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The Precipii (e-mail) family of blogs represent the radical conservative in us all. To hell with our daddy’s “silent majority”, we are loud and proud, and in your face with a bucket of mace.

No really. If you are looking for a blog that represents violent factions, this is NOT the place to find them.

We are radical, but we are compassionate radicals. Of course, we do believe that every liberal and moderate should be water-boarded into good sense.

No subject is sacrosanct,  and we will tackle them all if we even smell a hint of something fishy.

First post (contains linkback):

CHANGE is GOOD! Welcomme to change.

February 21, 2008 by precipii

Never get used to anything! IF you are radical, AND if you are Republican…IF you are radical, and IF you are CONSERVATIVE, IF you are radical and just hate the thought of what radical libs might try once in office — then this, my dear friends, is the crib for you!

Here’s a link to that old site. It is Precipii for a reason (have to keep it on the move to prevent those mean old demonrats from hacking our site).

Welcome to WordPress.com. (and thanks to them for hosting this bearded band of radicals).


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