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On Strength, and Pathetic Weakness

How can the character of an entire nation be defined as one, or the other.

As an example, let’s take a hard and cold look at a snapshot in time, and then ask how we got here.


The year is 2016.  It is August, and it is H.O.T., hot.

CapturePhoenixStinking hot.

Tempers are at an all-time high.

France, as many of you already well-know, is likely one of the most liberal of the liberal nations.

They can still smoke in their restaurants, and express themselves with whatever crazy art and poetry they feel like emoting against the canvas that is the universe like Jackson Pollack spewing paint on a canvas representing this crazy aspect of human nature.

Reckless abandon.

They are elevated in some way, at least artistically – perhaps spiritually.  One can in no way argue their freedom, or their free-thought concept of it.

And they believe in the dignity of every individual (even their conservatives).

They are a cultured, and free nation.

Vive la liberté,. Vive la France!

They have also begun to close Mosques.

They are debating whether to ban the Ha-jib and the Burka.

We all know what that is all about.

Our soldiers bring back stories from the field of battle of our enemy, dressing as feeble, old women, to escape confrontation with a superior force.


The fair. The lazy. The damned liberal. God help us all !

But is it too little, too late?

Where are these honored Muslims who will stand and say “we don’t blame you.  We’ve given you no reason to treat us otherwise.  We blow up your discos, and raise our children to hate you.  We accept responsibility for this outcome, and we hope we may one day once again gain the confidence of France to live side-by-side in peace with all its fellow citizenry”.

The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus - can we find common ground on which to stand?

The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus – can we find common ground on which to stand?

Where are those who hold in reverence the virtues we both claim to regard?

Cast to nothing-ness against a world that feins “Nationalism” as an evil word.

Vive la France !

Where are these good Muslims every liberal and his junkie-infested sister so defend in America?

Is America in the shape that so very many European nations are in in this regard?


If you look at the density of population of which I’ve heard, we have miles to go before we are in the same shape as Germany and France.


We are a vast nation, and we are not so easily intimidated.

But we need to take a hard and long look at the French.

140910.Ayn.RandHere we live in a Nation where spineless politicians seek to rob from the Presidential election to fund Senate and Congressional races that should never have been in a weakened state to begin with.

Had these men of honor and leadership been doing their jobs, those elections would be a cinch.

Instead they blame Trump.

Sound familiar.

You know, it is not just the Muslim who is to blame for France’s dilemma.

Do you remember the Vichy French?

They sided with a dark enemy as well, and they did so because they chose to kiss up to a bully, rather than confront him.

The French are good at practicing the laissez-faire.

We have a name for the concept in America too.  Milquetoast.

Ever seen what an awful mess toast soaked in milk becomes.

Soggy, falling apart at the seams.  Pardon me, while I wretch.

These guys have always cracked me up...wish they would come back!!!

These guys have always cracked me up…wish they would come back!!!

In the immortal words of Opus, “Blecht”. (or “Thpt” or what the heck ever).

But this is what happens when too much laissez-faire is applied.

I am certainly a hands-off sort of guy, when the machine is running as smoothly as it should.

Frankly, with the proper maintenance, there is no reason it should not run smoothly and practically perpetually.

I was recently in the market for a chain saw, and some fellas told me “Buy a Stihl.  You can pick up a 1950’s model right now for peanuts and it will run as good as a new one”.


But I’m not a Lamborghini kinda guy (probably would be if I were not constrained by a budget).

But you get the point.

A typical Swede prison cell - crumpets anyone?

A typical Swede prison cell – crumpets anyone?

We have to be practical.

People raise immortal hell over the Japanese internment camps.

You know what I see when I see images coming out of those camps?  I see people who are very sad, but they are not bruised, they are not beaten, emaciated or deprived of their clothing, their humanity, nor their dignity.

Well, maybe just a smidge of their dignity.

But go back in the same era and contrast those photos with Auschwitz, Buchenwald, and Dachau.

They will not long be captive, but will there really be virgins awaiting them?

They will not long be captive, but will there really be virgins awaiting them?

No Spandau ballet here.

And the point is obvious.

To the doggedly literal, captivity is captivity.

To the prisoner, the differences here are as stark as Iranian prisons today, compared to those in Sweden.

And how do you get in this shape?

By taking a hands off approach to a serious situation that DEMANDS a serious response.

France is now having to face that reality.

How long will we be held captive by our own milquetoast leaders solely interested in nothing other than their own pathetic hides?

When will they wake up and smell the coffee?

Screenshot_2016-08-13_07-55-02It will likely happen the day the liberal figures out the technology they hold in their misbegotten and inadequate hands.

Right now, they resemble cargo cults in the jungle worshiping their hand-held devices as if they were cast to the earth by a pantheon of Greek gods.

Devices that now let them down (and this is the outcome when you do not comprehend the technology at your disposal; your ignorance will cause them to become an implement of self-destruction, rather than a tool for your perseverance).

What we Americans can not allow to happen is to allow ourselves to fall into the shape Europe is in.

They have accomplished this by trusting too much in what they have always taken for granted.

Several years back I had a note hanging on the wall of my office.

Can not find it, (used technology to search out facts all I am going to) – but the gist was this: “In the future, there will be two types of people; those who understand technology, and those who are its slaves”.

You may sit and solder a circuit board all day.  It does not mean that you understand the logic that makes the computer tick.

You may recognize every circuit board out there, and its intended use; but you may not be able to use the final product.

You see, we segmented and specialized to a point where, essentially, nobody knows nothin.

You like to believe that there is a guiding force behind where we are today, but I don’t think anyone can track technology to a single entity.

It is simply science, and like the computers it produces, (and in spite of what futurists will tell you, and those base Europeans who are debating the extension of “rights” to computers) – they are still just a stupid machine (and sometimes even, built by clucks).

Do you really believe that so many nations were on the verge of cracking Atomic energy because spies were stealing from all those nation’s respective, leading scientists?

There was a race on, and each nation had brilliant scientists chasing the same dream.  I believe they also compared notes.

This is the nature of technology and humanity.


And when machines produce machines…will the ghost cease? The fulfillment of a liberal dream…total control of man by a “creation” that is solely their very own demonic device, and a gun and implement of self-demise held to their own temple. Viktor Frankenstein, are ya watchin’ baby?

It is also the nature of peace and those who chase it (rather than demonic lies and propaganda of an entrenched enemy within).

But what we must never forget – technology is OUR brainchild, not the other way around.

We are God’s brainchild, and rank technology will never rival that.

So it is time we begin using our God-given talents.

It is time we begin being smart about things.

“The machine” is not running as it should.  It is broken, and woefully inadequate for today’s challenges.

The washing machine is out of kilter, and the load needs to be shifted by both the shifty, and the shift-less.

Rather than importing war into our own nations, we need to declare unholy war on the nations that are causing everyone else problems.

Instead of inviting trouble into our homes, we need to export trouble to their homes (I saw where Germany is on the verge of DEMANDING that its citizens take in refugees into their own homes – this has been widely predicted).

Technology is not going to save our ass on this one, as neither will a lazy approach to a very present and very real problem.

What do we want?


When do we want it.

Right by-God NOW (before it is too late and we wind up like the French, or the slaves to some cold and God-less machine like some rank and poisoned political party who have relegated themselves slaves to their own technology, philosophy or religious fanatic).

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