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Immigration (et, al): A DIATRIBE

So, the new immigrants are the same as the old?

Let’s think about the first immigrants.

Well, now there is one that is highly contested, isn’t it?

Let’s see.

My first thought is (was), that they were puritanical Pilgrims; but wait, what about that Leif Ericson cat?

Now, there was one, righteous-Nordic DUDE (1)

But, I digress (you gotta admit, though, he was COOL – literally; he had chilly grey matter – “ees cooold in dat North Sea”).

The FIRST immigrants to the “New” World (can you say “Order in the court?”…hmmmm? Can you?).

Let’s see, I seem to remember somewheres in my vast repository of useful information some will call a waning noggin a certain LAND BRIDGE – let’s see – what was it called?  hmmmm THE BERING STRAIGHT ????

Immigration in this great nation of ours started when the ASIAN crossed over from Russia, through the periphery of the Arctic circle and then down and around and into North America (one could argue that they were Ca-nooks, but, let’s not; sorry, Leif).

At any rate, immigration is truly a very old concept to this ragged Continent of our’n.

Now, I ask a simple question.

Did Leif Ericson have universal health care?

What about those first Asians?  Did they have an emergency ward when they got an icey fishook gorged through their nostrils in some horrid mis-adventure?

Well, the answer is obvious, isn’t it.

All immigrants are not alike.

Take the Irish, for example.

They were escaping a potato famine, and they were damned glad to get to this “land of opportunity” (seems it has now become a land of entitlement opportunity).

Did Paddy and O’leary and Shamus have a wet-nurse-maid awaiting them on the shores of “opportunity”.

Well…I’m waiting…

Let’s forget about immigrants (just for a moment) and think about those brave young men and women in buckskins who braved the elements, left “BAH-STAN” and headed into the wilderness “to see what they could see”.

What about them?

Did they have a Humana or Mercy General out there in the rough and tumble of the Great Smoky Mountains, or the Wild West that lay beyond.

The answer, is of course, “HELL NO”.

There was no one there to wipe their snotty noses.  No one to hand out free aspirin and toiletries.

In short, they had to make it.  They had to rely on the natural resources.  They had to rely on their “gumption”.

Now, I truly do know, full-well, that there are immigrants who approach this caliber of mindset today.

Even they are not faced with the “hardships” of those “ancients” who came before us (when, exactly when were the “mud-hut” builders of the earliest settlers in Tennessee?  Ten or twelve THOUSAND years ago…I use Tennessee as example as it is buried about as far away from the Bering Land Bridge as one can get (on this Continent anyhow) to demonstrate that the West truly is much, much older than our Constitution.

So, what of it, you may say.

Well, here is “what of it”…when one sticks to basic precepts, things work pretty well.  When one drifts, far afield, concepts and philosophy’s and even religions begin to unravel.

As they say where I come from “it is time to get down to brass tacks”.

The basics.

There is no divine right to “a car in every garage and a chicken in every pot”; this is NOT a concept our forefathers envisioned in our Constitution.

Utopia, frankly, is a big, fat lie (as is Haight-Ashbury and every damned thing the Beatles ever thought to sing but forgot because they were too flippin’ stoned).

There is no yellow brick road, Dotty.  No pot at the end of the rainbow.

What there is, though, is…


Freedom to make choices.  Freedom to live without having someone breathing down your neck all the time.

Freedom to eke out (and I do mean EKE)…to eke out a living.

THIS is what “built” our country.

I believe that in the coming days, weeks, months and years, our great nation will “get back to the egg”…we will remember the people who built this nation.

But we will also remember the people who have tried to tear it down.

We won’t forget (and I pray, and I mean deep, deep prayer) that we NEVER let this mess happen again!

Legal Logos

The “brood”: sunédrion, the pharisee, and the scribe (yikes).

Writers are often deemed as scribes (and all too-often are simply that); so for the purpose of this sojourn, I will try and “rise above” the lowly journalist, log-keeper…scribe.

If you’ll take a moment to remember back during the days of the election of President Obama, there were so many comparisons made to a savior figure.

Logos is defined as the divine word of God Himself…the truth, the way and the light – the absolute stopping point for the buck.

In our earthly realm, it was a “brood of vipers” who brought “justice” on our Lord and Savior through an ethereal form of logos.

They twisted the law, and to coin a Southern colloquialism “whooped up the crowds” into a frenzied state.

To twist the law requires the use of logic, but more a warped sort of logic of the kind practiced by Sophocles (in the form of sophistry).

Sophistry is the art of making plausible, yet fallacious, argumentation.

One example of such logic might be where the Sanhedrin make the claim that Christ should be executed as the result of his “blasphemy” in claiming to “be” God — something that is not, and can not be documented.

What Christ claimed to be was the “son” of God.

The Sanhedrin were able to take one point and essentially incite a crowd to riot through the thin logic and theatrics (rending their clothes, taking on a boisterous aire of righteous indignation).

They brought a man to his death through a twisting of the truth.

