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Caesar’s Dead and DemonRatz Have the Rattle


It has been said that Julius Caesar had a disease, was dying, and he KNEW it !

Of course, this would make his death a sort of suicide-by-cop.

I will be excoriated for this one, but I see a parallel in the attempts to minimize the death of Christ (it “had” to happen, and Brutus/Judas was a “necessary” pawn to complete a master plan).


If you (and I implore you to do so) dig in and search for all the myriad articles on J.C. (Caesar, although there are myriad on Christ as well, which I implore you also to do) – you will find a number of conspiracy theories.

But the one tie that will bind all the search results is – what happens AFTER J.C. was killed (chaos – Christ and Caesar).

The world devolved into a fallen state of depravity and unparalleled brutality.

At least Caesar was simply stabbed (his was over quick, compared to the suffering of Jesus).

And today, Jesus still suffers.

Why?  His children have learned nothing.

Consider for a moment (yet again) Pilate (one of Julius’ “progeny”).

“What is this thing called the Truth?”.

Well, it is where journalists get it all wrong, don’t you think?

They don’t comprehend the truth.  Part of it is, they follow the wrong Master.

But, that is a story for another day.

We are talking Caesar here (and DemonRatz – or did not get that?).


There is a danger in the aftermath of assassination, and Assassination is a dirty, dirty game.

Lot’s of “innocent” people get hurt.

But it is the nature of politics.

Searing hot, fingers get burned.

Musician Willie Nelson, right, appears at a rally in support of Rep. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., at a farm in Charlotte, Vt., Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2006. Sanders is running for the open seat in the U.S. Senate left by incumbent Sen. James Jeffords. (AP Photo/Toby Talbot)

Especially when they travel down the path of impugning the reputation of another.

Glass houses, anyone?

I honestly think this whole, new phenomenon witnessed in the demise of the DNC is part and parcel of rampant drug use.

Their brains are fried.

Like breakfast bologna.


Well, so…where is the hope?  The change?

I think I sense a rising ground swell in the Libertarian Party.

The guys just need to come up with a good logo or mascot.  Get the guys who designed Pink Floyd’s pyramid-rainbow, for example.

Why not?

They need a great band to represent them too.  Why not Floyd?

Oh well.

Let’s think about one thing here though.

Unlike Caesar, DemonRatz are not really dead.

They just smell that way.

While on the ropes (thank you Obama), they have not been delivered the death blow (nor will they).

However, a rising Libertarian Party might prove as useful as the Bull Moose.

They would serve as a plausible counter-weight to the Leviathon that is the GOP (IF Congress gets its act together – those eleven retard repubs need to go – stinking up the place worse than the DemonRatz).

So, in closing.  Do your homework.  Killing Caesar was a bad, bad thing.

Trying to assassinate a President’s character…also – bad, bad, bad (tsk, tsk).

Falling on one’s own sword is a good thing (especially when, like Judas Iscariot or Marcus Brutus (yes, he committed suicide as well), you got it coming).

However, in politics, there really are no death blows.

Only a staggering death of thousand wounds (and the unfortunate part is – not the players who bleed, but rather, the Nation).

Let’s hope that some leaders rise from this blood letting.

My money is on Trump.  He seems to be sealing leaks, and bandaging a lot of old wounds.

Soon we will be pert as a rutting buck.

High time.

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