he’s “squares off” against his adversary.

No one in the mountains respects a man who looks for his big brother (or little brother) to fight his fights for him.

He respects a man who will look eyeball-to-eyeball with his enemy, and then spit in his eye.

But, I’ll give the comedy duo of BO and JB this much, maybe this change of theirs will turn out a bit different than their schemes might have provided for.  Maybe the world will recognize that not all in America are manipulators.  That there are some left who do business the old-fashioned way. Just may be.

One can only hope (1, 2, 3, 4).

The Duality of Contention

Its Sin, and its Virtue

It is both contemptible, and it is praiseworthy.

On the one hand, contention is the hallmark of the loyal opposition.

On the other, it is the bane of the ruling class.

So what is the fine, divining line for what represents “good” contention?

One must first analyze the concepts of both good, and evil.

The rational mind can easily make such determinations.

For example, when a duck is roasting above an open campfire, “fire is good”; however, put yourself in the place of the duck in the form of a house fire, and “fire is bad”.

The rationalist would say that it is futile to measure, or to try and measure, good and evil.

They would say that it is all based on perspective.

I suppose they’d have somewhat the conundrum on their hands were it to be their cousin, Eddie the duck, who transpires in his house due to fire…but the rationalist would probably say “ah, just go ahead and chow down on old Eddie – never was worth much anyway – oughtta do somebody some good in death, since he didn’t in life”.

I would argue that there is evil in this rationale.

What are you willing to sacrifice so that there can be an improvement in your own condition?  Moreso, what are you willing to see others sacrifice for your own hide?

Being in the minority party now, contention takes on somewhat a “new” light for me.  Now I am forced to defend all, and I am forced to do so by a party that basically falls into the category of the cold rationalist.

They will do whatever it takes to hold on and survive.

I am reminded of spoiled brats I grew up with who would do most anything to “get their way”.

Well, I’m afraid that my contention is a bit different.

I am not willing to sacrifice others for my own sake.

I am, however, most willing to put them in harm’s way for something that is beneficial to us all.

For example, I will not sacrifice one company to save another, when through tried and true principles (free market enterprise), they could both be salvaged.

I was twenty hours from receiving a minor in business, and I remember vividly the mantra of our professors, from econ to business management they railed “Profit is King”.

From the standpoint of business operating in a capitalist system, there is absolute truth in this statement.

The unfortunate thing is, we are no longer a capitalist system (some say never to be again, but I disagree – all things are possible with God, and I believe, free men).

Henry Ford once said “they can have any car they want as long as it is black and a Model T”.

General Motors introduced the concept of a paint line.

People could have a choice.

And boy, did they ever choose.

So much so, that the concept of diversification took on new life.

From the concept sprang not only paint lines, but different car lines.

What was once one, became many.

Cadillac, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, GMC (and I’m sure I’m leaving some out) – the concept grew into the titan.

I learned, also in business school (and probably before through friends and other classes) that the Japanese have a saying that “on a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji” (the island chain, I understand, is more extensive than meets the eye in Japan and I’m sure it is akin to my seeing my smoky mountains from far reaches – reminding me of home).

A book came out once entitled “On a Clear day, you can see GM”.

General Motors is one of the flagship corporations that made this nation strong.

It is in part what has stood as a rampart of sorts.  It is one tier in a lined fortress.

ALCOA, IBM, US Steel, Unisys, Microsoft…the list can go on, and on ad infinitum.  Each one represents a rampart in our fortress.

And now we have the voice of “change”.

“Mr. Obama, tear down those walls!”.


It is one thing to tear down a wall that is oppressive and designed to keep people in.

But let’s consider, these are multi-national corporations.   They employ people all over the world.

They are not designed to either keep people in, or keep people out.

Theirs, is but one mission.


They are not prejudiced.

I once worked for a heavy metals company.  I remember fondly how they would say, “we know how to do one thing, and we know how to do it well.  We make that metal.  That metal is our pay.  We do it right because we know there is a reward in the end in the form of our paychecks that we get from making the stuff. It is what we do”.

