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Impeachment !!!


Can the long, national nightmare be over at last?

Free at last, free at last….good googala-moogala, ARE we free at last?

It is time.

Again, this Sunday morn., we bear witness to O’s approach to geo-politics.

He tells yet another world leader (remember Mubarak?) that it is time to “get out”.

Well, take a dose of your own meds, bub.

It is time for someone to step aside, but that someone is YOU.

I don’t know about anybody else in this fine country of ours, but I’ve been “hoping” for “change” since before you took office.

I knew what was coming.

There are many, many most-unkind words I could use right now to describe your presidency…I think I’ll just default to “Carter-esque” and let that sum it up (that is about as kind as I can be,  under the circumstances).

They (whoever “they” are) have always said that history would be kind to “W”.

I think we are witnessing what history is going to do to you, Mr. O., before it even becomes history.

None of us wish to see the world ignited.

None of us want your brand of global warming.

It is just not healthy, either for us, or for the world.

When I was in college, I helped put on a lecture series entitled “The United States Constitution: That Delicate Balance”…you, Mr. O., have managed to break the springs on the balance itself.

It may never work again.

Let us hope my fatalistic attitude is dead wrong.

Here’s to you, Mr. Gingrich (and here’s hoping you DO run for president – it is time we had someone up there with BACKBONE and with TEETH).

We did not start these damned fires of revolution that are spreading across the planet, but we BY GOD sure can tamp them out!

A Time for Reflection

Ahhh, reflection.

Ain’t it grand?

Narcissus thought so.

You remember that cat, don’t you?  You know, the one from Bullfinches?

Bullfinch, you ask?

Yes, Bullfinches, you see, was (and probably is, for any who still read) the  pentultimate collection of Greek Mythology.

And so, what of this Narcissus?  Well, you’ve heard of Narcissim, surely?

If not, let me give you an example, (ahem…well, let my friend’s at “Real Clear Politics” give you an example from our recent history…back before all the hullaballo that goes on in the moment).

Perhaps next week we can talk of that cat who flew too close to the sun…now what was his name?  Oh, yes, that Icarus fellow.

Now, there is some REAL globular warming!


(Say Albert…maybe when you and B.O. get finished polishing your Nobel Paprazzi Peace Prizes, and looking at your reflection in them, maybe the two of you will want to hop aboard Icarus Air and take a quick jaunt to see how well his wings of wax are holding up. While you are at it, you can give us all a status report on the solar flare activities and perhaps a ski report or two looking down from on high at one of the earliest ski resort record snows in history.  Looks like it’s gonna be an icey one, fellas!  Maybe you guys will want to re-think that whole “re-writing” history thing as well…huh, guys?).

A “wrap-up” on the week’s wrap-ups that is “all wrapped-up” (just, not too tight, please!)

Ever felt a bit “constrained” ?

How Ironic...she appears to be "in bondage", and America is...in "Obama-bond"

How Ironic...she appears to be "in bondage", and America is...in "Obama-bond"

I know that I do.

I know I said I’d not get personal in this column, but the fact is, this is an opinion-based blog.  Its mission as a rag is to be driven to (vainly) be humorous, at times, but always to be driven to try and be published in a manner that displays at least “something” about the most significant news story(or stories) of the past week.

Now, this is NOT my day job, and in no way pays my bills.  Now that I’m working long, long hours, I basically only have the weekends to “opine”.

So, the column is taking a new “flave” for a bit…”wrap-ups” (and what a week to begin them, huh?  ref the pic above, hee, hee).


Enough already about “wrap-ups” (beginning to make me feel like some people are wrapped just a little too tight).

But, what an irony, huh?

Our Commander-in-Thief is constraining us with health care, robbing us of our inherited wealth (and then re-distributing it to people who should inherit only the, let’s see, how does it go?  “inherit the wind, but reap the whirlwind” ??? – remember “God moves in a wind storm”, and this is how both Noah and Moses remembered the “harkening” of His divine presence…but, that’s another story, ENTIRELY), and generally “mucking things up”.

