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At What Point Treachery?

As an American, who has always loved his country (so much so, that like a Father or Mother with their children, sometimes being critical of it…we expect so much from our children, and to me, my country is something that as citizens, we are all sort of parental to) – I’ve always tried to see my country through the spectacles of our forefathers (specifically Ben Franklin).

I’ve always tried to say, “what would they think”, “what would they do?”.

Now I know that is not popular today, ’cause as everybody knows, they were a bunch of gender-biased bigots.

Old dead white guys.

Well, this white guy is very much alive, and still loves the country they forged (and we have helped sustain).

I have to ask what they would think, as post-renaissance, renaissance men, of a new Nation that would sell out its own allies.

There can be no question in my mind that they would view what is taking place at this very moment (Egypt, Russia)  as the most vile form of treachery.

Mother Country?

Mother Country? Who is Obama working for?

Obama appears as that horrific “l’enfant terrible” that the French so aptly defined.

Like little Lord Faunterloy, he seems to me to be practicing a sort of “slash and burn” mentality…he senses that he is on his way out, so is inflicting as much damage as possible before his exit.

I pray to God in heaven that our allies will forgive us, and will realize that a new power base and leadership and mindset is on the rise in our country.

I would not blame them if they never trust us again…putting myself in their shoes (England, Egypt) – I know that I would never trust us again…but I come from the mountains and we learn to respect rattle snakes, cotton mouths and other vipers…once bitten, twice shy is our phrase.

But I would caution the world that things can “turn on a dime” in America.

We can pay off our debt to China, and we will.

We can rise to prominence again, and we will.

We also can make pledges, and we can live by those pledges (and we will).

A good one to start with is “never again”.

Never again will we allow a cretin to rise to power and inflict the kind of damage that this childish, impudent, boor of a man has inflicted not only on his own Nation, but on the world-at-large.

Harken back to the time that Obama was running for President…conjure up from the depths of your mind the angry speech that was hurled at a congregation by his minister (the right (ahem) Reverend Wright).

I believe I remember his exact words were “God DAMNED America”.

Well, I can assure you that it is NOT the God of Israel, or that same God of Christ who is having this damning effect on our Nation.

In fact, it is not a god at all.

It is a bunch of hate-filled men and women.

Hate filled, and dedicated to the prospect of tearing our Nation assunder.

This is not mere treachery; it is treason.

The collusion that Obama is taking with not only this “brotherhood” that is supposedly rising to power in Egypt (could not tell by all the fighting and killing that they are taking “by the will of the people”, now can you?)…but also with the Soviets…it is beyond apalling.

It is time for his own party to do something about him, and while they are at it, re-examine the Reids and Pelosis of the party as well (I know for damned sure that this Republican is taking a much, much more critical look at McCain).

This is beyond insanity, and beyond treason, and it is time democracy does something to right this listing ship.

The new Republican leadership needs to take a forecful, and vocal stand on the unfolding world events.

They need to be even more critical of Obama, and someone needs to reign the SOB in…quickly.

If his party can not do it, the courts (or someone) need to.

He is a rogue, and he causing damage beyond belief.

He simply needs to be stopped before it is too late (if if is not already too late).

Living Large, While Others Eat Cake

Hear about who is “Living Large” during these times that try men’s souls?

Click Here for the Modern Marie Antoinette Hoisting Her Hammer, Sickle and Paid-In-Full, Dues Card.

Talk about your Manchurian candidates, huh? (How much they kicking back to you, Herr King of the Hoops?).

I’ve always known that those suck-tails and “brother’s of the hood”, brotherhood were in collective cahoots.  Never fails, pinko-commie flamingos will always flock together.

Oh, and by the way, “John-Q-tax-paying-citizen”…just like with Big “O”, Obama, your the one getting stuck with the bill.

America, did you learn anything at all about all those privileged-puke, up-scale, children of flowers, Charlie Manson and drug-induced state of paranoia that WAS the sixties generation? (Their children’s children have risen in the form of Obama and his Union buds).

It’s all about the have’s and the have-nots.  And guess what?  The one’s who are screaming the loudest are not those who went and fought in Viet Nam — they were the children of the rich who stayed here, shot heroin and made love in the afternoon sun (or, union-produced cannons, M-16’s and napalm).

You know, the same bunch running the country today.