Now we have Obama and his merry band telling us that they have it all wrong.  That somehow, this needs to be changed.

It is not “fair” that they should make a profit through their hard work when others do not.



You want fair?

Fair is seeing the feather-bedding sons-a-bitches getting off their assess and help the rest of the world turn a profit.  That is fair.

Fair is having a system where everyone is expected to pull their weight.

Fair is a world free from muzzles of the kind Congress and BO’s stinking plans want to place on blogs and talk radio through the “fairness” doctrine.


There is no fairness in their regulation (UNLESS your lazy ass is laying in a feather bed).

He is single-handed tearing down what this nation has built from dust.

He is taking a thriving, positive system and turning it into one that “plays favorites”.

He is essentially reducing it to the lowest common denominator, the sluggish, apathetic sorry piece of shit laying in a feather bed while others accept risk and build civilization.

I am no rationalist when it comes to good and evil.

I believe that any can see the difference between the two.

There can be no good in dismantling through regulation.

The bible states that evil will twist the truth and use it to its own devices.

I believe we are witnessing this first-hand.

There is no good in the policies that are being forced down the throat of this nation today.

What we have is an evil Pygmalion one with an intent not to improve the lot of some lowly individual (what was lowly about American capitalism – once the envy of the world?).

What we have is someone with their own concept of what is righteous and good, and yet from what I see, there is no good in any of his policies.

To destroy what was once something others held in high esteem – where is the good in that?

I remember when Russians (before the wall came down) – when common Russians desired to wear Levi jeans.

We took them for granted.  They were “knocking around” clothes.

They were prized behind the iron curtain.

What is evil in that?

Rampant greed?

Sure, if the object is greed.  But what if it is simply to have a quality pair of durable britches that happen also to be (in some individual estimation)…stylish?  Is that evil?

I always detested that teacher from school who would say “if you bring bubble gum into the class, you have to bring one for everybody”.

Like hell.

It was my ass that was out on the weekends picking up bottles to turn them in for coins with which to buy the bubble gum.

Let the other bastards get out in the hot sun and pick up bottles so that they too can enjoy and nice, juicy chew in school.

What is unfair is for you to expect me to work double-time for the damned lazy slugs who would not get up off their fat assess to change their minds, much less earn a piece of bubble gum.


Your damned right.

But I believe that mine is a form of contention that stands for what is true, and what is right, and therefore, what is righteous.

No more mister nice-guy.

It is time to take off the gloves, and fight for my damned piece of bubble gum.

True Torture


[here’s another good “read” on the subject, or a slight tangent, here]

When I was in College in my Senior year, I had one political science requirement to fulfill before graduating.

Back then, we all waited in tremendous lines with these “cheat” books that contained codes for the myriad of classes offered at the University at that time.

It’s a whole “nuther” story, as the saying goes, but I wish I had one of those books today to visit what courses were offered at the time: it seems I remember so many in the code book that there had to be some covering the sex life of some nefarious creature like a snipe or something – it always felt as if we were on a snipe hunt, trying to
find a class to take.

So here I am, code book in hand, with all the potential courses circled that would meet my requirement.

We’d normally have to stand in line several times to complete our roster of classes for the quarter. What would really tick you off is to find that a professor had dropped a class on the first day of classes – then it would be “back to the end of the line yet again”.

Frustrations were high, needless to say.

I get to the computer and find an opening in one titled “Contemporary Issues in American Public Policy”.

Now, to date myself, these are the 1980’s, mind you.

“Fine Young Cannibals”, “Modern English”, and “Dexys Midnight Runners” were the new sounds on the radio-diddio, and we were just behind the curve on the e-generation that was about to “hatch”.

But the paper-driven, computer guru-gods and god-ettes would smile on me this day (so I thought) – I seem to have hit the jack-pot with this class (well, more like “hit the

So I get to the class the first day and find out that this is one EVERYONE (whoever EVERYONE is) wants this class. The good Professor and his lectures are highly coveted.