Or how about these examples;

“Can a state university’s law review expand its affirmative action program to include special treatment for gay students as well as racial minorities? Does a man have any right to stop his ex-wife from using their frozen embryos to try to get pregnant? Can parents whose daughter is in a vegetative state be prohibited from trying to clone her?”,

or this…

“…should “Splitsville,” a city plagued by residential segregation and failing schools, be permitted to create an all black, all-male career academy, or is the “Ujamaa School” unlawful discrimination?”,


“…one 2003 question describes the state of “Nirvana,” where a gay couple, Richard and Michael, want a child. Would Nirvana’s laws prohibiting gays from paying surrogate mothers or adopting children,” it was asked,  “violate the constitutional guarantees of equal protection and due process?”.

These “hotbutton” issues are designed as legal constructs for first recognizing that there is an issue for which the law “may” apply.

Once the issue is recognized, the leap in logic then looks for a law that may apply.

For example, suppose a law that was implemented for a specific purpose, say,  a rule that was designed to protect against discrimination based on race, creed or color – would it be logical to then to “stretch” that law to include perhaps gender, or choice of reproductive partner?

The issue for me personally is that God’s laws defined precisely how one would go about producing a child.  Birds know it, bees know it, and with the advent of the internet, so does just about everybody else.

In producing that child, you become that child’s Mother of Father.

Pretty obvious law from my perspective.

Reminds me of those who believe they are above laws of physics and could cheat gravity, or somehow grow wings where their arms are supposed to be – kind of delusional, methinks.

So, there is a sophistry that takes place…a “bending” of the law.

Jesus Christ claims to be the son of God, so let’s just stretch that a little and say that he claims to be God Himself.

Where I come from there is a concept called “brass tacks” (or “getting down to brass tacks”).

It is debated about the origin of the concept, but one definition has to do with manila folders used in early days of education, where the papers in these folders were held in place by “brass” tacks that were placed through holes in the papers and then the legs of the tack were bent back to hold the papers in place.

Placing one’s work in such a folder, the brass tack was sort of the final step…it symbolized this completion of the job, and tying all the work together within the folder.

“Getting down to brass tacks,” represented getting down to the essence…the final verse, the last step.

When Christ speaks of God’s law, He speaks of something incontrovertible.  It is that final word, that “brass tack”.

There is no ambiguity, no wiggle room, no sophistry, no vascillation.

I believe that a pale image of this should always be our goal on this side of heaven; to emulate His perfection, His grace, and the elegant absolutes of His Logos.

We should always try and stick to the brass tacks.

In the world of manufacturing and production, it is a widely-known rule that one should always use a tool for, and only for, its intended purpose.

Do not use a screwdriver as a punch, or a wrench as a hammer.

Everything has its intended purpose, and its intended use.

I think the same concept should be applied to both the law, and the truth.

If a law was designated for one purpose, use it for that purpose (don’t stretch it so that it “fits” other “issues”).

If a new law is required, try and make it.  Free country.

Oh, and by the way, I also believe in the concept of keeping an eye on history so one can better understand the present, as well as the future.

The examples used in the offset quotes above were all taken from President Obama’s take-home, open-book, law exams that he administered as a Professor teaching constitutional law at the University of Chicago (click here for the article, and take note of the date; it was written during the Presidential campaign, and before Obama was elected).

“Where have all the jobs gone,

long time passing.

Where have all the corporations gone,

long time away.

Where have all the oil wells gone…

gone to collectivist graveyards, every one.

When will they ever learn?

When will they ever learn?”

When Abundance KILLS

I walked down to the lower 40 (probably about 40, square centimeters) to pick some tomatoes for my morning breakfast and noted the withering vine.

Of course, in part, it is owed to the time of year (although of the last several years I have been known to pick them Christmas day), but in most part, as are all things from the world of agrarian production, they are wholly (well, it would seem) dependent on the weather.

This global warming is of little concern to me this year, but everyone I know is talking of the incredible amount of rainfall we’ve encountered (in particular where it has affected our tomato crops – for we hillbilly’s LOVES our ‘maters).

Well, the lower, back-yard sits on what is known in some collective, socialist, root-kissing circles (root-kissers are the next evolution for tree-huggers) as a “blue waterway”.

Now, I’ve been here going on five years now, and normally the blue waterway is nothing more than dried clay.  We have a wet year, and it becomes a mix of creek and swamp.

So, as you can see, too much water and the next thing I know my tomato crop is halved and my cypress trees begin to die.

It’s a soggy, boggy…suck! (like a root-kisser).

You pray for water as a farmer, but you don’t want to over-do your prayers.

Nasty Maters: excess ANYTHING, and we all wither on the vine

Nasty Maters: excess ANYTHING, and we all wither on the vine

Too much of a good thing.

A metaphor for the hedonistic yet morbidly vapid approach the spendthrift Dems take in “running” our great Nation (to its knees, actually) – a fruit that withers on the vine due to excess hydration is a prime example of “too much” liberal, socialist policy.

You wind up with rotten tomatoes.

I think the same principle applies to governing (in fact, all things farming are a form of governing; remember the terminology in its “exact” interpretation – to govern, after all, is to limit (as in a governor on an engine)).

in farming, you always want just the right mix of everything.  This is the recipe for success.

Too much fertilizer and you burn the plants.

Too much water and they rot from the root up.

Too much sun…you get the picture.

