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Biting Sound

Seems to be all that happens any more.

Never news when man bites sound, but always news when sound bites man.

“Deplorables”, for example.

“Did I say thaaaat?”.

Yeah, well.

The thing about off-cuff comments is, they (like liquor) belie what lies underneath.

Or does it?

Of course, inhibitions are removed with inebriation, but then, so is good sense.

And candidates seem too often to be drunk with something.

Perhaps it is the spirit of the moment.

Who knows.

But barb-trading is getting tedious.

I’m ready for substance.

When will they debate?

Why do the Demonrats control that?

Because they are running and hiding behind the skirts of popular culture. Skirting the truth with lies that are “reality” T.V. (the equivalent of professional wrestling).

Because they are gutless (like a lot of NFL football players, coaches and owners), they opt for some escapist fantasy.


Nastiness abounds.

It’s all-pervasive.

And why.

We’ve become a class-less society thanks to those trying so desperately to eliminate class.

This is what you get with rank socialism.

The base, and the banal.

We will be stuck with this eternally unless good people (that would be people with class) stand in unison and declare “enough, is enough”.

And it is.

We are bombarded with the classless.

From female backsides plastered to our newspaper pages, to couples doing what couples should only do behind closed doors on the idiot box (and just look what the people behind that box have managed to accomplish).


Idiots breeding idiots.

So, try something refreshing today, huh?

Reject an idiot.

Put an idiot who wants to talk popular culture in their place.

Start with me.

(if you wish).

Fact is, it is time to have intelligent debate, but with one caveat – only if intelligence enters the arena.

Else, just ignore them.

There is nothing but malcontent and malfeasance among them.  It abounds in their souls, and by their action it is manifest.

They will be their own un-doing.

It is imperative that we help them in that process.

Civility, and civilization, depend on it.

So come on folks, kick a liberal for Goldwater!



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