And now we have to be jap-slapped with this hoo-ha about “America (sic, WOMEN) being constrained”.


Let’s see, what about these people where “constraints” are concerned?

What is it, that quote, you know the one…concerns “doom” (and who is doomed when they forget (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ψ)).

So, “what of it“, you might ask?

Well, “let me tell ya” (it is, as I’ve so many times stated, an opinion column, after-all) –

when people forget what happens when humans begin yielding to their nasty, human nature, baaaaaad thangs start to happen, that’s what!

Real bad.

Real, real bad.

For the first time, I think, Madame Pelosi’s sense and sensibility is beginning to serve her (it remains to be seen whether she will demonstrate some personal responsibility).

But the point is, she is beginning to sense that the world is becoming an extremely “constrained” place (as IF, EVERYONE…did not already perceive that tid-bit – the internet is, after all, making it a smaller and smaller place (let’s all get “small”, eh, Steve-a-reeno“?).

Well, I guess I should say, everyone, who remembers history (and histoi in the making).

The most disturbing thing, for me, about the vid of the Madame, is not her tears (of/for fear? yuck, yuck), but rather, that one, singularly-“prickly”,  statement … “the ears that it is falling on…are not as balanced“as those making the statements”.

Now who, on earth, could she be referring to? Not as balanced?

Well, I guess balanced is, as balanced do.

Speak! (but don’t listen)

So I catch this Connie Shultz on C-SPAN this morning talking about Dick Cheney.

She says that if he’s a real patriot that he should shut up.

I got pissed, got up and poured a cup of coffee and come back to hear her telling one of the Demonrat callers what they should do to counter the opinions on the right.

She tells them to write their congressmen, to right letters to the editor and to start blogs.


We should simply shut our mouths so that they can be heard whining and moaning some more.


Just like a Demonrat to stand up for our Constitution, but only when it is convenient to their causes.

Well, I’m here to tell ya, I ain’t shuttin up.

I hope Cheney doesn’t shut up either.

Hell, I even encourage every one of you – let YOUR voices ring out.

Don’t be stifled by these bastards on the left.

They want to control everything from the boardroom to the bathroom (reference BO’s CEO “implants” at the helms of banks and auto manufacturers, or old Cousin Al Gore’s six-gallon toilet that won’t even flush one of my little pooches contributions to the environment).

(For “more gore on Gore” see 1, 2, 3, 4).

These people are arrogant scum who think that they (and their lousey opinions) are all that matters.

It is high time to let them know different.

At every opportunity, let them know what you think.

You do still matter, in spite of their self-righteous opinion.

The Camaraderie of Dreams

You know dreams are a double-edged sword.

Flowing in one direction, the sword cuts a swathe out to the front in a gallant acts of bravery; in the other, it results only in suicide.

One must therefore use extreme care in the art of sword-wielding.

In the West we have “fictionalized and glamorized” what we perceived as a “sacrificial” rite of that nation of the “divine wind” – that of “hara kiri” (Hollywood gets it wrong on all counts (as usual), pronouncing it “hair-ee cair-ee” and touting it as something practiced by warriors who failed in their missions, rather than the truth that it was something bound for disgraced politicians).

I awoke this Sunday morning thinking about the death of dreams.

I’ve never had much use for dreamers and dreaming myself.  Oh, sure, I have some – but I’ve always tried to stay grounded in reality.

For instance, right now I am dreaming of what to do about this hunger in my belly.

Now, quick as I finish this article, that dream is going to become actualized.

I’ll cook breakfast, and fill my aching gut (like it needs any ‘filling’).

There is a lesson in that.  Over-feed a dream, and it turns to fat.

That’s why, for me anyway, it is so important to live not in what might be, but in “what is”.

Back to that sword analogy, when you are waving it out in front of you, it can clear a path for you on the open battlefield, but when you consider the case of Leonidas at Thermopylae where he faced an enemy legion at a bottle-neck that lie between a steep cliff and the sea (literally between a rock and a hard, place), it takes on a different connotation.