Turns out, the entire quarter would be devoted to the history of the Viet Nam war.

Now, again, let me re-iterate.

The title of the course was Contemorary Issues in American Public Policy and it was the 1980’s.

The 1980’s.

Again, for the benefit of those of my readers edumacated in the public
school systems, the Viet Nam war ended in the 70’s.

I graduated (college) in 1987.

The war seemed a distant memory at this point (some twelve years or more was
already behind us – I had moved on).

Contemporary for me was the issue of the nuns killed by Sandinistas in
Central America, the dismantling of the Iron Curtain and Perestroika, or a new
concept in warfare known as a missile shield, popularly called “Reagan’s Star

But it was a public school, and a university, so I suppose that contemporary
for them is always twenty years behind.

At any rate, I did get to meet a lot of people who were actively involved in
the war.

From street protesters to soldiers, I heard many perspectives.

One that stood out among all was a spook.

Now, due to the time that has passed, I have forgotten spook’s name, so for
the purpose of this article, let’s just call him “Juke” (as in “Juke the

Now again, for those of you from public schools, a spook is a term used most
often to describe spies, assassins (snipers) and special forces. To some, they
are known as “snake eaters”; the WW II generation probably called them

They are a special class, by any soldier’s standards.

In later life, I met another one who served in Viet Nam as well. He told me
that his commanding officer basically told him to essentially go AWOL, live in
the jungle, and kill as many of the enemy as possible. Check back from time to
time with a body count.

They were hard core, needless to say.

Now Juke the Spook, in the story he relates, was actually serving under what
is still a nefarious operation known as the Phoenix Program (1, 2, 3).

He was a sniper, and he killed enemy officers, and South Vietnamese who
collaborated with the Viet Kong.

Torture Defined, by Juke

(WARNING: graphic content

Juke related to us his first kill.

He begins by telling us of a young girl, probably a teenager, who was
repeatedly raped by our predecessors in the war in Indochina, the French.

She was passed around like a rag-doll and I suppose many of the soldiers had
a turn with her.

Needless to say, this affected her psyche in abnormal and extreme fashion
that would prove of great use to our enemy, down the line.

Now, growing up, I had heard all about enemy torture. Brainwashing (PSYOPS)
was a huge topic for a young boy growing up during that war, and we all had a
certain fear of returning soldiers (what had the enemy done to them?).

We all heard the storys of bamboo shoots being shoved up their toe-and
finger- nail beds, of burning flesh, and the monotonous drip, drip, dripping of
water torture (a single drop, between the eyes, perpetual, for

Horrible sounding.

But what Juke related was even worse.

Now it is torture, in itself, to repeatedly rape someone. It would seem
iteration is often a central theme in the use of torture.

But it turned her into a monster.

Juke said that soldiers guarding the perimeter of a certain jungle camp would be taken prisoner in the dead of night.

Somewhere in the jungle, near the base camp, the torture would begin.

This raped, rag-doll marionette for the Cong would have the prisoner hog-tied to a table. Her torture would then begin.

She would take a razor blade and begin at their toes, splitting the skin and peeling it back.

Little by little, she would peel the skin back all the way up their legs,their torso, all the way to their necks.

Of course, they would scream in agony, which was the PSYOPS portion of the operation; the screaming would be heard by the soldiers in the base camp.

I don’t know how many victims she claimed, but Juke was given the task of assassinating her.

He claimed he had no problem with this job.  I imagined that I would not either.

I don’t know anyone who would. Much agony, both in her mind and spirit, and for the poor prisoners that were her victims, would be put to an end with her death.

Now, I don’t know about you, but to sit and watch your body stripped of its skin, and to die in agony (probably of infection) the whole while watching nothing but meat and muscle writhe below – I don’t know, but to me, water-boarding seems a pic-nic in comparison.

This is real torture.