We have sold our souls to commercials, to movies and to propaganda about each of us being “Earth Mothers” and “Earth Stewards” instead of having common sense and living (as best we can) in a universe over which we have little (if any) control.

Welcome to the world of chaos.

You know, I like to think of chaos as a spinning top that suddenly begins to spin out of control.

It will not stay on its tip, spinning beautifully, unless certain conditions are maintained.

Proper speed, the mass and bulk of the “torso” of the top, the material of which the “tip” is made (when I was a kid, I found a compound of plastic or rubber worked best – of the kind skate-board wheels were made – can’t remember the name of the compound, but it was like a sticky “rubber-plastic”).

The tip of the thing was a hardened piece of steel, but it was surrounded and cushioned in this rubber-plastic formed in the shape of blunt-arrow tip.

It had a very long cord, and an instrument to hold it steady while force was applied to the string.

The thing would spin, and spin, and spin (and then, spin some more – absolutely amazing piece of engineering).

It was a thing of beauty, but always, always (unless I caught it), once it slowed, it would careen, out-of-control, its top-heavy mass forcing it to tumble not unlike the current economy.

We, as a global economy, seem to be at a momentary “lull” where things are not getting too much worse, and getting none-too-much better.

This is usually when the top would begin to careen.

Let’s hope somebody besides a bunch of zombie-esque, marijuana-craving and semi-stoned hippies and their brother malcontent union screws hell-bent on robbing the nation’s coffers through government “buy-back” programs is there to snatch the top before it starts to tumble (these rogues have proven that they are only “all about themselves” like a narcotic fiend craving his next fix).

Wouldn’t it be nice if from the ashes of these poor, dumb SOB’s that somebody with some sense would rise and lead this world out of the turmoil it now faces?

God speed the GOP (may the lumbering, sleepy elephant begin finally to trumpet, and to charge!).

Immigration (et, al): A DIATRIBE

So, the new immigrants are the same as the old?

Let’s think about the first immigrants.

Well, now there is one that is highly contested, isn’t it?

Let’s see.

My first thought is (was), that they were puritanical Pilgrims; but wait, what about that Leif Ericson cat?

Now, there was one, righteous-Nordic DUDE (1)

But, I digress (you gotta admit, though, he was COOL – literally; he had chilly grey matter – “ees cooold in dat North Sea”).

The FIRST immigrants to the “New” World (can you say “Order in the court?”…hmmmm? Can you?).

Let’s see, I seem to remember somewheres in my vast repository of useful information some will call a waning noggin a certain LAND BRIDGE – let’s see – what was it called?  hmmmm THE BERING STRAIGHT ????

Immigration in this great nation of ours started when the ASIAN crossed over from Russia, through the periphery of the Arctic circle and then down and around and into North America (one could argue that they were Ca-nooks, but, let’s not; sorry, Leif).

At any rate, immigration is truly a very old concept to this ragged Continent of our’n.

Now, I ask a simple question.

Did Leif Ericson have universal health care?

What about those first Asians?  Did they have an emergency ward when they got an icey fishook gorged through their nostrils in some horrid mis-adventure?

Well, the answer is obvious, isn’t it.

All immigrants are not alike.

Take the Irish, for example.

They were escaping a potato famine, and they were damned glad to get to this “land of opportunity” (seems it has now become a land of entitlement opportunity).

Did Paddy and O’leary and Shamus have a wet-nurse-maid awaiting them on the shores of “opportunity”.

Well…I’m waiting…

Let’s forget about immigrants (just for a moment) and think about those brave young men and women in buckskins who braved the elements, left “BAH-STAN” and headed into the wilderness “to see what they could see”.

What about them?

Did they have a Humana or Mercy General out there in the rough and tumble of the Great Smoky Mountains, or the Wild West that lay beyond.

The answer, is of course, “HELL NO”.

There was no one there to wipe their snotty noses.  No one to hand out free aspirin and toiletries.

In short, they had to make it.  They had to rely on the natural resources.  They had to rely on their “gumption”.

Now, I truly do know, full-well, that there are immigrants who approach this caliber of mindset today.

Even they are not faced with the “hardships” of those “ancients” who came before us (when, exactly when were the “mud-hut” builders of the earliest settlers in Tennessee?  Ten or twelve THOUSAND years ago…I use Tennessee as example as it is buried about as far away from the Bering Land Bridge as one can get (on this Continent anyhow) to demonstrate that the West truly is much, much older than our Constitution.

