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Pulling the Same Rope

You’re on a boat, heading up the river.Screenshot_2016-04-09_10-48-29

New captain, old captain, distracted captain (drunk captain) – whatever; the result is, you wind up on a sand bar.

Stuck in the mud.

What to do?

Everyone on board the boat wishes to have the trip continue.

They have a destination.  They each have their individual motivation for reaching said destination.  Not all are the same.

Some are going to see family; others, are on business.

Narcissists provoke people.A few are traveling for the sake of pleasure – the boat trip, and the destination are all part of their vacation.

Not all aboard the ship are alike.

Some are refugees, seeking…”refuge”.  A couple may even have dubious reasons for being on the journey.  One may be a spy.

gulag_churchillPoint is, they each share one thing – a desire for the trip to continue (save for the vacationers, who may see this as simply an adventurous portion of the experience (not a bad way to think).

There may even be a couple more bohemian on board who would see this event as an opportunity to swim the river, and just kick back and wait for a higher tide to wash them off the sand pile.

But for the most part, from the captain down to the fourth-class passenger, they are solidly in agreement that they all wish for the trip to somehow, someday continue.

Now if they take the bohemian approach, they may be stuck there for who knows how long.

TRGo with the more ambitious on board, say the businessman or the captain who have extreme motivation for seeing a successful trip, and, well, you get the picture.


What to do ?

Well, I know from hearing tales from my people around here (probably related to a ferry somewhere around my home)…somebody’s gotta get out of the boat, and either push, or pull.

So, you tie off ropes, and the able jump in the water and swim ashore (or take a lifeboat).

They will of course pull the ropes with them, and once on the shore, they will all pull on the ropes to get the ship off the bar and floating once again.

Nobody asks if those on the shore are rich, or poor.

No one asks if they are from a certain part of town, or who their momma atug-of-war rope pullnd daddies are.

And wScreenshot_2016-02-20_10-46-25hen they are pulling on that rope, nobody asks about who among them is more important than the other.

The captain and the first-mate both pull together.

Now, what about those who are unable, and stay on the vessel ?

I’m picturing wheel chairs, those who can’t swim, elderly, perhaps the very young…toddlers and babies – new mothers (perhaps fathers too).

They don’t go ashore.  They are not expected to.


But those who are able, do.

Now, I know from experience that my major gripe in such situations is not really related to where somebody comes from.

My major gripe has always been “when is the last time they showered”.


Lousy, stinkin’ hippies – always opposed, never helping the team.

Of course there are those who are opposed to good hygiene (or at best, indifferent to it); but me, personally, when I’m up close and personal with someone’s armpits whilst pulling on a rope, I prefer that they at least start out with a clean after-glow.


Now depending on how long this process takes, we are all likely to stink of sweat and toil in time – but that is different.  We get acclimated to one another slowly.

I’m a good swimmer, so I’m always the one praying there are no lifeboats so we can each at least get a proper rinsing in the river before being up to each other’s armpits.

Always diverging, huh?

So anyway, here we are in this predicament.

A moronic captain has us stuck in the mud, but at least this captain has gone ashore next to us to try and make right the mistake.

He too is pulling on the rScreenshot_2016-07-24_07-35-02ope.

And guess what ?  No matter the individual motivation for the success of the operation, we are all doing the same thing and essentially for the same reason – to get the ship un-stuck, and the trip once again under way.

Would it not be just peachy if the same could be said of this great ship that is America.

What we have now are those who have argues that we should be pulling from the right bank versus the left, or forward from the keel, or aft from the stern.

Ropes are stretched in every direction, and the only thing we are doing is pulling tre-education-camphe ship apart.

This is what Franklin warned of when he warned of factionalism.

Incoming White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel gestures prior to inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama as President of the United States in Washington

Rham Emmanual: intellectual heavyweight and architect of the modern left’s radical platform.

There are those who will try and promote this factional division.


Let’s face it, a nation within a nation is simply a nation divided against itself.

For years we have heard of the ramblings of Farrakhan and his “Nation of Islam”.

We know who they are.

We also can see through this agenda.

It started with this concept that the Demonrats could stack the deck by importing votes from Mexico.brutus

See a theme developing here?

Now the Nation of Islam can do the same by importing votes from the Mid-East.

And our Congressmen do not see this?

What is it that they know that we do not?

That they can use this faction as a club to beat the rest of us into submission.

That sure is how it feels.


How a liberal “teaches”

It is as if we finally got everyone to agree that the best way to get the boat unstuck is to bull the “V” of the hull through the sand to the deep spot in the river which lies downstream.

Don’t pull against the current.  Don’t pull in a direction where there is the most sand.  Pull in the most logical fashion to get the ship underway, everyone back on board, and along on their merry ways.

But instead, there is a break-away faction pulling against us from the back of the boat.

They are not interested in the well being of all.  They are only interested in their own agenda.

So much so, they will even scuttle the efforts.people-are-so-conditioned-to-take-sides-that-a-balanced-analysis-looks-to-them-like-hatred-quote-1

They are not their to help build progress, but rather, to detain all.

To hold everybody back.

This is the precise nature of the radical.

They are the infants who say, “if I ain’t happy, ain’t nobody gonna be happy”.

And so it goes.

But there is always an alternative.

One can cut the ropes they are using, those in the back of the ship, and leave them behind on the shore to face the wild and its uncivilized inhabitants.

giving_up_is_no_option_poster-raf171abd2cd448ae97eb7f4e3a0cc400_37f_8byvr_512Usually, this is precisely what happens from the standpoint of human nature.

Those causing a bunch of trouble will get left behind.

No one wants them on board the ship, jeopardizing the safety and pursuits the rest are under.

Why board the ship in the first place, if you care not about seeing it complete its journey.  To make a statement.

How preposterous.

The only thing you achieve is to drive divisiveness and hatred even deeper.

344You are not a force that helps the whole.  You are a selfish breed, only there for your own satisfaction.

I guarantee you, you will lose in this endeavor.

It is a sort of force that goes against the flow of the river.

You are not there to “fit in”; you are only there to get your own way (and at great cost to the rest of your fellow passengers).

So, there is only one simple message here.  Get on board, and help the rest of us achieve our goals.

The alternative is to be left on the bank of the river, facing the ravages of the wild and completely on your own.

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