It is confirmed by those in the Hanoi Hilton (John McCain included) that arms would be tied at the wrists behind backs, and bamboo poles placed in the crook of the elbows would be used to lift the soldier, then drop him within inches of the floor before jerking back on the rig – thus pulling the victim’s shoulders from their sockets.

I’ve had a dislocated shoulder. I can tell you that this is “passing out”pain.

Even this, pales to having one’s skin removed.

Pain at least tells you that you are still alive.

Seeing that all your skin is gone and that you look like one of those”Grey’s Anatomy” anatomical man figurine models we put together as kids in the60’s – you know for certain that not only are these your last and final days, but that those final hours and hours and hours would be spent in the most horrific agony.

So yes, my personal opinion is, this sets the low mark for what DEFINES torture.

It (torture) takes many forms, but this is one of the most cruel stories that I have ever heard.

The Club Gitmo Variant

Well, the terrorist held at Gitmo are in a resort by comparison. Their “torture” does not even come close to this kind of agony.

To be dunked in water, forced to believe that you will be drowned (and yet never drowned) – you’d think a torture “victim” would learn…I suppose there is the possiblity that the “torturers” might not revive you after getting a lung-dose of water, but after having been “drowned” so many times and revived, it seems reasonable to assume the torture isn’t killing you.

In fact, it could be equated to standing in lines at the university to signup for classes that have been mis-represented as contemporary when in fact the subject matter is 20-years old; it is just like a Democrat who mis-represents anything remotely resembling the truth.

For example, “I have no interest in socialism” comes the cry from our current “powers that be” – and yet all around all we see of their policy is pure and simple, unadulterated and perfect, socialism.

It brings into question, actually, whether anything in the class could bebelieved.

For example, after relating the story of the “victim” who was raped by the French and then as a result becoming a flesh-eating psychopath, “Juke” goes onto tell us that his last “kill order” was for a village fisherman who he personally knew was no collaborator with the Viet Kong.

Now, there are a lot of red flags and question marks that crop up in hisstories.

He said he layed down his sniper rifle and refused to kill the fisherman.

It is almost poetry, isn’t it?

The war begins noble.

He’s killing insane people who are hurting others.

Then, as a matter of conscious, he refuses a direct order to kill what he says he believes is an innocent.

En masse, the war begins as a noble effort.

To hear a hippie paint it, in the end, we (America) was “in the wrong” -killing innocent fishermen (let’s see now – wasn’t it Christ who was also a fisherman).

Like I said, the story is poetry, and it sounds propagandist.

But here is what we do know.

John McCain and his fellow prisoners were most assuredly tortured at the Hanoi Hilton.

What they endured was definitely worse than what the terrorists at Gitmo have endured.

For me, that should be the end of the story.

But apparently, in all his glory and wisdom, it does not end there for B.O.

He’s gonna have to “bring out the pictures” of torture in Gitmo.

Well, personally, I can’t get the picture of the skinless fellow on a table in the jungle out of my head – or the teenaged rape victim.


Sheesh…that seems like something we used to do to Puney Maroni up in the creek on Saturday afternoons to get him to tell us where he hid the candy.

I wonder what kind of “spin” B.O. and his propagandists will put on this one once all of these photos he’s so fond of get released?

I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to feel tortured by B.O. and his minion of morons.

How ’bout you?

Break Out the Tar…

…but don’t bother with the feathers.

Looks like the chickens are already wearing them (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).

Here we are in the midst of multiple wars on multiple fronts, and it is looking very much like the war on the homefront may perk up to be the most heated.

Here we are on this “tea day” (every day for me…I’m having a cup every morning to go along with my extreme penchant for right-leaning stripes on my conservative neckties, pro-right bumper stickers on my pick-em-up truck, cartridges that are loaded in the “right” manner in all my guns, and proceeding with great caution in making the “right” interpretations of my bible studies).

On that last one, I figure anyone who is trying to sway my thinking on what I read in the good book, is probably all wrong (for why else would they have a position to defend when the good book already tells the whole truth, and nothing but the truth)?  I can read, and I do not need any convincing, so stow the persuasions to follow YOUR interpretations (I have my own, and they are based solely in my faith).

