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Clear River of Truth, Muddied by the Message

What is the message of the DNC?

Think about this now.

What are they REALLY all about ?

At the moment, they are burned by loss and stuck in the whole “anger, denial, aggression” phase of recovery.

But what will “recovery” look like for them.

Trump has not yet taken office and all around things are looking up.  Businesses are talking re-starts and re-hires.

People are more positive than ever.  So, how is it, exactly, the DNC counters this?

Why would they want to?

It would seem to me they’d do better explaining how we got in this shape, and how their “new” leadership will ensure we never get in it again.

Right now, they have a serious problem with brand, brand loyalty, and even more so, with quality control.

Just look at the leaders they have fielded.

Need more?

Look at the way their base is behaving.

It’s undignified.

Makes the bumbling look mean, tired and really pathetic.

So, their message doesn’t work.

In fact, this “fake” news is more likely their response to this, to the fact their message has not struck a chord with the general populace.

In fact, it seems only to hit home with what now looks like a small smattering of individuals who still desire to support the old guard.

Well, make way for the new guard.

Liberalism needs a facelift !

In fact, in requires someone with an addiction to cosmetic surgery.

But band-aids will not fix this party.

What they need to do is go all the way back to the skeletal structure.

Break bones.

Take the Steve Austin approach – we can re-build it, make it stronger, better, faster…it would become the 6-milllion-dollar party (which would be a vast improvement over the existing 6-TRILLION-dollar party).

Yup.  Facelift…and a diet!

This might go far to getting noticed at the prom again.

But you know, undress it, and it is still the same underneath.

Mind, body and soul.  They all need re-vamping.

And who knows, the old grey mule just might make someone an attractive prospect.

Perhaps a kind soul willing to over-look much.

But it definitely can’t get a real date the way it is.

No amount of makeup will cover this one up.

No sir.

Time for real change for old gal.

And good luck with that!

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