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To my loyal fans…

emmit_kelly_jrDo you remember a time when clowns were not scary?

I had the distinct privilege of meeting Mr. Kelly.

My college room-mate was a tremendous fan, and we went to Gatlinburgh to see him.

Very nice man.  Didn’t talk much.  Guess that’s why he was so nice.

But he sat there at a table all day signing figurines, books, photos – you name it.

He was like the Babe Ruth of clowns.

Well, I do a lot of clowning here on my site.  And I have enjoyed it.

And it is not coming “to an end”.

It’s just slowing down.

Mr. Kelly was up in years when we met him, but there he was, in his element, still going strong.

Clowns will always be with us, if nothing more, in our hearts.

Morons, trying to break down everything about this society, will continue doing their bit too.

Everywhere you turn they are tearing up the streets, burning, raping and looting.


These morons give clowns a bad name.

But I digress (should be my theme-phrase).

When I started this “rag”, I was dedicated to making it something like (nowhere near) National Lampoon.

I’ve always tried to keep in mind that while biting, it is only a commentary on what I see.

Well, enough of the long-winded goodbye.

Actually, it is not even farewell.

More like adieu* (only without the finality).

I have a tremendous amount of “stuff” going on in my life right now.  My career is somewhat precarious (sound, but not like money in the bank), personal life is nonexistent (and, I’m happier than when I quit watching football), and I have a new project in the fiction arena (for more, see this).

So, only look for updates here perhaps ever two or three weeks (as the mood “hits” me – I’m sure I will not be able to stay away as we ramp up to election day – GO TRUMP !!!).

Until next time, thank you for being here for me, and I wish (deep down) I could give every one of you a big ol’, sloppy wet puppy dog kiss (only, vicariously, through my puppy dog).


Sláinte !


*Late Middle English: from Old French, from à to + Dieu God; compare with adios. – Oxford English Dictionary

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