I think we’ve had too much Obamanation, personally.

Too much socialism.

Point-in-fact; let’s paint a picture of a world where the Dems get all the socialist programs their hearts so madly (and recklessly) desire.

Can you imagine a glut of doctors and nurses in this country?

Well, under Obamanation, it is exactly what you’ll receive.

Once the programs are in place, medical universities will become clearing houses.  They will pipe students through programs like, well…”pate de foie gras” through a goose.

That’s right, folks.

Our esteemed and hallowed halls will become indoctrination mills for up-and-comers from God-only-knows where.

I mean, how do you think they will handle the increased demand that their “give-away-health-care” will place on the society ?

When salt flows free, it ruins the flavor of food.

When a health-care system will provide your every need, we’ll even be expected to eat at the government fast-food houses.

Everything, and I mean literally everything, will be incorporated into the health-care system.

We’ll buy our groceries at hospitals.

Probably our smart cars (imagine just how those mean, old seat-belts affect your health) will be mandated as “USDA-approved as so-so-so GOOD FOR YOU!”.


If your neighbor barks at you because your dog is crapping in his yard – he (your neighbor) will be  a candidate for “anger management” school (and, NO, he won’t have an option).

“It’s a mandate for improving our society”, don’t you know.

You’re probably sitting back saying, “Precipii, you’re over the edge on this one” – HELL YES, I stay over the edge.

I promised you when I started this blog that it would be edgy, and I hope I always live up to it (gotta release the talons sometimes to go on a hunger-hunt).

So, how would “plenty” kill a falcon?  How does a falcon know when he’s had just about ENOUGH?

Eat too many rats provided from a “system” that gives you anything your heart desires, and even a falcon’s fat gut won’t take flight.

A falcon knows when to quit stuffing his gut with government propagated propagandai.

Can’t get off the ground?  Stop eating at the government pig-sty.

This system is promising everything in the world, to anybody dumb enough to believe it.

It’s simply too good to be true, and it is put forth by a bunch of do-gooder Dems who always promise the moon and stars (and deliver nothing but more graft, greed and heart-ache for you and me).

Think “union” here (and all the wonderful, wonderful things those blue-collar bums have done for you and me, lately).

The reason I believe that capitalism will ultimately prove to withstand the maelstrom that is this Obamanomics, or socialist onslaught, or radical agenda (or whatever you want to call this “thing” that is the Obama-rovoltalution) is as obvious as the nose on your face…it is putrefying sin.

It is slothful, it is greedy, it is bloated on too much excess (and oh so too, excessively so).

Do you really believe that I will not plant tomatos again next year?

Or that farmers will re-plant corn after a rough year…or buy new hogs, or head’s of cattle, or sheep?

Life will go on, and so will the process of ex-change.

Next year, we may have the perfect mix of rain and sun, and fertile-fertile soil.  If not next year, maybe the year after.

But, it will come again.

Every farmer knows this.

Whether you’re farming for beef, or for grain, or for ‘taters (or how about simply digging silicon up out of the ground) – whatever your racket, I guarantee you that capitalism assures you a plentiful crop once again in the future.

The dems run on running out.

Capitalism runs on faith that we’ll never run out.

It assures us that we will once again walk on the moon.

It assures us there will be brighter days (and no, it is not MY God…it is simply the plan that my God set before me – read your bible – it (capitalism) far, far pre-dates Marx, and Lenin, and Lennon – damned hippies and their sandal-wearing perversions).

And thus, the spirit of capitalist adventure, and of capital reinvestment (in some by-God something that makes sense – more so than a government-run any by-God thing), of the real hope that capitalism assures (with Adonai’s blessing, of course) – it will, once again (like my tomatoes) THRIVE!

Such is life in the agrarian world.

But such is life also, in the mechanized world of production.

So is life in the computerized world of Bernoulli’s machine (1, 2, 3, 4) – there will be feast once again!  You can compute on it.

It does compute!

You can count on it.

Capitalism will survive this massive onslaught that is (and has been) the Democrats “answer” to what ails us.

That’s really their problem, you know?

They think they know.

They do not.

They think they know our bodies better than we know them ourselves!

And how, you might ask?

They think they are God Almighty!

They’ve been conditioned to think this way.

It is in the spirit of “you can do anything” (reference what teachers and other polly-anna’s will tell ya anymore).

Well, if you can do anything, donkey, strap a rocket to your ass and fly yourself to the moon sans-capital.

Without money, you might make it to El Segundo.

They think they know what ails us, and none of those poker-playing assholes in Congress really get it (was it poker or solitaire those bastards were playing last week? 1, 2, 3).

We are tired of their damned shenanigans.

Tired of bills they’ve published, but never read.

Tired of incompetence, and most-of-all, double-dog tired of morons who have been indoctrinated and then turned loose on this social structure and government without an inkling of either good sense, or even (methinks) real ability to do their f***ing jobs.

That is the way of internet education (back in my day, it was related to receiving a doctorate through the mail from some institution with a high-sounding name like “Prince-Town U” or something).

Ah, it is a poor musician who blames his instrument (and God, how I do love the net).

I believe that government has proven itself highly capable of such acts in the past.

Look at what a joke our government has become (and is becoming).

