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Send in the Clowns

Perfect example of why George Washington did not want to be "King" (er, Presidente) - Dynastic Rule at its most profane

Perfect example of why George Washington did not want to be “King” (er, Presidente) – Dynastic Rule at its most obvious

There is a rule often stated in fictional novels about spycraft.

“Nothing is ever as it seems”.

Consider all the clowns, if you will.  Everywhere, of late, huh?  I think they are some sort of clown jihad.  Terrorists, of some kind.


Like the Committee to Re-Elect the President.

I think this true in this election cycle. People are “in it” for the sport.  Some sort of perverted American Monarchy.

One could jump to endless speculation about why President Bush (Senior) has come out (maybe) for Hillary, or (maybe) ambivalent, or maybe just a damned spoiler, stirring the pot.

Who knows.

But of one thing, you may be absolutely certain – just as in spy-craft, nothing is ever as it seems in politics either.

Allegiances form.  Dynasties fall.

These guys have always cracked me up...wish they would come back!!!

These guys have always cracked me up…wish they would come back!!!

Bedfellows, well, jump in (and out of) bed.

It is the nature of the beast.  The motives may be multiplicitous.

Grandparents, long, long-in-the-tooth, may listen to bright and perky grandchildren.Capture1

Fear mongering, such as that aimed at the elderly with this whole “you will need a strong government to take care of you and ensure you get your social security”, or that ever-popular “we stand against racism and are putting down the haters who hate” sort of malarkey.  Yeah, right.

To hear them tell it, they are Mother Teresa made over again on a crusade to start something, and or end something.

Yet another form of blasphemy perpetrated on mankind; social crusader as alpha and omega.

Not even a pale comparison.  In fact, one wonders where God exists at all in this form of nonsense.

And they are no saints.  Again, nothing as it seems.

Weak-minded people, yield.

They yield to pressure.  Yield to bullies.  Yield to what they perceive as the stronger force.

Take, for example the recent story about what our good friends over the mountain at Duke University, are doing.

snapshot29The “Women’s Center” is offering a nine-week series of seminars and calling it the “Men’s Project”.

We all can conclude that it is simply yet another opportunity to bash men.

They say they want to ““… deconstruct toxic masculinities to reconstruct healthier, more inclusive notions of masculinity.”

They say they want masculinity to be “inclusive”.  Are you shitting me?  REALLY.

Another attempt at gender nullification.  What, you want that I should begin calling girls, boys?  What the hell? Is that inclusive enough for you?  They still will not rank to climb on my battle horse, or carry even, my water.  THEY ARE NOT MEN.

Posers, maybe.  Something other than quite feminine or inherently masculine, but definitely not men.

Nor do they live up to the higher and nobler qualities that have embodied what it means to be a Gent.  If they did, they would certainly not be all “in your face” about everything.

And these morons who say “why quibble over definitions” ?

I am reminded of the French saying (yet again) Vive La Difference!

“Long Live the Difference!”

It is what they are good at, these radicals, you know – twisting the truth.

highwaysongI would never fall in love with a female were she not different from me.  What others do, I can live with.  But get the hell outta my sandbox, you profane, controlling, hate-mongering low-lifes.

They want evebenedictarnoldbitternessrything to be their damned way.  It is how they operate.  Tear down this world, and build a new one in their image.

Are there problems, hell yes.  Rape made the news at Duke University.  But to offer something like this that seems to intimate (scream, really) that rape is somehow a product of male-ness?  Give me a break.

They think if they break down all barriers, if they tear down all the walls that is a civilized society, where men are men, and women are women, that they somehow build a brave, new world. They even state they wish to break down “patriarchal” society.

Well, get used to it.  We are both patriarchal, and matriarchal.  And guess what?  Having both in our respective psyches does not make chicks any less chick, or dudes any less dude (although, I’ve always equated dudes with dandies, and I am no dandy or fan of dandies).

They discount the age-old concept of chivalry, and of men being protective of the house and home – of the women, and of the children – in fact they define even label this as being chauvinistic.

They are only re-hashing the old world from the 60’s. Demonizing Daddy (and their concept of “the man”).

How many times do you hear the terms “misogynistic” or “hegemonic”  ?   Chauvinistic? Always, right.  Common in our vernacular.

But tell me, when is the last time you heard the term for man-hating?


You won’t either.  Not as long as this bunch of thin-skinned morons have the eye and ear of the American media.

damned61700They are on crusades, these people – and crusades worse than the middle ages, and worse than the jihad that is now practiced by our enemy

It is ridiculous.

And even more ridiculous (and perhaps, obvious) is the timing.

During an election cycle when Hillary Clinton is cozying up to yet another set of crusaders, those people who choose to burn down our cities in the name of social justice.

“Justice” and “social” do not begin to describe the aberrant behaviors being practiced here.

"GONZO" journalism, in the age of Obama, has transitioned to GONZO-leadership. Drunken fools.

“GONZO” journalism, in the age of Demonrats, has transitioned to GONZO-leadership. Drunken fools.

And here is Madame Hillary as chief instigator.

This is her support group.

The misandrists at Duke, the urban terrorists in Charlotte – in a state that is largely supporting Trump.

Go figure!

They certainly would not pull this stunt in Chicago and draw yet more attention to murder capitol, U.S.A., now would they?

And so it is.  Send in the clowns – those who are never what they seem.  But I challenge you to do one thing this day, and every day.

Challenge yourself and others to always, always, always be EXACTLY what you seem.



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