The fallen enemy stacked like cord wood and blocked any hope of forward advancement.

Such is life when you have narrowed your options, or applied local “rules” to the entire universe (they don’t always apply in every situation).

But he did achieve the objectives of stalling the enemy, as well as thinning the legion.  He also actualized his own demise (and given that he knew this, he also knew it would be his end).

Could one then call this a “proper” suicide?

The Japanese leaders who committed it, did so in disgrace.

Leonidas dies in a pitched battle to protect his own.

Both are equally dead, and both had “knowledge and afore-thought” to venture into legalese.

Did you know that in our legal system, it is considered homicide because one who commits it is “murdering oneself”.  Plug that scenario into a detective show.  I can see it now…”what was his motive”, “well hollyweird officer, it looks like he wanted to kill himself”.

This truly a dark subject for such a beautiful morning.

You know, the Japanese fought under the banner of the rising sun.  I took note this morning of a lovely sunrise over the hills of my home.

Rather than get all poetic about everything, I think I’ll just go make that breakfast I’ve been dreaming about.  I’ll do like the bible says, live in the moment, and trust that the meals will come again, just as that sunrise.

Of course, it is hard to forget that there is another dreamer who also wields a sword; an ambitious dreamer who only this morning took a swipe at that rising sun.

And now the response is to rely on Ronald Reagan’s “dream” (a vision, really – based on insight and preparedness – not on poetry).

To quote my childhood hero, Bugs Bunny, “Ain’t it ironic”.

So, you see, I’ve never really been too awfully cozey with dreams and dreamers.

I guess it is ok to dream, but my belly is telling me to get off my arse and actualize this one over a hot stove and the reward that comes from the effort.

Here’s to dreaming, California (how do you like your peace now, hippies?).

I’m not a Socialist; I just want “peace”

A piece of the banks, a piece of GM, and a wee, little piece of the American taxpayer’s soul:







This is How They Run

When asked recently about how she feels about partisan politics and the fact that no Republicans supported the bailout (no REAL Republicans), Madam Pelosi’s answer was flippant.  She basically said “look, the elections were a mandate”.  Well, it looks like the world was listening.


It is a real example of just how low the Democrats have sunk.  They are now in league with dictators from all around the world.

Where’s the mandate for that?

In blatant disregard for his real impact on American history (and much can, and is, being argued on the point), they blithely compare themselves to Abraham Lincoln.

I know of no one in Lincoln’s day who would have picked up on his policies and moved that propagandist chess piece another square down the board.

Perhaps there were other countries that may have taken note of Lincoln’s leadership and applied the concepts of freedom and liberty in their own society – which is a positive thing.

Nobody could argue it is a good thing when socialist dictators pick up on American policy and use it to their own political gain.

When good Nations rise to new levels as the result of the leadership demonstrated in America, that is a good thing, right?

Well then what can be said when dictators take your rhetoric and “capitalize” on it?

Not a comforting thought.

Oh well.

Hip, hip, hooray for socialist dictators, eh Nancy?

Chronicles from the Gulag

Chronicles from the Gulag

This page has been added to “The Precipice” (see “Pages” in the column to the right) to document this writer’s journey through the work of another writer, living vicariously through his journal of his imprisonment in a socialist system and observing certain aspects that are all-too-similar in the age of B.O.

The Precipice will continue to report this work as long as its “right to correspondence” holds under the age of Obamination; which may not be much longer should the so-called “Fairness” doctrine pass.

Lies, Damn Lies and Democrats

My background is in public relations.

Depending on who you talk to, this profession can be about truth-telling, presenting the truth in a form that is easier to swallow (sugar-coating), or about out-and-out lies.

The truth can be a nefarious thing, so I’ve always taken the tack that I will tell it to the best of my abilities to perceive it.

The headline above, by the way,  is borrowed from Benjamin Disraeli’s quote “Lies, damn lies and statistics”.  This kind of stuff was going on even in his day.