Same holds for my constitution, and I am righteously indignant over any who try and convince me that my interpretations are all wrong.  I have the right to keep, AND BEAR, arms, for example, and that right should be un-infringed along with my right to free speech here on my blog.

My prayer on this day is that the tea parties proceed with positive results, and I truly hope no one gets hurt.

But I can tell you, in no uncertain terms, I am deeply offended by a Federal government that would time such communiques as the one’s that hit the papers yesterday concerning right-wing extremism.

First the left branded us as Nazis (a total and complete fabrication on their parts as I have stated before, ‘Nazi” translates to “National Socialist”, something the jack-booted thugs on the left more closely resemble than we Republicans).

Next they try and call us cheats, as with Ollie North and Reagan.  Then their mantra is “Bush lied, people died”.

Of course, they are squeaky clean as evidenced by all the tax frauds and real estate scandals that define the Obama administration.

In truth, we are seeing as pure evidence in the newspapers who the “thugs” really are.

They are the people brandishing the labels, calling us names and all the while, persecuting.

What kinds of idiots do they think we are?  They brand us the enemy, when all about them, the world is barking at their door.

Pirates in Somalia, who knows what in Afghanistan, and then with the Iranians, N. Koreans and even, yes, the Iraqi’s (there have been grumbles that things may not be so, so rosey there as Obama and his gang of thugs would like for us to believe).

And what is the response of our “leadership” ?

They begin to get all paranoid and turn their attention internally.

It is their policies of thuggery that are leading to this.

And this is what they deem as intelligent leadership?

My Lord, next they will begin pointing fingers and persecuting their own ranks.

What a pathetic lot.

To tar and feather them would be nothing more than making characiture of what is already a parody of something that might otherwise pass for real leadership.

In truth, the chickens are preparing a roost while all the roosters are out there strutting their stuff.  After all, when the game is up, they will have to have some place to hide.  Maybe in Superman’s cape (how’s the song go about pulling masks and spittin’ in the wind?).

Yeah, well, he don’t look like no “Jim” to me, but on review of the song, look what happened to poor, old Jimmy.  Yikes! Now there is a real reminder about over-blown chest puffing if I’ve ever heard one.

After all, these proud peacocks will have to have some place to lay their heads once everyone remembers that in spite of all the posturing, they are really nothing more than chickens.

That’s it. Blame, Play Politics and Yuk It Up While the World Knocks

As if you weren’t “cozy” enough with all this bright rhetoric coming out of Obama’s Washington concerning the “worst economy since the depression”, I’ve taken serious note of the fact that everyone seems to be just ignoring these stories in favor of “gloom-mongering” or escapades on late-night television. Sorry Mr. President, but I don’t see you joking your way out of all this mess.

“US Destroyers to Escort Ships in South China Sea”

“US Warships Head for South China Sea After Standoff”

and, this from “”

“Barack Obama approves sending armed destroyers to protect US ships in South China Sea”

Oh, but you just think you are finished with global, catastrophic worries…check out these articles…

“Russian Bombers Based in Cuba?”

(yeah, so why the hell are we “lifting” the restrictions placed on Cuba by the Bush admin. – can you say “BO-Polar” (a unique condition whereby sociopathic behavior is exhibited by someone who is the President, but is acting as if he is not much of one, as opposed to those with the unfortunate delusion of grandeur that they are Abe Lincoln when in fact they are nothing more than a doped-up, bowery bum).

“Cuba Could Host Russian Bombers, Air Force Chief Says”

“Cuba, Venzuela Might Host Russian Bombers”

“Venzuela Offers Bases for Bombers: Russian General”

“Cuba, Venzuela May Host Russian Bombers”

“Chavez: Russian Bombers Welcome in Venzuela, but…”

“Russian Bombers Based in Cuba?”

