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Seperating Realities

We live in an age where the lines are no longer simply blurred, they hardly exist.

Woe unto the man or woman with mental disorders when it comes to keeping the two in their respective corners.

I am speaking, of course, of fact and of fiction.

In an age when authors blend the two in a genre known as “faction”, it becomes even more obscured when journalists practice a similar concept (the “composite” character made up of several individuals, or worse, the elusive “sources close to the White House”).

It is with cautious aforethought that The Precipice has waited this long to comment on the Arizona shooting.

We listened as the spin-meisters from the left tried to pin the whole incident on radio talk shows, or the “vitriolic” nature of we bloggers.

I think that intelligent speech is meant to be consumed by intelligent people.   I think that intelligent people can “read between the lines” as my high school history teacher used to say.

Of course, you can make too much of reading between the lines, but by the same token, one has to have a built-in malarkey protector as well.

I would say that this whole even was the orchestration of a delusional mind, but also one that has been fed without the ability to use a clarity of focus to separate the facts from the spin.

The Bible speaks of “lies becoming the truth, and the truth becoming the lies”.

This young man definitely has his issues, no doubt; and I believe that his mental state is largely to blame; but also his volition.

Everything in life is a matter of choices; choosing wisely is aided by clear thinking.

Numerous articles have been published concerning the mental state of Loughner (1, 2), and I think it wholly unjust to try and make a conclusion that this all results from political discourse.

It would be just like the liberal to make such an assertion when the truth has them “up against the ropes”.

For me, I believe we should press forward with our dialogue; press forward with pushing, hard, with facts and our take on the issues.

It is what makes America strong, our free voice.

Stifling it, as the Arizona Sheriff would like to do stinks of Stalin and Mao’s “little red book”.

As for the Precipice, we will continue to sing out the truth.

Immigration (et, al): A DIATRIBE

So, the new immigrants are the same as the old?

Let’s think about the first immigrants.

Well, now there is one that is highly contested, isn’t it?

Let’s see.

My first thought is (was), that they were puritanical Pilgrims; but wait, what about that Leif Ericson cat?

Now, there was one, righteous-Nordic DUDE (1)

But, I digress (you gotta admit, though, he was COOL – literally; he had chilly grey matter – “ees cooold in dat North Sea”).

The FIRST immigrants to the “New” World (can you say “Order in the court?”…hmmmm? Can you?).

Let’s see, I seem to remember somewheres in my vast repository of useful information some will call a waning noggin a certain LAND BRIDGE – let’s see – what was it called?  hmmmm THE BERING STRAIGHT ????

Immigration in this great nation of ours started when the ASIAN crossed over from Russia, through the periphery of the Arctic circle and then down and around and into North America (one could argue that they were Ca-nooks, but, let’s not; sorry, Leif).

At any rate, immigration is truly a very old concept to this ragged Continent of our’n.

Now, I ask a simple question.

Did Leif Ericson have universal health care?

What about those first Asians?  Did they have an emergency ward when they got an icey fishook gorged through their nostrils in some horrid mis-adventure?

Well, the answer is obvious, isn’t it.

All immigrants are not alike.

Take the Irish, for example.

They were escaping a potato famine, and they were damned glad to get to this “land of opportunity” (seems it has now become a land of entitlement opportunity).

Did Paddy and O’leary and Shamus have a wet-nurse-maid awaiting them on the shores of “opportunity”.

Well…I’m waiting…

Let’s forget about immigrants (just for a moment) and think about those brave young men and women in buckskins who braved the elements, left “BAH-STAN” and headed into the wilderness “to see what they could see”.

What about them?

Did they have a Humana or Mercy General out there in the rough and tumble of the Great Smoky Mountains, or the Wild West that lay beyond.

The answer, is of course, “HELL NO”.

There was no one there to wipe their snotty noses.  No one to hand out free aspirin and toiletries.

In short, they had to make it.  They had to rely on the natural resources.  They had to rely on their “gumption”.

Now, I truly do know, full-well, that there are immigrants who approach this caliber of mindset today.

Even they are not faced with the “hardships” of those “ancients” who came before us (when, exactly when were the “mud-hut” builders of the earliest settlers in Tennessee?  Ten or twelve THOUSAND years ago…I use Tennessee as example as it is buried about as far away from the Bering Land Bridge as one can get (on this Continent anyhow) to demonstrate that the West truly is much, much older than our Constitution.