Soon, by God, we will rival even France, or dare I say it?  Quebec !

Now, the truth is, I believe there is probably a French underground (just like when Hitler was in charge), and I mean no ill-will toward the Francs.  The fact is, I like the fellas (and their gals).  Hell, one could make the case that I am part French (and probably, the better part).

But the fact also remains, that in our heart’s and minds, they represent a center of socialist “intellectual” thought, and this is why I pick on them (at them, really – it’s fast becoming a cliche).

Intellectualism can not be bound by some “old-country” thought.

But the fact remains, look at the examples set by others.

Look at the Nordsmen, or the Slavs, or the Ruskies, or the Chinamen for heaven’s sake.

Where on earth has socialism actually worked ?


So, what of abundance?

Well, when the money grows on the government tree, you can bet your bottom dollar (little as it will be worth) that not only will its value be in decline, but the value of everything else will be too.

This is the way of socialism.

Like my tomato plants, liberal application of water causes the plant to rot from the roots up.

This is what happens when kiss-slobber gets all over your roots.

Too much water (and too much groupie-love) will infect the whole body (and probably with more than just feel-good feelings – can you say “razor-blades” ???).

Like a social disease (and that is exactly what socialism is), too much of this “good thing” will cause the entity (you and me) to wither and die, just like my tomatoes (or worse; God, how I hate self-inflicted pain).

We really do not want to be forced to survive such nonsense.

Personally, I’ve simply just had – too much…Obama.

Pharaoh, let my people go.

You and yours, Sir, are simply, obviously, and patently…too, too much.

It is, simply put, time for moderation.

HIGH, time.

The Seeds of Discontent

Ever watch dandelion seeds?

Come on.

Every kid knows what it is like to pick up that white, globular, feathery lollipop on stick and send its seeds (much to the discontent of every lawn meister) scattering throughout creation to as far as the four winds will carry them.

Give it a week or so, and the yellow sentinels begin to multiply like rabbits, along with my blood pressure. They take over the whole neighborhood (if you let them).

Last week, we witnessed what the media and the left are branding as “kooks” get all upset over socialized health care at all these town hall meetings.

Shirts were torn, dignity flew out the window, and all respect for freedom was as shredded as that poor man’s shirt we saw so much of in the press last week.

Normally, I do not take part in civil discourse (of the assembling variety).

The sixties and seventies pretty much turned me off to that.

I hate protesters, loathe protesting, and generally can not stand for the “sit-in” crowd – so I avoid it like the plague that I believe it is.

This week, I feel so motivated and will change that attitude.

I did not participate in the tea parties.

I did not get “up in arms” at the townhall meetings these government officials were holding to measure the pulse of their constituency over socialized health care (as if they had no clue as to what was coming from the polls and conventional wisdom).

I guess they only listen to the polls they choose to listen to.

Well this week, in my little community, there is a sinister, big, bad government that is ready to countermand our State-level regulation that states that we have the right (responsibility, I believe) to carry hand guns (concealed, of course) in our parks (I wonder how many joggers would have been raped in central park were those magnificent New Yorkers and all their vain-glorious laws and rules and regulations able to carry pistolios in their parks?).

When my Grandpa was still living, he revealed something to me that I think no one else knew about him.

On the outside, he appeared the consummate Republican, but behind the scenes was a slightly different story.

He never gave (I don’t think) a red cent to the party.

He told me “the only thing worth contributing to is the NRA.  It is the only thing standing between you, and big government, and even bigger politicians”.

Now, more than ever, I agree with old Grandad.

He had it just about right.

When people get attacked for speaking their hearts, liberty dies.

The politicians are now completely unregulated.  They are running amok, forcing their policies, bright ideas (and the taxation that pays for them) down our gullets.

And so now,  I feel so motivated.

I’ll go to our townhall meeting and I’ll tell those fat-assed, cigar-chomping politicians what I think about them taking away now even our right to protect ourselves in this “so-called” free society.

I’ll tell them what I think about their policies and their procedures and their “due” process (and maybe something about their lousy opinion polls too).

I’ll tell them that they are trying to get away with rape, and with murder (of the worst order), and they wish to take away our guns to ensure that they get away with this menace they represent.

I’ll also tell them that now that I’m a man, I don’t pick up the dandelion seeds and scatter them any more.  Now, I grip them in my fist and throw them in the garbage in my house where they belong.

Landfills would look much better covered in dandelions.

Oh, and did I mention that my lawn is nothing but green, green grass?

That is what happens when you tend to things reckless, radical, deviant and prolific.

Let them get out of control, and they take over everything.

Now there is a place for the little yellow monsters, and I believe they are well-suited to grow in the garbage dump – BUT NOT IN MY BACKYARD !!!

There MUST be something there to protect the individual, and our right to keep and bear arms provides that avenue to the responsible and to the true lovers of freedom, liberty and democracy.

So this week, I will exercise my right to assembly.

I will exercise my right to be heard by my city officials, and the right that guarantees this by backing up my words with unabashed and carnivorous pearly white incisors (or shiny copper jackets, take your pick).

Thank you, Grandad.

Thank you for always standing for what you believed, and instilling that wisdom and courage in me.