So, what the hell is B.O. doing?  Stinking up the place even more with Havana Stogeys?  Or wait a minute !  Maybe he is rolling  a bunch of “blunts” using Cuban Sensimillion.  He sure acts like somebody who is stoned (first he’s a savior, then superhero, then he is Abe Lincoln, then LBJ, then Kennedy, then Samuel Gompers – who the hell could he possibly be compared to next?  Richard Nixon?  No.  NO!  You AIN’T no Dick Nixon – you couldn’t carry his water).

How ’bout “Sly and the Family Stoners” ?

Oh, but it doesn’t stop here…

“Planned North Korean Satellite Launch Arouses Suspicion”

“South Korea Warns North Korea of U.N. Action on Missile”


“North Korea’s Taepodong-2 Long Range Missile”

You nervous yet?

All that seems to come from BO and his band of merry, merry men is “Bush Lied, People Died”.  You know what?  I’m sick and tired of your out-and-out lies.  First, this RECESSION is NOT a depression!

Supposedly, Mr. President B.O., you are a graduate from a prestigious law school.  I’ve had experience with law school, and I know that as undergraduates, we do study economics.  Did you miss that semester?  A recession is not a depression, and some funky weather patterns do NOT constitute the end of the world as we know it.

The above situations MAY !

Oh, but we are STILL not done.

“Mr. Iran Envisions Major War in Coming Months”

“China in 4.9b Deal to Develop Iran Gas Field”

“Allies Clocks Tick Differently On Iran” (yeah, well one of these “Allies” needs his clocked cleaned – and it ain’t a Hebrew clock, I can tell ya).

“US and Israel Differ on Urgency of Iranian Threat”

How can these numbskulls get any DUMBER?

It is very simple math.  Nobody is impressed with BO’s taking a war-time economy and turning it into a legitimate NOSE-dive and then blaming Bush and Cheney and the oil companies and the people who Al Gore says brought us global warming (when in fact it was Al Gore who brought us global warming, and supposedly the internet – notice the “delusion of grandeur” similarities when comparing Gore to B.O.) ?

Further, not only is no-one impressed with your “making nice” with Cuba when all about there are enemies trampling at our gates no one, and I do mean NO one, is happy with the current events shaping up globally.

Just last week I found myself in the “unusual” position of being out very late (helping a friend celebrate his birthday – I went “clubbing” with him three nights in a row as his designated driver).

On my way home one night (Thursday last week,  I think it was) I caught this Catholic Priest on late-night radio on my drive home.  He said he’s been getting reports from Priests in Russia that the Russians have put their military on high alert in case some sort of a breakdown happens in the U.S.A.

One could jump to the conclusion that they are preparing for an invasion (and it doesn’t seem that far-fetched given their attempts to establish bases in Cuba and S. America) – or one could assume they are like wolves waiting for states to begin seceding, or one could just say they are being pragmatic given the state of the entire world and how much it seems it is tied into our own situation.  I’d say that all are fair assessments.

The main question to ask here is “what are we doing about it?”.

Are you listening Madame Clinton?

You can’t blame Bush for this one.

You also won’t be able to use all the printed greenback dollars you are issuing to somehow “unpaint” yourself from this corner you are locked into.  You need to lay off the green – you are printing too much, and you are about to paint all the rest of us in there with you.

You make all these claims that the Republicans have not offered you any plans.  Just yesterday I watched a Congressman (Eric Cantor, the Republican Whip from Richmond, Virginia) state emphatically that he personally handed you a viable plan.

You blatantly ignored it, Mr. President.

Ignorance, President Obama, will not make the world go away.  Sticking you head in the sand will not make the GOP go away, it will not make the Russians go away, or the Chinese, or the N. Koreans, or the Iranians.

You know, I did not notice all this activity from our enemies when Bush was in office.  What the hell is your excuse?

You can’t blame Dan Quayle or Reagan either.  Or George H.W.

This is “all on you”.

Since they’ve got the global warming “crisis” locked in, and now they are making a depression mountain out of a recession mole-hill – what is next for the BO magic act?  Is he going to  make Armageddon fly out of his ass?