So, what of it, you may say.

Well, here is “what of it”…when one sticks to basic precepts, things work pretty well.  When one drifts, far afield, concepts and philosophy’s and even religions begin to unravel.

As they say where I come from “it is time to get down to brass tacks”.

The basics.

There is no divine right to “a car in every garage and a chicken in every pot”; this is NOT a concept our forefathers envisioned in our Constitution.

Utopia, frankly, is a big, fat lie (as is Haight-Ashbury and every damned thing the Beatles ever thought to sing but forgot because they were too flippin’ stoned).

There is no yellow brick road, Dotty.  No pot at the end of the rainbow.

What there is, though, is…


Freedom to make choices.  Freedom to live without having someone breathing down your neck all the time.

Freedom to eke out (and I do mean EKE)…to eke out a living.

THIS is what “built” our country.

I believe that in the coming days, weeks, months and years, our great nation will “get back to the egg”…we will remember the people who built this nation.

But we will also remember the people who have tried to tear it down.

We won’t forget (and I pray, and I mean deep, deep prayer) that we NEVER let this mess happen again!

The Duality of Contention

Its Sin, and its Virtue

It is both contemptible, and it is praiseworthy.

On the one hand, contention is the hallmark of the loyal opposition.

On the other, it is the bane of the ruling class.

So what is the fine, divining line for what represents “good” contention?

One must first analyze the concepts of both good, and evil.

The rational mind can easily make such determinations.

For example, when a duck is roasting above an open campfire, “fire is good”; however, put yourself in the place of the duck in the form of a house fire, and “fire is bad”.

The rationalist would say that it is futile to measure, or to try and measure, good and evil.

They would say that it is all based on perspective.

I suppose they’d have somewhat the conundrum on their hands were it to be their cousin, Eddie the duck, who transpires in his house due to fire…but the rationalist would probably say “ah, just go ahead and chow down on old Eddie – never was worth much anyway – oughtta do somebody some good in death, since he didn’t in life”.

I would argue that there is evil in this rationale.

What are you willing to sacrifice so that there can be an improvement in your own condition?  Moreso, what are you willing to see others sacrifice for your own hide?

Being in the minority party now, contention takes on somewhat a “new” light for me.  Now I am forced to defend all, and I am forced to do so by a party that basically falls into the category of the cold rationalist.

They will do whatever it takes to hold on and survive.

I am reminded of spoiled brats I grew up with who would do most anything to “get their way”.

Well, I’m afraid that my contention is a bit different.

I am not willing to sacrifice others for my own sake.

I am, however, most willing to put them in harm’s way for something that is beneficial to us all.

For example, I will not sacrifice one company to save another, when through tried and true principles (free market enterprise), they could both be salvaged.

I was twenty hours from receiving a minor in business, and I remember vividly the mantra of our professors, from econ to business management they railed “Profit is King”.

From the standpoint of business operating in a capitalist system, there is absolute truth in this statement.

The unfortunate thing is, we are no longer a capitalist system (some say never to be again, but I disagree – all things are possible with God, and I believe, free men).

Henry Ford once said “they can have any car they want as long as it is black and a Model T”.

General Motors introduced the concept of a paint line.

People could have a choice.

And boy, did they ever choose.

So much so, that the concept of diversification took on new life.

From the concept sprang not only paint lines, but different car lines.

What was once one, became many.

Cadillac, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, GMC (and I’m sure I’m leaving some out) – the concept grew into the titan.

I learned, also in business school (and probably before through friends and other classes) that the Japanese have a saying that “on a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji” (the island chain, I understand, is more extensive than meets the eye in Japan and I’m sure it is akin to my seeing my smoky mountains from far reaches – reminding me of home).

A book came out once entitled “On a Clear day, you can see GM”.

General Motors is one of the flagship corporations that made this nation strong.

It is in part what has stood as a rampart of sorts.  It is one tier in a lined fortress.

ALCOA, IBM, US Steel, Unisys, Microsoft…the list can go on, and on ad infinitum.  Each one represents a rampart in our fortress.

And now we have the voice of “change”.

“Mr. Obama, tear down those walls!”.