And now, on to the next phase of the “Obama-lution”.

May the peace of God be with us as we seek to eradicate the seeds of this vile, soul-less and statist revolution that so defines these scumbag, hippie-pigs from the left.

Unlike Hitler’s Brownshirts and gestapo, you are NOT going to get away with murder in America’s heartland.

Not in the green, green grass of my peaceful little town, anyway (and it’s peaceful because everyone knows that we will take care of business with guns we’ve held in our hands since we were each and all five years of age!).

The Edge Gives Way

The eagle’s talon this week have found themselves grasping at loose rock.

All you base jumping, loyal fans beware.

The Precipice is a high perch, and from its lofty height one can view (most) all things (grand, ain’t it?).

But it is a long way down (thank God for wings).

It has been my (ahem) firm commitment to keep all (yeah, right) things personal off the pages of the Precipice.  Those of you who have followed since its inception will remember the various sites and providers we have used (I went back and checked our posts and we have been with WordPress for well-more than a year now…doesn’t seem possible – but we have received no ill complaints and I’m relatively happy here as publisher-in-chief).

Well, on to the personal items.

An eventful week.

A friend approached me about another friend who is what many modern (and mainstream) Christians are referring to as “seekers” (I don’t particularly like this term, but I’m not expending the brain juice to come up with one better, so, it suffices).

Essentially, it set me to thinking about this whole “process” of getting sheep into the fold (and more apt, keeping sheep in the fold).

Now, this takes on whole new meaning if you apply the concept of witness to that of “statesmanship”.

Specifically, I reference the news that the GREAT state of Oklahoma has (for all intents and purposes) declared its sovereignty.


As a sovereign individual, I applaud them (I wish Tennessee had that kind of backbone).

I’m not “in the army now”, and I’ll be damned if I’m taking orders from anybody.

While the United States militia is for all intents and purpose a “purely” socialist entity (we are yo momma and yo daddy boy – yo in the army now) – I’m still a freeborn man, and a capitalist.

Screw the army (and the rest of the quasi-socialist entities).

But I had a friend the other night ask me “Do you really think the federal government is going to allow them to do that?” (declare sovereignty, that is).

Well, let’s think about that.

What can they do to stop them?

Our troops are spread out over the entire planet.

If they were to turn troops on Oklahoma, every state in the Union would reconsider its “affiliation”.

There is nothing wrong, that I can see, with being sovereign.  It simply means that like all Americans, you ain’t gonna put up with anybody’s crap.

Now, that’s the real American way.

But back to the analogy.

I got to thinking about the symbol of the minister, preacher, deacon and warden (generally, any leader of the flock) – the staff.

You know, so many think it is used to prod the strays back into the fold.

I grew up around farm animals, so I know what it is to get them in a line, keep them in a line and “herd” them to a coral or through a chute, or into a trailer or up on a truck.

You do have to try and keep them in line, or else the whole heard resorts to its true nature and scatters to the winds.

Now, I’m from the school that ascribes to “gentle” prodding.  Just a poke in the shoulder.

If one escapes, I’ll let it go.  Round it up later, after I’ve corralled the herd.

But I don’t believe in beating them bloody.  I’ve known some who do.

The other thing that most people do not realize is that prodding is not something one had to do very often with a well-trained herd.

They typically just fall into routines.

They follow the leader (the other a-hole out in front of him).

It’s their nature.

The real use of the prod is not so much to keep them in line, but rather, to keep the wolves at bay.

That is when the stick becomes weapon (not unlike many Christians who turn it against the flock – man, I’ve not been physically abused, but the kinds of mental torture I’ve endured at some of their “PSYOPS” “witnessing” have been worse than any physical pain I’ve endured, and that includes football, wrestling, boxing and long-distance hikes.

Once they get to thumpin’ them bibles, you can sometimes feel like you are caught inside a drum.

I believe that if you look at the predicament faced by B.O., you see the same concept at work.

He has a “straggler” in Oklahoma.  Texas too (you listening, Tennessee??? “T” for Tejas, “T” for Tanasai).

How he proceeds will shape what the rest of the herd will do.

To my friends who ask “do I really think the Federal Government will allow this?”, I respond “do you think they really have a choice?”.

If BO turns his staff on the Oklahomans, he’ll wind up fighting that battle all over.  As each state declares its independence from BO’s staff and sceptor, so too will they declare their National Guardsmen.

Then what?  Civil war?

I think not.

Essentially what we have is something like a massive weight that is pressing down on the states, and all their citizenry.

Something has to give when that kind of pressure is applied.

You see the same happening right now with California and the President’s approach to it.

This is not the time for a cavalier attitude, nor is it the time to wield that staff like a weapon.

Your sheep are not the problem.

It is the cruel master who usually suffers when his critters “turn on him”.

But this is the true nature of radicalism.  It doesn’t care about people, it only cares about its agendas and its objectives.

This is what happens when undue pressures are applied and applied unfairly (and what undue pressure is not unfair).