So, what of it, you may say.

Well, here is “what of it”…when one sticks to basic precepts, things work pretty well.  When one drifts, far afield, concepts and philosophy’s and even religions begin to unravel.

As they say where I come from “it is time to get down to brass tacks”.

The basics.

There is no divine right to “a car in every garage and a chicken in every pot”; this is NOT a concept our forefathers envisioned in our Constitution.

Utopia, frankly, is a big, fat lie (as is Haight-Ashbury and every damned thing the Beatles ever thought to sing but forgot because they were too flippin’ stoned).

There is no yellow brick road, Dotty.  No pot at the end of the rainbow.

What there is, though, is…


Freedom to make choices.  Freedom to live without having someone breathing down your neck all the time.

Freedom to eke out (and I do mean EKE)…to eke out a living.

THIS is what “built” our country.

I believe that in the coming days, weeks, months and years, our great nation will “get back to the egg”…we will remember the people who built this nation.

But we will also remember the people who have tried to tear it down.

We won’t forget (and I pray, and I mean deep, deep prayer) that we NEVER let this mess happen again!

One-Sixteenth, of an inch

I am a proud, Freemason.

I am the Master of my Lodge, for this year, Year of Our Lord, 2010.

Each and every time I attend our stated meetings, since my induction into our humble Lodge (Prudentia, No. 719 – fifteen LONG years ago), I have pledged allegiance to our Nation (One, Under God).

And each time I recite my pledge, I take special note (and privilege) of one, one very special, sixteenth-of-an-inch.

Freemasonry (and its perfection, it is said) can only be attained through degrees.

I have always taken special note, and pride, of a singular, sixteenth-of-an-inch.

The flag to which we pledge, the stars and stripes of our humble Nation, hangs opposite the Christian flag in our Lodge. It hangs singular against a pole, and is “furled” straight to ward the ground below.

Its seven, red- and six, white- stripes, and fifty-white stars in constellation set upon a blue (not the dark of night, nor the light of day, but the dawn of day-break or the dusk, of evening-tide) background all hold special, historic and  dear significance to each of us who know its history (and more-especially, have not forgotten).

It is mounted to a pole, and hangs -regally straight- a full, one sixteenth of an inch from Mother Earth at the tip of her terminal corner.

Each and ever time I recite my pledge to my Nation (at least once per month), I take special note of that one, singular, sixteenth-of-an-inch.

I have been a Freemason for going on, some odd, fifteen years (or there-about).

I have pledged to that flag, once-per-month at each and every of our stated meetings (save for a couple of Presidential elections that have taken precedence for me over our stated, Tuesday-night meetings).

I have been regular in my attendance, and regular in my pledge to my Nation.

I have also taken regular note of that sixteenth-of-an-inch.

I would stop the world of Freemasonry were that flag ever to contact Mother Earth.

She hangs there, for some fifteen years that I have observed, and none (not one) of her fibers have ever loosened so as to allow her grace to commingle with the earthen filth.

Each time I take upon myself my pledge, I take note of that scant distance between her grace, and the filth of the ground.

I am reminded of that which separates both heaven, and earth.

It is a small chasm that separates her; but it is an eternal distance for the vigilant who in heart know of that which awaits the steadfast !

Our Nation, today, stands in that crux…that scant distance that separates grace, from ruin.

I believe, with all my heart, that with this same concept of equal regularity, that this distance does not have to “change”.

You know, change can have negative connotation (especially in context of our flag’s proximity to the ground, and the profundity this entails for a metaphor for the whole).

I believe that this is borne out in current event.

It is up to us, as stalwarts of our precepts, our guiding principles, and our mortal (and immortal) integrity, to stand guard against her grace being dragged through this pit of mire, and of mud.

It is my prayer that November will make all the difference in world, for all the World.

Grace, is a funny thing.

You will find it in the most, odd, of places.

China has shown us grace today.

They have shown us that they still have confidence in us, in spite of a lack of confidence that we have in ourselves (and most-especially, our current “leadership”).

The Union of Soviet Socialists have offered a gift of olive leaf in the form of a spy “exchange” (still not certain that the offer is full of salty savor, but it is a nice gesture, none-the-less, even when Bill Clinton’s arse hangs in that delicate balance).