There most assuredly needs to be some change.  Positive change, and in the “right” direction.

Oh, and by the way…we need it pretty damned quick.

Too bad we don’t have a “do-over” in Presidential politics.

On Prophets and Predictions

You may have heard this morning that a Russian “expert” in the field has predicted the demise of the United States of America next year.

I am reminded of the years leading up to the fall of the Soviet Union (or extreme reorganization).

Our own Central Intelligence Agency predicted its fall ten years from the date of the prediction (it “fell” not long after the report) (1, 2, 3).  An interesting factoid concerning this botched prediction was based on the fact that the CIA may have relied too heavily on Soviet information and data (just look at one of their newspapers (Pravda or TASS) and you can see how “unbiased” they are; you might as well use government-issued press releases).

The point is, propaganda oversells or over-states issues.

That is what propaganda does.

Now where do you suppose this Soviet “expert” would gather his data to conclude that the U.S. will fall next year?

All we have been hearing out of the Democrats and the Obama administration is that we are repeating the Great Depression of the early 30’s and that they are representing the new Roosevelt-doctrine (the “new”, New Deal).

This is the problem with propaganda.  It paints a certain perspective for the entire world.

Let’s break it down a little further.  The latest unemployment stats that I have heard mentioned put us somewhere in the vicinity of seven percent.

Keep in mind – we were running in double digits under the Carter administration (that was the 1970’s; fourteen percent, I “think”).

During the depression years after the 29 stock crash, unemployment was running in the thirty percentile.

Thirty percent !

That is a far-cry difference from this seven percent that we now face – and yet what do we get from Obama?  He screams that we are in the grip of depression and failing by the minute.

He is setting himself up for a self-fulfilling prophesy.  It is his policies that are driving the markets down, not to mention the perception he is creating with his speech.

I am trained in public relations.  We are taught that the best approach to dealing with a sticky situation is to try and present it in as true a light as is possible.

In other words, base your communications on the facts and try your damndest to see that the facts are corroborated by more than one party.

Then have a game plan.  Communicate to the public that there is a problem, that we are aware of the problem (restate it for clarification) and that this is what we are doing to address the problem (again, restate the problem so that everyone understands).

Now it is also important that the problem is legitimate.  Look at the problems with selling the world on global warming and you will see what I mean.  There is no consensus on the subject by experts.  All you hear are the “experts” representing one side of the issue.

What we are not taught to do is manufacture problems.

Believe it or not, in spite of what you have heard about “spin” – we are taught to do what the journalists do not seem to be doing.  We are taught to deal with issues in an above-board fashion.

I believe that it is under-handed to continue down this path of self-destruction.  To continue to paint the situation we now face as a “depression” is as bright and shining a lie as has ever been told by any politician.

The viability of our nation is based on a free and open marketplace.

Men have tried to emulate that freedom in terms of intellect and thought as well (a free and open interhange of ideas).

Now I realize that when approaching a problem, all things must be put on the table.  For example, I understand that the CIA actually has a contingency plan set up in case of an attack upon the United States by Canada.

We all know it is not likely to happen, but we have the game-plan just in case.

We as a nation have built in protections to avoid another financial collapse like the one of the Great Depression.

It is fine to have a plan for that.  Where I have a problem is when a government official continues to panic the entire world with rhetoric, and in so-doing affect the markets in such a terrible fashion.

If you’ve ever read “The Scarlet Pimpernel” you will see that a similar tactic was used in the French market place of the period where the character “whispers” stock information at parties and galas to manipulate the markets.

You can plainly see what an affect it has when a world leader such as our President makes blatant and open remarks (no whispers) about the subject.

This is wholly and completely malevolent, and it is absolutely irresponsible.

The repercussions you can plainly see in the prediciton of this Russian.

Now here is the “other side” of the coin.

Our CIA overestimated the Russians strength prior to their collapse.  What I believe is happening here is that this Russian is underestimating our markets, and he is doing so based on all the rhetoric coming from our President and the Democrats in Congress.