I don’t think I need to iterate them here for you, but what the hell (wouldn’t want any to misconstrue) – the dismantling of capitalism, the powergrab with the money in the banks (or with the seats in the Senate), the “fairness” doctrine (gag order), doing away with the secret ballot used to vote a union in or out, redistribution of wealth through home loans and bailouts, essentially absorbing US corporations (banks, automotive) and then dictating who their CEO’s will be (and being “choosy” in who gets multi-million dollar bonuses and who does not)…this list can go on, and on, and on, and on.

If this is not turning the staff against the flock, then I do not know what is.

Now, this Christian believes whole-heartedly in stating a case for the “sheeples”…let the sheep decide between staying within the boundary of the trail and the staffs that man its flanks, or to go out into the wilderness and take their chances with the wolves.

Now, I’m someone who has spent a lot of time in the wilderness, and I like it (but, then, I am a Shepherd – literally)…I’m not afraid because I know the secrets of dealing with the wolves.  I know how to keep them at bay.

It is unfortunate, but most of the flock does not.


You’re damned right.

Self-righteous?  I’ll just let you decide that one.

The fact is, I would NOT want to be in the Chief Shepherd’s shoes right now.

There are grumblings within the herd, and when the herd ain’t happy…

Add the storms of pestilence, disease, war and famine (joblessness) to the mix, and you have the makings for an epoch period of colossal, biblical proportion.

How to avert it?

I would say that the staffs should only be wielded as weapon when there is real peril that the herd will be attacked by wolves.

When you have a so-called “seeker” wishing to join the herd, be leery, but also, be especially gentle and careful with that soul.

When they come into the flock, you want them to feel comfortable being there.

The wilds are a crazy place (and, as I said, I prefer them as I don’t have to deal with a bunch of a-hole following a-holes)…but, I know what it is like to come back into the herd as well.

Its kinda stark and lonely beyond the perimeter of the pathway.  There is much more opportunity to “do good” out there, but there is a sigh of relief within the ranks.

Life inside the herd can be a comfortable place, but under the leadership of a cruel Shepherd, it can be horrendous – so much so, I’d prefer dealing with the entire universe of wolves (and all their predatory cousins).

So, the eagle flies and seeks another perch on high, another precipice in which to latch his talon (don’t worry WordPress – it will be within your universe).

God, here’s hoping that it is always solid ground (dolomite) looking down on fertile hunting ground!

I’m not a Socialist; I just want “peace”

A piece of the banks, a piece of GM, and a wee, little piece of the American taxpayer’s soul:







The Measure of Audacity

They say that one method of tackling a problem is to start with a definition (and, of course, an assumption that there IS a problem).

So, let’s proceed, with audacity –


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aw dae sih ti

Inflected Forms audacities
Definition 1. courage or boldness, esp. when somewhat overconfident, reckless, or arrogant; daring.
Synonyms daring , courage , bravery (1) , fearlessness {fearless} , boldness {bold (4)}
Crossref. Syn. presumption
Similar Words mettle , recklessness {reckless} , hardihood , balls , spunk , grit , valor , ballsiness {ballsy} , overconfidence {overconfident} , resoluteness {resolute}
Definition 2. bold or shameless impudence; brashness; insolence; effrontery.
Synonyms impudence (1) , gall1 (4) , brashness {brash (1,2)} , presumption (4) , impertinence (1) , insolence (1,2) , effrontery (1,2)
Crossref. Syn. nerve
Similar Words arrogance , hardihood , sauciness {saucy} , assertiveness {assertive} , cheek , brassiness {brassy1} , brass , brazenness {brazen (adj)} , forwardness , lip
Definition 3. a statement, action, or the like, that exhibits such courage or impudence.
Synonyms derring-do , impertinence (3)
Crossref. Syn. effrontery
Similar Words arrogance , hotheadedness {hotheaded} , rudeness {rude} , lip
Related Words courage , temerity

©2002 Wordsmyth


I woke this morning with the thought concerning the measure of audacity.

Most everything can be measured, right?

If I am apprehensive, for example, there may be degrees of apprehension.  For example, the trepidation I feel about going to a haunted house on halloween is probably a whole lot less than that of going into surgery to have my spleen removed.

I know I may be frightened in the haunted house, but rationally I know that it is all in fun.

Not so with the surgery.

So, there are degrees of apprehension.

I suppose it would follow that there can be degrees of audacity.

Notice the synonym list in the definition from Wordsmyth (above) ?


Now that has some connotation in the present “focus” on the word.

I believe there is a great deal of presumption going on in B.O.’s “Audacity of Hope”.  I think there is a presumption of hope going on here, and the presumptuousness is creating some rather hopeless-looking situations.

There is a presumption that the hope placed in socialist ideology is going to make what was once a great nation into an even bigger and better nation.  The numbers do not seem to bear that out.

I was educated at the knee of management by results (proof, being in the “taste and texture” of the pudding).

Let’s look at some numbers.  Maybe we can glean some form of measurement from some data (don’t all statisticians and scientists love data?).

