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Screenshot_2016-09-03_10-26-09So, last week some irate Ted Cruz supporter calls me a “troll” and tells me that I am no conservative.


Makes me wonder if perhaps the Hillary supporters have invaded this “Never Trump” Cruz bunch.

But it set me to thinking…presuming this paragon of intellect was actually a conservative, does it signify that conservatives are turning on conservatives?

Certainly, with our mutual (I believe) disgust in the manner in which a majority house and senate seem to be in collusion with Obama, it is of course a natural observation.

But what if it was a Hillary plant, masquerading as a Cruz supporter to show this “trumped-up” discontent that supposedly exists in the GOP in the Demon-erratic dream that never seems to have gelled as a campaign strategy (too much time with your head in the bong, perhaps?).Screenshot_2016-09-03_09-53-59

Now, can there be victory in this?

Che_Gueverra_PressThe above photo demonstrates just how the media plays both sides of the fence.  They tell their markets what their markets want to hear in order to sell papers and advertising.

Age, old.  Nothing new under the sun.

But then there is that question of ethics and veracity.

One may purport “when did that ever matter”, but it does matter to some.

It matters to me, and I believe to every self-respecting American.

So what do we believe. Who do we believe.

Well there is one, indisputable fact: Hillary Clinton is nowhere to be found.  Not just personae non-grata, she is personae non-existii.

What the hey?

But you know what…her “campaign” is now only kept “in the spotlight” by a media acting as her personal mouthpiece.  Hell, they can even make up their own stories now.  Imagine how she will fare in the debates.


The hard-core religious would tell you that it is all in God’s hands, but you’ve heard my opinion on that before.

God gives us free will.

He allows us to choose.

Choosing wisely seems almost passe today.

Most seem to opt for the easy path.

With this election coming up, there is much contention as to what the proper course should be.

The one thing I know for certain is that corruption, and more especially a corruption of the spirit of our core principles – this must be eradicated.

In this election we must return to the values that are important.

We have seen over the course of the last eight years what a value system that is bereft of positive principles yields. Look at the streets on fire.  Look at the people, at each other’s throats.

This is what total administrative B.S. yields.Screenshot_2016-01-16_10-10-41

We have increased crime in the streets, increased strife among all (not just the races) and a heightening of nerves and stress and worries.

People are even turning against professional football (and why not? Brigand pirates!  Check out the rates for a ticket to the stadiumSheesh!).


It does not take a genius to see this is not real leadership.

In fact, it is a degradation of anything approaching leading.

The papers are full of contradiction, and they are incessantly spinning stories to the point the feathery spider web has become almost solid, and stories are coming full circle on themselves.

In this state of chaos, people turn to their own devices.

The Missouri Confederate Battle Flag

The Missouri Confederate Battle Flag

Religion has it right in that we all need to turn to something bigger than us.  We need God’s guidance, but we also need to realize that it would be just great if we at least tried to live up to something that would be pleasing in God’s eyes, rather than always looking for Him to play an enabling role in rescuing us.

I believe we can do it.  We need to find it in our own souls, this desire to take on things bigger than us and believe in the wits and will that God ordained us.

I also believe we can turn this around in just such fashion.

But the nonsense that is taking place with lies and propaganda must end, and end now.

We must also not forget what those Republicans we elected to represent us have done. Who they are serving, I have no idea (but it does not seem to be us).


We must be responsible, and as always – always, always, always do the right thing.

It begins with rejecting corruption and lies in favor of ethics, morals and sound principles.

I believe the only hope for that is in the conservative right (the real conservative right).

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