From these two “world powers”, I believe there is immense significance for today’s events.

Perhaps only one-sixteenth-of-an-inch in worth, but oh what that meager distance can mean.

The world wishes to survive this massive and horrendous financial failure that has taken place due to what I believe is a lack of diligence in keeping a steadfast eye on that meager sixteenth.

It is only that sixteenth that separates us from the dyed-in-the-wool socialist.

It is “high” time for us to work together with this world to unite against a common enemy – that of world-wide financial depression.

The knee-jerk reaction to the onslaught of financial depression is far-too-often today that of continued strife and horrendously burdensome taxation, and of bloodshed, and of War (turn an eye to Europe for reference).

We can avert that fate!

It is time to come to terms with this world-wide depression, and face it with the economic  precepts that have brought down a wall, and turned China into a financial power-house.

It is time to embrace the concept of capital., yet again.

We must abandon the radical hippie and His mind-set.

We must deal with the world through sound financial concepts (capitalist concepts) that have not only made our Nation great (in the not-so-recent past (Reagan, Bush and Bush), and in a 200-year track record preceding them), but has also born first fruit to the formerly, socialist world (that of China, and in part, the Soviets).

We must demonstrate to the world our confidence not only in our own tried-and-true capitalist philosophy, but also to those that have been borne out in both Russia and in China are maintained.

We must embrace that sixteenth-of-an-inch. We must be vigilant in maintaining it with exacting regularity, and we must demonstrate that we are “in” for the long haul.

We must also make one helluva severe “change” come this November.

The Preicipii calls upon this Nation to commit to a change that will bring us “back to the future”; we must abandon our recent divergence from our tried, and true principles, and re-embrace those to which China now expects us to maintain proper deference, both for their livelihood, and for that of the World-at-large.

It is incumbent, imperative really, that we maintain our vigilance in keeping those fibers of Red, White and Blue from ever reaching that chasm of muck and mire that our Mother Earth represents, along with the Utopian, Socialist lovers of the earthly realm .

Come November, we must see POSITIVE change (for a change).

May the Republican party, in a glory that is manifest in our great symbol of Freedom, in our Nation’s flag…may it once again place that flag in its position of both authority, and of sound, ethical and solid, capitalist ideology, and maintained ever-vigilant in that razor’s edge, one-sixteenth-of-an-inch.

I believe that the World must stop and ensure that this meager, singular, one-sixteenth-of-an-inch be forever and a day, maintained.

And I believe that We the People will only achieve that through the grace of our Lord, and through our incipient knack for eternally maintaining that one-sixteenth that separates us from utter chaos, annihilation, and ruin – in short, Obamanation.

Come November, vote Republican, and VOTE OFTEN !

That’s it. Blame, Play Politics and Yuk It Up While the World Knocks

As if you weren’t “cozy” enough with all this bright rhetoric coming out of Obama’s Washington concerning the “worst economy since the depression”, I’ve taken serious note of the fact that everyone seems to be just ignoring these stories in favor of “gloom-mongering” or escapades on late-night television. Sorry Mr. President, but I don’t see you joking your way out of all this mess.

“US Destroyers to Escort Ships in South China Sea”

“US Warships Head for South China Sea After Standoff”

and, this from “Politics.ie”

“Barack Obama approves sending armed destroyers to protect US ships in South China Sea”

Oh, but you just think you are finished with global, catastrophic worries…check out these articles…

“Russian Bombers Based in Cuba?”

(yeah, so why the hell are we “lifting” the restrictions placed on Cuba by the Bush admin. – can you say “BO-Polar” (a unique condition whereby sociopathic behavior is exhibited by someone who is the President, but is acting as if he is not much of one, as opposed to those with the unfortunate delusion of grandeur that they are Abe Lincoln when in fact they are nothing more than a doped-up, bowery bum).

“Cuba Could Host Russian Bombers, Air Force Chief Says”

“Cuba, Venzuela Might Host Russian Bombers”

“Venzuela Offers Bases for Bombers: Russian General”

“Cuba, Venzuela May Host Russian Bombers”

“Chavez: Russian Bombers Welcome in Venzuela, but…”

“Russian Bombers Based in Cuba?”