It is one thing to tear down a wall that is oppressive and designed to keep people in.

But let’s consider, these are multi-national corporations.   They employ people all over the world.

They are not designed to either keep people in, or keep people out.

Theirs, is but one mission.


They are not prejudiced.

I once worked for a heavy metals company.  I remember fondly how they would say, “we know how to do one thing, and we know how to do it well.  We make that metal.  That metal is our pay.  We do it right because we know there is a reward in the end in the form of our paychecks that we get from making the stuff. It is what we do”.

Now we have Obama and his merry band telling us that they have it all wrong.  That somehow, this needs to be changed.

It is not “fair” that they should make a profit through their hard work when others do not.



You want fair?

Fair is seeing the feather-bedding sons-a-bitches getting off their assess and help the rest of the world turn a profit.  That is fair.

Fair is having a system where everyone is expected to pull their weight.

Fair is a world free from muzzles of the kind Congress and BO’s stinking plans want to place on blogs and talk radio through the “fairness” doctrine.


There is no fairness in their regulation (UNLESS your lazy ass is laying in a feather bed).

He is single-handed tearing down what this nation has built from dust.

He is taking a thriving, positive system and turning it into one that “plays favorites”.

He is essentially reducing it to the lowest common denominator, the sluggish, apathetic sorry piece of shit laying in a feather bed while others accept risk and build civilization.

I am no rationalist when it comes to good and evil.

I believe that any can see the difference between the two.

There can be no good in dismantling through regulation.

The bible states that evil will twist the truth and use it to its own devices.

I believe we are witnessing this first-hand.

There is no good in the policies that are being forced down the throat of this nation today.

What we have is an evil Pygmalion one with an intent not to improve the lot of some lowly individual (what was lowly about American capitalism – once the envy of the world?).

What we have is someone with their own concept of what is righteous and good, and yet from what I see, there is no good in any of his policies.

To destroy what was once something others held in high esteem – where is the good in that?

I remember when Russians (before the wall came down) – when common Russians desired to wear Levi jeans.

We took them for granted.  They were “knocking around” clothes.

They were prized behind the iron curtain.

What is evil in that?

Rampant greed?

Sure, if the object is greed.  But what if it is simply to have a quality pair of durable britches that happen also to be (in some individual estimation)…stylish?  Is that evil?

I always detested that teacher from school who would say “if you bring bubble gum into the class, you have to bring one for everybody”.

Like hell.

It was my ass that was out on the weekends picking up bottles to turn them in for coins with which to buy the bubble gum.

Let the other bastards get out in the hot sun and pick up bottles so that they too can enjoy and nice, juicy chew in school.

What is unfair is for you to expect me to work double-time for the damned lazy slugs who would not get up off their fat assess to change their minds, much less earn a piece of bubble gum.


Your damned right.

But I believe that mine is a form of contention that stands for what is true, and what is right, and therefore, what is righteous.

No more mister nice-guy.

It is time to take off the gloves, and fight for my damned piece of bubble gum.

On Prophets and Predictions

You may have heard this morning that a Russian “expert” in the field has predicted the demise of the United States of America next year.

I am reminded of the years leading up to the fall of the Soviet Union (or extreme reorganization).

Our own Central Intelligence Agency predicted its fall ten years from the date of the prediction (it “fell” not long after the report) (1, 2, 3).  An interesting factoid concerning this botched prediction was based on the fact that the CIA may have relied too heavily on Soviet information and data (just look at one of their newspapers (Pravda or TASS) and you can see how “unbiased” they are; you might as well use government-issued press releases).

The point is, propaganda oversells or over-states issues.

That is what propaganda does.

Now where do you suppose this Soviet “expert” would gather his data to conclude that the U.S. will fall next year?

All we have been hearing out of the Democrats and the Obama administration is that we are repeating the Great Depression of the early 30’s and that they are representing the new Roosevelt-doctrine (the “new”, New Deal).

This is the problem with propaganda.  It paints a certain perspective for the entire world.

Let’s break it down a little further.  The latest unemployment stats that I have heard mentioned put us somewhere in the vicinity of seven percent.

Keep in mind – we were running in double digits under the Carter administration (that was the 1970’s; fourteen percent, I “think”).

During the depression years after the 29 stock crash, unemployment was running in the thirty percentile.

