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A Treatise on “Why”

Why are attacks leveled against Conservatives on the rise?

Well, simply put, because we are applying pressure where it belongs.

They are attacking us through violence because they are coming to realize they can no longer attack us through debate on substantive issues.

In short, their lies are catching up with them.

Chickens, coming home…

Okay!  I’ve been chastised for writing in cliche and metaphor, so let’s just attack this gnat from a different angle, shall we ?

They dreamt of the grand scheme, of plans best laid, and of privilege extended only to the wisest of the wise; but in their slumber they ignored that through a fostered ignorance among their base, they too suffered from a brain-deadening, dim glow made more dim by the scheme and its lack of challenge for a humanity seeking ever-increasing enlightenment.

Dim wits, you say!  I must agree.

How does one go from an elevated manner of debate to splitting heads of your opponent on the streets.

The Dim-O-Cratic Party is suffering from a deadening of the wit.  Perhaps it is drugs, perhaps it is through apathy; but there can be no doubt that the only argument they make now is an un-doing of their core beliefs (i.e., “peaceful protest”).  There is no such thing in their “rank” rank anymore.

Only the fits of rage.

Rage against the man, rage against the machine, rage against the very cities in which they dwell (the “occupiers”).

Why the radicalism?

It is simple, really.

A bunch of tired, warn out, long-in-the-tooth hippies trying their dead-level damndest to relive their glory days vicariously through a new generation (the millenials).  And they do not care who gets hurt, as long as they continue to get fat.


Will they be a flash in the pan.

Most likely.

The newer generation coming up recognizes the error in the philosophy these thugs follow.  There can be no prosperity in stealing; it will ultimately degrade us all.

The new kids do not wish to live in that hell that is eternal lockup in their mommy’s and daddy’s basements, and the rage against “establishment” that logically ensues.

Hell no!

They have a means of escape.  That means?  The strength in their own backs.  The guts they were born with.  THEY will make our new capital just — “swell and peachy!”.

In short, they will build the brave, new world, and it will be one in which every man can be free.

They want to retire at 50.

And why the hell not?

Work hard, and that is entirely achievable.

You also will not require a Big Brother smack-down to make this happen.

In fact, BigBro and company will only hold you back from achieving your goals.

You see, the new gen is much like my gen.

I came out of the 60’s, seeing what distress the hippies drove.

I witnessed the 70’s, when people were trying to figure out what the 60’s were really all about (and the 70’s were essentially a further slide into self-degeneration, or sort of “slinking” to the bottom, so you could find the bottom, and then begin climbing out).

In the uplifting 80’s it came to be “all about me” (and we see remnants of that in all the selfies today – who cares what you are up to? Seriously; take a pill).

And now here we are in the 90’s and the new millennia and looking back and thinking “what the hell just happened”. What sort of a mad blip is this in the grand history of America (and of spaceship earth)?  Why can people be so heartless and cruel, and how did they become so numb and insensitive to the suffering of others?

What I don’t get, (and forgive me for continuing to hack on the intellect of the left) – what I don’t get is why in the hell are you covering ground already traveled?

It is ridiculous, pointless and quite frankly — painful.

Painful to witness, painful to consider, and most of all, most-painful to live through.

Have you no love in left in your souls?

Also, I must say, it is a bit embarrassing as well.

Why on earth would we go down a road that leads to nowhere?

For YEARS, the liberal has been so very full of promises.

With JFK, it was “do for others” (HOO-rah for the “ask not” gen).

With LBJ, a war on poverty.

Which, of course, started all the rest of the wars to end all wars (drugs, homelessness, teenage pregnancy, gangs, obesity, free thought, free speech – you name it, there’s a war for it).

And no end in sight.

Honestly, I believe these cats create situations that require wars.

In fact, I’m not sure we’ve even gained any ground, and I damn sure know we are not holding any (and where free thought is concerned – I actually believe we are losing ground).

I don’t mean to be a  doom-sayer, but come on people now, stop your smiling on one another and think about what’s really going on here.

Poverty is as bad as it ever was.

MS-13 is making strides in this country (and likely due to an open border).

Drugs.  Hell-fire Gurdy.  You want drugs, they are virtually everywhere (just look for a gang, or some a-hole wearing Google_Goggles and micro-dosing LSD – seriously, it is a “thing” out there in Californication).

So, back to the original thesis  — “why”.

Why are liberals lashing out, killing conservatives left, right and center?  Why?

Because they have proven to be rank failures, maybe?  Because they are having Charlie Manson flashbacks?  Who knows with these cats.

What once was the Midas touch has now devolved to the kiss of death.

They wave a magic wand, but instead of rainbows flying out their elbows, there is only pestilence and dank, black clouds spewing from their self-perceived magic wands.

It is as if the light has been removed from their souls; as if they have become living wraiths, railing against a wide and varied universe that offers goodness and prosperity to those who will seek them through the correct paths of personal enlightenment.

I can tell you those paths do not include drugs or anarchy.

They will also not be found when hanging with smart-assed Congressmen who demonstrate the asinine even when one of their own has just fallen (the NERVE).

Honestly!  Who would desire to be in league with this?

Soon, and I promise you this one, the violence will turn in on itself.

Very soon, intelligent men and women will take a hard, cold look at themselves and exclaim “My God !  What have I become?”.

It will happen.

There is still light among the dark cloud.

God still reigns supreme, not only in this country, but around the world as well.

Bidden, or not bidden, God is always present.

Even in Vladimir Putin’s recent interviews with Ollie Stone is it evident.

President Putin remarks that “as long as man has a way to go before the grave, there is always hope”. (This paraphrase is based on Stone’s sobering question to Putin “do you believe there is hope”).

I personally believe this is the will of God speaking through Mr. Putin (you will of course remember that his Mother was a Christian, God rest her soul).

Putin is right.

There is always hope when good men and women can see past the ends of their noses and use reasonable and rational intellect to solve problems.

Violence has never solved anything, nor will it ever.

Violence only begets more violence.

But until the left comes out of their uninspired, anti-intellectual “funk”, we will continue to downward spiral.

Auguring like a craft spinning from orbit, out of control.

But there is, as Putin so aptly put it, hope.

It springs eternal !

It is the “manifest destiny” of enlightenment; nirvana, if you will.

I believe that there are great strides to be made in the very near future, and that those strides will not be made by clenched fist, or rifle blast, but rather, by intellects coming together to discuss cool, rational approaches to the world’s difficulties.

Right now, all you have are barbarians clinging to silly models that never worked well, and are utter, and complete failures today.

Why are there problems?

Because irrational behavior has set the conditions for the devil and his utter chaos to be the rule of the day.

Very soon this King will be dead.  Long live the new King, and with him, freedom (of thought and deed) both of, and for all men, the world over!

The age of the Barbarian and his excesses is finally coming to a close.  For that, I am thankful for a new breed of radicalism born in the age of Donald Trump.

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