These number are taken post-audacity of hope:

  • Unemployment – 8%
  • Stock Market (closing bell, Friday March, 6, 2009)


NASDAQ over time

NASDAQ over time

  • Consumer Confidence:



Here’s one we haven’t heard much about of late –

  • Housing Starts (duh) –


Did you by any chance take a gander at those “similar” words in the definition above?  Let’s look at a few, shall we?

mettle , recklessness {reckless} , hardihood , balls , spunk , grit , valor , ballsiness {ballsy} , overconfidence {overconfident} , resoluteness {resolute}

Now, what can we deduce when we look at the pudding, tasting the pudding, and then measuring those results against what we set out to achieve prior to the application of audacious cooking prowess in what we had at that earlier date then expected of the pudding?

Audacity begins to look reckless when the pudding tastes like sawmill grit.

It begins to look like overconfidence.  It begins to take on the qualities of those not-so-nice meanings.

Shakespeare asked the question “What’s in a word.”†

It is his contention that it is the characteristics of the item named that lends its name true meaning.  Like the smell of the rose (or the taste of the pudding).

Now it seems patently obvious to me that there must be a sliding scale here.

Teddy Roosevelt’s audacity simply worked for him.  Charging San Juan hill, taking on powerful bankers and power brokers of his day.

He brings about the meanings “grit”, “spunk”, “valor” and “resoluteness” that have a more positive nature.

He charged, and he won, and for it, he is celebrated.

The rose smelled sweet, and the pudding was delectable.  It smelled and tasted like success.

It was a “hit”.

It is most unfortunate that today’s audaciousness does not carry the same effect.

I like the quote from the Bible “Salt, where is thy savor”.

When it loses its saltiness, it is no longer of use as a flavoring.  It becomes only grit (and apparently one that can never regain its flavor – I have the real audacity to hope such is not the case for America).

This is where I think the road diverges.  Teddy had both the savor, and the grit.

The modern meaning is one of grit without any flavor – and it is simply rubbing everybody, raw and leaving a terrible, terrible after-taste.

To be precise:

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

Luke 13:34 King James Bible
“Salt is good: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be seasoned?”

The Deal-Maker (or Breaker?)

“She’s a beauty, ain’t she?  Hardly been driven.  Seems she was the lifelong dream of a fella and he passed away just after buying it.  His widow inherited it, and she only drove it to church. Better hurry though; I had a boy in here earlier who is hot for this car…I understand his dad is wealthy and buys him anything he wants too.  Be ashame to miss this deal.”

“10,000 megawatts.  That’s the power in those babies.  Mount them in your rear window and you’ll have a rolling boom box.”

“If we do not pass this spending bill the enitre planet could suffer a financial meltdown to rival global warming!”

You get the car home and find out the odometer has been rolled back.  Instead of 2,000 miles, it proabably had 200, 000.

You also find out that the boomin’ speakers you mounted in your new car spark and sputter more than the motor.

Now, what will we find out about this financial meltdown?  Is it too a case of over-sell?

We are already hearing the excuses.  Why it won’t provide instant jobs.  Why the world is sitting up and taking notice, whispering “is America really wanting to start a trade war now?”.

I wonder what China is thinking?  They are holding a lot of the cash in this game of high stakes roulette.  You might say the odds favor the house.  In this case, the house of Mao.

So are we going to be stuck with this old clunker singing the same old fuzzy tunes?

I suspect next we will hear more excuses.

Then there is the buck passing phase, followed by the “mistakes were made” phase.

Yeah, mistakes were made alright.  They were made when this country abandoned conservative principles.

This nation has been operating in a state of free trade with the world since Columbus first sailed here (in fact, it is why he came).

We traded in tobacco.  We traded in cotton.  We traded in oil, and now, in technology.

America is not an island, and she deserves a better shake than a slick sales job.

It is my sincere prayer and earnest hope that she will weather this spending meleé.  One can hope, and one must pray.

An “Unprecedented” President

Novel and unexampled?  Well.

Actually, we’ve had other Presidents who have held threats above our heads.

Think about it.

Do you remember that it was Jimmy Carter who initiated the 55 mph speed limit, prompting Mr. Hagar’s lament.  I seem to remember it was the environment and foreign oil dependency then too (OPEC oil cartel in the early 70’s…ring a bell?).

“The sky is falling.”

Lest we not forget the Clinton-Gore team and Global Warming.

“The sky is falling.”

And now for your viewing pleasure, Obama’s “unprecedented” recession.

First, he paints himself as Lincoln re-born.  Now he’s FDR.  What will we have next, Truman (look out, Iran).

Then –  have you heard this one?  This was a “bipartisan” expenditure of 800 billion dollars.  Right.  They had two Republicans.


Just like drawing the conclusion that some funky weather patterns spell the end of life as we know it, a rising unemployment rate is a true signature that we are headed for economic ruin.

Well, come to think of it, the most repressive economic times I remember in my lifetime were during the Carter years. I seem to recall an unemployment rate of 14% back then.


See a pattern yet, America?

Well, Mr. President, you made the comment that if things don’t work out, America can elect a new President in four years.


Here’s a suggestion for a change we can live with; how about a system like England where their Emperor can be thrown out by referendum vote if he’s not living up to the task…but here’s one further – we need to apply that to every Senator and Congressman as well.

No more “House censor” – WE will be the censors.

You mess up, we throw you out on your can!

I still have not heard one solitary word on what the return on my investment will be.

Better roads…ok, then what?