To consider a different angle on the truth, science uses the scientific method.  Basically it uses a “gradient” to measure facts, ie., observation, hypothesis, deductive-inductive reasoning, testing, proofs, replication and then formulation of theory that may then become a law.

Someone should apply it to global warming.

Speaking of law, that profession also has standards whereby it measures the truth.  Portions are similar to science such as deductive and inductive reasoning, but it also offers the concept of reasonable doubt.

Someone should apply the reasonable doubt standard to global warming.

Personally, I think that if reasonable doubt were applied in science, apples would rise to the sky, the earth would be flat and two-dimensional planets would revolve around the earth’s moon like a record on a phonograph.  We could all scoop out bits of a marmelade sky, and we could make a sport of shooting the monkeys that fly from the posteriors of liberal “dandy-boys”.

And global warming would become the law of the land (but wait – isn’t that the case?).

And then there is the art of political chicanery that plays havoc on the truth and affects all-the-above.  Let’s look as some nefarious examples from current and recent events and trends.

OJ Simpson

“If it doesn’t fit, you can’t convict.”

“If I did it.”

“He’s in the jailhouse now.”

The Captivating Case of the Dubious Ms. Plame

As recently as 2007 there are lawsuits that seem to refute Valerie Plame’s assertions aimed at George Bush and his administration.

If you have forgotten the case, Plame was an alleged “desk jockey” who made claims that the Bush administration pulled a “King David” and tried to have her husband sent to “the front lines” for having the audacity to raise an eyebrow over the Bush doctrine.

Now there are some strange facts in this case.  Plame apparently wrote a memo suggesting that her husband be sent to Niger.  Further, the claims are that they were whistle-blowers and yet it appears her sphere of influence was the proliferation of nukes in Iran (doesn’t this sound all-too-familiar to WMD’s in Iraq ?).

In addition to all the above, they have apparently sold their movie rights to Warner Brothers.  Looks like anohter Frost-Nixon propaganda piece is about to “explode” onto the silver screen.

It is absolutely fabulous the way Hollywood spin meisters so easily step in and out of reality, and play havoc with the truth.

And yet it appears that in open court, their suits just fall apart.

You can afford the house

ACORN: “Here’s how you go about getting around the system, see.  You fill out this form, and that form, you send it through a government agency, and, “voila”,  you qualify for a $350,000 home.  It’s easy!”.

HOMELESS PERSON: “But how am I going to pay it back” ?

ACORN: “Don’t worry about it.  It’s money that America owes itself.  It’s the American way”.

and now, for your consideration

Dem Dalliances

Which typical administration seems to constantly be caught up in sex scandals (and I reference Teddy Kennedy, Bill Clinton…ah hell, just throw some spaghetti and see which Democrat it hits), or the admins of Nixon, Ford, Bush, Reagan or Bush?

It is interesting to me that Carter practically ripped the CIA to shreds, that Clinton was known to hate the US military and that the trend of the left seems to continue with Obama stopping the action in Iraq, cozying up to Hamas when their missiles are falling on Israel, and offering “testimonials” to the Arab press. Couple this with hate-mongers of the left trying (unsuccessfully) to drum up a scandal within the CIA (reference Plame, above).

Inductive and deductive reasoning leads me to believe that the case for the truth is stacked heavily against the spin-meisters of the left, and heavily for the likes of Ford, Reagan and the Bush’s.

Where repeatability is concerned in this poli-scientific method, I think all we have to do is sit back and watch the aces fall from the sleeves of team Obama.


It’s Good to be The King

King Nut-n-Common, Lord of Libs, Sultan of Socialism, the Potentate of Pain

King Nut-n-Common, Lord of Libs, Sultan of Socialism, the Potentate of Pain

This morning I decided to do a “run-down” of the similarities and dis-similarities of B.O.’s approach to governing, and an unknown quantity (a “stylized” Republican counterpart – a composite based on past Republican administrations).