So, what the hell is B.O. doing?  Stinking up the place even more with Havana Stogeys?  Or wait a minute !  Maybe he is rolling  a bunch of “blunts” using Cuban Sensimillion.  He sure acts like somebody who is stoned (first he’s a savior, then superhero, then he is Abe Lincoln, then LBJ, then Kennedy, then Samuel Gompers – who the hell could he possibly be compared to next?  Richard Nixon?  No.  NO!  You AIN’T no Dick Nixon – you couldn’t carry his water).

How ’bout “Sly and the Family Stoners” ?

Oh, but it doesn’t stop here…

“Planned North Korean Satellite Launch Arouses Suspicion”

“South Korea Warns North Korea of U.N. Action on Missile”


“North Korea’s Taepodong-2 Long Range Missile”

You nervous yet?

All that seems to come from BO and his band of merry, merry men is “Bush Lied, People Died”.  You know what?  I’m sick and tired of your out-and-out lies.  First, this RECESSION is NOT a depression!

Supposedly, Mr. President B.O., you are a graduate from a prestigious law school.  I’ve had experience with law school, and I know that as undergraduates, we do study economics.  Did you miss that semester?  A recession is not a depression, and some funky weather patterns do NOT constitute the end of the world as we know it.

The above situations MAY !

Oh, but we are STILL not done.

“Mr. Iran Envisions Major War in Coming Months”

“China in 4.9b Deal to Develop Iran Gas Field”

“Allies Clocks Tick Differently On Iran” (yeah, well one of these “Allies” needs his clocked cleaned – and it ain’t a Hebrew clock, I can tell ya).

“US and Israel Differ on Urgency of Iranian Threat”

How can these numbskulls get any DUMBER?

It is very simple math.  Nobody is impressed with BO’s taking a war-time economy and turning it into a legitimate NOSE-dive and then blaming Bush and Cheney and the oil companies and the people who Al Gore says brought us global warming (when in fact it was Al Gore who brought us global warming, and supposedly the internet – notice the “delusion of grandeur” similarities when comparing Gore to B.O.) ?

Further, not only is no-one impressed with your “making nice” with Cuba when all about there are enemies trampling at our gates no one, and I do mean NO one, is happy with the current events shaping up globally.

Just last week I found myself in the “unusual” position of being out very late (helping a friend celebrate his birthday – I went “clubbing” with him three nights in a row as his designated driver).

On my way home one night (Thursday last week,  I think it was) I caught this Catholic Priest on late-night radio on my drive home.  He said he’s been getting reports from Priests in Russia that the Russians have put their military on high alert in case some sort of a breakdown happens in the U.S.A.

One could jump to the conclusion that they are preparing for an invasion (and it doesn’t seem that far-fetched given their attempts to establish bases in Cuba and S. America) – or one could assume they are like wolves waiting for states to begin seceding, or one could just say they are being pragmatic given the state of the entire world and how much it seems it is tied into our own situation.  I’d say that all are fair assessments.

The main question to ask here is “what are we doing about it?”.

Are you listening Madame Clinton?

You can’t blame Bush for this one.

You also won’t be able to use all the printed greenback dollars you are issuing to somehow “unpaint” yourself from this corner you are locked into.  You need to lay off the green – you are printing too much, and you are about to paint all the rest of us in there with you.

You make all these claims that the Republicans have not offered you any plans.  Just yesterday I watched a Congressman (Eric Cantor, the Republican Whip from Richmond, Virginia) state emphatically that he personally handed you a viable plan.

You blatantly ignored it, Mr. President.

Ignorance, President Obama, will not make the world go away.  Sticking you head in the sand will not make the GOP go away, it will not make the Russians go away, or the Chinese, or the N. Koreans, or the Iranians.

You know, I did not notice all this activity from our enemies when Bush was in office.  What the hell is your excuse?

You can’t blame Dan Quayle or Reagan either.  Or George H.W.

This is “all on you”.

Since they’ve got the global warming “crisis” locked in, and now they are making a depression mountain out of a recession mole-hill – what is next for the BO magic act?  Is he going to  make Armageddon fly out of his ass?

There most assuredly needs to be some change.  Positive change, and in the “right” direction.

Oh, and by the way…we need it pretty damned quick.