Thirty percent !

That is a far-cry difference from this seven percent that we now face – and yet what do we get from Obama?  He screams that we are in the grip of depression and failing by the minute.

He is setting himself up for a self-fulfilling prophesy.  It is his policies that are driving the markets down, not to mention the perception he is creating with his speech.

I am trained in public relations.  We are taught that the best approach to dealing with a sticky situation is to try and present it in as true a light as is possible.

In other words, base your communications on the facts and try your damndest to see that the facts are corroborated by more than one party.

Then have a game plan.  Communicate to the public that there is a problem, that we are aware of the problem (restate it for clarification) and that this is what we are doing to address the problem (again, restate the problem so that everyone understands).

Now it is also important that the problem is legitimate.  Look at the problems with selling the world on global warming and you will see what I mean.  There is no consensus on the subject by experts.  All you hear are the “experts” representing one side of the issue.

What we are not taught to do is manufacture problems.

Believe it or not, in spite of what you have heard about “spin” – we are taught to do what the journalists do not seem to be doing.  We are taught to deal with issues in an above-board fashion.

I believe that it is under-handed to continue down this path of self-destruction.  To continue to paint the situation we now face as a “depression” is as bright and shining a lie as has ever been told by any politician.

The viability of our nation is based on a free and open marketplace.

Men have tried to emulate that freedom in terms of intellect and thought as well (a free and open interhange of ideas).

Now I realize that when approaching a problem, all things must be put on the table.  For example, I understand that the CIA actually has a contingency plan set up in case of an attack upon the United States by Canada.

We all know it is not likely to happen, but we have the game-plan just in case.

We as a nation have built in protections to avoid another financial collapse like the one of the Great Depression.

It is fine to have a plan for that.  Where I have a problem is when a government official continues to panic the entire world with rhetoric, and in so-doing affect the markets in such a terrible fashion.

If you’ve ever read “The Scarlet Pimpernel” you will see that a similar tactic was used in the French market place of the period where the character “whispers” stock information at parties and galas to manipulate the markets.

You can plainly see what an affect it has when a world leader such as our President makes blatant and open remarks (no whispers) about the subject.

This is wholly and completely malevolent, and it is absolutely irresponsible.

The repercussions you can plainly see in the prediciton of this Russian.

Now here is the “other side” of the coin.

Our CIA overestimated the Russians strength prior to their collapse.  What I believe is happening here is that this Russian is underestimating our markets, and he is doing so based on all the rhetoric coming from our President and the Democrats in Congress.

The fact is, we are not in the greatest shape ever, but then again, we are NOT in a depression.

There is a wise quote that states that a man should only be judged by the company he keeps (now, I do know that we shouldn’t judge at all – but I do think we have to use some discernment to avoid running with the devil).

It is tacitly ironic to me that Barack Obama finds an ally in his rhetoric coming from a Soviet “expert”.

One socialist talking about another.

You do the math.

Let’s Next Blame Adam Smith

This morning I take note (and exception) of the Nobel Prize winning economist on C-SPAN.

Yet again, we have someone spouting off on air about how this whole crisis is the fault of the Republican administrations.  De-regulation.  They are like a broken record.

They will not place one iota of blame on Clinton.

Yesterday I received an e-mail reminding the recipients of the NY Times article that foretold of this crisis.  The more I read, the more I listen and the more I process, the more I believe this was manufactured not by Republican policy, but rather, by radicals like that long-hair, Bill Clinton.


Billary go Euro. Go Karl! Go Sweden! Go Lenin !

We all know about their involvement in real-estate schemes (White Water was some sort of a land deal).  This must have been some sort of template for ACORN and Obama’s policies with Rezco and Blago.

The NY Times article was dated 1999.  Here is a link to that article.

It seems patently obvious to me that when a “Nobel-prize-winning economist” comes on and does nothing more than point fingers at Republicans that there may be something amiss.

Add to this that this Nobel prize was handed out the same  year ( 2008 ) that Al Gore won it, and things get even more suspect.

Go beyond this and consider that the prize is handed out in Sweden.  Now what is it we know about European economic philosophy?  They are essentially collectivists.  They consider themselves to be intellectuals, but then, they did have “the corner” on all-things-social in Western Civilization for a very long time.  To the winner belongs the spoils.

