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What’s Next ?

In this contentious political era, I sense there has been a victory, of sorts.

Perhaps, just perhaps, this is an opportunity for even more.  Not the crest of the wave, but its rising.

It is an opportunity to end this cycle of political shenanigans, skull-skulduggery and “platform ping-pong”.

By that, I mean there is an opportunity here for “someone” to take the high road.

That someone NEEDS to be conservative.

Picking up the mantle of what it means to be “above board”.

We have that in our grasp right now.

The Democrats are at the lowest point of their entire history.

Literally, we could right now step on their larynx and “finish the job”.

We really could.

Never have I seen anyone stoop to such depths.

It is deplorable, and quite frankly gives America and worse, Americans – a very bad name.

From Britannia, I would expect such.

Americans are supposed to be much more rugged than this.

Why…it looks like school girls scratching at one another’s eyes, eyes closed, and “scratching” only at the four winds.

Perfect example of why George Washington did not want to be “King” (er, Presidente) – Dynastic Rule at its most profane

They want to fight, they just don’t want to hurt one another.

It is undignified!

What a bunch of maroons.

So, someone can step up the plate.

Someone can demonstrate what true leadership looks like.

Think about it.

Think about the pantheon of conservatives.

John Wayne.

Oh my, where to start ?

“Dizzy” (Churchill’s hero – Benjamin Disraeli – the REAL jewel in the British crown).

Well, who can forget...Churchill ?

And, of course, in America anyhowSen. Robert A. Taft.

And he who brought us “God and Man at Yale”, that paragon of modern conservative thought, Sir William F. Buckley.

So, how does one “rise again”.

Well, how has the South?

First, it has been largely anti-union. Second, it’s governors have been very much pro-business, as evidenced by results.

So, what’s the point in all this, Precipii?

Well, I’ll just tell ya.

It’s about the way of life, stupid.

Conservatives just have a better way.


If we lose, we take it on the chin (for we know we will survive).

If we meet we are met with challenge, we meet that challenge.  We greet it with a nice, friendly punch in the shoulder.

If you bring your tatoo-sleeve wearing, man-bun yuppie-ass, gnarly hippie shroom-breath up in our face, why we are going to give you a hearty “HELLO”.

That’s right.

Because, you see, our heritage is John Wayne.

That’s the Duke to you, boy.

Our’s is Clint Eastwood, and Burt Reynolds.

Ours is the hero of the “man’s man”.

The man men like to “hang” with.

Not brush up against.  Not swap sweat with.

No, that is for some gay bar.

These are men for whom lead is the only thing “swapped”.  Lead, and pocket knives.

We cut our palms and make blood oaths.

We settle disputes, not by killing one another, but rather – by negotiation (like Trump, for example).

Real men can look one another in the eye.

Eyeball to eyeball.

This is what conservatives do.

We do not go around stabbing one another in the back.

We lift one another.

We are here to help one another, not drag each other down.

Take the hippie downers for example.

Just look at them with their toe tags and their DOA from micro-dosing shrooms, no less.

Who wants to be that smelly, filthy varmint?

Not I, sayest “I” .

Carpe Diem



So, to recap.

Now is our finest hour.

NOW is the time we seize the day.

If not, we deserve a fate worse than that the DNC faces in the wake of a disaster that was the Clinton-0bama years.

LESS than zero!


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