Too bad we don’t have a “do-over” in Presidential politics.

Chronicles from the Gulag

Chronicles from the Gulag

This page has been added to “The Precipice” (see “Pages” in the column to the right) to document this writer’s journey through the work of another writer, living vicariously through his journal of his imprisonment in a socialist system and observing certain aspects that are all-too-similar in the age of B.O.

The Precipice will continue to report this work as long as its “right to correspondence” holds under the age of Obamination; which may not be much longer should the so-called “Fairness” doctrine pass.


So, did you here the one about this goomer in England who is worried about the rise of fascism from radicals on the far right?

Far right.

For me, it’s always been a little akin to being caught in Superman’s “bizarro” world when you begin applying American concepts of the politic to European philosophy.

A close relative of mine once tried to explain to me how it was that the labor party in Australia was really more conservative than our own Republican party.  Like I said, bizarro world.

Or is it?

If what Mr. Ball means by “far-right” fascism is a fascism born of the “privileged” class, then he may be “spot on” as the Brits would say (I suppose, if the clichés are correct).

At any rate, think about it.  Were there to be an uprising in say, America, where do you think it would begin?

Well, there have been rumors of class envy and class warfare for two or three decades now.  It exists.

Think about the last time you were at the barber shop and someone said “yep, the rich keep gettin’ richer, and poor keep gettin’ poorer”.



Now that do sound like the seeds of discontent.  Of course, as the same guy to “define rich and poor” – you may be suprised by his answer.

He probably calls himself “middle class” (something the French would refer to as the “bourgeoise” – or Eddie Murphy as “Bougie White People”).

The fact is, were there to be problems, I don’t really see them “springing” from the rich, but rather, from another faction attempting to re-distribute wealth, to quash the opposition (ie “rich”, ie “define rich”, i.e. “you and me”, i.e. “middle class”, i.e. “Bougie White People”)  (say, through a “fairness” doctrine, or better, muzzle), or by telling everyone to “get used to it, we won, you lost”.

Now what I learned in reading literature and history books and so on, was that repression is basically equivalent to fascism.  I know, fascism in it vile form is probably more about concentrating wealth and power into the hands of the few, say through “re-distribution programs”, such as when the Nazi’s took all the possessions from the wealthy Hebrews (paintings, jewelry, their gold teeth) and essentially redistributed that wealth to their own, sinister devices.

So, when you repress speech, when you take moneys from one and give to another, when you adopt a cavalier and arrogant attitude toward the minority party, essentially, isn’t it the left who is acting fascist?  The “redistributionists” ?

I’m sorry, but for me, fascism, communism, totalitarianism – they are all evil monsters, and they are designed for one purpose – to favor one group over another.

The Politburo, the NKVD, “Il Duce”, the “SS” (now, that’s bound to get your attention) – silly me, and I thought all the left was worried about was some waterboarding of known terrorists (of the beheading variety) down GITMO way – what they are really interested in is redistributing Adam Smith’s “Wealth of a Nation” – and they are doing it by spending your hard-earned taxes.

Guess I’d better go back to practicing “getting used to it”.

I’m going to snuggle in for some more reading of Solzhenitsyn’s “The Gulag Archipelago” – got a funny feeling I need to bone up on what life is about to be like for we living in this “liberal democracy” where everyone is free – everyone “who won” that is.

On “Bad” Banks (and worse policy)

Have you heard the latest “plan” to come out of the vapor filling that space in the cranial cavity of the liberal, a space that is normally reserved for a brain?

“Bad” banks.

Essentially, a bad bank is formed by the government and run by the government to buy up all the “toxic” loans that exist out there.

It is based on a model run by the Swedes several years back when they faced a crisis.

You and I both know what this facade really means:  our tax dollars will fund this “shill” corporation to liquidate these bad loans.

What we are essentially doing is giving a free pass to the legislators and regulators who were supposed to “mind the till” and now turning these toxic debts over to the very same people under whose watchfull eye the debts were incurred in the first place.

There ya go.  Turn over the debt to a bunch of people who have no aversion to “kiting” their pay checks.

This is all very troubling.

It makes me feel like setting up a dummy corporation and then paying dummy taxes.

This should make the dummies up on Capitol Hill just ecstatic.

