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From Where Will the Truth be Derived ?


You know, Pilate wrestled with this one.

Who can forget from the movie the scene where he wiped the sweat from his brow like Brando in Apocalypse Now, only instead of “the horror” Pilate replicates iteratively the word “Veritas” (truth).

“What is this thing called “the Truth ? ” .

Well, some say it will set you free, while the wicked view it as a snare.

I think the Truth is neither wicked, nor is it overly-righteous.

It does not have to be.

It is the truth.

You know, it has gotten so that most anything that is uttered any more takes on the “smack” of unmitigated lie.

So many yarns have been spun by our media, that now they take on the little boy’s cry.

And the wolves, no longer the politicians, the wolves are the boy.

They are not to be trusted, not to be believed, and when the real wolves set in – no one will be there to lend them a hand.

And when you think about it, liars do die at their own hand.

They become ostracized by society as the cads and bottom feeders which they are.

Sad to objectify people so, but they have taken on that as if it is in their DNA.

Now, no one will believe a damn word they say.

Sad, as they have pretty much destroyed wholesale their “ships” – readership, viewership and listener-ship.

What will become of these “ships”.

Well, I’m no titan of economic theory, but every vacuum creates opportunity.

Competition will arise, and trusted sources will be again.

It is just a matter of time, money and wherewithal.

But it will happen.

Always does in capitalism.

Bubbles get filled.

When there is opportunity, some other unsuspecting lad or lass will crank up a printing press, start a broadcast station, or become a “pamphleteer” (in the modern age, a “blogger”).

So, there is hope for the truth.

That hope for this author lies in a willing subjugation to that divine Master of Truth!

I pray I live up to His expectation.

Precii, out !

(oh, and it’s good to be back)




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2 thoughts on “From Where Will the Truth be Derived ?

  1. where have you been?? You’ve been missed.

    Posted by aretiep | May 22, 2017, 2:07 am

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