The fact is, we are not in the greatest shape ever, but then again, we are NOT in a depression.

There is a wise quote that states that a man should only be judged by the company he keeps (now, I do know that we shouldn’t judge at all – but I do think we have to use some discernment to avoid running with the devil).

It is tacitly ironic to me that Barack Obama finds an ally in his rhetoric coming from a Soviet “expert”.

One socialist talking about another.

You do the math.

An “Unprecedented” President

Novel and unexampled?  Well.

Actually, we’ve had other Presidents who have held threats above our heads.

Think about it.

Do you remember that it was Jimmy Carter who initiated the 55 mph speed limit, prompting Mr. Hagar’s lament.  I seem to remember it was the environment and foreign oil dependency then too (OPEC oil cartel in the early 70’s…ring a bell?).

“The sky is falling.”

Lest we not forget the Clinton-Gore team and Global Warming.

“The sky is falling.”

And now for your viewing pleasure, Obama’s “unprecedented” recession.

First, he paints himself as Lincoln re-born.  Now he’s FDR.  What will we have next, Truman (look out, Iran).

Then –  have you heard this one?  This was a “bipartisan” expenditure of 800 billion dollars.  Right.  They had two Republicans.


Just like drawing the conclusion that some funky weather patterns spell the end of life as we know it, a rising unemployment rate is a true signature that we are headed for economic ruin.

Well, come to think of it, the most repressive economic times I remember in my lifetime were during the Carter years. I seem to recall an unemployment rate of 14% back then.


See a pattern yet, America?

Well, Mr. President, you made the comment that if things don’t work out, America can elect a new President in four years.


Here’s a suggestion for a change we can live with; how about a system like England where their Emperor can be thrown out by referendum vote if he’s not living up to the task…but here’s one further – we need to apply that to every Senator and Congressman as well.

No more “House censor” – WE will be the censors.

You mess up, we throw you out on your can!

I still have not heard one solitary word on what the return on my investment will be.

Better roads…ok, then what?

Nothing to drive on them?  Horse and buggy?  Electric car?  Well, without coal, and without nukes, where the hell are we getting the electricity?


Return on Investment.

What’s the plan, Stan?

Decisions are being made right now on behalf of current voters without any regard what-so-ever to the future.  Rubbing salve on an open vein will not stop the bleeding.

This bandaid is doing nothing for the massive internal bleeding (TRILLIONS of dollars bubbling down the drain).

We need real action, and a leader who is going to demonstrate that he is more than PR and fluff.

Don’t tell me you have bipartisan support, Mr. President, when you have TWO republicans on your side on this.

This is a travesty.

NBC’s Profane “The Last Templar”

As a Knight’s Templar I have an observation about the show.mod

It is pathetic to me that the writer’s of this piece of junk would end it with the archeologist (scientist) nobly destroying a “secret” that would destroy Christianity if made public.

How full of pomp and circumstance are these charlatans passing for “scientists”.  I’ll bet they drink beer with Al Gore and his merry band of global warming alarmists.

It is malarky that brother Knights would keep such a secret.  It was the mission of my ancient brethren to “debunk” any charlatans putting forth lies that would dilute the Truth.

They would never cover up or hide such insanity, but rather, do all within their power to punch holes in the assertions.

The so-called “Jesus Testament” of this piece of mindless fluff would  most assuredly exist only in a fictional account of some rip-off (rip-off, fictional) forgery put forth by gnostics and retold by the opium-addicts of hollywood. It would never have been “secreted away” as relics by the Knights of my order.

It would have been debunked.

wrought by the templar's hand
wrought by the templar's hand

I write this piece because the worthless excuse of teleplay-passing-as-theater needs to be challenged, just as the miscreants challenge our faith and patience at every turn.

If we Christians do not defend the Truth, then who will (but of course the Truth needs no defense; however we would do well to defend ourselves through our testament of that Truth).