So here goes:


Humanity Wants to abort life, both domestic and abroad (pre-emptive genocide).  
Foreign Policy Wants to cozy up to all dictators, nations and hate groups who desire
to bring an end to Western civilization (Fidel Castro, Chavez, Hamas,
Taliban, Al Qaeda…Gordon Brown); uses regulation to stifle free trade
and inhibit global business enterprise; offers family planning and
abortion as an answer to the global financial meltdown; chases
windmills (alternative energy) and tells the world to follow our
Domestic Policy Tells his subjects to “buck up”; builds condom factories to cut down
on the population (giving foreign dictators an ‘edge’ should they
decide to invade); turns DC into one, bohunkin’ house party and in the
spirit of biparisanship “spits a loogey” at the GOP.Gets drunk, throws another house party and invites business leaders
to “come, take of my herb”.

Sets up “bad” banks to deal with toxic debt manufactured by a
poisonous ACORN.

Security Ensconces himself in a palatial pyramid (Washington, DC – THE place
to P*A*R*T*Y); tells the rest of the nation to “buck up”.
Leadership style Dictatorial; “I won, you lost, get used to it”.  
Energy Policy Chases windmills (golf carts, organic (horse and buggy), emission
controls, ending off-shore drilling, shutting down coal-fired plants,
dealing in carbon credits, turns nuclear plants into billion-dollar
“shroom” factories). Tells everyone to “buck up”.
Unemployment “Take a load off Joe”.  
The Economy “Gotta buck up”.  
War Retreats from one that is practically won and throws seasoned troops
into a vast and unknown situation (Afghanistan) offering no real sense
of objective, time frame, or plan for victory.
Agriculture “Herbs” and “Shrooms”  


Humanity   Wishes nothing more than for life to prosper, both American, and all
foreign Nations and foreign individuals; business models do not
discriminate to moderates or liberals, communists or socialists.
Foreign Policy   Looks to foster positive international business relations based on
ethics and sound, CAPITALIST philosopy (China, the Ukraine, the Soviet
Union, Britania, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Italy (the EU)).
“Opens the door” to China; tears down walls that separate humanity and
works to unite the world in its common economic interests; works with
the Soviets to build improved drilling infrastructure; forms trade
alliances with a multitude of nations.
Domestic Policy   Builds economies whereby all Americans are afforded an OPPORTUNITY to
excel and prosper; encourages states and cities to set up situations
conducive to attract businesses and provide jobs – such as tax
incentives and improved infrastructure aimed at enhancing the
conditions for those businesses to thrive.
Security   Works incessently to ferret out potential threats to all humanity,
but especially those aimed at the United States of America.
Leadership style   Friendly, available, open to ideas and willing to work with all sides
(Nixon with a split Congress; Reagan achieving economic prosperity in
deals he struck with the Dems, Nixon with Brezhnev; Eisenhower’s
moderation toward all; GW Bush compassionate conservatism and thousand
points of light.
Energy Policy   Explores ALL avenues; promises & builds additional nuclear plants
(which also provides jobs); explores every avenue of energy production,
from carbon-based, to geothermal, from wind and hydro to solar and fuel
cells; sets the stage for infrastructure changes such as rapid mass
transit; pushes to lift the “regulation” set up by the
to inhibit the domestic production of oil.
Unemployment   Against it. When in power, ENJOYS the lowest unemployment rates in
The Economy   Eisenhower and the 1950’s were the most prosperous time in our
Nation’s history; during the age of Nixon our nation saw unpresedented
growth in international business and trade; the Bush/Reagan/Bush years
brought technological breakthroughs that set our country on a course to
keep up with and even eclipse Moore’s Law and provide the conditions
necessary for exponential growth (geometric and not
“sequentially linear” – in other words, growth that expands outward
like the crystal formations of ice in the atmosphere – it grows,
exponentially, in all directions and dimensions similar to the birth of
a galaxy).
War   Eisenhower (Supreme Commander of Allied Forces); Nixon (got us out of
Viet Nam); Bush (Gulf War I; drove Iraq out of Kuwait); Reagan (freed
our hostages; “tear down that wall”); Bush (Achieved 90% victory in
Agriculture   A host of “rancher” Presidents, cowboy!