They can have all the play money known to man.  Put them in a sandbox and hope that their attention is never drawn to an outside world where we try and deal with what is real.

Real money.  Real debt.  REAL responsibility.

To hell with this concept of bad banks.

You know what I would really like to hear?  I’d like to hear what some respected and conservative bankers have to say about this whole mess.  What is their take on how to come out the other side of this mess?

Presumably, they are experts in their fields (and I bet they could make more sense than the President’s press secretary.  What was that gibberish he was spewing yesterday?).

Personally, I think it is time that the guys who created this mess “buck up” (to use a phrase near and dear to the President’s heart).

It is time we see some people in the hot seat who helped create this mess.  You want us to foot the bill for your screw-ups – then step up to the microphone and tell us what you did and why you did it.

Who are the people behind these “toxic” loans?  Who are the regulators who were supposed to catch it; and further, what about these organizations (like ACORN) who were coaching individuals on how to secure a toxic loan?

You know, it is interesting that the left can throw so much money and so much effort into cleaning up an industrial toxic spill, yet when they are personally and patently involved in a toxic financial spill they will immediately place the entirety of the burden on the taxpayer.

We are left swimming in the sludge.

Kinda makes you feel a bit of empathy for the endangered species.

I am beginning to believe that we honest, hard-working and tax-paying citizens are now at the top of endangered species list.

Let’s hope someone with a plan (say some Conservatives) will offer us a sponge to soak up some of this toxic debt.

A nice, thick and absorbent tax break would go a long way to soaking up some of this sludge from my back.

How ’bout you, fellow tax payers?

Thank you Mr. Funk*o*sly-elect, yo sly…

Well, well well.

It is most difficult for me to put myself in the shoes of someone else.  Writing is a real chore, and to do it well, you really have to contemplate the character of others.

To write a story about a killer, you have to “become” a killer (not literally, but more, drawing upon the act, for instance, of hunting (whereby we kill critters), or farming where we have to at times “do the dirty deed” of taking down livestock)…now, I suppose, you Peta-ites would consider this equitable to murder (and, hell, you may be right).  Fact is, the act is violent, and a very close second to that (I would imagine) of killing a human.

But the bottom line, you have to draw upon what you can in your experience in order to do a creditable job of, in effect, “becoming” that character.

I can not, literally “become” a Hebrew.  I’ve studied one nearly all my life (the carpenter), and I think I’ve come to know Him pretty darned well; but I still do not know what it is like to be a Jew.  Can I write about one?  I think so.

Let’s consider this; the one thing most anathema to me is any sick SOB who would hurt or destroy the innocents.  How can you harm creatures who are not as strong as you and feel good about yourself?

I am reminded of this given the current events (finding that poor, little girl in the woods yesterday – the big news story – very sordid situation, and just horrid).

Now that is something that I’ll never have any personal resources upon which to draw.  BUT, I can still “put myself” in the person’s head.  What would motivate someone to hurt a child?  Perhaps, as a child, they were hurt themselves.  Perhaps they are “dissociative”, whereby they truly HAVE never been loved and have only known violence in their own lives (perhaps constantly and consistently threatened with bodily harm and even death. They disconnect with the act, and consider it as trivial as shooting a bird for dinner).

Sick, sick, sick.

So, anyway, I woke up and began pondering this whole concept of the “Missile Shield”.

Our peerless leader-elect has now “reassured”Israel that “if Iran attacks them” then “we will lob a bunch of missiles at Iran” (to paraphrase).

Well, putting myself in the shoes of an Israeli, I can only say “Gee…thanks.”…

After the fact, you are going to bomb my enemy.  You have always been such a great friend.  Thanks for the sacrifice, pal.  Did you have to think long and hard to choke that one up?  Say, how is it you treat your friends back in Chicago?  Baseball bat to the back of the head like Al Capone?

Hmmmm.  You know, in management school, one of the concepts they really stressed was that of proaction.  Let’s do what we have to in order to circumvent an act, or more appropriately, a catastrophic failure.

Do you really think that a Nation who preaches bevies of Virgins as reward to their martyrs…do you really think they are going to care about a nuclear missile coming down their pipe AFTER they have accomplished their goal of destroying their enemy?

In my country, you will do all you can to take the guns out of our hands.  You will beg, borrow and steal; connive and manipulate; legislate and mandate; and yet to our ‘real’ enemies, you only capitulate.