Nothing to drive on them?  Horse and buggy?  Electric car?  Well, without coal, and without nukes, where the hell are we getting the electricity?


Return on Investment.

What’s the plan, Stan?

Decisions are being made right now on behalf of current voters without any regard what-so-ever to the future.  Rubbing salve on an open vein will not stop the bleeding.

This bandaid is doing nothing for the massive internal bleeding (TRILLIONS of dollars bubbling down the drain).

We need real action, and a leader who is going to demonstrate that he is more than PR and fluff.

Don’t tell me you have bipartisan support, Mr. President, when you have TWO republicans on your side on this.

This is a travesty.

It’s Good to be The King

King Nut-n-Common, Lord of Libs, Sultan of Socialism, the Potentate of Pain

King Nut-n-Common, Lord of Libs, Sultan of Socialism, the Potentate of Pain

This morning I decided to do a “run-down” of the similarities and dis-similarities of B.O.’s approach to governing, and an unknown quantity (a “stylized” Republican counterpart – a composite based on past Republican administrations).

So here goes:


Humanity Wants to abort life, both domestic and abroad (pre-emptive genocide).  
Foreign Policy Wants to cozy up to all dictators, nations and hate groups who desire
to bring an end to Western civilization (Fidel Castro, Chavez, Hamas,
Taliban, Al Qaeda…Gordon Brown); uses regulation to stifle free trade
and inhibit global business enterprise; offers family planning and
abortion as an answer to the global financial meltdown; chases
windmills (alternative energy) and tells the world to follow our
Domestic Policy Tells his subjects to “buck up”; builds condom factories to cut down
on the population (giving foreign dictators an ‘edge’ should they
decide to invade); turns DC into one, bohunkin’ house party and in the
spirit of biparisanship “spits a loogey” at the GOP.Gets drunk, throws another house party and invites business leaders
to “come, take of my herb”.

Sets up “bad” banks to deal with toxic debt manufactured by a
poisonous ACORN.

Security Ensconces himself in a palatial pyramid (Washington, DC – THE place
to P*A*R*T*Y); tells the rest of the nation to “buck up”.
Leadership style Dictatorial; “I won, you lost, get used to it”.  
Energy Policy Chases windmills (golf carts, organic (horse and buggy), emission
controls, ending off-shore drilling, shutting down coal-fired plants,
dealing in carbon credits, turns nuclear plants into billion-dollar
“shroom” factories). Tells everyone to “buck up”.
Unemployment “Take a load off Joe”.  
The Economy “Gotta buck up”.  
War Retreats from one that is practically won and throws seasoned troops
into a vast and unknown situation (Afghanistan) offering no real sense
of objective, time frame, or plan for victory.
Agriculture “Herbs” and “Shrooms”  


Humanity   Wishes nothing more than for life to prosper, both American, and all
foreign Nations and foreign individuals; business models do not
discriminate to moderates or liberals, communists or socialists.
Foreign Policy   Looks to foster positive international business relations based on
ethics and sound, CAPITALIST philosopy (China, the Ukraine, the Soviet
Union, Britania, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Italy (the EU)).
“Opens the door” to China; tears down walls that separate humanity and
works to unite the world in its common economic interests; works with
the Soviets to build improved drilling infrastructure; forms trade
alliances with a multitude of nations.
Domestic Policy   Builds economies whereby all Americans are afforded an OPPORTUNITY to
excel and prosper; encourages states and cities to set up situations
conducive to attract businesses and provide jobs – such as tax
incentives and improved infrastructure aimed at enhancing the
conditions for those businesses to thrive.
Security   Works incessently to ferret out potential threats to all humanity,
but especially those aimed at the United States of America.
Leadership style   Friendly, available, open to ideas and willing to work with all sides
(Nixon with a split Congress; Reagan achieving economic prosperity in
deals he struck with the Dems, Nixon with Brezhnev; Eisenhower’s
moderation toward all; GW Bush compassionate conservatism and thousand
points of light.
Energy Policy   Explores ALL avenues; promises & builds additional nuclear plants
(which also provides jobs); explores every avenue of energy production,
from carbon-based, to geothermal, from wind and hydro to solar and fuel
cells; sets the stage for infrastructure changes such as rapid mass
transit; pushes to lift the “regulation” set up by the
to inhibit the domestic production of oil.
Unemployment   Against it. When in power, ENJOYS the lowest unemployment rates in
The Economy   Eisenhower and the 1950’s were the most prosperous time in our
Nation’s history; during the age of Nixon our nation saw unpresedented
growth in international business and trade; the Bush/Reagan/Bush years
brought technological breakthroughs that set our country on a course to
keep up with and even eclipse Moore’s Law and provide the conditions
necessary for exponential growth (geometric and not
“sequentially linear” – in other words, growth that expands outward
like the crystal formations of ice in the atmosphere – it grows,
exponentially, in all directions and dimensions similar to the birth of
a galaxy).
War   Eisenhower (Supreme Commander of Allied Forces); Nixon (got us out of
Viet Nam); Bush (Gulf War I; drove Iraq out of Kuwait); Reagan (freed
our hostages; “tear down that wall”); Bush (Achieved 90% victory in
Agriculture   A host of “rancher” Presidents, cowboy!