But wait !  What was Sweden’s contribution to putting down the Nazis or tearing down the wall that divided Europe?

I think their time is up.  Why should we listen to the harangues of those sitting on the sidelines.  Are they in the game?  Are they taking the licks?  What have they done to contribute to a solution to the world’s ills (raising alarms about global warming?).

As I’ve made mention in this column I am in process of reading The Gulag Archipelago. I had watnted to try and keep any comparisons limited to the page dedicated at right, but there will inevitably be some bleed-over.

This is so very reminiscent of the party officials (those close to Lenin and Stalin and the rest) who would take on grandiose schemes and charge forward strong-arming engineers and those who might know something about bridges and dams and other such projects, skim money, under-fund and under-build and then when the project fails, they proceed to blame the engineers and then it’s “off to the Gulag” for them.

They pressure the engineers to build a grand project, but they give them no tools with which to work.  Then when failure inevitably happens, “off with their heads”.

The term is much over-used, but it is the equivalent of “throwing someone under the bus”.

I think that this economist and the rest of the liberals are trying (and this is obvious) to throw Reagan and the Bush’s under the bus.

It is not working where I am concerned.

The article above is part and parcel of what is wrong with these people in position of current power.  They are blaming others, and they are doing nothing to contribute to the success of our nation.

Well, I say nothing.  They are funding projects to put these “green” light bulbs in Government buildings.  They will probably pay somebody with a mortgage they can not afford $25.00 an hour to do this monumental task.  It is going to go so far toward lessening our dependence on foreign oil, you know.

Couple that with the shill corporations that will be set up to handle waste disposal of the light bulbs (you do know that the “green” light bulbs are high in Mercury, don’t you?  Can’t have stuff falling into land fills without first processing it).

And all this “smart” spending will bring us out of this slump.  How do you like the new deal now?

Like the party officials in Russia, they are simply holding on to their power base.  They sacrifice the backbone of the nation, and for what?  For their own political gain.

For the Nobel prize.

Well there is only one prize that will be relevant in this day, and that is the prize that goes to those who will be responsible for pulling the world out of this mess it is in.

That prize will go to you and me, to the people who are already over-taxed and over-burdened (and let’s not forget that there are others in other countries who are over-taxed by the collectivists).

It will be our sweat and our toil that raises this country once again.

It will not be the nobel-prize-winning economist.  It will not be Bill Clinton or Al Gore, or B.O.

It will be you and me.

So to you fat-heads who keep up with your “blame Bush” or “Blame Reagan” games, I say only this: you need to keep your eyes on these people who are stuggling with this whole mess that YOU created – because they most assuredly have their eyes on you.

Chronicles from the Gulag

Chronicles from the Gulag

This page has been added to “The Precipice” (see “Pages” in the column to the right) to document this writer’s journey through the work of another writer, living vicariously through his journal of his imprisonment in a socialist system and observing certain aspects that are all-too-similar in the age of B.O.

The Precipice will continue to report this work as long as its “right to correspondence” holds under the age of Obamination; which may not be much longer should the so-called “Fairness” doctrine pass.


So, did you here the one about this goomer in England who is worried about the rise of fascism from radicals on the far right?

Far right.

For me, it’s always been a little akin to being caught in Superman’s “bizarro” world when you begin applying American concepts of the politic to European philosophy.

A close relative of mine once tried to explain to me how it was that the labor party in Australia was really more conservative than our own Republican party.  Like I said, bizarro world.

Or is it?

If what Mr. Ball means by “far-right” fascism is a fascism born of the “privileged” class, then he may be “spot on” as the Brits would say (I suppose, if the clichés are correct).

At any rate, think about it.  Were there to be an uprising in say, America, where do you think it would begin?

Well, there have been rumors of class envy and class warfare for two or three decades now.  It exists.

Think about the last time you were at the barber shop and someone said “yep, the rich keep gettin’ richer, and poor keep gettin’ poorer”.



Now that do sound like the seeds of discontent.  Of course, as the same guy to “define rich and poor” – you may be suprised by his answer.

He probably calls himself “middle class” (something the French would refer to as the “bourgeoise” – or Eddie Murphy as “Bougie White People”).