You say we “cling” to our guns and bibles, and look at you; your “fortress”, your strength is protest, and civil disobedience and “civil” unrest…pure upheaval – not unlike the Iranian approach.

You argue that to make America’s streets safer, you want to melt all the handguns and assault weapons into manhole covers, and yet you will not make a pre-emptive strike on Iran, who we know IS building a nuclear missile, and who we know from track record (PROVEN – like the WMD’s) that are willing to use it without reservation, and with bold determination (like the 500 hostages – remember them, President Carter?).

I say proven WMD’s.  Do any remember the jet fighter that was dug from the sands on the Iraq border with Syria?  Do any of you know of the destructive capability of a single jet fighter when launched against a city, say, of the population density of  a Chicago, or a New York (you listening, Nashville)?

One volley (about five seconds on the trigger) lobbed against, say the Sears Towers…how many people do you think those 50 caliber rounds would wipe out?  A hundred?  Five hundred?

What about a single hell-fire missle launch (one of ours)?  How many then? The whole building?

Is that “mass” enough for you, Mr. President-elect?

What about the third largest army in the entire world?  Do they have (would have), have, destructive capability that would earn them the monniker of “mass”?

Maybe it is like your concept of the “rich” where your economic warfare is concerned.  Or the super-rich.  (Say, where does Oprah fall in these delineations?).

One nuclear strike against Israel by the Iranians could wreak utter devastation.

And what your plan?  “Oh, rest assured, we’ll take care of business after-the-fact”.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t feel so self-assured when a child of the Chicago-7 tells me “all will be right with the world”.

Kinda leaves my soul all a quiver, like a solitary hanging chad shimmering in the breeze, hanging by less paper than represents the integrity of a Demonrat politician (and worse, a Demonrat from Chicago).

It is the call of the Precipice that we absolutely must, as a Nation, support our allies.  We will have no allies left if we turn our backs and opt for a sit-in or love-in somewhere in El Segundo.

The Israelis have already made it clear that they will “go it alone” (what a sorry state of affairs)…and our only consilation in this is that we will do honorable thing and “vindicate” their deaths.

Frankly, I think Capone showed more leadership skills; he would not wait for a hammer to fall, he’d swing a baseball bat against his enemies, were he to “perceive” them as such.

A Troubled Mind

I can not allow what has happened in my neck of the woods to pass without commentary here at Precipii. The shooting over the weekend and the carnage that resulted has left East Tennessee in a state of shock.

There is a numbness that darkens every heart when something like this strikes, and everyone is left in a state of shock and bewilderment.

There will be those who as a matter of course after the smoke clears and while people are still reeling from the impact of the occurrence who will use the audacity and utter depravity of the event to rail for and against some form of political action.

There will be gun control advocates cropping from the woodwork; other liberal factions will use it as an indicator that somehow conservative principles are steeped in a simmering stew of repressed violence that slowly cooks to the surface in the McVeigh’s and now Adkisson’s of the world.

There may be religious fringe elements on the right who will say that this represents a form of punishment from above for the sins of the left.

From the precipice I can only say that this is a horrible event, and looking down in the chasm it does appear a boiling cauldron, a tempest at the lowest altitudes; a pit of fiery magma that in its tempestuous state can do little good for anyone.

There is a dark and morose sense that comes when a stark reality like this event bears such bitter fruit.

While I personally do not support a culmination of liberal issues, ideas and activism, unless they bring a war to me by trying to force their ideas and concepts down my gullet at gunpoint, I can not advocate doing the same to them.

One may shoot holes in their concepts and ideas through political discourse; I practice it consistently and constantly right here on this blog. To shoot people who are not engaged in pitched and real battle against you and your family is anathema, and an ultimate perversion.

My heart goes out to the loved ones of the dead and injured.  I pray the good Lord’s guiding hand will influence their lives, and minister to their grief.  I also pray that He will lend His divine influence to others who may contemplate such a vicious act, and sway them to find other avenues, such as a blog, to vent their frustrations.

To bend to self-righteous indignation and wrath accomplishes very little for anyone, but this event can leave little doubt that there are definite and serious ills that rend a profound affect in us all, and whose effect is felt in the core of our collective souls.