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Cheater, cheater, you ol’ wife beater

As the story goes, the “man” is in the spotlight.

The journalist asks “so often do you beat your wife ? ” .


Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad (R) shakes hands with U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in Damascus April 4, 2007. REUTERS/SANA (SYRIA)

In P.R. one OH one, we would advise the orator to move past this one.

To dismiss him.

Judas3But what do you do when no journalist present will give a break on the subject.

When every one wishes to turn a blind eye to their own failures of logic, and stick to helping their candidates cheat their way through.

In baseball there is a saying “if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying”, but I find this rather myopic and pedestrian.

il_340x270.381983541_ckiaI played every position on the field, with the exception of pitcher.  I never once cheated (at least not knowingly or willfully – make I broke a rule and did not realize it).

Point is, that saying, in baseball — it was said during a time when pitchers were using every edge they had to through the perfect pitch.

Grease on their ball caps, sand paper super-glued to their thumbs (to rough up the ball), or spit on the ball to throw a “greaser” – you name it, they did it.

benedictarnoldbitternessOh, I’d heard of batter “corking” bats (and even some who “plugged” it with lead, and others who used Willow as stock for the bat (provides “spring”)) – but usually, it was the pitcher.

And just look who’s doing the pitching in this election.

The snake oil is being sold by every paper in the nation.  In the meantime, global news stories and their relevance to their chosen CaptureCarpet3candidates are largely ignored.

Mosques are being shut down in France; Germany is seeing a steep increase in the purchase of personal protection weaponry by its citizens (more proof that liberal collectivists are incapable of protecting their own “citizens” (captives); and in the “more blatantly obvious than Iran-Contra” category, our elected officials are yielding to bribing bullies in an effort to win favor at home – all which is largely ignored by the media.

It is the seduction of the sales pitch; the crux of the magician’s trick; ignore the man behind the curtain; pay no attention to what the right hand is doing.

gulag_churchillThis bias of the mainstream, is blatant.  It is obvious (to anyone with eyes), and it is beneath contempt.  To sell out one’s own government is the moral equivalent of cheating to such an extent in baseball that it damages not only the individual player who cheats, but destroys the game itself.

Like boxing.

They tell me it was clean before the 1960’s.

Not so sure now.

And look how it has affected the sport.

Screenshot_2016-03-26_09-24-23You have candidates here today who lie so blatantly that they completely ignore factual history.

First American female to be nominated, eh?

You go, girl. Looks like you won’t be the first gal to work the system, and she actually had experience (apparently) – as a “working girl”, that is.

Of coScreenshot_2016-05-22_07-28-34urse, prostitution takes all manner of form.

One can, for example, prostitute one’s own principles.

And that’s fine (as a personal choice – like abortion, or knifing your own best friend in the back) – but is it really what we need as a nation?

Other nations realize they have a problem.

They are debating, hot and heavy, immigration in Europe.

And why shouldn’t they?  Acts of terror abound.

th2One cat is warning that prisons over there are a breeding ground for ISIS.

Sound familiar?

This is not new stuff.

It is radicalization in its prime.

Radicals breeding radicals.

And who is the biggest and badest of them all?

Why Saul Alinsky, of course.

So, what to do?

Of course there is the crowd who says to fight fire with fire.  But literally, that takes you down to their level.

Now, in thinking, you definitely want to be on their level; in deed, no where near it.

Saul-AlinskyTo rise above this fray, one must learn how to think like the enemy, but remind oneself always that you will NOT become that enemy.

As Christ put it, “shake the dust off your feet as testimony against them”.

Here is an example I use often.

The kid you grew up with who perpetually would not follow the accepted, standard rules of a board game and through interpretation or fantastic innovation created his or her own rules based in interpretation or flat-out connivance.

Any way you cut it, connivance is a con.

And other kids would buy in.  Figured it gave them an edge.

Plus, they didn’t really hbrat1ave to try so hard, when they were cheating.

Trouble is, it spoiled the game for everyone.

So like a casino in Vegas, card counters and cheats must be vigilantly dealt with.

Else it ruins the fun for everyone.

There is a reckoning coming for all the dirty dealing that has gone on in this election cycle.


Just as in the parable Christ uses, His example rings true – ““Truly I tell you, it will be more bearable fo

r Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than for that town” (Mark 6:verse 15).

Banishment a

nd shunning will not be enough.

As you well remember, Sodom and Gomorrah suffered a similar fate to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

And lest we forget, Pearl Harbor.

So do cheaters prosper?  Initially, yes.

But the ultimate fate is always the same.

There is nothing but utter destruction in the wake of such a people.

This is your real hope.

I remember a quote from the bible where it states that the righteous will dance like new-born sheep; the way they leap and bound in the joy of their new life.

There will be a cleansing, and in those waters that wash away the muck of this election, we will all rejoice.

Hope ends in fruition.

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