The fact is, were there to be problems, I don’t really see them “springing” from the rich, but rather, from another faction attempting to re-distribute wealth, to quash the opposition (ie “rich”, ie “define rich”, i.e. “you and me”, i.e. “middle class”, i.e. “Bougie White People”)  (say, through a “fairness” doctrine, or better, muzzle), or by telling everyone to “get used to it, we won, you lost”.

Now what I learned in reading literature and history books and so on, was that repression is basically equivalent to fascism.  I know, fascism in it vile form is probably more about concentrating wealth and power into the hands of the few, say through “re-distribution programs”, such as when the Nazi’s took all the possessions from the wealthy Hebrews (paintings, jewelry, their gold teeth) and essentially redistributed that wealth to their own, sinister devices.

So, when you repress speech, when you take moneys from one and give to another, when you adopt a cavalier and arrogant attitude toward the minority party, essentially, isn’t it the left who is acting fascist?  The “redistributionists” ?

I’m sorry, but for me, fascism, communism, totalitarianism – they are all evil monsters, and they are designed for one purpose – to favor one group over another.

The Politburo, the NKVD, “Il Duce”, the “SS” (now, that’s bound to get your attention) – silly me, and I thought all the left was worried about was some waterboarding of known terrorists (of the beheading variety) down GITMO way – what they are really interested in is redistributing Adam Smith’s “Wealth of a Nation” – and they are doing it by spending your hard-earned taxes.

Guess I’d better go back to practicing “getting used to it”.

I’m going to snuggle in for some more reading of Solzhenitsyn’s “The Gulag Archipelago” – got a funny feeling I need to bone up on what life is about to be like for we living in this “liberal democracy” where everyone is free – everyone “who won” that is.

An “Unprecedented” President

Novel and unexampled?  Well.

Actually, we’ve had other Presidents who have held threats above our heads.

Think about it.

Do you remember that it was Jimmy Carter who initiated the 55 mph speed limit, prompting Mr. Hagar’s lament.  I seem to remember it was the environment and foreign oil dependency then too (OPEC oil cartel in the early 70’s…ring a bell?).

“The sky is falling.”

Lest we not forget the Clinton-Gore team and Global Warming.

“The sky is falling.”

And now for your viewing pleasure, Obama’s “unprecedented” recession.

First, he paints himself as Lincoln re-born.  Now he’s FDR.  What will we have next, Truman (look out, Iran).

Then –  have you heard this one?  This was a “bipartisan” expenditure of 800 billion dollars.  Right.  They had two Republicans.


Just like drawing the conclusion that some funky weather patterns spell the end of life as we know it, a rising unemployment rate is a true signature that we are headed for economic ruin.

Well, come to think of it, the most repressive economic times I remember in my lifetime were during the Carter years. I seem to recall an unemployment rate of 14% back then.


See a pattern yet, America?

Well, Mr. President, you made the comment that if things don’t work out, America can elect a new President in four years.


Here’s a suggestion for a change we can live with; how about a system like England where their Emperor can be thrown out by referendum vote if he’s not living up to the task…but here’s one further – we need to apply that to every Senator and Congressman as well.

No more “House censor” – WE will be the censors.

You mess up, we throw you out on your can!

I still have not heard one solitary word on what the return on my investment will be.

Better roads…ok, then what?

Nothing to drive on them?  Horse and buggy?  Electric car?  Well, without coal, and without nukes, where the hell are we getting the electricity?


Return on Investment.

What’s the plan, Stan?

Decisions are being made right now on behalf of current voters without any regard what-so-ever to the future.  Rubbing salve on an open vein will not stop the bleeding.

This bandaid is doing nothing for the massive internal bleeding (TRILLIONS of dollars bubbling down the drain).

We need real action, and a leader who is going to demonstrate that he is more than PR and fluff.

Don’t tell me you have bipartisan support, Mr. President, when you have TWO republicans on your side on this.

This is a travesty.

Again With the Threats

This guy is worse than Chicken Little “The Sky is Falling, and the Polar Bears are dying” Al Gore.

Talk about pressure-sales tactics.

He oughtta get an award as used car salesman of the year!

Remember, boys and girls, you may be able to write the check for the down-payment, but if you can’t make them monthly payments, don’t buy the car.

A Repo-man named Chairman Mao is salivating just thinking about “Nationalizing” America as the newest Chinese acquisition.

Now, there is some socialism for you!